“The cleaning is your product. That’s the one thing you sell so you might as well do it really well and not skimp on the actual process and the tools and equipment and everything you need to deliver the best of the best.” – Brandon Schoen

The Home Cleaning Training System Course gathers insights + experience from over 20 years of operating cleaning businesses, giving you the actual processes + systems you need to deliver the best service for you customers.

THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT AS A CLEANING BUSINESS so that you GROW naturally from an outstanding reputation.

In this episode, Brandon Schoen and Brandon Condrey introduce “The Home Cleaning Training System Course” — a project that’s been in the works for two decades. Discover what’s inside this brand new course and learn more about how you can get access to it first with a special Black Friday deal!

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  • Why do you NEED the Home Cleaning Training System course?
  • How this course improves your professional reputation
  • How these unique proven systems take your business to the next level
  • The secret to producing high-quality goods
  • Beating the competition with the best services and products
  • Gaining the trust of your customers by giving them the best of the best


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Episode 58: Why The Home Cleaning Training System Course Is Your Ultimate Secret Weapon as a Business Owner

Brandon Schoen:
Why should they purchase this course? Why does anybody need it? Why did we need it? And how's it going to change their life and their business?

Brandon Condrey:
It puts systems in place. So you have the answers at your fingertips. It's going to save you money in the actual cash flow of your business, running a business, because you're going to get 20 years of this is the plug and play system.

Brandon Schoen:
Building so much confidence. It's like a Bulletproof confidence. That's going to come with knowing that we've got the best systems they've been proven. They've been tested. When you bring in people to hire your cleaners, they're going to be like, wow, this is a professional cleaning system program. Bring them into it. They're going to feel that level of professionalism. And you're going to attract the A-players that's for sure.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. The only place where you can join the top 1% of cleaning business owners, you are here to take your business to the next level. We're so excited.

Thank you guys for joining us today. I'm Brandon Shane. I'm joined by my cohost Brandon Condrey and this little computer box that we're talking On. That's right. We're in a really cool little studio room guys, and we cannot wait to share with you what we got going today. It is November and you guys, this is the point, the place that you've been waiting for.

We've been talking about it for like the last year. So a very, very exciting podcast we're going to do today. Guys, we're introducing the home cleaning system, the home cleaning training systems course that we've been putting together for a long, long time. This was actually 20 years in the making 20 years ago. I was 20 at the time when we started this.

So this is the culmination of many, many, many years of experience trial on their challenges, efficiencies, creating from our mentor that he created in the cleaning business that he still owns up in Colorado. And yeah, all the way back to four or five years ago, now that we were actually talking to Corby, Brandon and trying to get these systems out of him and we bring them today.

Yes. So when we went up, when we got this ball rolling, that was early 2017 Corby had something like 15 years of experience at the time. So we're going to call this 20 years of experience. It's 20 years of information. You're going to catch up on, on this course that we have been working really hard on for at least the last year.

But the date is Yeah, the day is here guys. And the course is not officially live just yet. It's actually going to be live black Friday is when it's officially going live. But we are just getting you guys up to date, getting you guys excited because we're super excited. We want to share with you guys, we're going to do a couple of just little episodes to show you guys what we got going on behind the scenes,

share with you. Why you want to be a part of this, why it's going to help you clean your business so much and how it's helped ours. So let's go ahead and dive in Brandon. Let's tell them a little bit more about the cleaning systems course. Why should they purchase this course? Why did we need it? And how's it going to change their life and their business?

Yeah, so I mean, if you're a longtime listener of the podcast, you've heard us talk about what we got out of Corby when we first started. And that's why we hit seven figures so fast, and that's probably why you're listening to us. So you've got a little bit of bits and pieces of what's in there, but instead of kind of telling you,

what's actually in the course and giving you the how and all that, we're just going to tell you why we think you should buy it. So the first sort of bullet point there is that it puts systems in place. So you have the answers at your fingertips everything's already accounted for. So if some customer asks you to, can you dust all my homo figurines?

You can consult the system and be like, Nope, we don't do that. And here's why we don't do it. And you'll already have this extensive library of knowledge at your fingertips. Absolutely. It's really guys just saving you a lot of time when it was, what it comes down to your time is super valuable. Our tagline of a whole company.

And that's why we cleaned people's houses. Does it save them time? Now we're going to save you guys some time because let's not reinvent the wheel. You guys wanted to learn from a mentor where your mentor at this point, if you're learning from us, we learned from our mentor, this is actually coming from our mentors. So this is the answers and the systems that we needed when we started our cleaning business.

This is the majority. These systems are really what we paid a lot of money to fruition to actually have these. So we could feel confident to launch our business. And yeah, now we're giving them out to you guys. So that's a big reason why right there, for sure. Yep. So it's proven processes. So, you know, you're not making mistakes.

So this is 20 years of cleaning experiences backing up the modules that you're going to get in this course. So you're going to kick off from 20 years of mistakes that we made, the Corby made stuff. We broke along the way equipment we tested and rejected because it didn't work for XYZ reasons. So instead of you buying some mop and thinking like, yeah,

we can use this one and you take it into a house. And suddenly you realized like, wow, this smells terrible. At the end of the day, we shouldn't use this one. So it's going to save you money in the actual cashflow of your business, running a business, because you're going to get 20 years of this is the plug and play system.

Yeah. And this is coming from, I mean, we're very gifted in other areas, but Corby, our mentor who actually created these systems that we're going to have him on a future call very soon. But he's fanatical about testing. Like everything from the processes, like testing 20 different variations of how to clean a toilet, probably a hundred variations of that clean a toilet,

but he's probably tested every single vacuum on the market, every single cleaning brush. I mean, I wouldn't doubt that if he's spent over a hundred thousand dollars just testing tools to get to this point where we're like, this is the most efficient vacuum, this is the most efficient way to use it on this type of surface. That kind of level of detail.

How much is that worth? That's priceless. Yeah. Yeah. The other part of it, I think is that you're going to look and feel more professionals. So you'll walk into a house exactly what you're going to do. The teams will be trained on this because of the videos that are in the course, they'll walk in and do the dance, the choreograph dance,

they'll all just split up and go to their places where they need to go. It also makes you look more professional when you're hiring, you'll be able to attract better cleaners that know what they're doing, because instead of you relying on the cleaners to, Hey, come in and do what you do and we'll figure it out. As we go along, it'll be like,

no, here's how we do it. XYZ. Follow these systems today. You're cleaning your dust in that first house and doing bathrooms on the second house and kitchens to last on all of that, just projects, this air of professionalism, both to your employees and to your customers and to your potential customers CEO's think differently. As a small business owner, you have to stop thinking like one,

we're launching the Profit Cleaners book club to help transform the mindsets of cleaning business owners everywhere. Together. We'll read some of the most important business and mindset books so that you can become the leader. Your business needs learn more about the Profit Cleaners book club today, by going to Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club, that's Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club building so much confidence.

It's like a Bulletproof confidence. That's going to come with knowing that we've got the best systems they've been proven. They've been tested. When you bring in people to hire your cleaners, they're going to be like, wow. And you're going to be like, this is a professional cleaning system program. Bring them into it. They're going to feel that level of professionalism and you're going to attract the A-players that's for sure.

So that's what you want. Just an amazing, amazing place to start if you're just starting, or if you already have been in business for a while, even this is something you can retrain your teams on and just up the level of professionalism. And again, give you guys that confidence to sell your cleaning systems, to hire the right people. People are going to feel that confidence when you believe in your product so much because you have an amazing system behind it.

Yeah. I remember when we were first in business, one of the things that our website was that we had 16 years of experience and we had to rework that a little bit to be like, where we learned this from someone who had 16 years of experience. So you'll be able to kind of say the same thing. So like you picked up these systems from a pair of companies that have been in business for a combined 24 years,

something like that. So yeah, Brandon kind of touched on this before, but you're not going to have to reinvent the wheel. So because you're not going to have to think about what we're going to do for cleaning and trying to create the system on your own. It frees up some mental bandwidth and your schedule, your physical calendar. You'll have more time to focus on getting more customers because the teams will just have their little rotation,

laminated worksheets that they keep in their pockets in their aprons. And they'll know that this is what I have to do in this house to make this work there's inspection sheets and stuff on there. It's really cool. Yeah. And this is just another example, guys, of creating like structure in your business. A lot of times people feel like, oh my gosh,

if I have to do it a certain way, it can finds me like I'm limited. But actually when you have a structure and a system like this in place, it gives you way more freedom, way more flexibility and creativity. Because now you're working within a structure and it's proven if you're not going to be wasting time. Like, what if I try it this way,

the system that works, this is what we've been scaling our business with. It works. You don't have to think about it, just implement it and put it into action. So it's there for you. Yeah. And then the other part of it is when you go into a customer's house that you're going to deliver a higher quality product. So right out of the gate,

you'll be able to be more successful and you'll make customers feel confident in the work that you're doing, because you're not playing jazz in their house. You're figuring it out. You don't have to tell them we're still learning. We'll get it right. You're not going to be having to offer a lot of discounts because you're screwing stuff up across the board. You come in,

they bring in this caddy, it's stocked full of the right tools. They bring in these color coded rags and they all split up and do their thing. And people would just be blown away. Especially by the time I remember a lot of customers in the early days being shocked at how fast we were, but also how detailed it was at the same time.

So comparing that to a housekeeper that's there all day or just to a crappy cleaning company. That's there not a lot of time, but not doing much either. Yeah, absolutely. Man. And just think about what we're selling here. Guys is a luxury product, a luxury service. So you don't necessarily want to have the cheapest cleaning services out there that are just Willy nilly.

We kind of get did this counter and it's okay, but it's not the best you want the best. You want to be able to tell your customers, we've got the best product on the market, the best cleaning services on the market. And the way we deliver that, the way we have that product is because we have the best training. We have the best systems to train our team.

We have the best tools from the best mentors that have put in years and years and years of experience figuring this out. So that's how you guys are going to have a higher quality product. That's again, going to give you confidence to sell better cleaning or more cleaning services, and just have that air about you. That's going to give you that confidence guys.

That's going to save you so much more time to like you could be going and doing the wrong things and cleaning the wrong things the wrong way. Or you could just know exactly how to do it the right way and save all that time and just be like, boom. Now we can clean even more houses, even more efficiently because we know exactly what we're doing and yeah,

just more freedom and peace of mind. So, Yeah. And then lastly, and maybe the most important one is why you should buy the course is trust. Hopefully we have built some trust with you over the last two, some odd years of podcasting. We started this in March of 2020, I think. So we're pushing two years almost. So we've built some trust with you guys.

So you can trust because of our previous business performance, we've disclosed numbers for you and what we've done in four years. So this is what we use to get there. And then alternatively, once you buy into it, then your customers are also going to trust you because you'll be able to walk in and it'll be self-evident from the very first clean that you know exactly what you're doing.

Yeah. Trust is one of the biggest things in the cleaning industry, especially in our market where a lot of people, it's just not trustworthy, the cleaning companies out there. And when we started one of the biggest pain points and we were trying to fill, so yeah, guys, I mean, if you have the best systems, you have the best product you have that confidence,

people are going to trust you more. And you're going to trust yourself. You're going to trust your teams, that you don't have to micromanage them because they were trained on the best systems. And this trickle down effect that everyone's going to trust the product more, the company, more people are going to be happier. So it's something that infiltrates the whole company.

It's, it's the core of your business. The cleaning is your product. It's the one thing you sell. So you might as well do it really well and not skimp on the actual process and the tools and the equipment and everything you need to deliver the best of the best. Sure. Yeah. So that's kind of the first little teaser here guys.

So you've got to be watching your emails around black Friday. If this is the first time you're hearing this, or you've never signed up for an email from Profit Cleaners, the way to get notified of this course, when it launches is to go to the website and sign up for the newsletter. There's a link at the top. There's a little pop up.

That'll come up at the bottom. So making sure that we've got your email before that definitely be some price incentives for this launch. So you'll want to keep an eye out for that email once it comes out. And that will be for the Friday after Thanksgiving. Yeah, absolutely. Guys. So we have a little part in the website right now, but we're going to make it even easier for you to find,

to sign up for that newsletter. You should sign up for it anyways. Cause we send out lots of cool information behind the scenes stuff we're doing. New podcasts are putting out anyways. So definitely stay on that list. Get on that list guys. So you can get stuff before anyone else finds out about it. We're always sending out valuable stuff and insights and just stuff we're doing in our business and our life.

If it's not on the podcast. So do that guys. Other than that, if you guys are getting value out of the show at all, we just want to remind you guys to pay the fee, share it out to a friend, leave us a review, subscribe to the podcast, please. It really helps us out because this is not our only business guys.

This takes a lot of extra time to put these podcasts together. So we just want to help you guys out obviously and add value to the world, add value to your cleaning business so you can grow alongside us and we can all win together. So I think that's pretty much it. Brandon, we're going to do it the next episode. What are we going to tell them?

So the next one, we're going to go over the actual course. So we're going to tell you what's in the modules, tell you what you're actually going to get in there. So stay tuned. We've got a few updates on the course coming over the next couple of weeks as we lead up to this launch on black Friday. So certainly stay tuned for that and find us on all the social stuff we're on Facebook and YouTube and there's different things out there that you can hit us up with.

And in the meantime, keep it clean. Keep It clean. Thanks for joining us today to get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profitcleaners.com and remember keep it clean.

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