Risking your career or profession to start a new business isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only are you jumping into something brand new, but there are so many unknowns anytime you put anything on the launch pad. Even trying to convince those around you that it’s a good idea can make you second guess yourself — so much that you never even get started in the first place.

Enter Jen Mignard.

With an abundance mindset + some great coaches (yours truly), Jen Mignard, a former registered nurse, launched her cleaning business 6 months ago — and is now CRUSHING it in her market.

In this episode, the Brandons talk to Jen about holding on to her abundance mindset despite the pandemic + what inspired her to take the big leap into starting her own cleaning business.

Get inspired by Jen and learn how she embraced the risk in order to experience the success she was after!


  • How Jen started her cleaning business after leaving her profession
  • The challenges Jen encountered when she started to build her business
  • The biggest issue she faced when building her cleaning business
  • Jen’s tips for creating a successful cleaning business right out of the gate
  • Making goals attainable and realistic
  • How the Profit Cleaners helped her get + keep more customers


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Episode 57: Winning in the Cleaning Business World with Jen Mignard

Jen Mignard:
My very first goal was not a money goal. It wasn't anything like that. It was, I want to hire my first employee by three months. It seemed attainable. And then the next school was a hire my second employee. Then I've outsourced to a CPA because I know my limitations and numbers are not my friend. And so they're able to step in and they step up and I allow them some ownership that autonomy to make decisions and sometimes make mistakes. It has all right, automatic feedback from them. If they're doing something great, I let them know immediately. There's something that could be changed, done a little different. I'll let them know you can't micromanage. And so I think that's an important piece. Just let them do their job. If they're happy, the client's happy. That's all there is to it.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Welcome everyone to the Profit Cleaners podcast. This is awesome. We are on a brand new call today with one of our top students, Jen Mignard, and I am so excited for her to be joining us today. We're going to dive in and to see what Jen has been doing. What kind of progress she's been making with her cleaning business. She just started her cleaning business, I think earlier this year, right? Jen? Yes. About six Months. Awesome. Awesome. Six months old. So let's dive in Jen, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you found the Profit Cleaners and what you're doing in your business.

I can't wait to hear it. So yeah, I was previously a nurse, an RN for 12 years. I have a bachelor's degree in nursing and it just was no longer satisfying. I was really getting burned out and the pandemic hit. And if anything was going to green forth, all the negative aspects of the nursing culture, well, the pandemic did it,

brought it right to the forefront and it was causing so much stress that I left the nursing field. I worked at a law office for a few months and I can't tell you how I found your podcast. I truly don't remember. It was, it must've been serendipitous, but I recall listening to the first couple and I thought, wow, I can do this.

I have never cleaned in my life other than my own personal home, but I've managed people. I can do this. And in particular I listened to, there was one episode you had done about getting back to your community. And that really hit home because I liked to volunteer myself even six months in, I'm already starting to do things for my community,

with my business, not big things, because it's what I can afford, but that really hit home. And I thought, wow, I think this is what I need to do. So the next big step was actually convincing my husband, who was pretty sure I had some questionable cleaning skills. This was something I could pursue. And that it was something that I wouldn't get burned out on.

And it took some convincing and I think it was early February. I found your podcast of this year, 2021. And by the end of March, I took that first big step, which was registering my LLC. And it was terrifying because that meant it was real. My husband, I think still wasn't sure that I was going to go through with it.

But once I took that leap and that momentum got going, it was like, okay, well I'm all in now. And I don't have a choice. I didn't give myself a choice head first balls to the wall basically. And just kept moving forward. Started with the website. Finally realized that even though legally I was a business on April 1st of this year,

that I needed to pick a drop dead date for myself and, you know, give my notice at work. That type of thing. And that was May 1st and starting May 1st I went full-time I went from zero to hero, I guess if you could say that and here I am not quite six months. Well, I guess, yeah. We're six months later.

I'm sitting at receivables right now, right around 65,000, 70,000 for the year. So revenue is not that high, obviously. So yeah, there's been a lot of challenges, a lot of challenges, financially, a lot of challenges still, obviously everyone's going through the staffing challenge. I think I've actually been pretty blessed there. One of my big challenges I'm located outside of billings Montana,

Yellowstone county is huge. We only have a population of about 160,000, so fairly small population, but myself, I live 18 miles outside of town. So a lot of commuting being in Montana, I drive a full-size pickup truck. So my fuel costs are high. That's huge. And my clients, they are located all over Eastern Yellowstone county and some are so far out that I simply have to charge a fuel surcharge,

make it worth it, to head out there. Yeah, that was a great introduction to everybody. I love it. I would call you like this star student in the Facebook group. I always love your posts when you put them up because you were just putting all out on the table. This is my financials. This is how it's going. Here's the problems I've had.

And I think that type of attitude is very good. So congratulations there. Thank you. I'm loving your success with the revenue. I know that that sounds like revenue's not too high, but we started in July the first year that we were inbound and that was 2017. And I think we did 66 that first six months. So you're already above us and you still have two months to go so way to go there.

Wow. Okay, great. Yeah, You're doing just fine. As far as I'm concerned, this is just getting the ball rolling here. Right? Your website's fantastic. Pulling that up. All right. You're on the phone. So yeah, I was just looking at it too. I love the beautiful pictures in Montana already. I just want to move to Montana.

It looks awesome. Yeah. Well, we'd be Glad to have everyone should check that out. It's Montana, natural, clean.com. It's a very clean website. I like the way that it looks and you're a clean company. So I think that works hand in hand. It's very minimalistic. I did get, if you could, can you tell us,

like I see that you offer an online client portal. Can you let people know like what software you ended up going with to pull all this off? So obviously being brand new budget is a big issue right now. I'm very conscientious about where every penny goes, because I don't want to end up any type of financial binds, especially now that I do have two employees.

So I ended up going with jobber and I just use their basic program. I am potentially going to be looking at going over to a possibly a different CRM, but right now jobber is meeting my needs. And it is one of the least expensive being the only person trying to run this business, that professionalism right out the start right out of the gate was so important for me.

It was something that not a lot of companies, especially in my area were offering that the clients have responded especially well to having that client portal. They love being able to keep credit cards on file. They especially love when I tell them that I don't have access to those cards. So they're very Sue here and it's just provided me with this additional level of,

like I said, professionalism so that I can appear like the big guys, even though, you know, I'm small fries right now compared to some of my local competition, but I'm offering things that the big guys are not currently providing their clients. Tell us more about that. What are you doing that they're not doing? I think that's a good way to set the small business owners apart.

Yeah. Yeah. So I just obviously did research because I had no idea what I was doing going into this. I'm offering this client portal. There's a couple other large companies. I don't believe that any longer have any of the major franchises they closed during the pandemic. So we no longer have maids franchises locally. It is all small business, but as far as what I'm doing,

one of the first things was my website. I did design my website myself again to save money. And that is my second iteration that you're looking at. The first one was pretty clunky and I realized I needed to clean it up. And when I compared that to my local competition, just being able to provide something neat and clean and minimalist, and yet professional looking still was important.

I believe that that helps set the client's expectations if you're coming at the client and you're not dressed professionally. And just in some sort of uniform, I personally wear a polo shirt, 99% of the time with my company embroidered on the, on the chest. I have that website and that you've commented on the clients are not going to expect me to be the bare bones,

low budget cleaner. They just know that looking at what I have to offer. So they're automatically expecting, okay, well, this is a luxury service. Chances are she's going to charge a luxury price. And I do The magic word. Luxury is the magic word. I like way to go. I'm looking at your Facebook stream as well. You're very good at the social media.

This is all the more impressive considering you're one person. I think that's pretty, I just want to jump in. I just think you have such a wonderful shining smile, you and your husband's face on here and your family as well. If you can, can people love seeing faces, emotions. Those are really big. You're using a steam cleaner on these ovens.

Can you tell me about that? Yeah, so I'm really in the research and I think that's the nurse. Part of me, everything in a nursing has to be evidence-based and quite frankly, there's a lot of cleaning nonsense out there. I mean, there really is. And so one of the things that being a natural cleaner, I didn't want to use anything too harsh.

First of all, my health can't handle that. I have asthma. I can't be sticking my head in an oven full of oven, cleaner caustic chemicals. And so just researching things and lots of watching YouTube videos, that type of thing. And finally, I just bit the bullet and I bought fairly powerful steam machine. It was around about the $200 range.

So not real expensive, but also not the thousand dollar model. And I went for it. And first thing I did was I tested it on my own oven because if I was going to ruin anything, I didn't want the insurance claim. So yeah. And found that this steamer works amazing. Yes, it takes a lot more elbow grease and it's longer.

It's not a quick clean, however, the clients are willing to pay for it. When you explain to them that it's a chemical free cleaning process. And when you say I'm not going to use chemicals to clean your oven, because you're going to put food in there when I'm done, then suddenly they say, okay, I'm willing to go pay that extra.

Have it cleaned with steam, clean it naturally. Yeah. Very, very cool. Yeah. I love that. Any comments, Mr. Shane? Yeah. Just love the website. I love what you're doing here. I was just looking at your market, just even a broader look at it like Montana in general, it looks like you have quite a bit of opportunity.

You'd like to get in, especially if the bigger franchises are going down because there's not a whole lot of people that have like hundreds of reviews. It's mostly like 50 or 60 reviews and not a whole lot. So I'm just saying you could really catch up and become the dominant force in your market pretty quickly. Especially if you just find a way to get people leaving those reviews on your Google listing or anywhere really.

But in the beginning we really pushed the Google, Google my business maps. That's really where a lot of people will find you. If you can get that optimized, you'll get a lot of natural traffic and organic traffic coming from that. But otherwise, yeah, I think what you're doing is awesome. I want to hear more about actually Brandon. Now we're looking at doing a bunch of interviews with different softwares pretty soon,

but it's just interesting to hear your feedback on jobber and how you like that as well. So yeah, We're going to do an episode soon where we're going to do some demos with maybe five or six different software companies. So everyone can see what it's like to use jobber as a cleaning company, because a lot of these jobber house called pro every one of those companies,

none of them are really focused on cleaning. I think there is one company that I can think of off the top of my head that is just cleaning, but the rest are HVC and plumbing. And so sometimes those companies have features in there that are great for other businesses, but not so hot for cleaning. So the feedback on jobber was great. So thanks for giving us that.

Jen, if you had like one pressing issue that you needed help with, that you wanted us to talk you through, what would that be? So my biggest issue right now is I burn the candle at both ends right now, busy family. We have big outdoor activities. You're around, kids are starting sports. I'm trying to run this business. My husband works.

Full-time also, how do you guys stay motivated at the beginning? I know that I've heard all the well, what's your why? Okay. Well we know the why, but let's get a little deeper than that, even though, you know, your, why, how do you just, you get off the couch on those days when all you really want to do is dig your head in the sand.

Yeah. That one hits home. That's hard. That is so hard. And 2020 was a year that really hammered that home. If you were not in a good head space and then 2020, just pile it on top of it, man. It was hard to get out of bed some of those days, for sure. Yeah. I was just going to add Jen,

like it's not always easy. I mean, like there's definitely days that I feel like I don't want to do this either. Especially in the beginning when it was just Brandon and I, and it felt like we were all at the loan building this business, you don't even have someone to do it with you even. So you might feel that even more.

But I would say it really is your mental game. If you're always working on your mental game, just like surrounding yourself with people or content or reading or whatever it is that like fills you up and just keeps it, like Brandon said that head space of just positivity and keeping you hungry because when you get really aggressive and you get really hungry for what you're going after,

you don't have time for feelings like emotions of fear and doubt and depression, like think about it like a football player going to make the touchdown. He doesn't just hold the football lightly and look around and be like, I don't know, he's aggressive. He's all in. Like you said, you have that all in mentality. So I think once you get your mind straight,

the results become so much easier because you're aggressive about it. And you don't have time to even feel those negative emotions or thoughts because really what it comes down to is if you don't do this, you're going to have the biggest regret in your life ever someday, because you're like, I could have done better. I could have tried harder. I could have pushed harder.

So for me, that's what drives me a lot too, is I don't ever want to feel, I didn't do what I wanted to do for my family and for my kids and getting, you know, get us the success we want. And even though I talked about it all the time for me, that's what it is. I don't want to ever have that regret in my life.

So when I do start feeling those negative emotions or thoughts, I just switch it off because I just don't have time for it because I'm so hungry for the success and what I really want for my life. So I just don't let myself focus on it, just create a structure. So I don't get distracted with that stuff and eliminate things that get in your way.

That's how I deal with it. Okay. Just some other things too, that I think you could employ there is make sure you're carving out some time for yourself. It's really easy to get bogged down. And okay, this part of the day is kids in this part of the day is family and this part of the day is work. And then the worth of whatever time I have left over,

I'm going to redo the website for the third time. So find something that you enjoy doing and try and guard some time for you to be able to do that. I know that's going to be hard when you're very small. I remember Brandon and I were down here in the office building shelves at midnight, like when we were brand new and my wife actually accused me of having an affair.

That was a fun conversation cause I was never at home. And so I had to dial that back a little bit and be like, okay, I'm really sorry. I mean, you can, here's my phone. This is where it is. I'm always at the office. So find some time for you. Some you time to do that. I joined a climbing gym that I liked quite a bit.

I try and hit that up multiple times a week, just for quick 20 minutes to get in there and do some exercise. I think that's good. Keep up with whatever hobby you had before. Like don't try to abandon it, keep going with the dog mushing. That's good. You've gone with that. And then there's lots of different tools at your availability.

I'm a big fan of meditation apps like calm and Headspace. I think those are very helpful, especially if you're having a hard time. Like you can just sit down for a session real quick and kind of calm yourself down a little bit. And then the other thing that I have here locally, but it's a peer group. We meet once a month.

It's other people that own businesses. So it's not necessarily like we've got a Facebook group, which is great. And we're happy to talk to people about the cleaning business all the time. But this one is just for business owners, any kind of business owners. And so those are kind of handy because you get to bounce some ideas off of a hive.

Mind, you get to hear what it's like from an engineer's perspective or a plumber's perspective or whatever it is. And I remember telling someone about what that group was like, and really it's lonely when you're running a business like that. A lot of people don't understand the load that you've taken on to try and build this functioning beast of a company. And it's hard.

So I guess what I'm saying is to communicate with some other people that are in the same boat, not necessarily the cleaning company boat, but the entrepreneur boat. Yeah. There's a quote that I don't know who said it, but I always hear it's like, you are the sum of the five people that you surround yourself with. And so whether that's through podcasts or in-person or watching a YouTube video or however you're surrounding yourself with whatever people in your life,

even if it's a book, surround yourself with those people, because they're going to lift you up. If you're on a chair and someone was pulling you down, that's what most people are doing around you and your life that are just comparison. And it's just all, a lot of negative emotion, especially when you starting a business, but surround yourself with people that are better than you,

that are going to say, Hey, you can do more. You could be helping more people and bring your energy and your spirits up. So again, that's just mindset stuff and surrounding yourself with the people in the right messaging. And that's what does it for me want to hear all the latest news from Profit Cleaners first, want to make sure you don't miss out on our next courses and some amazing discounts.

We'll be sure to follow at Profit Cleaners on Instagram and sign up for our emails on Profit Cleaners dot com. It is easy for me to tailspin even into like a real negative state. If I don't do that. And I think just like sports, I think of it like businesses like sports, a lot of it's mental, but a lot of it is in your environment too.

So Brandon actually has a great example of creating structure in your life and meal prep, him and his wife do like this meal prep on Sundays. They have all their meals done for the week. So that now they've created this structure so that they're not last minute, like throwing a meal together and all stressed out and it's just, they've created structure. Or you can do that in your mornings.

Create a, like a routine, like the most successful people. I know have a routine, they make their bed in the morning. They meditate. They read a book, they write in their journal. They spend time with their significant other with their kids, whatever, but have a routine like Brandon said, break off that time, guard that time.

If it means you gotta get up a little earlier in the morning and make sure you get in your routine, you have that structure in your life. That's what it's all about. You got to do what other people aren't willing to do as an entrepreneur. And a lot of the best entrepreneurs I know that are really successful. Like they accomplish more before like nine o'clock in the morning than most people would do in a whole day.

So if you start your day with a really positive momentum, fill yourself up with something really awesome, do something that gets you going for the day and your juices flowing. You're excited. That's, what's going to carry you through the whole day, even more. So maybe then your reason why, cause it's just this tons of other positive things you're doing and just putting into your mind and you're bringing yourself up to this another level of mindset where you can have the energy to take action,

to do what you need to do to win. So yeah, For the record, Jen, I think you're doing a fantastic job and I look forward to those Facebook posts from you when they come out. Cause they're so cool to see like this trajectory that you're on, you're doing really, really good. So I know that that part is hard in the beginning.

Were you able to get any of the COVID relief funds from any of the state or those loans that can help take some pressure off of things? Well, I wasn't. So I started my business after the qualification period for that had expired. So, but what I can say is that this whole thing has been on a shoestring and bootstrap. I had taken the stimulus money and rather than going out and buying clothes,

I went out and bought cleaning equipment and I bought top of the line cleaning equipment to make sure that when I started this, I was going to be able, again, luxury product. I need luxury equipment because that's what my clients expect. And so that's all of our stimulus money went right back into this business that had not yet started. So that is what has bankrolled me going forward.

That's a very Smart move. I mean, that's investing in yourself in the future. I think what I keep hearing you say, Jen is you went all in, like you had that, no zero options mentality, and we're not fail. We got to make this work. Is there anything else that you think you did in the last six months that made you so successful?

Cause you're doing awesome. So, I mean, is there any other habits or any other things done that you think other than just going all in, Going all in? And then the big thing for me has been trying not to think like a small business. I don't want to have that small business mentality that, you know, like, oh, it's okay,

this can go away and it'll be all right, because it's not the further you get in the more you have people relying on you. I now have two part-time employees. They're relying on me for income. So I have to make sure that I have a big business mentality because it's also going to be, if you have that small business mentality and you finally get to the point where say you are now seven figures,

it's going to be very hard to switch from mom and pop to legitimately significant business revenue and still thinking like, okay, I can sleep until 10 and let's reschedule this. And well maybe if we finagle here and that type of thing. So just trying to maintain utmost in professionalism, that type of thing across the board. Yeah. We're big on abundancy mindset,

Profit Cleaners. And I think you're taking the whole picture right there. So that is very big. I think it's all about how you think about things to drive that stuff forward. I do have to say for anyone that's listening and they're not sure about starting because I wasn't sure about this. I was terrified shaking. When I made that first hit the send button under registered my LLC.

I listened to your podcasts and I listened to all of them. I got completely up to date. Then I purchased your 10 X program and I've gone through that. And the big thing was not reinventing the wheel. Don't reinvent the wheel. The wheel is there. Just roll with what is already successful and then just keep going forward. You can add to it,

but don't try to create something completely new. You guys, you share your successes. You've shared your failures. I feel like I'm learning from both. And yeah, I maybe have copied a little bit, but you know, what did they say? Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So I'm flattering you guys quite a bit here, but yeah,

don't reinvent the wheel. You guys are laying it out for us. Just run with it. We've done a fantastic job of taking. I knew nothing. I've never run a business. I have some business management experience when I was a director of nursing. So I have some nursing management experience. However, being able to run a business as a totally different ball of wax and you guys have made it much more approachable.

I've would've never done this before, finding your podcast. Wow. I mean, just imagine you would be maybe still nursing right now. Brandon and I want to get on this microphone and talk about our business over here and it's pretty awesome. Yeah. Yes. Thank you. I think a lot of people are going to be inspired by that, Jen,

because I think that what you said right there is so powerful. Like it's not about working hard and trying to make things, create something brand new. Like there's that quote, there's nothing new under the sun, right? So model what works. That's what Tony Robbins always says. If you want success, just find someone who's doing what you want to do,

model that success. And that's what we did with Corby. So we're doing it too. We copied Corby was doing because he had spent 20 years doing this cleaning business and perfecting it. And it's really just about the knowledge and take an action. And once you have the knowledge, then you have a little more confidence to know, okay, this is my strategy.

I'm going to chop this way instead of this way. And you just get built in that mindset, that confidence surrounding yourself with maybe listening to us, like we did the same thing in the beginning. We still talk to Corby our mentor all the time. And it helps us allay fears or just be more confident that this is the direction we need to go.

So yeah, I commend you. I think you're doing awesome. It's yeah. That's the way to do it is work smart, not hard model. What works, put your own, spin on it, put your own flavor on it. And that's what you're doing. It's awesome. I love the spin. The steam machine, I think is a good addition.

And I like your pitch that I'm not going to clean your oven with chemicals. Cause you're going to put food in it. That's a really good, like here's why it's worth paying the upcharge for whatever the steam cleaning is on the oven. I think that's fantastic. So you're clearly doing it. I mean, you did what we did. You took that you put your nuts and bolts onto it,

that you wanted it to improve and make it your own thing. And I think it's working out Great in this business and every business Jen, what I've learned. Cause I've had a lot of different businesses is it's really just comes down to a lot of times, businesses just mundane, consistent showing up and doing the mundane work every day. And then eventually you have a team that you build around you that helps you do that.

Especially like with the cleaning. That's the first thing that we basically outsourced and brought on teams for right from the beginning. But yeah, it's really this cool, like growth that you're going through. The harder it is like look at everything in your life. That's been hard. Those are the times that you grow the most and you look back and you're like,

wow, that was so hard. But I'm so glad I did that. I grew in all these areas that I never pushed myself. And now I'm a better mom. Now I'm a better wife. I mean all these things that you get from that. So yeah, don't stop. Don't slow down. Now that you've hit these goals though, you're like a really great first year,

starting out, like what's your next goal? What are you looking to do next? So I have quite a few goals. I try to make my goals attainable because it's definitely easier to make baby steps than it is. Yes. I could have gone out the door and said, I'm going to have an office and my own company cars, but the end of the year.

Well, that wasn't realistic. What was realistic was saying, my very first goal was not a money goal. It wasn't anything like that. It was, I want to hire my first employee by three months. That was my first goal. It seemed attainable. And I blew it out of the, because I had to hire my first employee by three weeks and she's still with me.

She's absolutely phenomenal. I just totally lucked out there. And then the next school was okay, well maybe I'll hire my second employee. And I had a date and I don't remember what it was. It doesn't matter now, but I got them hired. Then I've outsourced to a CPA because I know my limitations, the numbers are not my friend. I have a CPA that does my bookkeeping and will be doing my taxes at the end of the year because I am not a tax specialist and I'm not a bookkeeper.

The chances of me messing up and losing out on money at the end of the year is a big deal to me. I would probably save more money or I know I'm going to save more money, paying him monthly. Then I would try to spend and pull my hair out, trying to do taxes and bookkeeping at the end of the year and then miss out on things that could be written off.

So for me, that was an easy one outsourcing to him. And then the other thing I have to say is that I have gotten my business already into a point where I'm able to step away. My two staff are able to step in and just take over. I'm not having to clean every day. I'm still going out and doing so, but personally I have some health issues and so they're able to step in and they step up and I've allowed them.

I don't nitpick them. First of all. And I allow them some ownership that autonomy to make decisions and sometimes make mistakes. And it's all right, everyone is allowed to make mistakes. You start nitpicking them. They'll say, bye. See ya, automatic feedback from them. If they're doing something great, I let them know immediately. But if there's something that could be changed,

done a little different, I'll let them know if it's something that I have to sit back and think, am I nitpicking my employees? And if I say, yeah, I'm just going to nitpick. I leave it because you can't micromanage. And so I think that's an important piece. I'm in a lot of different Facebook groups for cleaning and that type of thing.

And I see that, I see where, oh, I'm going to, I can't keep employees. And this person is horrible and this and that. And I'm like, well, I think he might be nitpicking them. Just let them do their job. If they're happy, the client's happy. That's all there is to it. Yeah. You're saying all the right things.

I mean, you've definitely got a really good understanding of it. And I think you're going to go very, very far. So keep that up. Keeping the employees happy. Like that is a good way to go. That's how you keep, you already said you were blessed on the staffing side of things. That's work that you put in to retain those employees.

If you had walked in the first day and been like, there's a hair behind the toilet you're fired. No one's going to want to work for you. You know what I mean? So you've really done a good job. Yeah, absolutely. The phrase that comes to mind is the teamwork makes the dream work. So getting the right team around you,

if it's not the cleaners, it's the CPA. And then it's something else it's the marketing or the sales or whatever it might be. But really in the, it Is things like the cleaners or the things that you're not the best at those. Those are the things you want to immediately hand off to someone else. And you only want to be focusing on what are you the best at?

What do you love doing when people say, man, Jen is amazing at this, whatever that is. Maybe it's meeting with people, maybe it's chaining your teams only. You would know that, but write that down and focus on that. And basically everything else you should try to outsource or hand off to your team and delegate that and focus on what you do best.

And that's how you're going to really be happy in your business. That's how, when you do that for your teams, if you, like you said, you're not micromanaging, you're empowering them. They are going to take ownership of their role. And when people know you're not looking over their shoulder like that, they're going to do an even better job and they're going to own that position.

And that's the beauty of it is everyone rises to the occasion and everyone's a lot happier. And then that filters down into the customers. They're happier. They feel it too. It's just, it's like psych of synergy. Really, really cool. Jen, I'm really excited to hear all the stuff that you're doing. So is there anything else we can help you with in the near term before the end of the year or Some podcast episode you want to hear us make in the future?

I know you guys are working on your cleaning program. The big thing that I'm focused on right now is just trying to, well, not only continue to recruit, I'm getting that fire going, trying to recruit more new clients because I had kind of slacked off on that a little bit. And there's always some attrition in the fall with clients. So now trying to recruit some more,

get some more leads flowing in and it is already happening. And I've already had a few today just starting a couple of days ago. So that's already working, but efficiency, efficiency with my cleaning systems. I'm slowly picking up pieces here and there of more commercial type cleaning systems and cleaning equipment. The big thing is, I think there's only one thing I buy at Walmart because again,

you have to think like a big company and using the stuff that's meant for just regular home use. Doesn't cut it. And so that has improved things, but I'm definitely looking forward to the course that you guys have coming. Yeah. I think it's going to be a huge help. I mean, that was a big part of when we got off the ground was those cleaning systems really dialing those in and even the first few months of business or the first year getting the efficiencies more in place,

that bonus report helped a ton with just getting everyone, incentivizing everyone to move efficiently and money talks a lot of times and it will incentivize people to do the things you want them to do or not. I'm really excited. That's coming out. It's going to be on any day now. So that's going to be a huge help for you. Yeah. Beta release of that coming out very soon.

There's a bunch of efficiency stuff on there that I think you'll like in that course. So the bonus report is going to be detailed in there. We're going to have details on rotations of who does what on a three person team. And then I think we're going to try and get up the two person team backup because we do have a system for running two people when a third is out sick or something like that.

So all that's on the way I will make a note to try and maybe crank out an episode on efficiencies in a cleaning company and where to look for them, you know, outside of buying the cleaning course, but there's always ways in any business to reframe how you think about stuff to train and do that. And we can go over that a little bit in the future.

I think. Yeah, we're really excited about it though. Cause it was literally like the same training that we've been finessing overtime to train our teams. And even to this day, we're always looking at the efficiencies and measuring that because that's what makes everything go and like labor being your biggest expense. If you can dial that in and have less overtime or no overtime and everyone's moving really well.

And on top of that, if you're building your culture and everyone's happy, then you kind of just get into this. Well, we call it with Corby. When we go up and see his team's clean up in Denver, it's like the choreograph dance through the house and they're just like so smooth and they just move back and forth. And it's really,

really cool to see that. So I would say we're still even improving. You know, there's no perfection in the cleaning businesses. We're going to make mistakes. People are human, but we're always getting better. We're always looking for ways to do that. So we will keep you. You'll definitely be first to know, Jen, keep an eye out in the next like week or less.

Cause we were just putting the finishing touches on a lot of that and I'll let you know, Thank you. I could really benefit from something like that. Thank you, Jen. It's been great talking to you today. You've done such a cool job. I'm so proud of you. You can just do it so great and Montana. I really hope that we can get up there and see your set up sometime.

I've got good friends in Livingston that I've been meaning to visit for such a long time. So hopefully I can jump over to billings. When we get up there, you can find Jen online. She's one ton of natural clean.com. Check out her Facebook page for some inspiration on what you should be posting on a regular basis. It's very, very good.

And keep those posts coming. I love those updates. When you put them in the group, it's so fun to read those and you can actually go back. You can go into that Facebook group and search your name and you can go all the way back to your first post and track the progress over time, which is so, so cool. It is.

Yeah. You're a great example, Jen. So yeah, just keep focused on going all in taking that big action. Don't let those thoughts of negativity affect you. If you're just being aggressive and looking at where you're trying to achieve and the thing I'm keep telling everyone. I know we're only in November. If you start getting aggressive now instead of in January,

when everyone's waiting to do it, oh, I'll wait until new year's and then I'll just do it now. Just start getting really in your zone right now. What do you want to do? What do you want to achieve? And now you'll have a 14 month year instead of a 12 month year. If you start now and you'll have way more success and be a lot more ahead of people just because you have that hunger,

you know, it's just stay hungry and just keep taking a lot of action. And eventually it just starts creating all this momentum and you're like, you can't even slow it down and that's what you want. Well, thank you guys so much. If it wasn't for your podcasts and all the advice you're, you're giving us even outside of the 10 X course,

I wouldn't be here right now. I wouldn't be doing this. I don't know what I would be doing. It wouldn't be nursing, but it definitely wouldn't be cleaning. If you'd asked me eight months ago, if I would ever envision myself doing this, I would have laughed you quite a bit because I just never thought this would happen. And yet here I am.

So thank you guys. Thank you so much. I absolutely attribute the successes. I've had to what you're being able to offer others. So welcome, Jen. You're doing such a good job. Thank you for that praise. You are the best example so far of just how to, to keep going with it and really make it happen. So keep it up.

Yeah, no. All right. So we'll wrap up this call I guess today, but thank you everyone for joining us and hopefully you guys got inspired and had some new revelations and some new thoughts go off in your head of how you can just keep going with your cleaning business. And Jen, thank you again for being such a great example for everyone.

I know a lot of people are going to look up to this story and just use this as motivation and inspiration to keep going and they're cleaning businesses or if they're just starting out. So thank you for sharing your wins and your struggles and anything you're going through today. And we really appreciate you. So keep on going. Thanks for joining us today to get more info,

including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profitcleaners.com and remember keep it clean.

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