“Everything around us is always changing” – Brandon

Change is a positive thing, but only if you’re willing to embrace it. Change is an opportunity to quit doing what isn’t working, to start doing what works better, and to keep doing what is working. Transformation can’t take place without change — and any major transition provides an opportunity for a fresh start.

In this episode, Brandon Schoen shares some big changes in his life, his current goals, and what is going on with the local cleaning business right now. Listen in as Brandon gives tips and encouragement about the changes that we need in our lives — both professional and personal.


  • Change is inevitable
  • The importance of mindset when dealing with change
  • The REAL reason behind starting any business
  • Brandon’s life updates
  • Finding (and making) opportunities to improve your business


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Episode 55: Welcoming Change in Business

Brandon Schoen:
For a second. I want you guys to think of it. Like there's a big ship in the ocean. This is your ship. You're the captain of this ship, right? Whatever is going to happen. I mean, you're out there. The waves are going to hit you. They're going to take you whatever way they might take you, but they're going to hit you. Those waves are in front of you. You got to deal with it, right? So you can either steer into those waves or away from those waves. Or you can just let those waves take you wherever. Right? And so that's the choice that we all have guys in life and in our businesses is are we going to take responsibility? Are we going to take full ownership of where we steer our ship? And no matter what waves come at us, no matter what storms come at us, you gotta be in control of where you steer that ship. Maybe you're gonna dodge a wave. Maybe you're gonna dodge a hurricane, whatever it might be. But ultimately you are in control of that ship.

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Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody. What is up guys? Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. The only place where you can learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners around the world to take your game to the next level and win. Welcome to the show today, guys, I'm Brandon Schoen, your host, and we're going to do something a little bit different today on the show, tell you what's going on behind the scenes. But before we do that as always guys, a little bit of housekeeping, need your help. So if you liked the show, if you're getting any value out of the shows that we've been putting out, please tell someone guys, I like the show, subscribe to the show, leave us a review. If you've got time for that, that just helps us keep going. Because as you know, guys, we are running our own cleaning business on the side of doing this podcast. And that's our main business right there. So this is simply just giving value out, sharing our wins, sharing what's not working so that you guys can get better. So please help us out guys, if you're getting value out of the show, share it and pay that fee. That'd be awesome.

Today's show guys, like I said, it's going to be a little bit different than we normally do. Normally, Brandon and I are on air, which lots of changes going on guys. So this is transition podcast. I want to talk about change and I want to talk about what's happening with the podcast, with the show and with the Profit Cleaners. So lots of exciting stuff going on. So first of all, I want to just enlighten you guys with some knowledge and some wisdom since we're gonna be talking about change. And basically by the end of the show, guys, I'm going to tell you what's going on in our business. What's been changing and what you can be looking forward to. We've got some really cool stuff coming out with Profit Cleaners. That's going to help you guys as well. So stay tuned until the end of this episode. We'll share all of that, but let's start out this show. Since we're talking about changes, it's a changing time of year guys. It's the fall and most places, maybe not in other parts of the world, but here in America, it is the fall, leaves are changing. Things are getting cooler that the seasons changing, right? So it was one thing I want to remind us all guys is everything around us is always changing, right? Always in a state of flux. If you don't initiate the change, then the change is going to happen anyways. So you might want to be more in control of that change is what I'm trying to say.

A lot of us just let things happen in our lives and our businesses, but it's time that we start taking more responsibility guys. And we start taking control of what those changes are and where they're taking us. So just a few quotes that I really enjoyed just getting this podcast together. One by Albert Einstein, he says the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. So I thought that one was really great. Another one by Sean Higgins, he says every day, the clock resets your wins don't matter. Your failures don't matter. Don't stress on what was, fight for what could be. But even if something happened recently, guys that took you off track, focus on what could be and start steering the direction. That way, whatever changes may come. One last one guys that says everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. And that's by Leo Tolstoy.

So guys, we're speaking of change. We've got lots of change going on in our business, which of course in your business as well in your life. You've always got changes going on for a second. I want you guys to think of it. Like there's a big ship in the ocean. This is your ship. You're the captain of this ship, right? Whatever is going to happen. I mean, you're out there. The waves are going to hit you. They're going to take you whatever way they might take you, but they're going to hit you. Those waves are in front of you. You got to deal with it, right? So you can either steer into those waves or away from those waves. Or you can just let those waves take you wherever. Right? And so that's the choice that we all have guys in life and in our businesses is are we going to take responsibility? Are we going to take full ownership of where we steer our ship? And no matter what waves come at us, no matter what storms come at us, you gotta be in control of where you steer that ship. Maybe you're going to dodge a wave. Maybe you're going to dodge a hurricane, whatever it might be. But ultimately you are in control of that ship.

So as business owners, guys, this really applies to us as well because your family depends on you. The people that are around you, your loved ones that are also depending on this business. Just think about that for a second. So if you're just letting things happen, if you're not actively taking control and steering the ship, just letting things happen to you. You're not taking responsibility. And it literally is so many business owners. So many people I see just in their personal lives. This is how they live their life. They just let the river, let the ocean, throw them wherever it might go. And it doesn't always end up pretty guys. So I will say the most successful people I know are the ones that take full responsibility for their life. For every single thing that happens to them, they own it. Whether it's good or bad and their business is what it is because they have that attitude. So a lot of people start talking about goal setting this time of year or around new years guys, it's coming up. But I want you guys to start thinking about that mindset right now. We're going into it's November now. It's actually November 1st when I'm recording this episode, a little solo episode for you guys, because I'm going to be telling you what's going on different behind the scenes here, but I want you guys to start thinking about what is coming up.

Like what's coming up in the future. What waves are going to be coming up in your ocean, right? And what are you going to have to steer around? And instead of wait until new years, guys, let's start doing it right now. Let's start mapping out the next opportunities, the next things we're going to do so that when the new year comes around, we're not just sitting there waiting and hoping and making a plan then start making your plan now. Okay. So a lot of times with personal development building your business, I can tell you the whole last like year or so, especially with the pandemic, thrown everything off guys. It has been such an amazing opportunity if you haven't already done so, now is the time to start tripling down and take an action because everyone else is pumping the brakes. Everyone else is going slower. And they've got, they're fearful. It's still like, they're not sure what's going on. So they're not taking as much action. And I want you guys to know, this is the time where winners are made. This is the time where you can get ahead because while everyone else is doing that, you can be doing the opposite, taking massive action, winning and overcoming all the things that everyone else is scared to do because you're taking action and you're just doing it.

So I would highly encourage you guys to all start doing that. Now before new years before it gets to that time of year, when it's easy to get distracted. Okay. So what changes do you want to see in your life? What's back in that what's some reasons why you start thinking about that stuff now, guys. So do you want to work less? Are you working tons in your job right now? 80 hour weeks, maybe you're still cleaning. Maybe you want to get out of that role. Do you want to make a certain dollar amount coming up this next year or maybe it didn't hit it this year? Do you want to hit it this next year? Monthly, annual, whatever that goal is, maybe you want to work on your own personal health, maybe your own mental health, right? How can you be healthier mentally, physically? How can you be filling yourself up with good stuff? Not just reading more books and filling yourself with more knowledge, but how can you be pouring into your health and your body drinking more water, all that good stuff guys, maybe you want to take more vacations this year. Maybe you want to spend more time with family, friends, all that good stuff. So this is all about guys. You didn't start a business so that you could create another job. So you could work in an office all day, right? That's not what we started businesses for guys. We started businesses for the good life for health, wealth, love, and happiness, so that we could have more so we could do more. So we could be more and show up and be our best version of ourselves.

So guys remember again, when everyone else is pumping the brakes, this is your time to take action. So you can be where you want to be. And when this is all over, whenever it ends, it is going to end guys. And it's, you're going to either be sitting in a place that you're really, really proud of, or you're going to be sitting in a place where you're like, man, I should have done more. So be on that first level guys take massive action. Now don't wait until new years to get your plans together.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey guys! So how can Profit Cleaners help you? Three ways first off, head over to the podcast, or if you're on YouTube, we've got loads of free content. We're republishing the podcast here as well. Check out the podcast. That's a great place to start. Yep. Next.

Brandon Condrey:
You can grab our 10X marketing course to help you bring your business up to seven figures, get a bunch of customers. You can check that out at Profitcleaners.com/courses. And then lastly, if you just hit to the website in general, Profitcleaners.com, there's lots of free tools on there. All the podcast episodes are on there. And then there's also a free masterclass that we run every week that you can see.

Brandon Schoen:
Yeah, sure. Check out the show notes and all sorts of resources. So hopefully that helps you guys. We'll see you guys soon. Take care, keep it clean!

Brandon Condrey:
Keep it clean!

Brandon Schoen:
Speaking of which guys are speaking of changes, I wanted to transition and just tell you a little story of what's going on in my life. What's going on behind the scenes with Sandia Green Clean with the cleaning business, with Profit Cleaners. So personally guys, over the last 15, 20 years, I have been a serial entrepreneur. I have been starting lots of different businesses, a lot of them online and actually the local cleaning business was a change up for me. I really wasn't used to doing so. It took a lot of different skills. I had to develop a lot of more managing of people and things that really just stretched me outside of my comfort zone. Right? So we've been working on that business for the last four years now. And I got to the point where I was just like, man, I really love my lifestyle. My family I've got four kids. I want to be more around them. Have more time readily available to spend with them and be the dad that I'm supposed to be. Right. So one of my goals last year was to not go into the office as much. And actually as of this year, it was, I don't want to go in the office at all anymore. I want to focus on providing value for you guys. And we wanted our cleaning business to basically be running on autopilot, which it basically is now. And I'm going to tell you more about that, but guys, this is just one of my goals that this might sound totally crazy to you. Like not going into the office, but guys, I like running my life differently. You know, I like having my time. Sometimes I like working late at night, early in the morning. I don't like having the normal schedule like everyone else. I'm doing a nine to five. That's actually the opposite of what I want is a nine to five. Just so really I can be free. I can spend time with my family, those types of things.

So a lot of people don't even think that's possible with a local business or a local cleaning business, but that's what I've been doing. And just wanted to share with you guys some changes that have been going on in my life of about six weeks ago, later in September, this year, 2021, I picked up and moved my family from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Fort worth, Texas. And I was a big move for us. Literally you guys, I was just like, we were looking at all the places to move across the world. Even we were looking at going to Costa Rica to Portugal, a bunch of different places, but we ended up going to Texas, which is right next door to us. My wife's got family here. It was just a nice, easier transition for us for the time being. And it's actually been really, really fun. It's been a new adventure for our family. It makes a lot more sense in this time of our life right now. And one of the phrases that kept coming up to me while we were doing this guys was if you're not growing, you've got to be going. And that's just how you felt like the last year. Not that we weren't growing our cleaning business was growing by leaps and bounds, but just physically or mentally, you know, in my own game, I felt a little stuck. I felt like I needed some change. I know myself. I'm more of a visionary. I need to change up my environment sometimes.

So this was something I needed to do, right? This is a change that I needed to make. I saw there was changes happening around me, but I was like, need to make this change for myself and for my family. So we moved to Texas. I'm actually recording this podcast from our new apartment in Texas. We sold our house and we're just temporarily living, doing some traveling, probably get another house at some point soon, but just wanted to mix it up guys and get some new perspective. So it's been really, really awesome. But again, if you're not growing, you gotta be going. So if you guys relate to that and you're feeling like, man, I'm not growing where I want to be in my life. Start taking action. Start making changes, start making things, shake up a little bit in your life. So you're like, man, I see some new perspectives and new opportunities. So anyways, we're in this new situation and I can't tell you guys how happy I have been our cleaning business, which you might be like, well, how are you doing that? How are you guys leaving? The cleaning business?

The cleaning business is stronger than it's ever been. It's more organized than it's ever been. The team is on board on the same page, more than ever before. And I'll tell you guys how we did that. So part of the reason we did that and the reason I had to do this was because, well, I was like, Hey guys, I'm going to move to Texas. We're just straight up gonna move. So we actually got the whole team on board and everyone was like, all right, what do we got to do? We've got to set up some systems. So it actually forced us to set up a lot of these systems that we had been talking about for years, creating project system, that everything could be managed. Everyone could be more autonomous. Everybody could be working more remote. So things like that. So really it started with us making that change and putting it out there and saying, Hey guys, we're going to move. So everyone needs to get on board with this. Otherwise it's not going to be easy once I'm gone. So Brandon Condrey and I earlier this summer, we drove up to Colorado. It a long weekend actually went through a really cool book called EOS it's entrepreneur operating system. And don't remember the author's name right now, but we're going to be talking a lot more about this book guys, but it has gotten our business so far on track. It's just amazing. We do weekly meetings. Now we do quarterly meetings. We do annual meetings. It just helped us get everything organized and on track. So I'd highly recommend you guys do that. I'm not saying that's the only reason that I've been able to do this, but it's definitely been a big part of it.

And so guys, it's just been really exciting. So we're looking, not just out here at expanding. We might do another expansion out here in Texas at some point of the cleaning model. But even if we don't, don't ever even do that, I'm just owning more of the life that I want rather than waiting around and being like, oh, someday I'll get the house I want. Or someday I'll be able to travel more or someday I just did it. Right guys. I'm just taking charge of doing that right now. And I'm prove it to myself that I can have the life that I want to live right now without waiting. So we got to the point where I was like, why wait, I've been doing this business thing for years and years and years, we did the cleaning business for several years. Got it up and going. That's what I told Brandon when we started, I was like, man, I'm really good at getting things gone and doing the marketing and everything. But I just burn out if I'm too much in the day-to-day.

So Brandon's actually still an Albuquerque. He's running his side of the day-to-day stuff. But at this point, guys, we really have the systems in place to where everyone is autonomous. We've got our office manager, our customer service manager, our team manager. We've got Brandon working his way out the business, I'd say, but we're getting to the point guys where we're just getting a lot more of our time back, which I know sounds crazy. A lot of people don't even think you can do that in a local type environment and a local business, but it's definitely possible guys. So just sharing that with you, how exciting it is guys. And so if you've got something in your life like that, you're like waiting to do that, just do it, just start making the changes happen and you will be forever grateful just for making those changes happen instead of waiting for changes to happen for you.

So yeah, so we just figured why, wait guys, life is worth living it's to be loved and lived right now. And that's what I want to do. So it's actually helping us a lot. I know it sounds crazy, but it really is. And had to put these systems in place, right? So it, me not physically being in the office helped us put the right people in place and it makes it even more important actually to have the right people in place because I can't just go run down to the office and check in. So we really had to make sure we're hyper-organized we really had to make sure we have the right people on the bus. So I was getting to the point where I was just going to the office sometimes because it was convenient, right? It was all just run down to the office real quick. But then I was taking more and more time away from my family and the things that I really wanted to be doing.

So now with all this change guys, it's not that we're changing anything in the businesses. Everything is going better than it's ever been with the cleaning business. I just want to prove that to you guys. At some point, you guys can step away from your cleaning business. You can take a vacation, you can go do something else and live the life you want when you put those systems in place. So that's number one. But also guys, I just wanted to prove to you that now I'm also going to have more time to devote to you guys. So we've got a lot more time to do Profit Cleaners stuff. We're going to be creating a lot more content for you guys, podcasts. And one of the, even more exciting things that we're doing is launching the cleaning systems course. So we've been working on that for what it feels like the first version of that is going to be ready for you guys later this month, the end of November, probably right around black Friday. So keep an eye out on that. Keep an eye out on your emails. If you haven't signed up to the email list, we'll keep you guys updated.

But anyways guys, it's just a really exciting time because we are going to be transitioning into serving and helping you guys a lot more. We've done other things. Other changes on the backend of Profit Cleaners, such as set up the new Profit Cleaners mastermind, it's called the Profit Cleaners club. Anybody that purchases a course from the Profit Cleaners, whether it's a 10X, the cleaning systems course, any other ones we do in the future, you guys will all have access to this paid mastermind. This is where we're going to be spending a lot more of our time to answer you guys questions, get into it with you guys and really serve you guys at a higher level.

Unfortunately, the free tribe group that we had put out and have had out for a while, it's just getting overrun with just people not wasting time in there and other stuff that we really needed to focus our attention on those of you that are paid students that are really wanting this attention that need this attention that have invested. So we can really give that value to you. So we'll still have that group up guys, the free tribe, but for the most part, we're not going to be super active in that anymore. We're focusing all our energy on the New Profit Cleaners club, which again is only available when you purchase one of our paid courses. So with that being said, guys, I just wanted to catch you up on what's been going on with Profit Cleaners, how I'm transitioning, spending a lot more time with my family and my kids. But I want you guys to start thinking about what that is for you, right? What are these changes in your life that you want to see happen? Whether it's in your business, whether it's personally, we talked about a few earlier, but guys now is the time to start crafting that vision for your life, for your business and make it a reality guys.

There's never been a better time. I don't think in history, especially in our lifetime where you could make more of a difference when things have gotten so crazy in the world, all you have to do is literally just look around, figure out what it is you want guys and go get it and go take that action. Don't wait around for someone else to do it for you. Don't wait for some wave to steer you in that direction on your ship. Now is the time guys. So the only way we can win in this whole thing together is we start working on ourselves. So start working on yourself. Start doubling down on knowledge, focus on podcasts, focus on reading books, focus on whatever it is you can do to improve yourself this year. Focus on your health, right? Are you working out? Are you drinking water? Are you meditating? Are you doing those things? We did a whole another podcast about that recently, but guys now is the time to focus on those things, to grow, to put yourself in the hard spot, maybe do something crazy, maybe move or do something else that would really shake things up.

I'm not telling you guys, I'm not advising you guys to move away from your businesses like I did, but in my case, guys, that was the right move. And it was something that we needed to do to just shake things up in a new direction. But I want you guys to know that it's all for the better, and we're here for you guys. We're going to be here even more in the future. Brandon and I have gotten a lot of new content coming out for you guys. Like I said, we've got the cleaning systems course launching into this month. We've been putting a lot of new content in the 10X course as well. So lots of cool stuff. And we're going to be a lot more active just to help you guys out.

So please, please, please guys head over to Profitcleaners.com, check out all the new stuff we're putting out and then just keep an eye out on your podcasts. We're going to be doing more podcasts every week. Probably more than one. Now that we've got a little bit more time and yeah, I'm just really excited guys. So now that you've got this information, now that you're fueled for the changes ahead, guys, let's make this an amazing rest of the year. Knock it out. Step on the gas, go as hard as you can because everyone else is fearful, going slow. They're pulling back right now, playing defense. Now's the time to go off offense. Now's the time to work on yourself. And I promise you guys are going to be super happy when this is all over where you want to be. And everyone else is looking around wondering why they're not where you are. And it's because you took action and you chose the waves to avoid and the storms to avoid and you took control of your ship, owned it, and that's how you're going to win in life. And then your cleaning business. We'll see you guys on the next episode. Keep it clean.

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