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In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons discuss the mindset shifts you need to be making right now so that you can take massive action in 2023. (The action you need in order to surpass all of your goals.)

Tune in now so that you can maximize your mindset and get excited about everything that’s on the horizon for 2023. And remember, being aggressive in business is a good thing!


  • How Weather Affects Your Business
  • Being Aggressive
  • How Momentum Is Created
  • Ending Your Personal Recession
  • Making Real Progress in Your Business
  • How Profit Cleaners Beat the Competition
  • New Course Update


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Episode 103: Get Aggressive in 2023

Brandon Schoen:
The business in general slows down. But there's still tons of little opportunities within that. Like with the cleaning space where people are needing a higher frequency of cleans in their business because they've got family coming over and they're traveling and this, all these events are going on and they have people on their house. That's a great time to upsell services. Hey, give 'em a special holiday discount and you know, instead of getting their house cleaned once or twice this month, they'll get it three or four times this month. An easy way to spike that existing business that you already have just by offering more frequency of cleans for your existing customers. That's a huge one right there.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Almighty Profit Cleaners. You are in the house, the only place to be surrounding yourself with the top 1% of cleaning business owners from around the world. So we can all take it to the next level. Elephant win and I haven't been introducing us in the last few shows, Brandon, I'm gonna introduce us right now.

Let's say I'm your host, Brandon Shane and I'm joined by the spreadsheet ninja himself, Brandon Condrey, That's me. I haven't named you the spreadsheet Ninja Engine in a while, Brandon, but you're back at it. He's, Brandon's been cranking out some amazing spreadsheets and back office systems for you guys, so that is always important and we just want to welcome you guys to the show today.

Thank you for being here and we just want to get you excited because guys, we are heading into a new year. It's 2023 coming up if you guys are listening to the show right now or you are in December of 2022 still, but we wanna shift your mindset and get you guys in gear for 2023 because that's how winners do it. They don't wait for the game to come to them,

they go to the puck or whatever that is that Gary Hockey quote from Wayne Gretzky. What are you talking about? You miss a hundred per, you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take. Yeah, yeah, there you go. You miss those shots if you don't take, yeah, there you go. You gotta get the shot, you gotta get over to the shot.

You don't wait for the shot to come to you. But that's how you gotta be thinking guys. And so this episode's all about getting you guys to shift that mindset from maybe like a slowing down. It's the end of the year to like, boom, let's shift ourselves in gear, let's get aggressive when everyone else is slowing down, we're gonna speed up and we're gonna hit the ground running so that in January when everyone's just starting to walk and like getting out of their New Year's plans out and they're,

we're gonna be hitting the ground running, you guys are gonna be light years ahead of everyone winning. And that's what it's all about guys. So that's what this episode is gonna talk about. So stay tuned. We're also at the end of this episode gonna share with you a, a cool little strategy that we did that got us a couple hundred new customer reviews in 72 hours.

We might or might not spill all the beans on that, but stay tuned. That's what we're talking about guys. That's how you're positioning yourself for the new year, things like that. Just taking aggressive action and doing things that are gonna put you in place of the place of success where success is flowing. So, so let's dive in Brandon, let's talk about this a little bit more.

Sure. And get people excited for 2023 cuz it's gonna be a great year. Yeah, So we're going into the winter, it's getting colder depending on where you live. Maybe the clouds are over all the time now and it's very gloomy outside. People tend to get depressed in the winter. And also historically speaking, the cleaning business tends to slow down in the winter.

We tend to get less new customers and we've tried analyzing it a bunch of different ways, but really, I had a friend of mine explain at one time, he is like, people like hibernate, they don't want to do new stuff. They want to go home and set up a Christmas tree and drink cider and then I'll deal with everything else in February.

So instead of leaning into that and you also contracting and making the business contract and taking a bunch of time off, you gotta get a bit more aggressive with it. So while everyone's sitting down chilling out a little bit, maybe now's a good time to run some ads about how you need your house clean before all your relatives show up before Christmas or something like that.

So that's definitely a time to do that. That's actually a great point. The business in general slows down, but there's still tons of little opportunities within that with the cleaning space where people are needing a higher frequency of cleans in their in their business because they've got family coming over and they're traveling and this, all these events are going on and they have people on their house.

That's a great time to upsell services. Hey, you can give 'em a special holiday discount and instead of getting their house cleaned once or twice this month, they'll get it three or four times this month. Yeah. So there's an easy way to spike that existing business that you already have just by offering more frequency of cleans for your existing customers. That's a huge one right there.

And if you are running other ads out there, like yeah, just play up the holidays a little bit and people are gonna want something a little bit more frequent here and there during the next few weeks. So that's always good to think about. But, but yeah, instead of slowing down, which I think is really typical this time of year, what are,

let's just talk about some ideas of how people can speed up, why would they wanna speed up? Like what's the whole point of all this? And I think something that really resonates with me that I've thought about this and had this for years and years and years. I don't remember who said it, I think it was Anthony Robbins, it was probably a bunch of success teachers that said this,

but they're talking about momentum. Okay, momentum isn't caught. A lot of people like wanna wait around and like think they're gonna hit some wave and it's gonna catch 'em and it's gonna spill 'em into the new year and they're gonna have all the success. Well I've got a little newsflash for you guys. It's not caught, it's created. Momentum is created and the way that you create that,

it comes back to the famous way of entrepreneurship, which is action. Good old take an action, right? So that's the first step of it. Take action. When you take action, it creates more belief because you see, or maybe it's results first, one of the two belief and results are next though, okay, you take action, you're like,

oh my God, I did something. There's something happened, there's some results. Which then builds your belief cuz now you're like, I did something and I believe more that when I take action something will happen. So now your belief is bigger and then that's when you actually create this momentum cycle and then you just keep doing it because it's almost addictive. Cuz you're like,

the more I take action, the more results I get, the more belief I have, I'm gonna do it again. I'm gonna do it even bigger. So it just creates this amazing circle of momentum, which again, guys is not caught, it's created. And you have to start thinking, what are the actions I'm gonna start taking right now to create that momentum so that I can be a huge aggressive force of action in 2023 and I can come in with this wave of,

of just energy creating stuff and doing stuff that's gonna get me excited, it's gonna get my team excited, my business is gonna thrive because of it. When everyone else you look around is slowing down and they're retracting and they're, they're doing less, that's your key to start doing more and start creating that momentum. Yeah. So we talked, there's another episode that I think came around from our podcast like very recently,

but about this recession, how like the economy's contracting potentially, but really you can make your personal recession end by taking action on it. Like you can expand your personal economy by trying to get some more customers in there. So there's someone out there looking for cleaning right now, it's just whether or not they're gonna go with you. So if they're seeing that you've got a bunch of recent reviews on your Google My Business page that you're running ads that are current to the time,

like you're not running an ad that says spring cleaning in December, like that's not a good look. You're running one that says holiday refresh or spruce up your house for the company that's coming over. Something like that. Like those are things that people gravitate towards to make sure that you're gonna win that business when they're thinking about you versus a competitor. So again,

like not a time when it's getting cold to be like, I'm gonna go put on a sweater and get my business plan together for 2023. Like your business is already going, just put some more into it right now when everyone else is taking things out of it. Want some of our best teachings and live coaching for free? We've got you covered. Join our private Facebook group where you'll learn how to overcome your biggest challenges as a cleaning business owner so that you can become one of the top 1% of cleaning business owners in the world.

Don't miss out on all of the value we're giving away for free in this group. Request access to join for free now by visiting Profit Cleaners dot com slash facebook. That's Profit Cleaners dot com slash facebook, Right? Absolutely. And just be creative. Start jotting down ideas like what are revenue generating actions I can start taking right now. Not just any action,

but like what's gonna drive business, what's going to generate new customers? And those are things that you really want to drive hard. And another example of this is Brandon. I was just, my wife was mentioning this, I'm not on social media that much, but she was like, there's this huge trend on Instagram right now where every, all these influencers are taking like videos of something they've been doing and then like a week later and then two weeks later,

it's just like showing this progress of people like, man, if I wouldn't have started a day ago or I hadn't started two days ago or a week ago, look where I would've been. And it's just like people are like fascinated by this like idea of progress and like seeing where I've come just by doing a little bit every day. And that's really what it,

it's all about guys. It's not even like you have to go do this huge, don't get overwhelmed in analysis paralysis and just like freeze because you're like, how do I do it? It's just how do you eat an elephant? It's one bite at a time. How do you build a business one step at a time, one day at a time,

one hour at a time just like everyone else? We all have the same amount of time in our day, but it's like this trend on Instagram right now. Instead of wasting your time on Instagram and showing your cake progress or whatever the heck people are doing on them during the holidays on Instagram. Imagine if you would take that same energy and start building your business right now and imagine where you'll be in a week from now and imagine what you'll be in two weeks from now and three weeks from now.

And when the new year hits when everyone's just then being like, man, imagine where I would've benefit, would've started working on my business a couple weeks ago. Well that's gonna be you and you're gonna be 2, 3, 4 weeks ahead of all those people because you started taking action and you started realizing the value of taking action, creating that momentum, right? And creating that wave in your life of momentum that's gonna take you into the next year and put you in a really,

really good position for your business. And just don't wait around for that. Like start creating that in your own life, in your own business right now and start putting that into your team as well. Like we talk about it all the time, but the really, the truth in being an entrepreneur guys is like you have vision and a lot of people don't have vision,

but when you can capture that vision for your life and you can figure out what that is, that's gonna make all this so much easier for you to take action because you're gonna be excited to take action on whatever that vision is. If you haven't read that book Simon Sinek, it's all about why go read that book. Start With Why. That's the book by Simon Zick.

It's a great book to read this time of year, honestly a great thing to do with your time. Invest in some knowledge, double down on some knowledge and get excited about what are you gonna do, what momentum are you gonna create in your business this year and what actions can you start taking and what underlying reason why do you have to take those actions,

like figure that out and let that drive every part of your business. Even to the point where like your teams should be excited, your office, your cleaning teams should all see their vision inside your vision because you have such a big vision that they see it inside of that and they're excited to work within your vision to help you get there. Cuz you can't do it alone guys.

You gotta build a team to do this. So get that vision like we started the podcast out like start getting aggressive now and positioning yourself because if you could pull up an Instagram clip of like two weeks ago and be like, man, look where I was two weeks ago and when I started working on my business. Look where I am now. Like just like start taking action.

And again, we just do the opposite of what the masses are doing. Sure. And the masses are slowing down when everyone's freaking out. Like get super focused and get really excited and take a lot more action. Well, I mean maybe we should give him an example of an action that we recently took. Yeah, Let's do that. Our Reviews against our competitors.

We preach reviews to you guys all the time and you need to focus on those because that's, so many decisions are made based off of those, well, us versus the competitors. Were neck and neck. All of our review counts rising at the same pace. So we were at three 30 and some change, we had competitor that was at 360 at one point was winning.

Yeah, we had a competitor that was at 360 2, they caught up and then we're all around the 300. So we'd all pitched this idea to each other in an EEO s meeting and the idea was if we send out an email to the customers with some kind of discount attached to it and they have to get the discount, they gotta send back proof of a review and we decided to go for it.

So tell 'em how we did it Brandon. So guys, if you want the juicy juice of the secret here of the actual copy, we're gonna put this in the course. You can actually can use these same emails and stuff to promote and use in your business. But essentially guys, in a nutshell, it's really simple. We asked our customers for a review,

which we've done a lot of times in the past, but this way has worked better than it's ever worked. We sent it out an email, we gave a link to our place to review where we wanted 'em to review and we just said we gave 'em a very finite period of time, which always works really well in marketing. It's scarcity, right?

People want what they can't have or what's going away. He said, we're gonna give you guys a deal. It's black. This was during Black Friday in Thanksgiving. So we're we're, we said, we're so thankful for you guys. We're gonna give you guys a deal. Thank you for being our customers. Let us know if you're grateful for us,

leave us a review. You got 72 hours to do this. It was over a weekend I think. So we probably just said it was for the weekend, but said leave us for review and you'll get 50% off. You're next clean. Yeah, You're next clean. We could have said 10% off or something else, but we wanted to be compelling.

We wanted people to get excited about it. I think they got a little too excited about it. People. Yeah, we definitely more people did it than we thought for sure. Yeah. And every day we'd go back and refresh our reviews and we were just like, oh my goodness, this is crazy. Like people are really taking action on this offer.

But literally in like 72 hours we got an extra 200 reviews added to our local business listing. Yeah. And we were just blown away, right? So we went from three 30 something to 5 38, 200 reviews over a weekend. I don't know how often our competition looks at our reviews. We check theirs pretty often, but that's because we have a software that does that for us that's podium.

But yep. I hope that one day they see this like a month from now and they're like, holy crap, how did they get 200 more reviews than us? And then by then you're sleeping on it. We're so far out ahead now that we saw a spike in estimates right after the reviews creeped into the 500. So if you picture yourself looking for some service,

you're looking for a cleaning company, a plumber, whatever, and there's four top players in town and one of them has double, the amount of reviews is the next highest one. I mean they've gotta have something going on, right? It's just that you're gonna go with that one. It's no brainer. It's worth at least giving it a shot and then that gets your foot in the door and then you have a chance to like show 'em what you got.

Yeah. And guys like the statistics online and like the analytics of like number one position versus number two or number three position on even just Google, it's unanimous. Like the number one position gets like 90% of the traffic. It's huge amount. And then number two, it's like eh. And number three, by the time you get past that, there's nothing,

it is so important to be number one. There's a quote I love by Grant Cardone. If you're not first you're last. And that's really what it is guys, especially online, especially these days. People's attention span is like so short. You gotta capture it fast. And if you're not number one right away in people's mind, they're gonna pick somebody else and they literally make that decision split section within a few seconds based on number of reviews sometimes.

And that's a huge part of it. So, so There's, there's a little nugget for you. Yeah, the stuff will be in the course and we do have an update on the course. Yeah, we do have an update on the course guys. This stuff is the stuff that we put into our courses all the time. Speaking of courses, we had a couple out there,

you guys have heard of 'em. We've had the 10 x marketing course, we've had the cleaning systems course out there. We are consolidating everything into one product, guys. So it's not confusing, it's not like, which one do I need? We're making it really simple to work with us guys and really simple to have your business thrive. So essentially we've packaged everything we've done so far,

we're constantly always putting new stuff into it. Like what we just shared with you guys, we always give you templates. We give you exactly what we did to have whatever successful promotion or what ads are working, what keywords, whatever it is. We're always putting that in there. But right now guys, we're still working on polishing some things. As you've heard,

we're starting a brand new cleaning business in a brand new market and you guys are coming along for the ride. So we're gonna be sharing everything that we're gonna be doing for starting the business, all of the very, very startup, early startup things to running the business. A lot of people have a hard time just running what are the business things I need to do to run a business?

All that's gonna be in there. Everything that we come along along the way, anything that comes our way, we're gonna put it in there. And this isn't not just for, if you're starting a cleaning business, if you have a cleaning business and you need to go back and tweak some things, fix some things, build some new systems that you never built to make sure that you can get that your business where it is right now to six and then seven figures as fastball in the near future guys.

So we're putting all this together so it's easier. So you guys have everything you need in one place instead of, there's not gonna be different courses. We're doing away with that guys and we're combining everything into one place. So if you wanna work with us in the future, there's one way to do it. We're gonna have one make a course, one area where we coach everyone.

And if you guys wanna be in on that, like I said, we're still putting it together now, but there's still time. If you wanna get in early, if you're interested right now and that sounds like something you wanna be a part of in 2023, email us right now. Hello Profit Cleaners dot com. Just say I want in interested, something like that,

that that gets our attention so we know how we can put you on that list. You can also go sign up for the updates on the Profit Cleaners dot com slash launch page. But it's gonna be exciting guys. It's gonna be a total business masterclass showing you guys the ins and outs of everything we do to launch this new business. So it's gonna be really fun.

I'm excited about it, you guys, to be able to fall along and see all the stuff we're gonna be doing. I think it's gonna be really exciting for you as well. I think we're all gonna learn a lot just like we always do. So Brandon over here, he told me he's a little nervous earlier, but I'm a little nervous. I'm just more excited than I am nervous.

Yeah, so that's What It's all about. Come ride the nervous rollercoaster with us, it'll be fun. Hit us up at hello Profit Cleaners dot com or at Profit Cleaners dot com slash launch. That's right guys. So we'll see you guys there. We want you guys, the whole point of this podcast and the last few podcasts we've done is getting your mindset ready for 2023 guys,

like get in gear, get ready to win. Get ready to start taking massive action. That's what's gonna change your business is the execution and just getting after it guys. Like it doesn't have to be perfect progress, not perfection. Like get in there and start doing it. And if you wanna really go fast, get there alongside of us and do it with us because you're gonna go that much faster.

You're gonna alleviate much of the doubt, you're gonna take away a lot of the things, a lot of the questions that are gonna keep you held, held up from not taking action. And that's the worst thing you can do is not take action. So yeah guys, join us. It's gonna be really fun if you're still in 2022, get in on this before 2023 starts and let us know.

Reach out. We're really excited to be doing this with you guys. We're really excited for this new part of our, this new growth in our business. But again, the whole point of this is we get way more fulfillment guys, and like sharing this and seeing other people succeed. It's not just like our success anymore. It's actually really fun to see you guys succeed.

So that's why we're doing this. So we wanna see, I think, what is it? I don't know if we've actually had anyone hit seven figures just yet. We have some students that are definitely six figure earners that have started their cleaning businesses. We're gonna have them in the group more, and we'll probably have some more of them on in the future,

but we want to have at least a hundred entrepreneurs and however many years it takes to get to the seven figure mark. That's the whole mission of Profit Cleaners, guys. That's why we're still doing this. And I think it's, we're getting closer and closer every day. So don't delay, guys. Now's the time to get aggressive and don't delay your greatness right now is the time.

There you Go. Words of wisdom from mr. Yeah. Anything else? Let's see. Happy New Year. It'll be 2023 or close to it when you're hearing this. And keep it clean. Happy New year guys. Keep it clean. Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff,

head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember, keep it clean, clean.

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