The Cleaning Systems Course is LIVE!

After 5 years of planning + prepping (and two decades of operating cleaning businesses), The Cleaning Systems Course has arrived! Combining all of their skills and experiences, this course shows you how to grow an incredibly effective cleaning business — without wasting any time or money.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear the pre-launch call for the course and the conversation The Brandons had with their mentor Corby.

Packed with tons of information and an incredible Q+A session at the end, this podcast will make sure you understand why this cleaning systems course is the ULTIMATE secret weapon as a business owner.


  • The Top 3 Secrets of the Cleaning System
  • The benefits of learning this unique business system
  • Bonus System: Why is it the backbone of a business?
  • What are the rates of the courses they are offering?
  • All You Need to Know: Course Launching
  • What was the worst mistake you made? How would you handle it differently?
  • Quick Tip: Understanding the Importance of Coding Schedules
  • What are the most important things you would do if you were to start a cleaning business from scratch?


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Episode 62: Cleaning Systems Course Q & A Call with The Brandons & Corby

Corby Felsher:
The systems are the only way through it. There is no other way. I was talking to her about systems, she cleans by herself and she's trying to hire a person that didn't work out. Typical flow, that junk. So we went through what systems do you have in place? I didn't want to overwhelm her, but I stepped through a couple of systems that we have pairing it in my head as to what she was imagining, what she was doing. And from what she told me, she was doing. I'm like, there is no absolute way she could get from this spot to any place of happiness inside of this industry, without systems, it wouldn't work. It's just a continued chaos. If you can eliminate the variable of chaos in any part of your business, your systemization, your life becomes better and you can grow more efficiently with the same amount of people in the office.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey guys, what's up? We're getting the call started. So thanks for joining us. We are going to get started here in just a minute. We're getting all the technical stuff worked out, but it's going to be an awesome call guys. So thank you for joining us. If you're just getting here, get excited, guys. It's going to be an awesome call today. We've got Corby joining us live. We got a bunch of people jumping on the call today. It's going to be really exciting.

I'm super pumped. Yeah. So stay tuned guys. If you are just sitting down, grab a beverage, maybe a warm beverage, maybe a pumpkin spice latte or something. That'll be comforting in this time. And we're going to just hang out for the next hour. We're going to dive through your questions guys. We're launching the course, live on the call with you today.

We're doing it early. So surprise. That's going to be really fun guys. So super excited. We got Corby joining in. We're going to give everyone a minute to jump on here. Get a lot of people signed up for the call today. So those of you that maybe can't make the call or have to jump off early, jump back on if you can.

Cause there's going to be lots of good stuff at the end of this call, but it's going to be recorded. So I'm on I'm here. Awesome. Big day. Yes. Awesome. Good to see your face. You be looking great. Oh, thanks man. Wonderful as usual. Yeah. Yeah. We're just waiting for everyone to hop on Corby.

How is it up in Denver? Tell us a little bit about what's going on. Well, it's hot and sunny. As most of our summers are here in Denver, Still summer in November, summer shorts and t-shirt weather. We're waiting for it to drop, but we'll enjoy it while it's here. But yeah, everything's good here in Denver. This,

this, this strong economies back labor pool is small all as well. Right? Who doesn't like a small labor Pool is a challenge. I need a challenge. That is awesome. So we've done zoom calls before Corby. So this is going to be very much like our past calls. We're just going to kind of introduce, we'll start the call here in a minute.

I'll give you guys the agenda of the call. We'll introduce each other. And then we'll start diving into the content and asking questions. We're going to grill court, be on the call and ask some questions. You guys can grill us too. We're going to have live Q and a. So at any time during the call, guys, put your questions in the chat box and we will get to them at the end of the call.

So just know that yeah, if we don't answer it right away, live, we'll get to it towards the end. That's when we're doing the live Q and a towards the end. Anything else? We are, we all set up. We are ready to go. Okay. Cool. All right guys. I am so excited. Welcome. Welcome guys to the call today.

This is the moment that we've all been waiting for and waiting a long time. I mean, we've been working on building this product, getting these systems in place. These are actually the systems that when we approached carby with five years ago, these are the exact same systems that we're gonna be talking about today. And this is Corby's been working on this for 20 plus years and all of us just combined.

It's amazing where we've come and how much it's helped our business. And we want to just share that with you guys today. So welcome guys. Welcome to the home feeding systems live webinar. We've got, Corbion introduce everyone here in a sec and just want to thank you guys for getting on the call. We know this is a busy week it's holidays,

it's Thanksgiving. So we're very grateful for everyone on the call lab. We're very grateful for everyone listening to this. So if you're listening to the recording of the podcast, welcome, and thank you so much for being here very much appreciated. So want to just tell you guys really quick, what we're going to learn on today's call. We have one big bold promise.

By the end of the day, it's called. You're going to be able to know, and you're going to be able to learn how to deliver amazingly efficient cleans in every home without worrying about losing time or money so that you can finally grow your business to the next level and keep growing. So that's our promise to you today. You guys are going to see the efficiencies we're talking about.

You're going to see the systems and we're going to pull back the curtain behind the scenes and show you what we've been working on and what we're doing in our business. What Corby has taught us as our mentor, these systems are proven. They're dialed in and they're awesome. So that's the call guys. Today. If you guys are on your computers and your phones,

please pay attention. Guys, turn off your messenger, turn off your texts and your phone for just one hour. Just give us one hour of your time. We're going to dive into this and I promise you, you're going to love everything you learn, and it's going to be really exciting. So anything else you want to add? Brandon four, we hit the agenda.

We're going to cover a bunch of subsidy. It's going to be fun. So buckle up, buckle up. So we're going to cover today. What makes the home cleaning systems training such a game changer and how it will transform your business, take you from wherever you're at. If you're just starting a cleaning business. If you're 10 years in, you just need to tweak your systems and get everything dialed in.

This is going to help all of you guys. So today we're going to cover number one, we're going to introduce an introduction. We're going to introduce Brandon. And I tell us a little bit more about us. If you haven't heard our podcasts, we're going to introduce Corby. And we're going to dive in a little bit further talking about the three secrets of the home cleaning system.

We're going to dive into some questions with Corby specifically, and just talk back and forth about how this all came about from you really exciting guys. At the end of this call, guys, you're going to want to stay tuned because we are launching the course. So we're going to launch the course. There's going to be a special deal for you guys for this week for Thanksgiving,

for black Friday one, it surprises you guys. So stay tuned to the end. And also you can get your questions. If you have any questions, again, put them in the chat and we'll answer them live at the end. So that is the agenda for today. I'm excited. Let's do it. Let's do it. All right. So we've got everyone on list.

Start out with introductions. Corby. You want to tell us why? When we approached you, I'm Brandon actually told me, he was like, Hey, if we're going to start this business, we've got to work with the best of the best. And you were like the king of the cleaning systems and the king of like a lot of these efficiencies.

So I just want to tell you guys from my perspective, that Corby is the king of the thing in business, and we've kind of come alongside them and to teach you that guys, this stuff, but he is the man. He has tons of years of experience in this business. We've got four or five now, but Corby, why don't you just tell us about your business,

who you are, why people should listen to you, why you're different, why these systems are different and a little bit about your story. That'd be great. Well, I remember getting reproach and I think I remember saying no right away, the son of a silly, I don't know, starting a franchise. I think I said no. And then I received a gift in the mail from YouTube and it was like,

are you serious? I still use it. It's up. We use it for music every day. I think it's the Google home or one of the Alexa competitors. I still use it. I'm like, oh my gosh, these guys are for real, with a letter attach. This is for anybody out there in business. I learned this or these two,

what an approach. They showed professionalism. I'm like, they're more professional than I am. I've never written a letter like that. I've never written. I really haven't. I didn't I'm. I was just like, wow. So we talked, it was really nice to get that going and with your energy and two young guys, technically savvy and with your skillsets and like,

man, you're way above me already. And it was a, I think it was a match made in heaven. I can't believe we're actually here though. I mean, talking about this, when you, you two talked about this moment shortly after our first conversation. So to me, that just seemed like a pipe dream to me. I was just excited then to work with you and get things going and help you get your now massive cleaning business going.

It was an honor to start with you. But to get to this spot, I would have said, no, I would have said, there's no way I had the energy to get there. And no way that you're thought that we could be there in five years, which what you said. And here we are at the goal of being able to take the knowledge that I put into it and the systems that I've put forth.

And you guys bettering those systems and capturing them and putting them out to the world. I mean, that was the idea. That was the dream. And we're here. I'm just honored to be a part of it. Thanks for being here, Corby. Absolutely. We're really happy. You're here, man. And I don't know if you can tell anyone why this is different from like other stuff in the market and kind of how some of these systems came to be.

It was you cleaning in the beginning, right? You were out doing it. It's an interesting thing. I think my dad and I talked about this recently, my innovation and my systems that have been developed over time, come from two things and inherent laziness and a complete narcissist system as to, I know, better than anybody else in the world, no matter what else is out there,

how to do this. Right? So unlike what this course is, I started from zero knowledge and cleaning business zero. I didn't know what a microfiber was and I never read anything about it. I did it the hard way. I just tried things over and over again. I tried different things. I don't know it was an eco or whatever it was.

I wish I would've spent the time and went to the cleaning shows and joined up with groups like yours to learn something. It was a toilet five years of just struggle, testing everything I could on every single level. And 20 years later, the product is special, but I wish I would've done it differently. I wish I didn't toil the way I did to get to this point,

what we've put together, the systems and packages and the training and the cleaning and the customer service and the marketing. It's all kind of one thing. And it's all developed from the idea that there's always a better way to do things every single day. We've all looked at how I type on my computer, how the lady's file, how we walked left to the right.

There's always a better way. There's a silly examples, but it never stops. It never stops. 20 years later, we are in more innovation right now at CPC and Sandia Green Clean. And we ever had that ever. And it just doesn't end. It comes through systemized systemization and change. That makes sense. Systemized systemization I want a t-shirt with that on it.

That's awesome. Yeah, man, I love that. And I love that idea of just constant improvement. Like, I mean, that's how I think already, but when we met you, I could see that that's how you'd put into this, these systems. And you're always just striving to achieve that next level of how can we make this better? How can we change this?

And then by the time we found you, I mean, a lot of that was already dialed in, but yeah, just how can we get better? How can everyone here on this call be improving their businesses all the time. You love them. So Brandon, you want to tell them a little bit about yourself and share your experience and why people should listen to us.

And anything else like that? My name is Brandon Condrey. I'm one of the Profit Cleaners. You hear me on the podcast? I was a customer of Corby's when my wife and I lived in Denver. That's how we found it was then Stapleton Home Services is now central park cleaning, but we were customers. I loved it as a homeowner. I didn't have to do anything.

So that part was super fun. My background, before that was biology, genetics, I was a lab rat. And then I worked on the commercial side. I sold machines that did cancer diagnostics and prenatal diagnostics. And I did that all over the world. So that job took me to 20 some odd countries. I think one year I flew 220,000 miles.

It was a hard existence, especially as my kids got older and started getting really upset when I left on a plane. So I was looking for a way out. I tried a bunch of side hustle businesses before, but never had my full attention that nothing ever played out the way that I wanted it to. And then I met this guy at the park.

We started throwing darts in my garage and kicking around wacky business ideas. Actually, I remember when we went up to Denver, the first time to visit Corby, we busted out a list of all this stuff that we had brainstormed while we were just messing around one night, like, Ooh, let's rent 360 cameras. So you can record weddings for grandma who can't be there.

That was before the pandemic and zoom became so ubiquitous. So we were on the cutting edge. But then when we moved to Albuquerque, our kids are getting older. We want them to hang out with their grandparents. We called up a cleaning company like let's Google a cleaning company in Albuquerque. All right. You're hired, come in. It was terrible.

That missed a bunch of stuff. It was expensive. The customer service was bad. The scheduling was bad, right? Try different cleaning company. We went through five big ones and then ended up with a housekeeper. And through the entrepreneur that gets her census tingling. Like, Hey, I think there's a hole in the market. So I pitched it to you.

Like, let's start a cleaning company. And then we sent Courtney an email. I go back and read it every now and then it's pretty fun. But the email subject was Albuquerque home services. As I recall, at least on the email, you did not say no, at least not outright. You said, all right, this sounds interesting. Let's have a call.

And then we talked it out a little bit more, but yeah. So that's my background. That's how we ended up starting a cleaning company. I didn't major in business. The goal was not for me to start a business. I just got stir crazy with my life that I had built as a biologist. And this is how we ended up here.

That's awesome. And I remember actually, yeah, meeting Brandon at the park, my wife let's talk now. And the kids are all playing together and yeah, that's where it all started. Guys. You'd be surprised who you might start a business with or what customers you might have in the future. But just far as my background, I grew up here in Albuquerque.

New Mexico grew up around a lot of entrepreneurs. My dad was in real estate growing up. I grew up around people. I was always wondering like, how are these guys driving Porsches? And they all have businesses, right? So I was always really curious about business. And when I was 14 years old, I started my very first landscaping garden business and a really nice neighborhood here in Albuquerque.

He made a lot of money. Cause my dad was like, Hey, do you want to buy that car? You got to save up that money and I'll match it. So I was really motivated. I was always motivated about money. Your dad told me that as well. Actually. He said Cisco is motivated by money, but yet, you know,

if that motivates you awesome. I went into business. I studied business. International business, went off and lived in Spain for a year, traveled like Brandon and went to like 30. Some countries traveled all over the world. Different continents, different things like that. Love traveling, love language, actually got to speak Spanish, got to learn a bunch of Spanish,

which has been amazing in this business because all of our employees speak Spanish in the early days. And even now training our team and working within our company, I was sort of the linchpin, able to get people trained up and talk to everyone until we got other Spanish speakers in. But yeah, did the business stuff for awhile, just like Brandon, I tried a bunch of different ideas,

tried a bunch of different stuff online. Some of it worked really well. Some of it not so much, but this business for whatever reason is just super special guys that is changed my life. It's transformed my life. My family's life. I'm a dad. I've got four kids, my wife and we've been married about 10 years now. Super happy you love my life.

Wanted to create a business where we could have that lifestyle where I could be with my family, my kids. And this is it guys. We found it. I had to talk my wife into it in the beginning. She was like, how are you going to do a cleaning business? Like a local business? Doesn't that take a lot more work?

You've got people and all this stuff is the post to the internet and the online website stuff we had done. I said, let's jump all in. So we did talk to my Brianna at the park. Next thing we know we're sending Corby stuff and letters in the mail and driving up to Denver. And I can just say one of the biggest things I've learned from all this is if you want success,

if you see someone that's successful, just model after that success, we found Corby. Brandon love his business in Denver. He was like, man, this guy's got this thing dialed in. We've got to figure this out. So we just modeled after Corby success. But I think it's saved us a lot of time, a lot of energy. And I think that's what we're here to share with you guys too,

how you can do the same thing, how you can just model after what we're doing and don't reinvent the wheel guys. So yeah. That's why you should listen to us. We are the Kings of the cleaning business. We're going to share with you guys, the proven systems that really came from Corby. We've optimized them a little bit more, but really the,

all the same systems guys are just making them better and better all the time. So we're going to go ahead and jump in a little bit more. I want you guys to think for a second and just imagine in your mind, maybe you're sipping your pumpkin spice latte or whatever you're doing at home, but what would it be like if you never had to clean again,

just think about that for a second. What would it be like if you could finally clean, not just one or two houses or three houses a day, but 4, 5, 6 houses a day, Corby cleaning six houses a day where like five houses a day. Right? And what if you could do that in less time, more efficiently without sacrificing quality for maximum profitability?

Does that sound good to you? So what would it be like if you could eliminate variables, breakage, customer complaints, bunch of negative five-star reviews, things like that. And how could you turn that around and actually create raving fans and prices, word of mouth and lots of five-star reviews coming in automatically because your product is so good. What would that be like if you actually had your things,

systems, dial, dial them like that. Right? So that's, we're going to be talking about today. Guys. I told you our big bold promise in the beginning, and I'm going to share with you just three quick secrets, and then we're going to dive in and dive deeper into the secrets of the cleaning systems that we've kind of pulled out here.

So secret number one, guys, we can actually clean more houses, make more profit and be more efficient in one day using this system, the three person system is the main one we're going to be talking about in one day with a three-person system than the one, two or four person system. A lot of people clean with all these different variations and have all these variables we're going to get right into that.

The second secret is we don't personally have to clean anything. I'm not very good at cleaning. I don't really like it that much, myself. Some of you are really good at cleaning and that's amazing. So if that's what you want to do, do that, right? But also if you want to build your team around you, you got to start building that team and delegate that.

So the systems automatically attract and train the A-players. We get the best of the best because you guys have the best systems. People are attracted to work with the best of the best, right? So you're going to be creating professional cleaners, not just another job for someone. This is professional theaters. This is going to impact your employees. Laughs. And secret number three is we only need a few tools in a simple duplicatable system to make this work.

Mostly we're using microfibers, a couple of simple tools and brushes, but these have been tested and proven and we've gotten rid of all the tools and things that don't work and that scratched up because break it and only working with the best. So you can replicate our results just by following this training guys, there's no magic. This is how you do it.

Okay. So now we're going to talk to Corby a little bit more about the home cleaning training systems. Okay? And so we put this course together for you guys. We want to make sure that you guys have everything to train your team to the right way, to clean the right way and to deliver an amazing product every single time. And so like Corby said,

when he started out, he was just figuring it out, but you guys can do that. But if you want to save years and years of time and frustration, you're here now. So there's a reason that you're here now, listening. We want to, we want you guys to listen. Okay. So this is really cool stuff. So you want to go ahead and start with a quick question and I cover this one in the chat there beforehand Kirby,

but we five years ago, you said no, as we got more down the road, but what your thoughts about it? I mean, you said that you thought that we were going to be bigger than you at some point, but when did you figure out that we weren't joking? We were, Well, I mean, when you paid me, I think the first check clearing I jumped to attention.

No, I mean, I knew from the email, I knew it. I knew it was something and, and you know, in business there's a gut to it. All right. There's all these things you try to learn to try to do. But a lot of it is, is just a good feeling and it was a feeling and it was a lot of my business life.

Is that feeling too. It's got to feel good in life and around me too, for me to move forward with it. I think it's the same for most people. It's a great tool to use is your gut. And I didn't know you would be successful. I didn't know that. I didn't know that you would be as successful as you are,

but I thought you had a good shot because the market was right. And you too, with, with your age, your background, your intent, I talk about attendance a lot. Now the word intense, like it's, you've had a real intent to become the best cleaning company in Albuquerque. And we're very serious about that. Not to become the richest cleaners in Albuquerque,

but to become cleaners in Albuquerque, to start with that and to show through your reviews and your customer experience. And you did that pretty quickly. I followed your reviews. That was interesting to me because it was a lot to put ourselves. It's our company out there like this and to, I felt kind of responsible like, oh shit, if this thing goes self over it,

you know, and I'm like, you know, it is it's, it's nothing right. You too out there. I had no idea it would go this well, I had a good idea. It wasn't complete. But when I went through the first visit with you to see what you've set up, I've met ethic. I started tearing up seeing the line tools exactly how we had them and talking about how,

when you're cleaning. And it was an exact replica of what we were doing with some ideas as to how you could do it better. And now I'm taking ideas from you too, to make our cleaning service better. But it was that moment when I went through your shop and saw on that tour a few months in, or maybe a six months in timelines,

I don't, I don't know that feeling of see, and I was just overwhelmed. I'm getting Curie right now. Yeah. Yeah. It was six months in. I think we had one car. It was a beautiful car. It was perfect. And it was set up correctly or close enough to correctly. What wasn't correct. Lindsey Louisa, my two directors who were both been with me for over 10 years now,

they immediately picked up on a couple of things that you didn't have exactly the same way. And they thought would be an inefficient, a bad road to go down. And you took that information so well from them and immediately changed over those items to those simple little changes that they saw and felt from the teams and the movements and the dress. And you quickly made those changes and that willingness to adapt to listen again and not just listening to me from the startup of the business,

Hey, this is how you should do it. But then coming in and judging you on a few pills and you to receiving that and saying, thank you, and then changing it. And then from that visit, we took some things right. And was doing some things that were amazing, right? You're set up at your office, how you add it was better than ours.

There were some things inside your space that were way better than ours, that the table was nicer. You went for better washers and dryers immediately. We immediately changed ours. So it was that moment, six months in that I knew with how fast you've grown, that you would get to this point. I didn't know. You'd get to this point, this quick setting that you're surpassing the now,

but I got to get back to work and get out there and smell a little bit more. But yeah, look you to shoot past me forever. That's the goal, right? So That is the goal. I vividly remember doing a video walkthrough of the office with Lindsay and Louisa. And Lindsay was like, Hey, go back. And then she went back to this warehouse shelf.

It was like, what is that? Don't use stainless steel cleaner. You can't be having a can of stainless steel cleaner. It's like, sorry, I didn't buy it. One of the cleaners bought it. We'll get rid of it. Sorry. He just bought it. That's a re that'll come up in the future. One of the cleaners bought it when the cleaners brought it from home.

Right. That's the, that's the, Yep. You got to stay on top of that. That's why you do the inspections. So I think something you touched on Corby, like that feeling in that emotion, you know, like not only were you excited to see all that, but that was kinda like scary to put yourself out there. Right? It's kind of a scary thought to be like,

all this I've worked for. I'm just going to put it out to the world. And I think that's a little bit how we feel too. Like right now we're like all this stuff that we've worked on with you and in our business. And today we're going to share it out with everyone. You know, everyone that, you know, wants to be a part of it.

So I feel a little bit vulnerable as well, but I'm excited because I know it's going to help you guys. And like, we want to help as many people as possible. And that's why we started Profit Cleaners. So you guys are in the right place. You're going to be learning from the best. This is what entrepreneurship is all about too.

It's about giving back when I heard this recently too, is that the best way to learn is to teach. And I don't know who said that, but it's really, really wise. And so I think even just through doing this, I've learned so much more about cleaning business and our own systems and yeah, it's been a really cool experience for not maybe just you guys,

but for us too. Yeah, absolutely. So let's dive in a little bit more like, let's talk about what benefit is everyone going to get from these systems? And let's talk about like wherever you're at, you are now. And when you implement these systems, where are you going to be? You know, by the end of that, wherever that is.

So when you get this course, you're going to need to go from here to here, you're going to take some action. You're going to change some things, whether you're getting started or you're already well on in your business, basically, you're going to have a lot more confidence. Like we can just shoot the benefits. What I mean, what are people going to get from these systems Corby,

other than just, they're going to know what to clean. They're going to have this amazing confidence they're going to be dialed in on these systems, these processes, these efficiencies, like what other benefits can we talk about that people are going to get from the system? The systems are the only way through it. There is no other way. I mean,

so my college roommate called me last week. Well pin call me. We use only WhatsApp, even with my friends guys, it's just WhatsApp. Send me a WhatsApp set. I lives in this tiny town, Baroque, well, Wisconsin. And it's in this beautiful area called the Driftless. And there's a company called Driftless cleanings. A young girl's been there cleaning for four years.

Tony was talking to her about me and I called her today. Just before this call, I hadn't talked. I never mentored. Except for you guys. I was talking to her about systems. She cleans by herself and she's trying to hire a person. She hired somebody that didn't work out, typical flow, that kind of job. So we went through what systems do you have in place?

And it went silence. And I didn't want to overwhelm her, but I stepped through a couple of the systems that we have. And as I'm saying this, talking about the systems, pairing it in my head as to what she was doing, imagining what she was doing. And from what she told me, she was doing. I'm like, there is no absolute way she could get from this spot to anywhere,

any place of happiness inside of this industry without systems, it wouldn't work. It's just a continued chaos, right? There's there is no joy. Well, not for me. I don't know about any other business people, but I don't like chaos. I don't like anything that is chaotic inside. If you could eliminate the variable of chaos in any part of your business,

your systemization, your life becomes better and you can grow more efficiently. But the same amount of people in the office with her, she was in a spot and she is in the spot with zero systems. I just gave her one system to take on from our company. And I know for a fact, her life just got a little bit better just from that one system that I gave her that she could jump forward.

It was just our color coding for our, for our microphone. That's it. I'm not, I'm not focused to talk about that right now, but no, you're fine. It's totally fine. Our coding. And just what that one system does. Number one, if she's expanding beyond herself, the training of having those different colors, it becomes a lot easier.

The marketing value of rolling into a customer's house, when you have multiple colors coming into the house that separate in each room, right? It's a fantastic visual, right? It's it's, to me, it's a beautiful visual, right? I feel very comfortable with who's coming into my house. When I see those colored rags stuck, by the way, there is no other company around me here doing that,

but that sort of system is a huge marketing tool. You wouldn't think of it that way, but that system is marketing, right? They're all. And so for her, when she rolls into this house, so, you know, she's going to have to drive two towns over, to get to a Walmart. But when she gets those, she could start with three colors.

She's going to feel better about it. Her customer is going to feel better about it when she breaks them out of there and they separate to different parts of the room, they're going to feel great. They're going to feel more comfortable with this. You've been inside of their house inside of their home, right out of people's homes. You need to make them feel as comfortable as you can.

And these systems do that. I mean, honestly, right. That's if you come in with your dirty mop and a couple of rags under your arm and your jeans on and your rip shirts, the less comfortable, especially now in the COVID times, it's so important for that one. It's the, one of our thousands of systems that we have. Right.

But that one is a great example of what it can do on all parts of that. Right? Yeah. And I think what I hear you kind of echoing too, is just confidence that it gives from the perspective of the customer, because they're seeing the system come in and they're like, whoa, like what are all these systems and colors and things.

These people have it organized and the dial then, right. And also for your employees to know exactly what they need to do. Exactly how to clean it with exactly this tool. It's just a confidence and one, you're confident. People want to work with you more. They want to be around you. And they they're attracted to that too. So I think it's a lot of things it's eliminating doubt,

it's eliminating variables and all these other things, but also just increasing that confidence and that happiness. You always talk about happiness, wherever you just, this brings happiness to the whole company and the cheer our customers do. So I love that. So yeah, I kind of think of it too, as like a little bit of a cheat sheet, because it does take you through a lot of the variables and a lot of the questions that you would have as a cleaning business owner.

Like, I really can't even imagine what we would do without this, when we started, because there's so many things, even with the system that we had to bounce back and just be like, is this really what we're doing? Or, you know, we had your feedback on that. And we've put a lot of this as we've improved these systems in this course as well.

But I heard this recently, if you aren't having success, like if you've been grinding it out and you're thinking company, and you're just like, man, why am I not having more success? Why am I not getting to my goals? This was really interesting. So you're either doing the wrong thing, the wrong systems, the wrong process, whatever it might be,

or you're not doing the right thing for long enough. So what we want to bring you guys today is the right systems. And if you've been doing the wrong systems have been kind of whipping, you know, doing it halfway or just figuring it out. Well, now's your opportunity to like dial it in, start doing it right. And that's going to bring a lot more success so you can grow a lot more efficient in the future.

So what are you going to get guys, let's dive into this a little bit more, other than the confidence and the benefits and everything we've just been talking about. You're going to be able to not just know, like, here's how you can maybe train a team. Like we're going to give you guys, this is exactly how you train the team.

Exactly. Even to like the training day and the schedule and exactly how we walked through all that, the whole week of training and then going into the houses and the rotations and all that stuff. Right. We've done it. Corby has done it. You guys can do it too. We're just regular guys. Right? So you can replicate this and you guys can replicate these systems,

especially when they're organized, like the way we've put them for you guys. So, but yeah, most people think maybe you don't have to think about these details. A lot of cleaning business owners, or even probably like, oh, I know how to clean, right. But when you really think about it, there's a lot of nuances and details that go into cleaning that super detailed that you would never even think of.

And that's what also we're bringing into this course is those little variables and those little things you don't even think about that can make you so much more successful, the devils, the details. So if you just go with someone who knows that they told you I can clean, that's sweeping dusting, mopping, vacuuming. That's the basic stuff that I'll half ass on the weekend by myself.

But when you bring in a professional team with all the details, that's all the nitty gritty stuff on a checklist for inspection. Yeah. And we talked a lot about, and another course or 10 X course, which is all about marketing and sales, how powerful word of mouth is, right. Well, if you don't have a good product, like you're cleaning,

you're cleaning actual product. That's the only product you have to deliver. Right? You can't deliver food or anything else with delivering cleaning services. So if that product's not good, well then your word of mouth, isn't going to be good. Your marketing is not going to get your reviews. Aren't going to be good. So there's no point in investing more money in advertising and marketing and branding.

If the cleaning isn't good, because people are going to say, wow, I saw this flashy brand and I haven't cleaned my house. And it was total not good. Like they're going to tell people that, and that's going to be your word of mouth and your marketing versus if you have a really dialed in product and it's really good, that's going to be the best marketing ever.

You don't even need, hardly need to advertise if your product is so good that people scream to the rooftops. Hey is amazing. You've got to try this cleaning company. Their cleaning was awesome. You should have seen the system when they came in. So that's what we're trying to show you guys. So you can achieve that. So Corby, you can have this whole,

like I remember you've said it many, many different times when you call it like the dance, when the cleaners go through the house, it's like this choreographed dance. And I love thinking about it that way. Can you just kind of like enlighten us on, what does that mean? And how did it come to be the dance, The dance. It reminds me of the video you guys put together.

Amazing. By the way, if I don't know if it's still out there, but somebody should go find that it's out there To the people, let them enjoy that. It was amazing. I watched it about a thousand times so great. But yeah, it becomes that way. So it is like a silent dance. So few words transfer inside of a clean specifically when there's humans in the houses.

There's very little so when the three humans, unbelievable cleaners roll in all with the exact same things in their hands, every time, and that door opens and they set down that bucket at the exact same spot one, person's going upstairs. One's going to the kitchen. The other one follows shortly behind upstairs to make that bet together and how it flows through.

And they come together almost wordlessly in each of these houses and just passing by work, sometimes working in close space and relying on each other to finish their portion of it. And it becomes a, a true team through systems. I hate to oversell this idea, but through the systems, they become true teammates working towards the one goal like us three, our teammates,

right? The dance is driven by this gain that they get by finishing this house beautifully on time and moving to the next one and getting this customer review where they get bonus on top of that. And this movement through the house is truly like a dance. It's beautiful. If it was, if I could see it in the x-ray vision in have it float through space and put it in a little faster continuum,

it'd be beautiful. It's amazing. And it's always the same. It's always the same. It looks the same to me That x-ray visions in version two of the course, guys, we're going to get a 25 GoPros and put them up all over the house. It's going to be amazing. We're working on, you said something that I recorded me that I want to touch on more too,

is they're moving through the house, but it's, you know, you said for this game, but like on the back end of that, one of the biggest systems that we also have in this course is the bonus system, the bonus report. And I want you to talk about the bonus report and how that has changed your business. I'll talk about too,

how students soon our business, but just, how did that come about the monitor report and why does it work so well to help incentivize these games for everyone? It's the backbone of it all. It changed our business. So for five years, I didn't have a bonus system and I didn't know how to bonus. What do you bonus? How do I reward?

And so over time and through software, honestly, the scheduling software, being able to get this data and to have a way to track items, things came to mind, but we bonused behavior and gamified this whole thing, honestly, it is based on reward and the reward is substantial. And for example, I don't think we have asked the lady to have her apron on before she comes into the office in 10 years.

That's one of the items is when you arrive to the office, because the office for us is sacred. We're inside of there. Everything is perfectly aligned. And so are we, we are ready for the day, no matter what time we arrive and people would come in with putting their shirt on and bringing up one of the minor items, but it always bothered me because it didn't feel like it was,

we were there for the same goal. And well, we gamified that we bonus that immediately, immediately, every human coming into that place, every professional cleaner was tapped down, ready for cleaning, heading into the building. And it brings a different attitude towards what we're doing. This is, this is not some part time bullshit job. This is for real,

there's real money involved. This is a professional company where the iOS, I talk about it all the time. It is the best cleaning company in the world. You work for it. Your efforts inside of this are that product. There is nothing more when you are there, you are the best cleaners in the world. Let's act like it let's be that.

And through our bonus system, you don't have to say many words at all. It just animals itself. Yeah. And I think that is exactly what we experienced. We were a few months in, when we launched Sandia Green Clean. And I remember we were having our morning meetings. Things were falling apart a little bit. We had one or two teams by that point.

And there was all these variables and things happening and they were showing up late or not doing this. Right. And we asked you, and you, you said, well, you have the bonus system up. And we said, no, we don't. And it was like a little uncomfortable. I was like, come on, ran away. I was like,

we got to get the bonus system. We're like juggling all these things or trying to like do the whole business ourselves. But we're like, all right, we're going to do it. And we did it. And as soon as we put that bonus in place, it was a game changer. For sure. Because now there was this public accountability on a TV.

You can see it. It's a spreadsheet. Brandon loves spreadsheets. So he was in there right away. Oh, this is cool. I can code all this stuff. But what it brought was what Corby said, it brought this awareness and I brought this presence and this focus to we are the best cleaners in the world. And this bonus report, like you said,

Corby, you said money talks. And it does talk as soon as we started evaluating, well, what do we want to improve in our business? And we said, we will. These things, we want people to finish in a certain amount of time. We want them to have less complaints. So you want them to have great looking uniforms that are tucked in and look a certain way.

So all these things we started incentivizing and money does talk because when they do those things, now they are getting extra money and they love it. And they, and they, everybody wants to be part of the game, have fun. And that's really fun. And I honestly don't know where we'd be without that either. I think that's just as important,

if not more important than all the cleaning systems combined, because it really is like the bow, the pretty bow on top. Right? Yeah. Great, great. This is one of my favorite questions. Corby. You've told us this a couple of times, but over the years where you aggressively tested things to narrow in on the tools that we use now,

whether we use today, how many tools did you go through the fail? How much money, how much time did you sink into finding what we've got going on today? Well, recently I had a little storage area who have a shed that I kind of ordered all that stuff. I don't know, just to see it all, like all those things,

all those failed tools. It was an interesting toss to throw all that stuff away, to kind of reminisce going backwards through all these things. I mean, even just vacuums alone, a hundred, a hundred different types of vacuums. Wow. Out there that you could possibly imagine. We tested group doing every single one. The wins are big commercials, the shocks of battery power and every type of backpack we try to,

we've gone to the systems to try those out, go to all the shows, just got back from the cleaning show, see what other vacuums are out there. Whether tools are out there, it's an importance and we're not stopping there. But it's interesting. We used to have like 50 tools, all different sorts of chemicals. And now it's down to just in one little case is everything we need is in one little case for the day of all the things.

I mean, so it's interesting. All the things out there it's really so minimalist as to how we go about it now. But to get to that minimalist, let's say a thousand different things. We've tested over the last 20 and we're always we're testing right now. It doesn't stop always something better. Like We were just talking about vacuum backpacks with you the other day to see if maybe we should revisit this Finally over that.

Now I'm back in the scene of trying. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Lots of tools. It doesn't, it doesn't stop. Yeah. And so guys, I mean, that's so much priceless time and money that again, Corby has put in to just simplifying and there's beauty in simplicity. There's beauty in minimalism and having less, we have more and to create a better result with less,

it makes you more efficient. There's less money going out the door, less breakage, less equipment and stuff you have to buy. It's really been simplified. It's a really amazing system. So yeah, again, Corby, we don't know what we would do without you. So thank you for doing the systems, the bonus report, the tools dialed in.

So we could just hit the ground running, I think. Yeah. Just it's been amazing. And I don't think we could have done it without any of these systems. Like you hit the nail on the head, like the systems give you freedom and the systems create this structure within. We can operate within the structure that actually gives us a lot more freedom,

a lot more creativity, even though some people might think, well, it's confining. I wouldn't want to do it my own way. And I want to clean it this way. Well, like you've said, you've tested it thousands of different ways and all these hundreds of different products, and this is the way that works. This is the best process,

the most efficient way to do it. And I love that. I love that you've spent all that time and saved us all the time. Now we don't have to do that ourselves. So yeah. So I want to kind of transition the call guys and ask you guys an important question. Okay. So let me ask you a question. How would you like help with all of this?

If you're listening on the call and you're like, yeah, that sounds like a great system. Maybe these guys can help me out. This stuff is pretty awesome. But how would you feel if Brandon and I and Corby helped you guys out with your systems and helped you implement these cleaning systems? We're talking about, it sounded like a good deal. Okay.

Anybody raising their hand in the chat? Not just yet. All right. Well get excited. All that stuff we just talked about. It is pretty cool. Right? The system, the freedom, the efficiencies you're going to get from it. Just the fact that you're going to know what to do, how to clean it the right way. Every time.

That's amazing confidence. That's going to bring, I imagine for a sec, like we said earlier, cleaning five or six houses a day efficiently and profitably. Right. And your teams still being happy and then not being completely burned out as your teachers and coaches, how would it feel? Or how would you like it? If we could actually help you implement this,

just like Corby help us implement this. I mean, it was amazing. We wouldn't have been where we are now, today. We'd not be here if it were not for someone helping us. So again, that's why we're here today. Guys. I would like to ask your permission, everyone on the call, everyone listening to this, or I'd like to ask you permission to sell you something.

We are going to sell you something on this call. I think we mentioned that. So we have something that's going to help you. We're not just selling you to make a bunch of money and go be the rich cleaners on the beach and party or something like we actually really want to help you guys. Can we do that though? I mean, maybe we should actually plan a retreat.

Let's do that, but I just want to run through guys what we've put together in these systems. Okay. So I'm going to dive in really quick to the entire course, everything that's in there, the value, I think it's probably worth it. There's really no way to put a value on this guys. It's priceless, but we're just going to stick a number of value on there and just run through it real quick.

Okay. So everything in a nutshell, this is what we've been working on 24 years in the making with Corby in it, actually creating the systems and us just optimizing them and running with them. So let's dive in guys. The cleaning systems course is here. Join us for the official pre-launch on Tuesday, November 23rd. As we sit down with our mentor Corby to talk all about why these systems are the most essential ingredient for starting and growing your cleaning business the right way.

Be sure to listen in and have an opportunity to ask your cleaning biz questions live, just go to Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash of the call to learn more that's Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash the call. We can kind of tag him if you want random. Sure. Yeah. So it was the best practices for your cleaning business. That's just the things that you need to run smoothly and call that a $297 value got training your teams.

This is the core video trainings, a 4k like high resolution, amazingly beautiful up in Denver a year ago, we were up there filming these. And these are the room by room. Step-by-step videos of showing you every part of the house, how we clean it, what tools we use, very, very detailed training. And these are actually the exact videos now that we use to train our teams.

So that is a $3,500 value easily, if not way more team rotations and checklists, little laminated cards that they can carry when they're new to figure it out. You get that for two person, three person, four person teams, depending on staffing levels and where you're at. That's a $500 value. Awesome, awesome. We've got the tools. And actually that was a 14 97, 1500.

That is valuable stuff goes for sure. Tools and equipment. I mean, carby spent probably tens of thousands, if not six figures on his time and testing all these tools, but we've got it down, narrowed into a checklist and a list of items you can integrate and all the best tools. That's very minimalist, but it's very much the best. Okay.

So, so it wasn't equipment. Let's call that a $2,000 value for all that time and effort. Again, it's worth 10 or 20,000, but we're just giving you something detailed training for new cleaners. So hires that just walked in the door, how are you going to guide them through the systems? How are they going to pick that up? That's a $497 value.

We've got the cleaning library, which is an ongoing little video library. We're building of just kind of random things in the house, whether it's a microwave, a piece of furniture a certain type of tile that maybe is outside the normal scope. We're constantly adding to this library and also listening to your guys' feedback. So if there's something in your market that we're like,

we've never even come across that kind of a sauna before, whatever it is, we'll make a video and stick it in there and show everyone how to do it. So there's that 1-800-DOLLARS value at least certifications and tests. So you're going to get some multiple choice tests that you'll give new cleaners to make sure that they really have a grasp on the system.

And again, that you do it after the probationary periods, over the $297 value, we've got the leave-behinds, which are the customer service excellence part of the business. These are very simple guys, but these are just the exact cards and things that we leave behind when things go wrong or we can't clean something in the house. And again, you wouldn't believe how far this goes.

It goes just a little bit. People are so impressed. So this one little system here, they can't believe how honest and upfront we are, but just as a simple system, $197 value and under perfect hiring system, that's going to be funnels that we use on websites when we post things, to make sure that you're getting the right people that are qualified,

we're climbing out of $997. All right, guys. So just the total value right there at least $10,000, little over $10,000. But this is where it gets really good. Guys are stacking on the bonuses. Sometimes the bonuses are even better. So bonus number one, we've got the vacuum equipment maintenance automation module. So this is actually Brandon and I just filming that our vacuum station Corby has got a vacuum station.

He taught us all this stuff, but when the vacuum is breakdown, you got to fix them and you got to have a system. So you don't have teams running back to the office to fix vacuums and show up late to the next house, right? So this is all the training so that you can hand this off to someone in your office or handyman or someone to automate this and just give them the videos and just say,

Hey, we need our vacuums fixed every week or every other day, whatever you can do. So if we're putting in those in there, that's $800 value bonus. Number two, it's a big one. That's the bonus report itself. So we'll get a blank template spreadsheet for you to plug into your own stuff. You'll learn how we do it might work a little bit differently with yours,

depending on how you run your CRM. That's the $3,500. Absolutely. We've got bonus number three, which we're actually still working on putting this in here, but is the metrics we're figuring out your profit margins when to hire and launch the next team, like some spreadsheet stuff that Brandon's going to put in here that we're still finishing, very finishing touches on,

but we've got it all in spreadsheets. We do it all the time. So someone asked that we threw it in here. So now it's in there. That's a big bonus. Another $997 value. Yeah. Bonus number four is how to train your office staff with all these systems. So they'll learn how to run the bonus report, how to operate the CRM blocks a little behind the scenes thing to make sure the public facing stuff is as top-notch as it can be.

That's 9 97 and then bonus number five. We're going to throw this in here, guys. It's a special offer. It's not going to be for everyone, but the first 10 people that take action on this offer, we're going to tell you guys here in a sec, Brandon and I are going to hop on a call with you. I don't know if Corby has time,

but probably just Brandon and I, we tried to laugh at these calls. Now, guys, that's a $3,000 value when Brad and I both have on the call, we don't even do those anymore. Cause we just don't have time. But we were putting so much effort and the rest of the systems and things. So we'll help walk you through this.

If you guys get these systems, we'll hop on a call with you for an hour. We'll go through it. But that's only for the first 10 people that jump on. So total value guys, we've totally blown out of the park. That's almost $20,000, 19,374. We could charge $19,000 today, but we're not going to because we want to help as many people as possible.

If all this system did was make your cleaning systems efficient so that you could finally be profitable. Would it be worth it? Ask yourself that question. If you could just finally be profitable, finally, get those efficiencies in place. Would this be worth it? What's the next one? Brandon, if all this system did was tighten and if you're cleaning systems so that you consistently received five star reviews and happy customers,

would that be with them? Absolutely. I think that's huge, man. That's going to grow your business right there. If all this system did was save your team's valuable time. If you have less variables, less breakage, less showing up late to the next house because things went wrong, happier employees, right? Would that be worth it? I think a hundred percent.

It would be worth it. If all this system did was get you from two to three houses today per day, per team to five to six, would that be worth it doubling inside, right? Doubling your efficiencies. Even where you're at. You don't have to double your teams. Just double your efficiencies with the people you have right now, double your profit margins.

Like right now with everything you're doing, just become more efficient, right? Just think about this first or second, every single month, whether it's every week for your cleaning business or every two weeks, you get the paycheck or you get a paycheck as the business owner money replenishes, it comes in every two weeks and then it goes out and you spend it on stuff and then it comes back in.

So it always comes back to you. So let me ask you a question. When you miss your daughter's soccer practice or your son's choir show or whatever it is, the things that really matter to you, do you get that time back? You don't get that time. Back time is the only thing you can never get back, right? You can always make more money,

money, always replenishes, but you can never get more time. So think about that for a second and invest in something that will save you a ton of time. And that's what we're talking about. You can even lose your job guys and the government will pay you while you look for another job, but you can never get more time. Okay? So invest in something.

These systems, when we first started, we were scrambling bran and I were scrambling run into our kids' soccer practices or whatever their things at school were. But as soon as we got these systems dialed in, we were able to go to those practices and hang out with their families more. And that's really why I started this business, I think for YouTube,

right? And we wanted to have these systems so we could be free and we can have a life, not just be a slave. Like a lot of people start a business and they're working 80 hour weeks and they never see the light of day. So this is the opposite guys. We're actually putting a systems upfront. And then that structure is in place and you have way more freedom.

You have two options, money or excuse. So you can sign up, get involved, make more money, improve the business. Or you can make excuses as to why you don't have time to do it or money to do the course. But it's all there for you guys. The reality is you really can't have both. You can't want money, but also have excuses.

You got to put the excuses aside, go all in and take action and do whatever it takes to win. And that's what we're talking about doing here, guys. So you got to decide right now, which one you want. And I don't know about you, but I'd rather have money and invest that money so I can save my time and have a lot happier life.

That's what I'm all about. I know Corby is all about that too. Corp is all about happiness. We also have our two choices, right? So when we were putting this together guys, Brandon Corby and I, we had two choices. We said, well, we can make this really cheap. We could charge five bucks for this. We could charge 97 bucks for this and sell this to lots of people.

Tons of people might be able to get it right. That was option one. But the problem with option one and not charging a lot more money for it is, well, we can't really put in the time and effort to make it a great product, because if we are going to do that, so it actually serves you and actually delivers on the value that we're trying to give you here.

It has taken a lot of our time and a lot of very effort. We spent the last year in court, we spent the last 20 years and we spent the last four years just grow it, integrating this in our business. So this is tested. This is proven. This is valuable because this is not just money. This is time, the best.

So we decided to charge. We're not going to really deal with the price just yet, but we're going to charge more money than that because we think that this justifies us spending a lot more time to put the value in these trainings and systems and all the content that we've created so that you guys fully grasp these systems and you can run with them and you can just hit the ground running.

Have you train teams, getting trained on them, have these systems getting into place as fast as possible. So you can become as efficient as possible from day one. So that's why I'm guessing for a lot of you guys, you'd rather have a little more effort that we put in a little bit more value from us. So that's why we decided to charge a little bit more.

So your two choices, choices that you guys are gonna make, you can go invest in this, get started, get the entire system, get up and going, be cleaning more efficiently, delivering amazing claims consistently like clockwork, like we're doing here, or you can go to bed and tomorrow you can have the same problem. You can wake up tomorrow and start doing the cleaning with your teams or doing the cleaning yourself and have exactly what happened yesterday.

I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather have the second option or the first option and invest in something that changes. My life, changes my business for the better. That's why we all started businesses in the first place. Guys. It wasn't just to be slaving away all the time. It's to invest and get better and become better.

As people show up as our best self to our business, but also to the world. So you can impact your community, all the people around you that you care about, all your family members you've told them you're going to do this. So you got to do it guys. You got to put everything into it. And these are the systems that we're talking about.

That would be going all in. So lastly, there's say goodbye. So I'm just going to go through all the things that you guys have probably experienced. If you're already in business or you would experience, if you don't have these systems in place, but really you can say goodbye to cleaning houses again, forever, if you want, because you can take these systems and you can integrate them and train teams.

And Brandon and I were cleaning in the beginning. Corby was cleaning in the beginning. But once you have these systems, you can enable other people, you can delegate and empower other people. That's what being an entrepreneur is all about your job creator, right? So empower more people to deliver this amazing product. So you're committed. So let's say goodbye to all that.

We're going to give you guys the step-by-step system, the checklist, the trainings to replace yourself and delegate the best systems to your teams. You can say goodbye to constantly missing stuff, complaints, negative reviews, because we're giving you guys the detailed systems to avoid all that bad stuff and be consistently showing up with the right product. And you can say goodbye to unknown variables,

things, breaking things happening that could have been fixed the right way. If you were just addressing them the right way, unhappy customers, all that stuff, because we're giving you the best practices, the battle-tested strategies that work us. And you can say goodbye to overworked employees, overtime charges on the payroll drain in your bank account because we're going to give you guys those efficiencies that save that time and make your employees more happy and make it more efficient.

So they're working harder, faster doing a great job. Everyone's happy. It's a, win-win when you can say goodbye to lazy employees, because the bonus report and the bonus system, incentivizes greatness guys, and incentivizes people to work hard and to be the best and just show up. So that's really amazing. You can also say goodbye to the fear of not cleaning something in the right way,

because we're giving you guys the right method, the right systems, 20 plus years, 24 plus years now of combined experience and knowledge and working out these systems so that you guys have them to run with. It's amazing. Like Corby said, if he had these, if we did have these, and I think that's a huge reason why we've been able to grow so quickly.

Yeah. Yeah. So guys, we're going to open up the course. We're going to open up the Q and a, but the course is not $97. It is still the first round of the course. We're going to be making it better and better and better. You heard Corby. We're always innovating. We're always making a better guys, but this is 24 years in the making.

We're bringing it to you guys on a silver platter. It's amazing. You're going to love it. And so, like I said earlier, we put so much time, so much effort, so much value into this that we couldn't just charge some small sum of money because also you guys wouldn't value it, right? If we just gave this out for free,

you guys would be like, oh, that's free. It's not really valuable. You only value what you invested in, pay money for it. If you're sure if it's free, you're just going to throw it out. So we're actually doing you guys a favor for charging a little bit more money too. So the course is live. Guys. If you want to go,

actually, I'm going to hit publish right now while I'm talking to you, I'm going to open up the live Q and a. And I'm going to give you guys the link and we're going to launch this course left. So I'm going to go in here into the platform and I'm going to hit publish you guys ready? I'm going to put the cleaning systems ready.

Let's do it. All right, whenever you're ready. I'm ready. All right. The course is live everyone. And this is where you can go get it. I'm going to put the link in the chat actually run. If you want to put this link in the chat, you guys want to pick up these cleaning systems, head over to Profit Cleaners dot com slash cleaning systems.

Make sure that link works. Profit Cleaners dot com for slash cleaning systems that will forward you guys to the checkout page where you can get the course. Now, guys, I want to talk a little bit about the price. This is going to be in a few days, a $5,000 course, the full price you guys are getting it at almost 60% off.

This is the launch deal that we've been talking about. So it's right over $2,000. Again, the amount of time, the amount of effort, the amount of value that has gone into this. Like we said, guys, everything we went through and that list almost $20,000 value. So I think you guys are getting a screaming deal. If you guys act now,

jump in. And in fact, I want to see the first 10 or 20 of you hop in right now, if you're serious about growing your business, if you are an action taker, if you're ready to win. And if you're tired of just skating by and not being profitable and not being as efficient that you should be, as you know, you could be take action right now,

the first 10 of you that actually take action and getting the facts fast action bonus, Brandon and I are going to hop on an extra call with you, absolutely free for becoming one of our students in this course, you're going to be able to work with Brandon and I Corby. We have a private mastermind Facebook group on the back end of this, that is paid.

It's not our free group that we had out there before. So this is going to be way more in depth guys. This is going to be everyone. I mean, just the value of the mastermind of the group alone is worth probably more than the course, just that networking surrounding yourself with the top 1% of main business owners, people that are winning,

that's rising to the next level. And so if you guys want to grab this course, do it now, guys, Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash thinning systems. Okay. All right. You guys got the link. Let's hit some Q and a because there's some good ones in here. Yeah, let's a Q and a all right, Joseph, I asked what would be a reasonable estimation of time that it would take to implement this system is a better beginning phases.

If we have an existing business, I think you could probably cover that a couple of different ways, depending on how fast you want to go. But you saw that when we were brand new before we had this all organized in modules for you, when we were doing it just off of what Corby had given us, that we were pretty well on our way within six months,

I would imagine to be able to do that considerably faster. If you were going through the modules, the way that we have it set up. Yeah. I mean, it's really as fast as you guys want to move. So we have it set up so that you could basically take your existing team. You could set them down and maybe on a weekend or however you want to do it,

but you could retrain them on all these systems. You could re outfit your tools and equipment. If you want it to, or you could work it in slowly over time, it's totally up to you. How you guys want to run with this. Maybe you aren't ready to fully shift over your systems and trainings. And you just want to integrate the bonus report because that's really what you need right now is to incentivize people showing up on time and cleaning in a certain fashion.

But what I would advise, it's an all encompassing system. It goes together. So if you do it all, I think it's going to work a lot better. If you integrate the best cleaning systems, the best tools put that bonus report on top. I mean, that's what brings it all together. I think you could do it in a short or as much time as you need.

Really. Here's another one. This one I like, I want to hear Kirby's answer on this one. What were the worst mistakes you made and what would you do differently? Oh man, that's great. Worst mistakes, but I don't think I've made any but other, other people, worst mistakes. Oh my gosh. My whole business is made of mistakes.

That's why I'm here and learning from them all. But you learn from failure. That's the truth. It's the biggest, it's the biggest, let's see we had a 15, two person teams and we switched. This is probably 10 years ago and we switched. I had this bright idea just seemed right. A better way to go about it because our cars were starting to break down.

You have these old jalopy cars, which I would have changed. Also. I would not have done that. I would've gotten a new car, but we went to a three person team. We just, we talked about it for a long time with all the teams. We put it out there for weeks before change happens. And before we even got to implement three person team,

it fell apart. It absolutely fell apart. We never got there. Not until I think five years after that. And we went about it with a planned approach and laid it all out perfectly. And on the Monday morning, when the teams arrived, we moved them into three person teams without any prior knowledge and talked about the benefits of it all, just like we're talking right now and what you gain from this.

And by the way, at the end of this week, if you help us with these efficiencies, each member gets a hundred dollars and help us get there. This is important to our company. Let's get there as one with the best cleaning company in the world, we're about to get better, help us get there. That was a better approach. The big mistake was putting it to public for Asking for feedback from the employees before you made a huge change Feedback,

because I was just being a bit Netherlands, you know, let's all just chat about it. But I knew in my gut, I knew it was right in my approach to that change was horrible. Right? Earn from that. That was a big, I think on ours for my end, we had raised some capital from a couple of investor friends when we started to get everything off the ground.

Cause Corby one time said something to us that stuck with me, which was set yourself up for success. That's when we were asking how many washers and dryers should we get? We all have one set and we're like, well, we need another one. Well set yourself up for success and just get what you need to get. And so we bought five residential washers and dryers and mentioned change it out.

But the thing that I regretted is when we first started, we bought the first two cars and we paid cash for those, those were like nine year old cars that we bought cash. And then that money that we could have used to do, lots of other things just went out the door. So if we had to do it again, I would have financed those cars with the $200 monthly payment.

And then I would've had 28 grams to go do other stuff with that took us forever. We wouldn't have the bonus report up on day one instead of two years into it. Yeah. And I would say on those same lines, like we actually immediately started, we cleaned a little bit in the beginning, but we had these systems from the get-go. So we started with outsourcing the cleaning and delegate math immediately.

However, if we kind of hired Claudia, who is our now our office manager and she does a bunch of things for the business, I think we kind of hired her even sooner and had even faster growth. She could have helped us implement these systems even faster and the Montessori party even faster so that we could just start it with a, more of a sprint than a jog or whatever we started with.

So just investing in your people right away, whether it's the cleaning or the people like in your office that are going to help run these systems, I would have done that sooner too. Yeah. All right. I've got another one from Joseph, which says some of the big time investments on his end is quoting scheduling and client communications. Does the system help with those areas or at least know when to hire those areas?

Coatings of its own little beast that depends on your market. I know that on the podcast, we had put out a pricing worksheet where you could plug in some data points and it would shoot out a best guess for where we thought you should price it based on market conditions, you had to call around to some competition. We're working on a 2.0 version of that.

That will be coming out. I think that's a part of the marketing course, but you should be able to get some momentum just with the free podcast. I forget which episode you could go look it up. But if you just look up pricing for the podcast, there's an episode out there that has that scheduling. I don't think we really covered that in the cleaning system side of it.

I think we're working on a potential third business course. Like that would come out later. That's the best practices of running the cleaning business. Once you've implemented that you got the marketing going, so you're getting customers and you've got the cleaning systems going. So you're getting good reviews. And then the next step would be like, all right, well, here's how to really get crazy with it.

And that would be more the customer service scheduling side of things. And that's in the future. And really that's going to be different for whatever software you're using. Like Corby's scheduling process is different from ours because he's a surface pilot and we need to surface fusion. And some of you guys might be using jobber or service Payton or something else. So really it's depend on what fits your business best.

And then from there, as far as scheduling, we do it all on zoom. Now we have our sales guy, we used to go out in person, but it's all gamified. Again. It's very much automated and systematized to the point where it's seamless and easy for the customers to onboard and schedule and all the stuff we do a lot of stuff by texts now and systematize that too.

So yeah. Well, that's a great question. I think we can add more to that. I mean, that sounds like a good podcast episode too. Maybe that's where we can get Lindsay involved on the customer service side and Louisa on the scheduling side, they have a lot of knowledge to put towards that. Yeah. There's another one here, which I think is pretty cool,

which is what are the most important things that you would do if you were starting the cleaning company again from scratch? I think that's a very interesting question. Thoughts, Corby? Yes. I would buy this course immediately. Absolutely. Well, if I was starting out, what would I do? How would I go about it? Can read the question again.

Yeah. So let's see here was what are the most important things that you would do if you were to start the cleaning company again? Well, I know what I'd do differently now. I really would grab the knowledge that's out there. I'm not just trying to sell this course. Honestly, I wouldn't want to end up anywhere else, but where I'm at right now,

but I would like to get there quicker. And what I didn't do is I talked about I toiled because my ego and narcissism, I really didn't look for any outside help, any information I just did. And I think that flow gets you only so far. And it ends up being along and toil. And I think going to professionals right away, for example,

get your QuickBooks set up immediately. Don't hesitate on that. Whatever your software is and immediately become your own accountant no more than your accountant before. Even if you're only cleaning one house a day in your goal is to clean 200 houses a week, get your QuickBooks set up, get it set up, immediately, get everything, get your legal setup. Immediately set up all the vendors that you have and find the best and the best.

And you're going to buy something. If you're going to buy a computer for your business, don't just try to buy in the cheapest one. You can buy the one that fits and extend yourself to get that one that's going to fit. Let's do the best for you. I didn't do that in the beginning. And they ended up just kept replacing things as I went along,

buying used cars so much money misspent along the way. Yeah. So I think do it right now. Even if it costs more money than you want to spend, the value is in getting the, what tool is right for you and not having to do it again. Yeah. I think mine's the same sort of vein. Brandon had kind of touched on it before,

but if we were starting from scratch, we would have worked into the finance of the startup to hire like Claudia right away, which is our version of Claudio really in the beginning was Lindsay and Louisa combined she's customer she's director of operations now. But I think hiring her from the get-go would have been huge. It would have had such a huge impact for growing even faster than we did.

So I think that's a good point to Corby's point with finance. We also eventually ended up on QuickBooks despite having tried an AI bookkeeper that will automatically categorize the whatever. And it just ended up being a disaster. And our taxes were filed in October every year instead of on time because we were filing extensions. So I think if you're trying to build out the infrastructure from the get-go would be to line up all those ducks in a row,

get your CPA. We have a bookkeeper that we check in with. So you can be your own bookkeeper. I prefer to do it that way because there's lots of different people looking at it. So many people can different sets of eyes, looking at different sets of things to check and balance yourself. So yeah, I mean, that's what I think that I would do differently if we started over from the beginning.

Yeah. I mean, I really liked how we launched this business. We put a lot of thought into it and we watched it really aggressively. We were all in. I think the only thing would have been, just put the bonus report in place. So yeah. And start with that because we've messed around with it with the first team for so long because we were poor,

man. I was trying to figure this out. Our pricing was not where it should be at the beginning, we were throwing spaghetti at the wall because we didn't call the competition. So they were like, yeah, we could do your 2,500 square foot house for $90. Why not? And then eventually we had to figure those things out. So it was good.

I'm happy the way we did it, it was good. I just thought of it. We used to do everything back in the day. We did everything the customer wanted, oh, you want us to clean inside your fridge and freezer? No problem. You want us to clean the side of your oven this time? Got you go problem. And we were even charging,

but we would do everything. Pressure washing back porches and things with another team. I would just get into everything in the Carpet carpet as well. Right? You were doing carpet cleaning. And right now what we do is one and two week cleans. That's it. So back down to that and we don't clean inside of fridges, no matter what the asks,

we would never clean inside of the fridge anymore or inside of an oven, or we would never dust this high Nick area. That's a high risk for breakage. We used to do all of that and it just causes headache. And we all said, oh my God, the customer is just going to drop us. No customer ever dropped us because we did not do that.

And no customer drops us when we go through our price increases, which in the last two years, as most people have gone through, we've been to two giant Christ's price increases of which all that money goes to our employees. And we tell our customers that we're always so afraid of that we jumped. I am not afraid of that. We didn't lose a single customer except for maybe the couple of customers that we wanted to lose.

Don't be afraid of shaping your customers into what works for your systems. They'll like you better because you'll have a bill, don't do it all. And if you have a customer that's outside, that really can't work inside of it. Say goodbye nicely, there'll be back. Yes. So this is a good point right here, actually. Right? So there's lots of Corby isms in there that we got to cover.

Cause he's full of those, which he's good for. So one of them I remember early on was you told us that we needed to tell the customer why. So if the customer wants you to clean inside the fridge or the oven or the whatever you can decline, but tell them why like, Hey, we don't clean inside fridges because if we break a drawer or whatever your fridge is discontinued and we can't get that part anymore.

And now we have to bite you in your fridge. So we just leave that up for you. One of my favorite reasons about telling the customer no for anything is just that we cover so much of the other stuff that frees up your time to Polish the Hummel figurines, the exact way that you want it done so that we don't have to touch it.

That's excellent. So that's a good one. And then there was another one in there that I've already lost. That's oh, the price increase. So we'd had to do a monster price increase because of the labor shortage and COVID shenanigans in general. And it was big. We did a lot of research on which customers were cranking out the most revenue, like a 20,

80 analysis. And we tried to give those customers a little bit of a break. And then the ones that were on the fringes went up a little bit higher. We did lose customers for that. And we've had 30% of the customers that last have already come back in a four to six week period. I think I can tell you why they came back.

They tried every other crappy cleaning company that I described that I used in the beginning. They tried those companies and were like, well, it turns out that even though you guys are pricey, your customer service is great and the scheduling is there and all these other bits and pieces. And so like they're willing to pay for that extra. And the cleaning is there,

like the systems and the detail of the claims is there. And people do notice. And actually there's lots of franchises out there that will nickel and dime these people and charge them way more stuff to just do the stuff we always do. Like every part of the house sports is extra ceiling fans is extra vacuuming, couches, extra. That's all part of the thing.

That's the package that you get. Yeah. And I'm always coming back as it happens that way. But the systems that mom out our companies have, and the rest of these folks will have is a huge barrier barrier to entry for other companies in our neighborhood where we clean. It would be so difficult for a company to come in here and say, we're plopping down work,

taking these guys on and we're coming after them. I can't imagine how it would happen. I don't see it. We're constantly innovating. It is a huge barrier to entry, but it's also the difference between us and the next cleaner in this area is so drastic that they'll try other people and maybe they'll, it'd be 20 bucks less and maybe whatever thing they left us for.

Cause we don't clean fridges. It comes back around because we are the best product. There is no better product. We know at 100%, I guess that is bragging, but it's true. Sure. I mean, it is the truth. So I don't know if it qualifies as bragging. It's just reality. That was one of the reasons that we hired you.

Kirby when we lived there was that was back when you were driving the jalopy cars as you call them the champagne gold four-door sedan from the mid nineties, we saw those cars everywhere when we lived in that neighborhood. And I was like, well obviously we should call them because they're the ones that are everywhere. They're going to clean our next door neighbors house next week.

We'll just get on the same schedule. Here's a question query. This is a good point. You had mentioned specifically that you weren't cleaning inside refrigerators and ovens. And so Jan is asking if you no longer do move outs or deep cleans. I recall that during the pandemic, one of the marketing things that you put out is that you were offering, move out,

cleans again, maybe on a temporary basis. So how did you get to that conclusion and where did it end up that? Yes. So we went back to move out, cleaning, steering COVID we lost, I would say we had probably a 20% drop in customers. Maybe 30% had just gone and we still had people moving. So we needed to keep our employees busy.

So we went back to adding on Ruben cleans and we've stuck with it through our kind of a slight change inside of how we go about it. We don't clean inside of ovens. We don't do that. So we will have, if they set their timer, we only wipe the inside. If they set their heat time or the night before and clean it,

do the self clean, but we don't clean certain things inside the houses for those, we kind of shaped it a little bit more and likely we're going to drop, move out Plains. As soon as we can work our way completely out of COVID sometime we will likely get rid of move out planes. Cause it's a variable inside of our scheduling that really caught wreaks havoc with that's now 30% beyond where we left off in growth.

So we grew way beyond where we were pre COVID. So we're in a spot looking to get rid of that again. So Jen, I'll give you a different perspective there. From our side, we still do move out cleans. We've never gotten to the point where we could just flat out say, no, you got to hit up here. We've never got to that point.

And we've gotten such a reputation for it that we just couldn't flat out, say no to it, but we've gotten a reputation for being good at it. And when we did our big price increase, we actually bumped up, move out, cleans by 40% across the board because the hope was we would price ourselves out of the market and people would just politely be like wanting to find someone else.

Nope, didn't happen. We still book move out, cleans at a 40% margin. Those are like the most profitable job that we have. What we did do that we changed is we pushed we from an employee flexibility schedule type thing. We pushed to have a team that runs on the weekends. And those are people that want them to work Thursday through Monday.

So the cars were just sitting there not doing anything. So we got a team that is up on the weekends and all they do is move outs and initials. That's it. So those are the ones that take up the big holes in the schedule. We pushed all that to the weekend. When new customers come on, it's like, Hey, your first thing is going to be a Saturday or Sunday with a different team.

This is like our special team initial team. And then we'll get you on your regular bi-weekly after that. So that was how we handle it. We do clean inside of fridges and ovens. We try to do the self cleaning thing, just like Corby does. Cause that does make it a lot easier. Just don't use easy off. That's the one thing to avoid.

Yeah. One thing is employees hate it, like dislike the move-out clean. So we bonus an extra, I think it's $10 per person or maybe it's five for every move out, clean just as an incentive, just on top of it for standard bonus. Yeah. And we do that. And the bonus report that you guys will get in the course has that built into it,

that little part for move out cleans as well. Yeah. So the question is no, actually addressed this because we're adding it to the course and it's great. And they said, well, this training cover any systems for the office staff, how to best know when it's time to add another team, profit margins, et cetera. So yes, we're actually,

as soon as I got this email came in a couple of days ago and we have all those systems and we just like, this is a great question because now we can put it in the course for you guys. So that is going to be in there. There's going to be a profit margin spreadsheet, how to calculate that, how to calculate the efficiencies.

So when to launch the next team, get to a certain percentage and then we start hiring, started purchasing the car. That's how we do it. So we will have that in the course. And then we're also adding the module for training your office stuff, how to run a lot of these back office systems and all the stuff that we're giving you guys.

So yes, that's definitely going to be in there. And that's also just a really good note to take note of is this is a work in progress. This is the finished course. It's not a beta course or anything like that anymore, but it is going to be getting better. So we're going to be adding more and more videos in the future.

Corby is going to be down here in a few months at the studio. We're going to be recording even more videos for you guys. And really just based on what you guys want. If you need more content about certain systems or more certain things in the house, we're happy to add those. So this is version 1.0, it's the finished product. But just know that if you guys get in now you're getting it at the ground floor of us launching this.

This is the lowest price it's ever going to be. This is easily a $20,000 product as we spell it out for you guys. But this black Friday deal, this Thanksgiving week deal is going to end probably over the weekend or after the weekend. So get in on it now don't wait. Take action then like you said, guys, the first 20 people that jump in right now,

you guys are going to be winning. You're going to be taken action. You guys are going to be putting these systems in place and you're proving it to yourself just by taking action. No, don't wait until new year's or something to start getting your plans in place and your goals. Like the people win are prepared all the time. They're always doubling down on knowledge.

They're always investing in themselves and always investing in the businesses. And that's how you win guys know, invest in yourself. It's the best investment you could make. And like Corby said, if you're trying to figuring it all out on your own, you're just wasting a bunch of time. If he could have found this course, if we could have found this course,

well, we found it through Corby, but now we've distilled it down and you guys have it in such an easy and abundant way to just consume it so easily. And it's all right there and we've whittled it down so you guys can save even more time when you're going through it. So just know that guys it's a work in progress. It's going to be constantly getting better,

but you guys will lock it in lifetime access. You'll get in the group. We're all going to be in there, talking together, going through the systems together. If you aren't one of the first 10 people that jump on this, Brandon and I will hop on an intro call and introduce you to the course. Any questions you have to integrate this and we're happy to help you guys.

So just know that we're here for you and yeah, we're going to be on this journey together. It's going to keep getting better. One last question. Before we bail for Thanksgiving shenanigans, I had mentioned that comment about Easy-Off and someone jumped in right away. I'm curious why you don't use easier. Easy often is very, very effective as an oven.

De-greaser there is no doubt, but it is one of the nastiest chemicals on earth. It is a migraine inducing shit shell. It will make that house smell bad. It will give your employees headaches. And if you think about it from an employee perspective, when they're doing those, move-out cleans over and over and over again, that's a lot of exposure to a chemical.

So mostly I think from our standpoint, we take the harder elbow grease method to keep the employees safe. And I just want to point out one more thing. There's a lot of things that we've talked about, guys, that were like, we don't clean this anymore. Corby. So if we don't clean inside refrigerators or Tamara, we don't touch breakable items and you don't,

we will learn all this stuff in the course. But when you guys are saying no to something, you're actually saying yes to something else, right? So it's okay to say, no, we can't clean that because now you're saying yes to, we have a much more efficient system. We have a much better way to deliver this. Here's the reason why,

if we did clean that we're going to break your stuff and you're going to be unhappy. You want to deliver the best product, the best service, the best experience for you. And that's what we do. And so you might be afraid to tell people that you might be afraid to say, no, we don't do that or change your systems, but don't be afraid because change is good.

Change is always happening. And if you're moving in the right direction, you're making progress, right? And these are the systems that are going to help you make the right progress to take the right action. And like I said earlier, if you haven't been successful and you're not hitting the goals or the success you want yet, it's because maybe you've been doing the wrong thing.

Maybe you have the wrong system, but that's okay. You found Profit Cleaners. You found her podcast wherever you found us out there. There's a reason for that. Right? So maybe it's fate, maybe it's serendipitous, but take action on it. Guys. Don't wait to put these systems in place. Now's the time there's never been a better time.

And this is the time to get aggressive in your businesses when everyone else is slowing down, wondering what they're going to do next. That's the opportunity for you guys to jump in and your competition slacking. We've got the hiring systems in here for you guys. We've got the cleaning systems. We get the bonus report. We've got everything you guys need to retool your business.

Take it to the next level. So yeah, I think you guys are going to be set up for success. We want to see you guys win. So jump in there guys. Take action. That's what's making the decision to take action. Isn't going to differentiate you from winning or losing all the types of take the right action. Make that decision and just go for it.

Yeah. Corby. Any closing thoughts before you sign off and open a beer? Yeah. Just went for the fridge. I actually grabbed the water. I don't know why I did that. I should've just grabbed a beer Trek next to it By 30. Right? Doing A launch party. Mans. Get the beers out. Closing comments. Well, I'm honored to be a part of this.

You guys know that how I feel about both you and what you've done. It's interesting because I could have gone through my whole career and this probably going to wrap up in the next five to 10 years, whatever. And it would have just stayed inside of there. And it's a growth of what we've built. And I know for a fact, this is going to be a success.

And for me personally, I just feel wonderful about it. And I'm a field guy, both you two are too. I know it just feels good. And I know that now we're linked again and to work with YouTube guys, but the next I hope for a long time and I'm looking forward to coming down and shooting those videos and getting on these podcasts and meeting our customers here.

I'm looking forward to it when you guys came on and rejuvenated me to be better, our better self as a business because now we're replicating ourselves and now it's one level higher. So for me, I'm really excited, honored, and I can't wait for the future. Yeah. Nice. Is that nice and set nicely said. And if anyone's on the fence about this Corby,

like, huh? I don't know. What would you say to someone who's just like, I don't know if I should do this or not. It's a lot of money, but we went through all that already. But is there anything else in closing that you would say to people In all decisions for me, the way I look at it is I said,

I mentioned it before, what's your gut say? What does your gut say? What does your gut say about this situation? What do you feel? And what you feel is what you act on. Things like this. That's what I do. And it's always worked out. It's gotten me to this point. So if your gut says, I think this might move my company forward,

then do it. If it doesn't get out, it's not for you. That's how I would feel about it. So I don't think there's ever been anything quite like this on the market. I don't think there's going to ever be anything like it because it's going to be hard to replicate. What's been put in to get to this point. So I don't know.

It seems like a great opportunity to me if I was just looking at this and be like, yeah, man. I mean, it's Hard to catch up to a 24 year headstart. There you go. Well said. Yeah. All right guys. I mean, I think it went pretty well. So you can find us on Profit Cleaners dot com.

At any point, if you have any questions, you can hit us up at hello at Profit Cleaners dot com. If you want to shoot us an email, but otherwise we'll have the podcast stuff out weekly and you can certainly look forward to seeing more of Corby and the Brandons. We'll all be in touch. Yeah. And we'll give you guys the link one last time.

If you're on the fence about this Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash cleaning systems as Profit Cleaners dot com slash cleaning systems, that'll take you to the sales page. You can see everything on there. Everything that's included and yeah, guys, this initial launch, this deal that we're giving out, this is a special, this is just for you guys. This is for our audience.

You guys are the ones that have been here since the beginning. We started this podcast almost two years ago and here we are, and this has been the most requested system and product out of anything. So we know you guys need this, we needed this. We know it's going to help you. We want to help. So I just want to say,

jump in now, take action on it. And we're really excited to see you guys on the inside. So I think that's it. Keep it clean, keep clean and happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thanks for joining us today to get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to and remember keep it clean.

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