If you’re looking for excuses to not start a business, any business, then you’re going to find them. As with any big decision, there’s no “right” time to get started. Of course, the longer you wait, the more you’ll wish you started your business earlier.

The right time is always NOW in business.

In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons talk about why you should be starting a cleaning business right now and address all of the excuses you might have as to why you should wait for a “better” time. This podcast is all about taking action, whether you’re just starting to think about launching your cleaning business or you’re already years in.

Tune in now and keep it clean!


  • The Right Time to Start a Business
  • How Profit Cleaners Started
  • Knowing Your Reason Why for Starting a Business
  • The Importance of Understanding How Time Works
  • Why (Most) Businesses Fail
  • Warren Buffet’s Business Rules
  • Launching a Brand New Course


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Episode 102: Starting A Business Right Now?

Brandon Condrey:
Now is the time to start the business. If you ask me the question, the answer is now those kinds of questions. We thought about this. And the other thing that is definitely a form of what we've talked about before, which is analysis. Paras, you're trying to be judicious, you're looking at all the numbers, all the economics, but the numbers aren't magically telling you right now is the best time to start here. Spoiler alert, there is no good time to start. Starting a business is gonna be crazy man. It's gonna be one of the craziest things you did. I remember taking a business class in Denver and they were like, this is gonna be the hardest thing you've ever done. I'm like, you gotta figure it out. And then we did it and I was like, yeah, that was pretty damn hard. Just do it man. This is like a rip the bandaid off scenario. If you wait for the right time, it will have blowing you by and then you'll be in a situation where the guy who did start three years ago is ahead of you and you're trying to catch up, which is not a good position to be in either. Don't overthink it.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. The only place where you can surround yourself with the top 1% of cleaning business owners. Take it to the next level and win. We're all about surrounding yourself with winners guys.

And that's what we're doing here today. We are in the Profit Cleaners war room. Brandon and I, that's what we call it. It's the war room and we're going to war. It's a new game. I Guess it's the war room now. I've never heard that term for our studio but sure. War room, You know, entrepreneurship. It's a giant game.

It's like a battle. And so I like to think of it as the war room then when we're here strategizing. But yeah, we're here guys. We're excited because we're gonna be talking again about why you should be starting a cleaning business right now and we're gonna get all the excuses off the table today guys, and show you guys how to win at this and just start taking action.

That's the name of the game. Execution is what winners do. And so let's dive into it. Brandon, like we have a lot of people out there that are like, ah, I really wanna start a cleaning business. A lot of you've already started, so can pat yourself on the back if you've done that. But a lot of people are just like,

I'm just wondering when I should start. I'm thinking of starting, I get emails all the time that are, people are like, we're in this city, we're in this city, we're wanting to start and we're not sure about this, this, or this. Which makes me think, what should we tell 'em? Brandon? I mean people all are like,

yeah, thinking they should start. They don't start, what should we tell 'em? Now is the time to start the business. So if you ask me the question right now, the answer is now don't wait. Yeah, Stop waiting around those Kinds of questions like we thought about this and the other thing that is definitely a form of what we've talked about before,

which is analysis paralysis. So you're trying to be judicious, you're looking at all the numbers, all the economics, blah blah blah. But no, the numbers aren't magically telling you right now is the best time to start. Spoiler alert, there is no good time to start. Starting a business is gonna be crazy man. It's gonna be one of the craziest things you did.

I remember taking a business class in Denver and they were like, this is gonna be the hardest thing you've ever done. I'm like, nah, I got it figured out and then we did it and I was like, yeah, that was pretty damn hard. So yeah, I mean just do it man. This is like a rip the bandaid off scenario.

If you wait for the right time, it will have blown you by and then you'll be in a situation where the guy who did start three years ago is ahead of you and you're trying to catch up, which is not a good position to be in either. So don't overthink it. Yeah, don't overthink it. This is a huge, huge problem.

There's actually lots of people that I see in like business and entrepreneurship forums, like really successful places where you would think there'd be a lot of action being taken that people literally just for years on end will read books and they will read successful blogs and and different things and they'll buy courses and things like that and they just will not take action because they're constantly waiting for the right time.

And there's like Brandon said, there's never a right time. There's never a good time to start a business. The best time is always yesterday, like right now. Like do it already. Like get it done. One of my favorite quotes, when's the best time to plant a tree 20 years ago? So you have this kick ass tree in your yard.

When's the second best time today? Today is the second best time to plant a tree. Today is the second best time to start a business. Absolutely. Yeah. Like just, just think of all the time that if you would've started planting that tree 20 years ago, how big it would've been and it would've been super slow and you probably wouldn't have noticed you'd even growing the whole time.

But, but yeah, like imagine if you would've started a business 20 years ago where you'd be today. Just imagine that for a second. And when I think about the, when we started our cleaning business, Brandon, let's just rewind back a few years Sure. To 2017. And let's just talk about where we were when we first started our cleaning business.

Was it a good time? Was there excuses we could have made? Was there of course lots of things that were up in our face that were like man this isn't gonna work. Like yes, there Was logistically, let's cover a little brief origin story. Brandon and I met at the park. We were talking about entrepreneur stuff, we're both into the business side of things and we were coming up with all these wacky business ideas to to do.

My company that I worked for had recently got acquired by the competition. I was miserable at work and we came across this Reddit post that was talking about why you should start a service company. And I was like, yo, this is a good idea. And then we started really digging into it, doing the research, the analysis, which you do need to do,

you should do the analysis, just don't get stuck on it. So we did that and then I remember very distinctly we had a meeting with both of our wives at this table with our kids. Like here's the plan. You and I laid it out for him. We're gonna do this, this and this. We're gonna talk to this guy. Does this make sense to everybody?

Yes. And I remember asking my wife at that meeting at the table, I was like, can I quit my job now? Can I give my notice that I want out? And she was like, yes. So look, that was scary for a couple reasons. One Brandon, you had a baby on the way Julie was pregnant. So we were already at doubling up on more kids.

We actually had Max my son, right when we were launching the business, like literally the week like officially launching and we still made it work and we still did it. Yeah. And I remember running the estimates with you and doing all that stuff in the middle of it and it felt crazy, but We did it. Yeah, but no one, your hair didn't even go gray man.

It worked out just fine. Like everybody worked out fine. So that part was scary. Not having income cuz I had a six figure job and like cutting that off and relying on my wife's income only who made you know significant less than me at the time was also scary. But how else did we do it? We borrowed money from my former boss actually from the job that I quit,

which was pretty cool. They gave us a little bit of money. I think we started with like $60,000. I took some money out of a retirement account and Brandon and I paid ourselves for several months, nothing. And then for a few months after that 500 bucks, that sounds crazy. That's not a comfortable spot to be in. Brandon's always said things like when your back's up against the wall,

like you're gonna figure it out, you're gonna make it work. And that's true. And so we were really in a position where, look, this is all we got. We're gonna grind this until it's like doing what we needed to do. And that did work. I'm not saying it was easy, it was terrifying. But you hopefully have a support network that can make this work for you.

You do need to make sure your bases are covered as far as like childcare and mortgages and whatever. Like you gotta make sure that you're meeting the minimum for thriving and life but don't convolute it. You're not gonna be a millionaire overnight. You're not gonna be taking a six figure salary like the month after you start. You need a ramp up time to do it.

And that is the scary part. But I think that's where people get stuck. They get to that part where okay we can start. How are we gonna do it? And you start doing the math, you're like, oh man, we're never gonna be able to pair ourselves. And then you just like you don't do it, you stop there and that is not a good spot to be in.

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And did we mention it's totally free request access to join now by going to Profit Cleaners dot com slash facebook? That's Profit Cleaners dot com slash Facebook. Everyone's situation's gonna be different and luckily you and I had our spouses that we could kind of rely on cuz my wife is a, she's a copywriter and a writer and she was able to write with her clients and create money and income for us.

She was super stressed out, you don't get me wrong. Like it's probably one of the most stressful times in our life like doing that while I would be gone doing building the business, doing other stuff with you. And same for you. I remember your wife was, I mean you guys were stressed out too. It was hard. It was really hard in the beginning.

But the vision that we had of getting to where we are now is what drove us I think. And just knowing that this isn't just like any other business, like we're gonna make this work. Here's the vision, here's the long-term plan. Like we would go over the numbers all the time. We still do, they've changed you know quite a bit.

But it's like you gotta have something that drives you and it can't just be money guys. Like the money was exciting, the numbers were exciting but for me, and this is what always does it for me, it's the freedom of knowing that once we build this we will have more time to spend with our families to take a vacation to do things that I love doing that I love doing a lot more than even having money.

You know like money is great but it, it's just a vehicle to get you actually what you really want in life. Which like Brandon wants to buy a jet, I might buy a boat or go get, you know, into sailing or something else that I wanna spend my time with doing with my family. But it's like those are the things that get you really excited and that's what you gotta figure out deep down is that reason why it's gonna drive you.

And I know that sounds cheesy, we always talk about it, you can find your reason why and all this but it's, it's really true guys. I mean like when your back's up against the wall and it's like this is real, this sucks man. Like this is like really hard to figure out right now. Like you gotta have something bigger than money driving you because money is not gonna be there in the beginning And that's what we signed up for as entrepreneurs.

Like that's the game, you know? And if, if you want to go all in like Brandon and I went all in and we got there faster because we went all in, you can kind of tiptoe around it and keep your job and like make it a side hustle to start and all this. It's gonna take you a lot longer to get there if you do it.

I do wanna say that this cleaning company wasn't Brandon's first business. It wasn't my first business. I tried multiple things cuz it's just been in there man. The drive to just start a business and have control over it to get that freedom. It's just been in there. I've tried, I don't know, five, six things like actual proper LLC registered business over the years but they were always slide hustles cause I didn't wanna,

I wasn't comfortable with losing the income on the day-to-day stuff. So this was the first one where we really like jobs are quit, there's no income coming in, this is what we're doing. That's what Brandon means when we win all in. So you know, this wasn't our first go around, but that doesn't mean that it can't be your first go around.

It's just that if you're gonna try and do it on the side while keeping your day job, you can absolutely do that, no doubt it's just gonna take you a lot longer cuz your focus is gonna be split between, you know, two different areas, three different areas, whatever it is. So that's what we recommend is like going all in this business has,

you know, the chance to be like transformative for everybody. You know this kind of service business if you can scale it properly. And that's what we've done and that's what we're trying to teach you guys to Do. Yeah and like we said, it's gonna be different for everyone. Like we were able to go find some money to invest, but that doesn't mean you have to do that.

There's a whole podcast we could probably do about, there's a term called like customer finance acquisition where you can create a business in such a way that you price it in such a way that customers finance it themselves and you just have to charge more money and do it a slightly different way. But there's always a way to do it guys. There's always, always,

always a solution. And that's what you gotta start flipping your mindset to as an entrepreneur is there's always a solution to whatever problem that comes your way. Whatever hardship or challenge or whatever it is, money is just a vehicle to get you what you want and you can always make more money it, it's gonna come and go like water in your life. You know,

the goal is to get a lot more of it, but you have to be okay. You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable for a while when you start a business and especially when you're discussing, well when, what time should we start this? Well, there's never a good time. It's always gonna be uncomfortable. It's always gonna, yeah life. Life Begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

That's one of my favorite quotes. So you gotta keep that in mind and then the timing's never gonna be right. But the thing that Brandon said about money, like money is gonna come and go, it flows around. I totally believe that what you're never gonna get more of is the time. So if you delay, delay, delay on starting making sure the numbers are right,

get it to the point that takes years of analysis off of you. By the time you actually get it going, you'll be like, oh dude, if we'd started this like five years ago, it would've been at like X. Do you know what I mean? Like we grew way faster than we thought. Even with our best case scenario business plan,

we blew that outta the water. We did an episode on that where we reviewed that. So like take this as a cautionary but successful tale of business startup and that you can do it. We are not magicians over here. Brandon and I are not, we're not business tycoons yet, I suppose, but our previous business track record didn't warrant this success is what I'm saying.

So all we did was all the stuff that we've told you about in the podcast, it's all in there man. It's all in the courses too. Yeah, and what Brandon's talking about there is really important guys because there's a lot of businesses that you hear like why is that so many businesses fail? And maybe that's why a lot of people are afraid to start is because so many businesses fail,

but it's because a few things and one of it, they didn't think all this through. They didn't go all in and they didn't have all the information and and everything they needed, right? And like there's a saying, it's like the pioneers are the ones with their face down in the mud and the arrows and their back. Well you don't have to be a pioneer,

you don't have to be the one that takes the hit because we've already gone before you and we, we've even had people go before us that we modeled their success. We weren't the first ones trying this to see if it would even work. Like we know it works. We're just modeling the success of others that have done it before us. And so there's that going for you.

And then there's also a really cool quote I wanna share with you guys. It's by Warren Buffett, who everybody knows who Warren Buffett is. He's one of the all time great financial investors of all time, billionaire, whatever, zillionaire by this, who knows, but like he's really successful, right? So you should listen to people that know what what they're talking about.

But he says it's only risky if you don't know what you're doing. He says it a little bit better than that. I think he says risk comes from not knowing what you're doing, but it's only risky if you don't know what you're doing. And what that means is in a nutshell, you have everything you need, okay? You do know what you're doing and it's only gonna be risky if you don't soak up the knowledge,

if you don't listen to what we're saying and you don't invest in yourself. If you just go out there and try to wing it and just figure it out on your own and like mess around and like try to figure it out, that's you're probably gonna fail. But if you know what you're doing, you take the tools and the strategies and the knowledge that we're giving you and you invest in yourself,

instead of going and buying a franchise for a hundred thousand dollars, spend a few thousand dollars on your own knowledge and get a mentor and have us help you. Something like that. Even that is what I'm talking about guys. And if you know what you're doing, it's not risky. That's what Warren Buffett says and all the businesses that he does, like that's one of his number one rules is never lose money.

It is like rule number one, like going back like he never loses money. And the way he does that is because he always knows what he's doing and he removes that risk. So that's what we're trying to share with you guys. That's why we do this podcast is because we're sharing with you guys what works, what we did that worked so that you can remove that risk and actually have some success.

I think that's what it gets down to, right? Brandon? Yeah. So if you were on the fence, hopefully that's enough to like push you over the fence, but if, if you're not convinced after us telling you that there's no good time, like you're not gonna be convinced you're gonna think about it for a long time. Honestly, one of the things that pushed me forward more than anything was that my company got sold.

You know, that I worked for, I was miserable at the other one. I just didn't want to do it. I was not looking forward to waking up every day. And I was like, dude, I gotta change something. So although I'd tried all these business things in the past that was really just pushing the envelope for me that like, nope,

you should definitely be doing it. And so that maybe put the afterburners on it for me personally. You don't have to wait to become miserable to do it. I'm trying to save you that mental anguish. You can start whenever you like, but honestly you have all the tools at the ready. It's just whether or not you're gonna use 'em. And ultimately no one can make that call except for you.

So part of the knowledge that we're offering to you is the stuff that we've packaged together in the courses. And so this leads us into our next thing, which is that we're launching a new one. So we're launching a new course where we are going to start another cleaning business from scratch in a different city and we're gonna document that entire process, the basic stuff of getting business licenses and websites set up,

hiring our first manager, hiring our first team, what the job ads look like. You're gonna go along for the ride the entire time. The good, the bad, I'm sure we will screw something up along the way. We've got a really rosy outlook on this and a good business plan, but you can't predict the future that well. And this is a totally unknown environment.

So if you are a little bit hesitant, then maybe you'd wanna follow us along on that course and see if we can make lightning strike twice and do it Somewhere else. Yeah, and this is for people out there that are brand new, just getting started, this is for people that have a cleaning business because like we've said in the past, like you can always get better,

you can always improve. We're constantly going in and tweaking stuff in our business to make it better and going back and rebuilding stuff and creating new systems. So a lot of maybe you guys are asking, well why am I not there yet? Like what does it actually take to get to a six figure and then a seven figure cleaning business in in the service industry?

Well, this is what it's all about, guys. We're gonna start from scratch. We're gonna show you guys from the ground up because we didn't do it in the very beginning. We came in and we actually started this podcast and we had already done that and we were just recapping that, but so many people have asked us like, how did it start in the beginning and all these things like that.

And we just wanna show you guys exactly how we're gonna do it and do it alongside you guys. We thought it'd be really fun. So that's what we're gonna do. If you guys are interested, this is still, we're working on this or putting together right now still, but if you wanna be on the inside of this, as we get it out there to the world,

be on the on the early bird list, go ahead and email us right now. Hello Profit Cleaners dot com. Just message us. I'm in. I'm interested, something like that that shows us that you're committed to learning this and getting in there with us to make some huge, huge waves and success in 2023. We've also got a page up talking about it.

It's Profit Cleaners dot com slash launch where you can get all the updates on everything we're doing there. But yeah guys, we just want to share this with you because that's the whole point of Profit. Cleaners is we share out our wins, our losses, like what's working for us, what's not. And we are running a real cleaning business with you where this isn't just theory,

this isn't just, you could spend, I don't even know how much you can spend these days at college, man. It's ridiculous. But you can go into debt for a quarter million dollars at a college and come out and have nothing to show for it. Or you can spend some time doing real stuff with the school of hard knocks, with real people,

building real businesses and get an actual result out of it and come out on the other side, winning with an asset that's gonna change your life, change your future, change your family's life, build a legacy. That's what I'm talking about. So that's what we're all about, guys. So if that's something you guys are interested in and you wanna rebuild your business,

you wanna revamp it in any way you wanna start your cleaning business, either way, we're gonna be doing it alongside you guys, sharing the wins, sharing the losses, maybe get kicked in the face a few times, but that's what it's all about, guys, you just gotta keep getting up, keep going, and it'll be pretty fun. I think it'll be a nice little masterclass in business.

I think we're gonna learn a lot. I think people coming alongside us doing this with us are gonna learn a ton and we're all gonna win together and get better. So that's the whole point. So I think that's pretty much it, Brandon. Anything else you wanna tell people other than start your cleaning business right now? Don't wait, Start it and then keep it clean.

Start clean. All right, start it and then keep it. Keep it clean. Guys, Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff, head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember, keep it clean.

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