Are you struggling to attract the right customers or employees for your business? The solution could be as simple as better explaining the “why” behind your vision.

In today’s episode of Profit Cleaners, The Brandons are interviewing a special guest, Juan Chaparro, co-founder and CEO of Gmaids and Pipehire. Juan has an impressive background in the cleaning industry and is here to share his expertise on finding and retaining quality employees for your business.

In this fun and informative interview, you’ll learn more about the secrets to building a reliable team that can sustain revenue growth. Juan will also talk about his innovative tool, Pipehire, which helps businesses manage their most important asset – their employees.

So, if you’re looking to take your home service business to the next level, stay tuned!


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  • The Importance of Building A Pipehire
  • Finding the Right Employees and Customers
  • Identifying Employees that Stick Around for the Long Haul
  • Innovative Approach to Hiring Ideal Employees
  • Pipehire: A People Software for Home Service Businesses
  • Maximizing Quality Job Applicants with Redirected Traffic
  • How to Manage Indeed Account
  • Juan’s Biggest Mistake As a Cleaning Business Owner
  • Juan’s Future Goal: Franchising Model for a Green Cleaning Business


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Episode 117: Finding and Retaining Quality Employees for Your Home Service Business with Juan Chaparro

Juan Chaparro:
When you're able to pinpoint the right people and bring those people to your company, that's when you sustain that revenue and then you can grow year over year versus just that revolving door that a lot of us go through. So when I understood that concept, I think was what made it very clear for me. That's where we need to put all of our efforts. Cleaning the house is very important. Of course, doing the job right is very important as well. But I say that 80% of the problem is solved when you know how to sell the job and have enough clients. And when you have the right people, the remaining 20% is really the actual job of cleaning the job, doing it right.

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All right everyone. So we're gonna jump into this podcast with Juan Chapto. Juan, welcome to the call man. We're so excited to be talking to you today and just learning about your story, about how you're involved in the cleaning business world and just some amazing projects you're working on to help add value to all of us cleaning business owners.

Whether that's, I wanna talk about pipe, I wanna talk about your company, your operating remote. So let's just get into it, Juan, like introduce yourself and tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your business and what you do and let's get into it man. Sure. Well thank you Brandon and Brandon as well. Yeah, again, Juan Chappa,

I'm the c e o and co-founder of G Mate, which is my green home cleaning company, residential that's in Dallas, Texas. I've been there 18 years running that company about 12 years ago. Moved to Florida and started dabbling R running a remote cleaning company. And that obviously took a very challenge at the beginning, but obviously at some point I figured out how to do it and that's been 12 years since then.

We've been growing it since the day we came in here. So technically we're not missed in that location because you know, all sales and marketing happens online these days. So about four years ago I started to, you know, experience a lot of growth in teammates and didn't have enough employees to feed the job, you know, fulfill these jobs. I asked my developer,

Hey, can we build something that can help me filter employees and show me who's qualified and who's not without me having to look through resumes and you know, through Indeed and make it easy for me. So we kind of build like a can view style of funnel, which basically is called pipe hire and is helping us identify quickly, visually with colors who's the right applicant out of these hundred names,

which are the three people I need to talk to today or we need to be invite to an interview. So that's what really it pushes to build pipe power. And there's other things that we're building cuz I see more problems that still need to be solved in the cleaning industry. So that's kind of quick intro for where we are at this point. Yeah man,

I love hearing that, like the classic entrepreneur story of solving a problem that you needed to solve and yeah, now it's solving it for many, many other people so that's awesome man. So you've been in the cleaning business for a long time? Yeah, 18 years back then when I started really very few young people in entering the business. I was 21,

my wife was 18, we were really just teenagers cleaning houses. Wow. Yeah, very different than today. You know, most people in that age are already having a bunch of knowledge prior to starting. They can get to a million in revenue, couple of you know, three to five years. But you know, for us it took like 12 years,

13 years to really get a decent amount of revenue. But obviously you know, there's so much knowledge nowadays, so many coaches, so many people, so many content that's really open up the information out there and it's you know, tremendous that we're not, we're the era we're right now and I'm seeing more and more people, more and more guys entering the business to younger people.

So I'm really excited for that. Yeah Man, that's amazing. What do you think it was Juan that like after all those years of working the business that got you to those, like those revenue goals that you were finally wanting to achieve like systems, was it something different you were doing strategies or what do you think? It was A mix of couple of things,

but I think I finally understood that I was in the recruiting business more than anything that I needed to find the right people in order to sell services. We always think okay, I have a cleaning business doing you know, selling services of course, but for some reason it struck me that I had two audiences that I needed to talk to Cleaners and customers and when I make those people connect and starts with the company creates revenue.

So I focus on finding customers and finding employees the right employees that will be able to sustain these clients. So when you're able to pinpoint the right people and bring those people to your company, that's when you sustain that revenue and then you can grow year over year versus just, you know, that revolving door that a lot of us go through. So when I understood that concept I think was what made it very clear for me that's where we need to put all of our efforts.

Cleaning the house is very important. Of course doing the job right is very important as well. But I say that 80% of the problem is solved when you know how to sell the job and you have enough clients and when you have the right people, the remaining 20% is really the actual job of cleaning the job, doing it right. So that's kind of what I made the shift to me to really start growing the company.

Well I understood that concept. I like it. Yeah man. Juan, let me ask you this. A lot of people think that cleaning is kind of like this menial service job that people are gonna do it as a stopover and it's not, you don't keep employees for that long and I think the revolving door is kind of a situation that a lot of cleaning company owners find themselves in,

especially after Covid, right? So how are you identifying employees that you know, stick around for like the long haul and why do you think that employees that do that are kind of happy to continue cleaning houses as opposed to using as a stepping stone to something else? Well We identify or define something we call the ideal employee profile the I E P for us and it is really a segment of people that look the same,

that have the same characteristics, that have a certain age range that live in certain part of the city. I was able to kind of pinpoint that those are the people that stayed for my company, you know, for the longest time cuz I knew I took a spreadsheet and I looked up when they started, when they finished and I did like analysis of you know years of hiring people and I've noticed this pattern is like this group of people tend to stick three to five years and said okay,

you know they look like this, they talk like this, this is their age range and they live normally in these parts of the town. So obviously for me being Hispanic I attract mostly Hispanic workers. So for us as okay desert or target employees and you know, yeah we hire anyone that wants to work but when I see the retention and why they stay in the company is because they are get surrounded with more Hispanic people,

more of their culture. So they tend to stick around because they feel like in a family. So those ideal employee profiles together collide in a positive way and they kind of feel like oh this is my environment, this is kind of my family, this is kind of familiar to me. And that's basically when we're hiring, we're basically looking for those specific groups of people that will stay because we already know that they will mix very well with the rest of the people cuz the job is not just a paycheck,

it's also you know, the people that they meet and the other things that the job adds. I think the check is just a component, very important component but there is more things that will make people stay in the company longer. Yeah, I do think that's a good important point to make for a lot of people who are listening is that it's not just that you pay X and everyone wants that,

it's that there is a company culture aspect to it which the last guest we had on was trying to tell us the same as well. So I think that's important to to sense that pattern. One of the things that we've talked about trying to do is we know that there are other cleaning companies in our market that have our ideal employees and that maybe they're just stuck there cuz they don't know that there's something else that's better out there.

So we've toyed with ideas of how to reach people that are employed but not looking and we've gone, we've thought about hiring a sign spinner to hang outside of an office building, you know, in the morning when they're arriving but we've never gone so far as to do that. So do you have, you know, does pipe hire have an interesting way of reaching people like that or is it only looking for job seekers At this moment?

No, there's no guy spinning outside but we're working on building really when you put a job out there, obviously there's people that are actively seeking that are mostly engaged with that ad, right? That's kind of the most traditional way and that's one way to reach. And what I've noticed is that for certain companies this candidate might not be a good candidate but it could be a good candidate for somebody else that might be closer to that employee or that location works best.

So we're working on a concept of a live database of employees that we preed basically for companies and then we show you a database of names so you can engage with those people better versus you having to post ads and wait and you know, maybe go through the whole process of screening people. So that's something that we're working, we're developing. So what we dream is that you click,

you put your zip code, your area, what you're looking for and then the system will populate names of those applicants that or ideal employee profiles that will work for your company that can be a good match for your company. And that's kind of where we're going and that's a different angle that I haven't seen done and I don't know indeed has a resume database but you know just people that have the word housekeeping in the resume and they put him in that back of people that have done house cleaning.

But in reality I believe we cannot hire based on a resume specifically for this position cuz the resume doesn't tell you if they have a car for example, for the work or if they have a driver's license. You don't know that, you just know that word, you know basic information if they went to school and some of the jobs they had. But for service jobs we need to know more about their skills,

more about you know, if they can be working outside or you know at a hundred degree weather. Those type of things are very unique for this, you know, home service industry. So we really wanna be able to be able to display this database so people can really just kind of look who fits the need of their job and reach out to them.

I like it. So you've got the cleaning company in Texas and the one in Florida there is one in Florida? Yes. No I just live here but so Just Texas, I don't have a company here. And then would you say you're spending more time on pipe hire or the remote management of the cleaning company? I'm really curious what the split is More in pipe hire,

Andia another product that we're building. I do have a great manager in place, I've been training her for three, four years now. So I call her a business manager really not just like an office manager. She really understands the whole business as a whole, not just I need to do sales and I need to call people. No, she understands the whole business.

So she's basically taking a lot of my responsibilities. I do still, you know, responsible so for certain areas of the company, especially building some of the internal software that we're building for teammates and obviously you know, things that sometimes nobody else can solve then you know I solve. But most of my time is really building what I always dream, you know,

product solutions, web product for their industry. Yeah, That's awesome man. I was gonna ask you Juan, like as far as the hiring process, do you find that that software, like when you're hiring, is it just experience, you look at attitude, like what else are you looking at when you are looking for that ideal profile of that candidate?

Like what helps you determine who that is and just going into that a little bit further? Well All of us technically are looking for the same worker, right? Somebody that's available to work that can show up on time, that has a great attitude. All these things are always what the common basics. What makes Piper really different is that when you create your job application,

as you create the questions there's points behind every question. So as you customize your questions and create those questions, you can assign more points, positive points or negative points which then when somebody applies they could be the perfect candidate but they live 50 miles away from your service area, most likely that person even though it's perfect but because it's too far now you cannot really hire this person because the drive time every day the commute will basically make this person probably quit in the next two weeks.

So you can customize to that level of precision that gives you at the end when they finish the application you'll see points they earned of the questions. So anybody that's 80% or above and provides two job references, we consider an A player and somebody that's like 50% to 79% is considered a B player, which still has a chance. Obviously the A player is the ideal person that kind of the dream employee that you're like,

oh I wish I could find more of this. So that's a smaller percentage. But on the B players there's still some good people that might be missing something maybe are not as experienced as you want or maybe they don't have a car yet, but maybe your company does provide the car. So there's things that the B players can become eventually an A player and definitely the people that are,

you know below 50% are incomplete applications or just simply all the questions they answer are incorrectly, which then saves you the time to really look into those. You just, we really archive those and if somebody reapplies the same person reapplies, let's say three months later now their answers improve, we'll show you a batch, this person reapply and then we'll show you the old application,

the new application, what changed. You can see why and I've seen people in companies that they reapply a couple of times and they get, they improve those questions and they suddenly have the requirements and they become a good workers at some point. That's awesome. And so it sounds like it's, yeah it's saving a lot of time, centralizing everything in into one place and like a lot of the back and forth may be saving that time.

You know, a lot of people ask me why nobody built a software for this before. I said, you know, I don't know, but I noticed that we all have software for bookkeeping, for marketing, for all the things that we do in a business and in a people business. We didn't have people software, we have obviously payroll software, but payroll is just to pay them.

But there was really no tool to manage the most important asset of the company, which is you know, your workers and managing that process from application to interview to screening, onboarding, training, offboarding, everything, all that employee life cycle, a lot of people were managing it on a whiteboard or a spreadsheet and you know, spreadsheets are great but at some point people start to not feeling completely they abandoned,

they forgot to update and you know the spreadsheet, yeah can do everything you want but at some point you get tired of keeping up with it and actually managing it and updating it. Yeah. So that's kind of why we said, you know, we need to build something that will help us manage the most important aspect of home service businesses. Very Cool.

I love it Man. Juan, can you walk us through like what posting a new job looks like? So on the website you've got templates that we can work with, we post it, which job boards does it integrate, where does it go? And then you know, what does it look like as an end user? You know when applicants start coming in Sure Basically sign up the system walks you through a step-by-step process of building like your first job posting.

We give you already a template that's obviously good enough to do the job, but I always recommend to customize, obviously CD, location hours, benefits, some things that are unique to your business. But we kind of give you the, the bulk of the work already done. And in that process you can publish to Google Jobs and C recruiter which are,

you know, basically job boards not as popular and as big as indeed within five 10 minutes you polish your job and you have a public URL now that you can share anywhere online to have people apply. But we always recommend that you take the embedded code and put it in your job page or your job's careers page. And now what makes more conversions happen on these websites or your landing page,

it's the content of it is it should have, you know, what's the job about, what are the benefits, what are the requirements, everything that really makes people say okay I like this, let me apply cuz a lot of people still think that sending people from a net to a simple application or job application is good enough and the reality is that we have to sell the job very well.

So can people apply And I've seen customers that start to implement a good landing page for their jobs and they see a tremendous increase in applications and quality applicants because they're attracting the right people. So they post on these two systems. Now as far as indeed for example, we don't have a direct connection with them. We've tried to reach out to them but they have this method right now they're not taking new applicant tracking systems to connect.

So what we do with Indeed is, or people that are using Indeeds, they should redirect the applicants indeed to their website, to their job page or to their PayPal form and we see that this is the best method and strategy and you may ask why. And the answer is simple indeed has this indeed apply bottom right where people just are scrolling on their phone and they just click,

click, click and they apply to a lot of jobs. But in our case, in our cleaning businesses, we feel like we want people to be redirected to our page to read about the company, about the values, the culture benefits before they apply. And I want to make sure they read that and feel of a good form because indeed apply is just sending you their contact info and their resume The contact info.

Yeah this happens to us a lot. We got plumbers applying for cleaning jobs before and yeah food servers applying for cleaning jobs and none of it made sense to us. But yeah this is why Well and I say why Indeed hasn't improved this and it's very simple because they are now pushing for the, you know, completed applications and then you have to reject,

you have to accept people and you have 72 hours to do that and most of us are not every day and indeed watching applicants and we forget. So I get a lot of people complaining about that. It's like hey I have to be on top of indeed every single day rejecting people and they send me a bunch of people that I don't even have time to go through because indeed the more applicants they can sell you the better.

But they're sending you unqualified people but you as an owner have to screen them yourself and spend the time but still pay for the name of somebody that's not qualified like you mentioned. So that's a big problem and that's why I recommend people to redirect them to their own website regardless if they're using pipe or not. They can redirect them to your own website, avoid being charged per applicant and instead have a monthly budget of two 50 a month.

And that's basically send me traffic based on my budget. I don't wanna pay per applicant rejected or approved, I just want that you send me traffic and on my website they will read, they'll apply. And I found that that is a better return on investment for companies and better use of the time of the entrepreneur cuz now they receive less applicants but better qualified cuz when we're hiring we don't need 500 people,

we need two or three people. Yeah I need two really good ones and then we'll be set for the next like six months. That's all we need. So why sending me hundreds of applicants and scroll through hundred names when I just need two or three people this week and that's all I want. That's what we recommend. Wanna know why most cleaning business owners fail or get stuck systems When you don't have the right systems in place for hiring,

training, marketing, all of the day-to-day essentials, then your business gets jammed and without the right systems it's impossible to keep moving forward. If you're ready to add smart proven systems to your cleaning business so that you can join the top 1% of cleaning business owners, head over to our free Facebook group now and watch the masterclass pinned to the top of the group.

Just search top 1% cleaning business owner club, find our faces and watch the free class to learn exactly how we took our business from zero to seven figures in just three years. So if I was a user of pipe, is there like a guide on how to set the settings on Indeed to act the way that you're telling us to make it act with just the redirect?

Yeah, We have a help resource center with all those instructions but I'm actually recording now. I call it dominating indeed Masterclass like a little you know course where I'm teaching people basically how to from starting their account to managing analytics, how to do all of that. Pretty simple. I feel that people kind of are afraid of managing Indeed or kind of controlling their own account and it's not complicated,

it's just a matter of that nobody has really taken the time to explain them and you know indeed unfortunately their business model is to send us smart leads. This reminds me of when we were first in business, we signed up with, oh man I've already forgot the name, what was the thing? Home advisor. Home advisor Home advisor would send us leads all the time and then you had to answer the phone when they called cuz it was just like a phone redirect.

And yeah we would often run into these elderly people that saw like a commercial on Fox News in the middle of the day and so they plugged in their stuff and then 25 people called them instantaneously and they were so mad they weren't expecting the phone to ring this much. And so this is kind of the same vein, we're just gonna send you this fire hose of information but it's not necessarily what you wanted.

But what really made me mad about Home Advisor was that they charged multiple companies for the same information. Like you charged 10 companies $40 for this info and no one got hired because they were just mad that 20 people called 'em all of a sudden. Correct. And yeah that's a problem with the leads company selling leads. I've tested the home advisor, I've tested Tomac,

you know first that problem that you mentioned and the other that I noticed in those systems is that you pay and you're right and you reach out to the customer, that person, but the reply rate is low. Yeah and you pay 25, 30 bucks and you know you're hoping and praying they reply. If they don't reply well you go empty, empty-handed. And that's part of made me build my calculator on my own website.

I don't know if you saw it, just a little estimator tool I put in GS and I said you know, I'm getting traffic but you know in the past I used to have that contact us form or estimate form and I said I'm gonna change it to an actual estimator, a calculator. And the way I realized that is that remember when, you know,

I don't know in the nineties you have to buy tickets in with a travel agent, right? You'll go there and purchase a ticket but you know as the web evolve then you could purchase obviously your tickets online. And I said technically most of the home service companies are still in the trouble agent era where people have to call, people have to wait for an email,

people have to wait for a visit to see what's the price of the house and customers just wanna know the price to see if they can afford it. That's all they want. But you know, they don't want the visit, they don't want the call, they just wanna know the price as soon as possible. So I build that into G Eight's website and every day since we build that,

we capture leads constantly and they are qualified leads and because the system blocks like 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 numbers and fake zip codes, people that are really needing the price, they enter their real info and that's how we capture a lot of leads just by capturing our own traffic versus having a estimate form. Cuz the customer just wants the price and when they see an estimate form or a contact form,

they say like, oh I don't know if I'm gonna get it, I just don't do it. So a lot of the conversion rate on those contact us forms is pretty low. That's why we changed to our estimator since I launched pipe hire obviously I started to work and connect to more cleaning companies and a lot of people ask me, Hey what is that calculator in your homepage?

I said well we build it, can I have it? Can you build one for me? It's like, no I'm sorry it's custom. We haven't had time to build it for anyone. Finally last month we finish building our prototype and that tool is called Estimate the value of that thing is to help you replace your contact or estimate form, put a calculator on the website and increase the amount of leads that you get.

And once they get the lead, you know their intent. So for example, a lot of people are in the shopping mode just I wanna know how it works. Some people want you call them right now and some people wanna book online. So as a consumer you go to your website, put in your zip code, how many bedrooms, how many baths and kids calculate the system will give you the price and then we'll ask you what do you wanna do now book call or I'm just shopping around So you're redirecting rerouting people to the right place.

So your team, your sales team on the back end of steam are seeing okay from all these 20 lits today, three are ready to buy, let's give them a call cuz they didn't book online, let's give them a call and save time talking to the people that are not ready but rather focusing the time on those that are ready right now. So that's something that we're finishing and launching here next two weeks so people can really try it and change it.

Yeah, Very cool. Yeah I love that man cuz that's actually something we've been toying around with for a while just like, cuz we have a lot of people on our current marketing funnel where they'll come in for an estimate but then some people want to still have questions and wanna book for more questions. Some people want to call right away and get on the schedule and then yeah,

some people just need more time to think about it. So Correct. I love that you've created this system around that again, just like innovating something that we as cleaning business owners all have this same problem and it's like yeah it's really cool to see you not only doing that with the hiring but also with the estimates maybe we should start testing these products. I wanna,

sounds awesome Man. I wanna try pipe fire. I mean it sounds pretty interesting. Yeah it sounds really cool. It is amazing. We're really proud of what we've built and you know it's, I always dream of building tech for many years I went to an accelerator in New York in 2013. We try to build something called Serviceful, which was like a home concierge that will manage all of your house cleaning landscapers and all the services that you need in your home.

But back then, you know, we were in this accelerator where you could then raise money from you know, people of investors and that never took off. So I went back to Miami, I said, hey, I'm gonna bootstrap and build the things that I want without venture or capital from anyone. And that push us to really learn how to really build with very minimal resources,

build things that are impactful and that's kind of how we able to start building for G, it's technology and then basically take components out, which one of them is five one another is Steamatic and we have other products and ideas that will come up eventually later on that are basically being tested and proven with my cleaning company. And that's basically what I've been doing is just building,

solving my own problem but then seeing that the industry needs these improvements and sharing those with others. Very cool. We asked this question to everybody, but as a cleaning business owner, not necessarily a software company owner, what would you say was the biggest mistake you made along the way? In general, overall mistakes. I think firing, taking too long.

Yeah, not firing the wrong people fast enough. You Got a toxic person in there that just, yeah, spoils everybody's mood and you didn't get rid of 'em fast enough. It's at the cleaner level and in the office level, both, both mistakes I've made, sometimes we continue to make them and you know we feel like the company will suffer a lot if this person is not there.

That's been kind of a mistake that we've made years in. Sometimes we continue to do them and it's like, you know, we're afraid of replacing someone, it's cuz it's gonna take us a long time to retrain somebody in the office and we just say okay, let's give 'em another chance. Another chance. But that becomes into a person that's dragging the team down,

that's slowing people down, that's putting a toxic environment into the office team. Even though it's a remote office team, still a negative person that's not doing their job will impact the rest of the team. So that's been our main problem or mistake that we just wanna avoid doing it. Yep, I hear You on that one. We've definitely made similar mistakes and you live and learn or you try and learn and sometimes you know,

I wanna see the best in people but sometimes they don't necessarily care to change or show me the best for that matter. Yeah, no I think also like a good part of that is those people will leave naturally but that's a good thing because you know like you want the core people that believe in your culture, believe in your vision, those people are gonna find a way to stick around but you know,

people are always upset about, oh somebody left or somebody had to fire somebody. You know, if you look at the silver lining of it, that's a good thing cuz you're getting rid of the, the toxic attitude or whatever it is that's, you know, corrupting the company. So Correct in a lot of ways. Yeah when people leave, I mean that's just part of the process.

You don't want it to happen all the time but hopefully when you're, you know, up-leveling your, like even using something like pipe hire to up-level your applicants, make sure you're honing in on the exact right person. I mean that that should happen less and less as you're bringing in more qualified people and yeah that's awesome one. So thanks for sharing that man.

No problem. I'm curious like what does the future look like for Gs? Is that something you wanna just keep cash flowing? Is it something you want to keep growing? Like how are you working on that now? Like what the future look like for that? Great Question. I've thought on maybe at some point some franchising model but I, I'm still not a hundred percent sure because you know,

now it becomes the business of selling franchises and talking to business owners and teaching them how to run the business, how to hire, how to do all these things. That's kind of the only idea that has crossed through my mind as right now. Yeah, it's basically an operating business and I see it as my lab really for building new things and testing new products.

So that's kind of the answer right now. It's a business that works, that are successful, that operates will be 19 years this October and you know, we have great clients in Dallas that have been loyal with us and there's great employees there so it's a small business that you know, working in the economy is helping families and you know, still providing a good salary for us.

That's kind of where we are. I hope at some point maybe, you know, sell the business to another entrepreneur that wanna maybe wants to grow it, take it bigger cuz I don't see that right now in the franchises. There's not like a, a really good strong player with a good brand for green cleaning. You know, there's, everybody mentions that they do green cleaning products but I feel like the teammates brand is very unique and has this unique angle of green cleaning.

So I think that could be a good project for somebody that will take it to the next level cuz you know, a lot of my effort and mind stores building tech now but you know, it's there and it's really good business. Very Cool. Yeah I was just noticing, so you, you guys kind of like us, I mean you don't do heavy commercial but you do like maybe light commercial,

light office, some Airbnbs. Correct. We have the green cleaning aspect. So I was looking at your website, I'm like we're doing a lot of things similar. We're actually out in Fort Worth, so kind of like Dallas area and we have another branch out here but there's, I mean it's such a huge market, there's more than enough to go around but it's just,

it's really cool to hear that you've been around doing this for almost 20 years. You started super young and I think that's like inspiring for a lot of people to hear that like and this business is like a legacy business too for a lot of people. You can keep it or you can hand it off, you can sell it like it's gonna be around,

you know, one way or the other. So yeah, It's, you know, dirty hassles will be here in forever and I'm really happy to see younger people and when I mean younger I'm seeing 20, 25 year old people starting the business. Very tech savvy, very smart people. So I think we're entering into a new era of home cleaning cuz what I've seen in the last 18 years has been like an unsexy business transform into a sexy business.

There you go. For some reason, I don't know why, I think maybe the aspect of current revenue or maybe not having to have, you know, a lot of widgets and stock and inventory, I don't know. But I've seen this transformation and that excites me a lot cuz I know that there are people like us right now building great companies that will just take 'em very far and very,

you know, big companies in the next, you know, 10 years and I feel like we're building that groundbreaking technology that will support all of those, you know, younger entrepreneurs building better companies than, you know when I started, I think part of it driving that is companies like Amazon have consolidated so much online sales stuff. Brandon chain had a background in you know,

retail arbitrage, importing stuff from China and then reselling it on Amazon. And so much of that just got swallowed up by that beast that a lot of those young entrepreneur types, you start doing the process of elimination and you're either developing apps and chasing VC money or what's left to disrupt. And I think a lot of what needs disrupting is the home service market in general.

Not just cleaning but oh yeah, landscaping, pressure, washing, all of it needs to kind of come into the 21st century. Like I live in a very small town and I still run into companies that come out, fill out a little estimate sheet on a carbon copy piece of paper and hand it to you and then I can't pay online, I have to write a check.

I'm like I don't even have a checkbook anymore. Can you just like come to the modern, you know, side of business running. Yeah it's incredible And I still see yeah companies operating very, very old school and I see like, hey, you know there's so much good technology out there but that's changing. I mean we're seeing this new era of home cleaning services just being completely renovated,

changed. There's better names, better brands, better, I mean just products. So I'm excited. I think the next 20 years will be an amazing time to be in this business. Very Cool. Juan, if people wanna learn more about you, which website would you like us to direct them to? They can find us through pipe hire h,

that's the main site. Or just find me on Facebook, you know, or under my name you can find me there and connect. I still need to finish my own personal website, which it's on their works now so people can see what we're doing, what we're building and yeah man that's, that's where they can find us. Very cool. Or YouTube actually.

Oh there you go. We're starting into posting some content and videos on YouTube. Cool Man it's been great talking to you. I think Brandon dropped off unexpectedly because of his internet there but no problem. It doesn't matter. The cloud will have captured it. Yeah man Pipe looks really interesting. I think we'll probably give it a shot and then maybe we can circle back and do a a second recording after us using it for a month or something to see it.

Cuz I think staffing is our biggest issue all the time. It just has never really changed. We were really solid before Covid and then after Covid it is just never bounced back to what we had it before. Yeah and that's not just for you, it has to been for everyone and now we have to treat it like kind of the most important piece of the business.

Yeah, I mean I agree. I do like the way that you covered the 80% is the customers and the employees and 20% is the cleaning. I don't know if we've ever looked at it through that lens, but we've tried lots of stuff on the hiring and we've worked on culture internally and you know, we've done successive pay raises over and over and over again and so it's just a matter of,

I don't know, we're trying to find a sweet spot right now and trying to get back to how it was before Covid. I think That challenge will be always there. We just basically what Pipe Harry is doing is helping you make that process less painful at this point. But that will not change much. You know, people will continue to not want to work on these positions as much as before.

What Else is going on in general? How's Miami man, I Love it living here. I feel like I'm in vacation mode most of the time. That's pretty good. I lived in New York as well for some time and I felt like I had to keep up with everyone working 24 hours a day. Yeah, New York's crazy. It's too much. That was 10 years ago so I was 30 years old back then and I was like gosh,

can't keep up with this cities too much. Did you Go to the Grand Prix in Miami? No, I know it's going on now. Yeah, it's hard to get tickets but yeah, next year for sure Miami has changed a lot from the eighties, nineties drug Lords era. Yeah man, I used to, in my former life I serviced a bunch of equipment at hospitals and so I had to come down to Miami once or twice a year.

Okay. And I never got to do the fun stuff, you know, down at the beach. It was always back in some university's basement and I just remember Miami having some of the craziest drivers ever. Yeah, they're still here. Yeah cuz you got a mix of like all Latin America and Europe and you know, all these cultures driving around. But obviously I grew up in Colombia so you know Latin American capitals like Bogota,

they're just crazy cities. They are. The engineer at that other company was from Bogota, so he moved back. I want to go down there and hang out with him. He's kind of like a rockstar down there. He was in a band called Iguana, he used to play like stadium shows and stuff. Cool. So yeah, anytime you're coming this way,

stop by, say hello. I will definitely do that. We'll record something in your studio this time. Cool. Yeah. And then Juan, is there any way we can get like an affiliate link or something we could share out for your software? Yeah, I'd love to just like test it as well. Like we can get it a subscription but like however you wanna do it man,

I was looking at it with our marketing manager the other day and we wanna make sure it helps our, I think it'll definitely help, but it'd be worth exploring just trying it out cuz that's a big hold up for us. The hiring I think like for everybody. So it'd be awesome. We'll check it out and then we could just be more knowledgeable about talking to people about it too.

So yeah, You will find it very valuable. I will send you an email with the, there's an affiliate program that we have for those people that like to recommend it. Okay. There's coaches are recommending it and just different people that have an audience, they usually get back a percentage every month of those that they refer. Okay. And that usually pays for their subscription and even more.

And you know, I feel we're just in year three, that's five hours since we launched it. Finally year three. We feel like people are like, oh why I never used this before. Why I was still on spreadsheets on whiteboards. People are finally realizing that this process is so crucial that has to be handled in specific software that just helps you do that.

Find the right people. Right. Cool. Yeah man, this has been super awesome man, talking to you. So same Thing guys. Yeah, we'll let you know when we're out in Miami. We'll be in in contact man and I would love to just keep hearing how your business is going and we can all just keep winning together and helping each other.

So yeah, I'm actually wanna build, I'm working on a concept of a event that I wanna make next year here in Miami, like an event that's kinda not typical. Most event for home cleaning industries are a bit outdated and traditional. Yeah, I've seen pictures of one in Colorado that was in a room with like fluorescent lights and conference tables. Like,

this looks like my worst nightmare. I don't wanna be in there all day, I'll be asleep. So I'm working on a concept on an event right now. Obviously we are not marketing it yet, but we will towards, you know, fall we'll be marketing. So it will happen over spring here when all the countries suffering from cold weather. We'll invite 'em to Miami to,

you know, make this event happen. It will be very different. Very cool. And it will be very attractive for you guys to come and connect and hang out. I'll let you know more details once it's out there. Yeah, sounds that'd be great. Sounds good for sure, man. Awesome. Well hey Juan, thanks for your time today,

man. I know we had to reschedule, but maybe we'll do another call like this again soon and just, it was just awesome talking to you man. Getting to know you more. So thanks Again man. Thank you. Same thing guys. Yeah, Absolutely man. Have a great day. Yeah, have A great rest of your week man. We'll talk to you soon.

All right, God bless. Bye-bye Bye. Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff, head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember, keep it clean.

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