Sales are the lifeblood of every business. There are no customers, no revenue, no profit, no business without sales. For a small business to extend its lifecycle beyond launch and initial startup phase, every employee needs to have a sales mentality.

Matt Robbins joins us on this episode of the Profit Cleaners to share his expertise with the sales process. When he was 16, Matt started selling apparel at American Eagle. From there, Matt has continued to hone his sales skills, becoming one of the best in the business and with a track record of closing to prove it. Today, Matt is our head sales guy for our local cleaning business, helping clients move from “unsure” to “ready to schedule” thanks to his professional knowledge, assistance, and consistent performance.

Listen to this episode now and learn our best sales secrets for closing customers in the cleaning industry!


  • Why is sales important in the cleaning industry?
  • Who is Matt Robinsons and how has he learned to sell?
  • The key components for being a stellar sales person
  • How to hone your own sales skills so that your business grows

Episode 47: Why Sales Matter in the Cleaning Business + How to Sell Better

Matt Robbins:
Driving myself. I think that's a key component for a salesperson is you have to have that inner drive to beat last month's numbers to try and be. You're always trying to beat yourself. You're not necessarily. Yeah. It's all just a competition with yourself for the most part.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Welcome everyone to the sales advice and knowledge module. I am Brandon Shane, Brandon Condrey, Brandon Condrey. And I have a special guest. We have a special guest for you guys today in the studio. This is our in-house sales dude who is proficient in the sales processes, who makes us a lot of our money when we have customers coming in the door and they want to sign up,

but they don't know what to do to sign up. So this is Matt. So welcome. Matt, Matt, Rob, Matt Robbins. Yeah. Yeah. So today guys, we're just going to start in this video, just kind of an introduction to the sales module, and we're going to overview what we're going to talk about in the section. So just wanting to start off saying that sales in general is a very,

very important part of your cleaning business, your service business, and it's often overlooked and it's truly the lifeblood of your business because it's what makes everything go. And it's what makes the customers come on board. And it's really a huge part of your business. Would you agreement, right? Absolutely. 100%. I think. I mean, one of the reasons you guys brought me on was you couldn't keep up with the amount of inbound calls you had come in and people wanting to get estimates.

And it was, you know, it's hard to run a business and also juggle your sales process at the same time. Absolutely. Definitely an important component of the biz. Yeah. And why don't you just tell everybody a little bit about your background, Matt, like in sales? Cause Matt, isn't just like some guy off the street, we found sell some cleaning services for us.

He's got a background in sales and he's transitioned that into this business. And I think he's doing phenomenal. Like Brandon was doing sales for us in the beginning. And he's great at sales too, but I would say Matt, I don't know. I don't want to say he's better than you, but he's Better than me. No, I mean, I can do sales.

I did sales. It was just never my favorite thing to do in my previous sort of sales roles that I had other jobs I never was super into it. It just wasn't something that I enjoy doing. And then when we got busier and busier and busier, it just, we had it down to like one day a week where we would take on potential new customers,

which was just stifling growth. So it just made sense to jump ship. And so that's where we turned to Matt. So tell us what your background in sales has been. Yeah, I started, I mean, honestly, probably one of my first jobs was sales. I was working at American Eagle in the mall and I was 16 years old probably.

And if somebody was interested in buying one piece of clothing item, you'd try and talk them into another. Cause if they bought two, you get a bonus or a spiff or whatever they call them. And so our two or three or four, or whatever's you turn some, a pair of socks that goes with that sweater. And so that honestly was probably my experience with the sales process and trying to add on stuff,

to sell additional things to a customer. And honestly, looking back I've pretty much had a sales job ever since whether it was, I worked at sunglass hut, I sold long distance over the phone. I sold software for 16 years, all kinds of different sales positions tried selling cars for a little while and even positions where I didn't necessarily think it was a sales gig.

I realized the reasons looking back on it, there were incentives and things that were put in place to try and get you to sell right, as a bank teller at Wells Fargo. And there was some sales component involved there that I did. I kind of excelled at and You considered opening a credit card tonight, right? Exactly right. Hey, you got to check it account.

You want to open a savings account type of thing. And It just has always sort of come naturally to me, it's something I enjoy. I get a kick out of driving myself. I think that's a key component for a salesperson is you have to have that inner drive to beat last month's numbers to try and beat. You're always be trying to beat yourself.

You're not necessarily, it's all just a competition with yourself for the most part, especially when you are the only salesperson in an organization. Hey Guys. So the question is how can Profit Cleaners help you? First of all, click like and subscribe and hit that bell button. If you want to get more of these videos, if we're changing your life,

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So click the link in the description, check out the 10 X marketing bootcamp. And we'll see you guys on the other side, keep it clean and keep clean. Yeah, Man, it's something that I've always loved. I've always been pretty decent at it. It comes naturally to me. I mean, there's certainly things that I've worked on to get better at.

I've taken some sales courses over the years, read some books, things like that. But I mean, that's my background, my history. And as soon as I met Brandon, cause it was always bugging him to bring me on board. Cause I loved what you guys were doing and really wanted to be a part of kind of a company from the ground floor and watch it grow and have me be involved in building that company.

So yeah, it's been fun. Yeah. And just a funny side note because I moved into the same neighborhood as Brandon and then we started our cleaning business and then Matt, I don't know when you moved in To the neighborhood I think before you guys, but he was there before, before you. Yeah. And so, yeah, actually Matt was one of our first customers and we totally screwed up his house and it was like a huge bunch of damage.

I don't know. It was a learning experience. That was our biggest damage claim or whatever we scratched. oops. Hey, if that's not a Testament to how good we were that we can wreck your appliances and you'll still come work for us, then I don't know what is, right. Yeah. So I think that was a big part of the sales process that we learned there too is just when you screw up in sales,

you've got to make it right. Absolutely. And we did make it right. And so much thought that Matt is still wanting to work with us. He's not pissed off at us anymore and we've made it right. So that's really key, I think in sales in general. And yeah, so I guess in the course in this part of the course,

guys, I just wanted to run through what we're going to cover is we're going to talk about general stuff, general knowledge and sales, psychology and strategies and things like that. But we're also gonna cover how we transitioned from our in-person estimates, which Brandon was doing probably 90, 95% of the, and I did a few early in the day. Well we used to only go into people's houses and when the pandemic kind of hit and that all changed and everyone started using zoom.

We transitioned to zoom estimates, digital estimates that we're going to talk about that here in the upcoming modules, also just Matt in general is going to kind of overlay overview. His script that he uses is kind of how he talks to customers or leads, I guess they'd be before they become customers and objections, how you handle them. Right. And things that you say,

cause a lot of this is very nuanced things that are psychological or subtle things that people aren't even realizing you're doing when you're doing sales, because a lot of it's secret kind of stuff. Right. You know, but it's very important that you learn these things and important. You learn what to say. So how to handle those objections, just how to sign up more customers in general and different ways you can increase sales through ad-ons or different ways you can promote ongoing people,

get more frequency or offers and things you can do. And then what else we're going to talk about just some, a map secrets to success. He's got some really cool insights. His followup system is really key. And just some of the other things that tell us some other stories and he's got a cool square footage look up story that just some things that you're going to encounter in the estimates that are going to throw you for a loop,

but Matt's going to cover pretty much all of those and how you can handle that. And we're also going to cover your pricing to get more customers and pricing objections, red flags, right. When talking about red flags and problem customers that you just want to completely avoid altogether. And yeah. And then just how to get more in front of more people and how to close more people and especially in a competitive market or in a uncertain market,

maybe like we're in more like, no, so that's pretty Much it. We're going to cover all that in the next couple of sorts of videos. So stay tuned guys and keep it clean. Thanks for joining us today to get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to and remember keep it clean.

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