The Profit Cleaners have come a long way since they started their cleaning business in New Mexico — and they’re ready to share even more of their cleaning business secrets with you!

In this exciting episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons go over everything that’s being taught in their brand new course, The Home Cleaning Systems Course, including the exact systems they use for training their teams and keeping their professional cleaners happy.

And, most importantly, how you can use the same systems to start and grow your own cleaning business.

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  • What makes “The Home Cleaning System Course” so unique?
  • The amazing value included in the course
  • A closer look at the first module
  • Looking at the different sets of videos included in the course
  • Why the Inspection module in the course is so important
  • What does the Choreographed Dance mean for cleaning businesses?
  • What is the Blue-Green Day system?
  • What are the 4K Training videos?
  • The tests used to train professional cleaners


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Episode 59: A Closer Look at the Home Cleaning System Course

Brandon Schoen:
Best practices for cleaning, for do's and don'ts like things that we do behind the scenes that we don't even say to our customers or anyone else, but it just helps with efficiencies. It helps with avoiding a lot of problems, including breakage, including all sorts of variables that could go wrong. Bring another level of standard to everything. And people are like, oh, these are higher standards. They're testing us. Like we've got to pay attention. And again, it helps to attract higher quality people.

Brandon Condrey:
And there's a whole series of modules on inspections,.

Brandon Schoen:
You guys, and pick and choose what fits your business in your market. The best, the bonus report system, some hiring mistakes and things to avoid in there as well, guys, just, and as Brandon said, as it changes as we come across a new, better ways to hire more efficiently, we'll put it in here as well.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners.

You are in the place to learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners, the only place. And we're so excited, you guys are here today. Another exciting episode, we got Brandon Condrey in the house. Yep. Here I am. And we've got Brandon Shane, and we are super excited guys because we're still going through the home cleaning training system course today.

We're going to dive deep into the course and share with you guys what is in this course. So you guys have a good idea of what you're getting into and how it's going to really help you guys to next level your game and take these systems, integrate them into your business and take it to the next level. So yeah, let's tell them about what's in the course brand and let's go through it with everybody.

Tell them why they are going to want to jump in on this course when they can, because it's going to be an amazing opportunity. You guys just, all the content in here, I just go on through it. I was like blown away. I'm like, honestly, like this is a big part of what we invested in with our mentor with Corby,

a lot of these systems and we paid a lot of money to do that. So you guys are getting a screaming deal. I mean, the amount of value we're putting into this for you guys, Corby's stuff is in here as well, but this is also the evolution that we put on it. The spin we put on these things. So really what we're going to do in this episode is just guide you through module,

by module to tell you what's in the course kind of gets you excited about it and tell you what kind of value you're going to get out of it. So, you know, at the very beginning, there's a little course intro. We're going to give you an overview of what you can expect to see in here. We're going to teach you the proven process and winning system.

That's everything down below, and then a friendly reminder to join the Facebook community. Because if you've paid for a course, there's a paid members area of Facebook where we can interact with you and answer any questions you have on these modules, things of that nature. Absolutely. Yeah. That's what a lot of the value comes in as well because guys, when you're surrounding yourself with other people that are like-minded,

people are doing the same thing. You are, you guys all get better results, right? You just surround yourself with successful people. People take an action going through the course with you. So it's going to be super helpful to have that community as well. Yeah. The first modules, a best practices for your cleaning business. Really. That's just a lot of things that we have mentioned on various podcast episodes in the past,

but it's all condensed into one little place. So just some good ideas for you to kind of steer the ship as you move forward through the course. Yeah, absolutely best practices for cleaning for do's. And don'ts like things that we do behind the scenes that we don't even say to our customers or anyone else, but it just helps with efficiencies that helps with avoiding a lot of problems,

including breakage, including all sorts of variables that could go wrong. So the second module is kind of a, the first big one that's training your teams. And so you'll see on here, there's a step-by-step guide for training the teams. There's two PowerPoints that are included that we put on TVs in the lobby when people are milling around in the morning. So there's one on policies.

Like here's what you do. If you find a water bottle and a cup on a nightstand, bring the cup to the sink, but leave the water bottle, those types of things. And then there's another presentation that has a lot of pictures of do's. And don'ts like, don't pull your cord on a vacuum around the corner of a wall. Things like that.

Yeah. It's just the initial training that everyone goes through when they start, whether it's Corby his company up in Denver or our company, this is the presentation. Everyone goes through to get familiar with the company, the training systems, like the cleaning systems, how we do things. So it's a really good jump-off. And then there's two sets of videos that are available in English and Spanish.

And these are ultra high quality 4k videos of the process, the dance, as you move through the house, all of it's in there. These actually got a Google photos memory this morning. We actually recorded these a year ago, this week in 2020. So this is a year in the making since we recorded these videos. So you have two versions of those And we have them in English and Spanish for our teams.

A lot of our cleaners speak Spanish. So it's really helpful, but obviously we've dubbed them over in English as well. So you really can have a lot more variety if you need to train in different languages there as well. There's a, So at the end of your training, there's a multiple choice exam, if you will. And you can take that.

There's some questions on there. Some of those are specific to locales, like aligning yourself for directions, like which direction to the mountains, those kinds of things. You can obviously change those geographical questions to something that pertains to your area. But for the most part, you're just making sure that they were actually paying attention to the Absolutely. Yeah. And I think just putting tests out there,

we do another test after the 90 day probationary period, but it really does just bring another level of standard to everything. And people are like, oh, these are higher standards. They're testing us. Like we got to pay attention. And again, it helps attract higher quality people, I Think agreed. And there's a whole series of modules on inspections.

So these are inspections that you would go out and do for the teams to make sure that they are getting it down on. We were brand new. We were going out and inspecting almost every job, especially when we were doing free training cleans in the beginning. But there's part one and part two there's things about a second floor, how to do the whole house.

And those are things that you want to get familiar with. Or if you have a person that you're going to delegate those things to like our trainer does all the inspections, you would let them get a good handle on those modules as well. Yeah. And I think there's actually a more detailed checklist further on down in the modules. But yeah, like the inspections are huge.

You guys, because you want to be bringing that attention to detail to the work you've just done. I mean, if you're not measuring how well you did it, how are you going to know how your team's going to know if you're not focusing in on that? So yeah, we do it different ways, but there's some really good walkthroughs on how we do those inspections and the best ways to do those checklists,

all that good stuff. Yep. The third module is all about team rotations, also known as the dance, the choreographed dance in the house. So we give you a cleaning steps checklist. These are these little cards that we give to new hires that are laminated. It tells you what you're supposed to be doing. If you're dusting, if you're doing the kitchen,

if you're in the bathroom and then what order that you rotate in. So you can print those out and laminate them. Then there's a couple different versions of rotations, which are pretty cool. So the one that we try to push people towards running all the time, our three person teams, but we also give you an option for two person rotations. We typically use two person rotations if we're having a staffing issue,

which is like during the pandemic, we had a lot of people out sick from time to time, we had to run two person teams, but we've also got a student in Australia where the minimum wage there is $27 an hour. And so they just can't really afford to run three person teams from the get go. So it could also be used for that.

And then we also have a rotation for four person teams. And normally that on a rare day, when no one called in sick and your floaters have nothing to do, we would put a fourth person on teams that had the most square footage just to make sure that they got out in a timely fashion. Yeah. So we really cover, I think every angle there and that's really just good guys,

because like, you never know what can happen. Like Brandon said that someone could get sick. Maybe someone has to leave suddenly one day, like you sometimes have to shift the teams around and you have different formations. If you think of it like a football team, like the three person and the two person are good for different scenarios and different days. And so it's good to have those systems.

I've given you tools in your toolbox. So you want to run 3% teams. It's the most efficient version, but you had someone quit. Suddenly you can run a two person team. You had a new hire come in and they don't have an assignment that day. They're going to be your fourth and they'll just observe. So we're giving you options there.

There's also a module for blue, green days. This is something that central park cleaning does up in Colorado that we don't do so much, but it's a rotation schedule for things like blinds and baseboards. So on certain days you'll do blinds and baseboards and these rooms went on other rooms. We ultimately didn't go that way. And we're happy to give you more details on that in a different venue,

but it's another option of a way to get more efficiency out of a Team. Yeah. So guys, just so you know, like we're basically taking everything. Our mentor taught us all the systems. We invested a lot of money to learn all this. Some of it is putting a little bit more of our touch on, but we were also still leaving a lot of the original systems in here.

So you guys can pick and choose what fits your business and your market the best. So as Brandon said, yeah, like the blue-green efficiencies because we have a lot more Dustin Albuquerque that just didn't fly. We wanted to go all every time, do everything in the house top down left, right. There was also a competitor that had this very complicated a week and a B week.

And we just felt that it was church changing the customers charging that much, but only doing half of it. So in the end we just decided we're doing it all every time, but you've got the options to do it one way or the, Yeah. You could still go more efficient and do blue-green if you want, or just keep it simple and do it all every time.

But yeah. So we got options in there for you guys. Lots of cool ideas. Let's move on to the next module. So the next module is tools and equipment. So this is everything that you're going to need to equip these cleaners to do their best work. So we've got a list of all the equipment, getting to know it. What is used on which part of the house,

there's a complete bordering system. If you want to stock up completely from the various places that we get these things, and we have an extra parts checklist, this is like the floor attachments that you can get for vacuums to use on certain types of flooring or certain types of furniture, some bonus tools in there. One of the reasons we have that extra tools in there is because sometimes guys you get these tools and you're like always testing things.

We're realizing, wow, this one actually scratches the floor. We're going to get a different attachment. That doesn't cause as much damage or things like that. So we've gone above and beyond to show you guys, these are the extra tools that our attachments that we use. You may not need in every situation, but you have available for certain situations. We've got a list of suppliers that you can work with because there are some things that a lot of these things are common.

You can find them on Amazon vacuums at mops and things like that. But there are specialized chemicals that we use that you can only get from certain distributors. So we give you a list of those. We give you an essential tools list in English and Spanish. I think that's going to get dispersed to the cleaners, which is why it's in Spanish as well.

So really the whole module is about getting to know the tools of the trade. So you can pre One of your best. Absolutely. And then module five, we've got detailed training for cleaners. So this one is a little bit more in depth. So the earlier videos we talked about where they're really highly polished 4k, those are really great for training or just kind of on the fly.

If you need to review, like how do we clean this? Or how do we clean a floor or this part of the house? These videos, the detailed training videos in module five are really detailed. It's literally like a long form, granular version of you just following our cleaners around step by step, by step through the whole house, you can see everything they do.

There's not a lot of editing. Is there some POV GoPro videos? Like we literally attached cameras to our cleaners heads and you can see what their hands are doing every single room. So the 4k training videos are super polished, super high quality. They're more like it's that training video you would get when you start a new job and they're going to like welcome you to the company.

Like that's that video. This one is, if you need to see what a cleaning looks like from beginning to end on an average house, that's what these videos are for Actually out of these guys. We had some feedback from a student that we just had to take a look at some of the earlier videos that were really polished. And that's what he has feedback was.

He's like, well, I want to see a, really more in depth version of how you guys clean, like how you clean every little thing. And so that's what we did. We just filmed it a to Z and you guys can see everything we do. So that's what those are for The cleaning systems course is here. Join us for the official pre-launch on Tuesday,

November 23rd. As we sit down with our mentor or be to talk all about why these systems are the most essential ingredient for starting and growing your cleaning business the right way. Be sure to listen in and have an opportunity to ask your cleaning business questions live, just go to Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash of the call to learn more that's Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash the call So the next module,

we have a detailed cleaning library and really this is a set of documents, some checklists and some videos on the specific parts of the house. So we've got items for stoves, refrigerators, different types of flooring, parts of the bathroom showers, tubs. We're going to put some stuff in there on microwaves and how to vacuum different kinds of furniture like couches.

And, you know, they're made of different fabrics. So really that's like an index at the back of a textbook where you needed to go look up how to clean the inside of a microwave and watch someone do it. That's what this whole module is about. Yeah. And more so two guys, it's like, if there's something that's a little bit outside of the norm of our normal system or normal flow,

like we'll stick it in here. If you guys have special requests, like how would I clean this? Or how would you clean that? We'll get that input and we'll make a video and put it in here as well. So it's library is going to be constantly growing. This is not the first and last iteration of it. It's been a long time coming,

but it's still going to be getting better as we go. And as you guys give us feedback and stuff like that. So, And that's a good point to interject that we do our best to give you guys a complete product. We're trying to be to give you everything that you need, but this is our first go around. This is version one of this course.

So please, if there's any feedback on anything, let us know. We are happy to tweak this the way that you want it. And I think the specific items in the detailed cleaning library will grow over time. We'll get questions on like, how do you clean a dry sauna? Like not every house has that, but this one does. How do you do that?

We'll try and put sort of a Q and a sort of section in there. Yeah. Great. So then moving forward, we got module seven, the bonus report system. This one is, I feel like, I don't know. It's so valuable. Like I feel like this could be its own course even, but it's the icing on the cake or however you want to what the rocket field,

this is how I titled it. The rocket fuel incentivize efficiency and maximize profits. Corby told us in the beginning, he's like, when we weren't doing this the first few months and we were like running into problems, he was Like, have you put the bonus report into place? Like why not? Like money talks? And as soon as we did that,

I feel like a lot of things changed. And a lot of things just went in the right direction. We started eliminating a lot of variables, a lot of cleans taken too long or things not getting done the right way. So this bonus report, I mean, you really are the numbers guy and the spreadsheet guy. It is a spreadsheet and you are the spreadsheet ninja and it is magic.

It's a template. So you're going to get our bonus report template. We're going to show you the data that you need to plug into it. There's a walkthrough video and how we do it. The report that we pull out of the CRM to get the raw data for the bonus report, what goes in the bonus report? It's color coded. So you're going to get a copy of the report,

obviously. So you're going to download the spreadsheet, put in your own stuff, fill it out. This goes up on a TV, in a lobby where our time clock is so everybody can see how they're performing at any given day. And that's updated daily. That, that part's really important. You've got to keep those numbers updated. Otherwise they're going to find out too late that something may be wrong.

So this is kind of like a real-time pulse. It's like the health of a team. So yeah, this one's really cool. So take it, run with it, tweak it however you want to do it. But this is what we've arrived at after four years in business from jumping off with. Yeah. I mean, this is something you could plug in,

even if you've been doing your own cleaning systems for awhile. I mean, this is just something you could stack on top of that, just to make everything more efficient, put in the inputs that you want to improve and just track that whatever you want to improve, track it, measure it. And that's what we're using it for. And like Brandon said,

it's public in our office. Everyone can see it. So it's kind of like a nice public accountability for the teams. Nobody wants to feel like they're slacking, you know? And everyone's like, Hey, you're slacking. So like, it's a great way to just keep the tempo and the pace up. Agreed. So the next one is the second test we had mentioned from before.

So we have a test that you give to someone right after they've completed training to make sure they've got a good handle on the material. There's a different test in here that you give someone after their 90 day, probationary period has ended. And that gives them the certification that they've gone through, the very professional training and they understand it. And after three months they really,

really get it. And so this is that test. Yeah. And they earned a little badge. We're actually still working on putting our badges out. But I mean, I'll just add another level of professionalism. We're aiming to create professional cleaners here, not just another job for someone like professional cleaners, luxury service, when you add that standard and that level of detail to it.

I think it just rises everyone to the next level and people feel it. So it's really cool. Agree. Another good one. There's a module in here for all the leave behinds that we put inside the houses. So it's customer service as, so these are things that we leave behind when we break something small evasive picture frame, there's a pet Swan.

Like if your pet pooped, we don't know, we're not going to clean that up. We're not making the cleaners do that. So we let them know that here's where it is. There's a hazardous material. One. That would be things like blood. Usually I think is what we're using that for. I suppose maybe if there was harder hoarders, I've had a couple of drug paraphernalia incidents in the past.

I think. So those types of things. And then we have one for floors that, that one's our newest one, actually, that the teams actually asked for that one specifically. And that was because we were getting these complaints on floors and they're coming back to us saying like, look, we worked really hard to get those floors shiny and streak free.

And then there was a kid or two dogs and the dog was following us around the whole time while we were mopping. Cause it's very friendly, but we always leave a little note that says, Hey, we tried really hard to get this the way it was. But unfortunately I couldn't do it because of a situation in your home. And so these are all just things that are getting ahead of a problem.

So instead of having the customer come home, find out that they broke something and call you really pissed off because they found it. You want to own up to these things at the beginning. There's a reason we couldn't finish. Here's what it was. The office will reach out if you have questions. Yeah. And just that part guys, I mean,

you would be blown away. How many people are so taken back by these little leave-behinds, it's so simple, but it literally is just a little touch on your customer service or communication. And it goes a long way. Just letting people know, Hey, like we're being upfront with you. People really appreciate that. So nice little touch there. And we'll put that.

Yeah. And the next one is for hiring, which became a much bigger deal during the pandemic. We had it easy back in the day. I wish we could go back to that, but this has become a big deal of hiring to make sure that you're getting the right people and keeping the right people. So the whole module is designed around how to place an ad.

What copy you use, how to design a funnel. We'll give you a bunch of example, job postings for various networks, indeed Facebook Craigslist. And I think this'll be one that we'll keep updated because this is a moving target. So we're, we're always trying to stay ahead of the labor market because we run a cleaning company just like you do. And we also need to get good people in here.

So as we figure out what works, we will update this module to make sure that you know what works. Yeah, absolutely. And we'll throw some hiring mistakes and things to avoid in there as well, guys, man, just as Brandon said, as it changes as we come across a new, better ways to hire more efficiently, we'll put it in here as well.

Yeah. There's a downloads module right before the bonuses and that's all the bits and bobs that you're going to need Dean tire to kind of make this all work. So there's checklists inspection, checklists rotations, and a variety of spreadsheets from the spreadsheet ninja That's right. Absolutely. So that's the main course. Then we just dump on the bonuses and even more value for you guys.

So we got lots of cool stuff in the bonuses. So one of the ones I love in there is the entire vacuum like replacement. We have a whole vacuum station at the office. So I don't know. It was like probably a couple of years ago that we actually filmed some of these videos that we actually use in-house to train our vacuum repair guy and just outsource that part of the repair because that can really become daunting.

If you're always having vacuums breakdown and tools and stuff for an equipment, it makes everything so much less efficient and your teams are unhappy. Customers are unhappy because now you're running late. Things like that. So this is a really cool little bonus just to automate getting your tools and equipment and specifically your vacuums, just keep them running really efficiently all the time and have this something you can hand off to someone in your office or a handyman,

someone like that to just fix everything for you all the time Stuff you need to maintain. The two types of vacuums. If you use a different model, you can get the idea of what you're going to need to do to make your own videos for these. But there's also a bunch of things from few things on move out, cleans some best practices there and what the checklists are there.

And then we've got a whole list of how to build a team culture and create a happy environment. There's some creative things to do in there. And some things that we do, like we have a coffee truck that comes by to our staff meetings. Now, things like that. So you just get some little points of inspiration. Yeah, absolutely. And guys,

this is going to be a work in progress as you guys give us feedback, we're going to add more to it. The last part of the bonus and the course is really cool because we've integrated everything in the course is in a specific software that we're using that is searchable. So if you're in the course, like I just want to find this one thing I'm looking for,

whatever it is, how to fix this vacuum or how to do floors or something. Right. Well, you can just click into this part of the course, click into the text box type in what you're looking to find. And it will pull up every video on the whole library and the whole course to a timestamp and tell you, you want to watch this one at this minute and 46 seconds or this one where we talk about that.

And you can find all the instances where we talk about that specific part of the house or that tool or whatever it is you're trying to find. It is a pretty comprehensive course guys. So we want to make it easier for you to find stuff, to find what you need as quickly as possible. So yeah, I think that's pretty much it. That is the course in a nutshell,

it's a lot of content. It is a lot of content guys. It's going to take you a while to work through this, but that's kind of the point. The point is that's not a low monthly subscription where you're not going to get any value out of it. This is a fully functional business in a box. If you will, this is going to teach you all the stuff that you need to know.

And this is one of the things that's been most requested since we started the podcast was how do you do this? How do you do this? And so this is what we spent a lot of time and energy over the last two years, putting together for you. And it's here. I think this podcast episode is coming out the day before we officially launch on black Friday.

So happy Thanksgiving to you. And this is what's going to be in there. This isn't just fluff. There's a lot of material. Yeah, guys. So we're not going to mention any pricing right now, but you guys will see. There's a very special deal for you guys. If you are able and willing to take advantage of that in the next few days,

as we launched this out, take action on it, guys. Don't wait. If you're feeling it all. If you feel at all, this is you need to put in your business. If you need some more efficiencies in your business, maybe you've been not feeling like you've totally dialed in on that. Well, this is the system guys. This is going to remove all the doubt.

You're going to have a lot more confidence in your teams and what you're doing and delivering a quality product. This is again, coming from our mentor, who is perfecting the assistants for almost 20 years before we got to them. And we took them and ran with them and scaled our business to seven figures and three or four years, somewhere around there too.

So it's like, if you guys are anywhere from starting your business or all the way in, you maybe had a business for 10 years, even. I mean, this is something you could still plug in, add to your business, even if it's certain parts of the efficiencies or certain things that you just maybe certain checklists or certain rotations that you haven't been using in the past by all means.

I mean, use it however you guys want, but it is a business in a box like Brandon said, it is very comprehensive and it is the real deal. Guys. This is coming from the guys that are teaching you and everything we talk about in our podcasts and for Sandia Green Clean, this is how we run our whole business. So sometimes yeah,

I gotta be like, wow, I can't believe we're giving all this away, but for what we paid for it, it was tens of thousands of dollars. And then some to our mentor over many years and many trial and error and things like that. So we're taking all the heavy lifting for you guys. We're taking all that work out of the way and saving you guys a lot of time getting right to the gold right here.

So, and you'll have Lifetime access. You can always come back and consult these things anytime in the future. So get on the train, jump on board, meet us in seven figure town. That'll be fun. Yeah, whatever your goal is, I'm positive. This is going to help you guys get a lot closer to your goal. I mean,

really guys just don't be afraid of it being a lot of stuff. I mean, it's about doing the work. I heard this recently, a lot of people don't want to do the work. They want the results. They have goals in their life. We're getting to the point in the year where people are talking about new year's and setting your goals and stuff.

But a lot of times people's actions don't back up their goals. So if you're really wanting to take your business in the next level, if you're really wanting to achieve six, seven figures, whatever your goal is for your business. So you guys can have that lifestyle, have that income, whatever your goals are, back it up with some actions, actually take some action.

Do some things, invest in yourself, invest in your business and put yourself out there and do stuff. If you're not getting the results in your business right now, it's either you're doing the wrong work or you're not doing the right work for long enough. So pick one of those. If you've been cleaning for a long time and you're just like this,

isn't working, get a better system. And if you aren't cleaning really well, maybe you just need to put some extra efficiencies on it, dial it in a little bit more work a little bit longer and a little bit harder before you get to that next level. This is going to help you guys get there. I don't know what we would have done if we didn't have this Brandon,

this is why we hired Corby to help us. I was the whole point. That was the Genesis of starting the business was that we knew that there was a really phenomenal cleaning company nearby that we could talk to about it. Yeah. Otherwise, I don't know if we would have arrived at this conclusion. It would have been, we would have still been figuring out how to do windows with a robot or something instead of just jumping off and getting,

Yeah. So, I mean, if you think about it that way, it's like the little things guys, like you might think, oh, I, we know how to clean. Like we don't have systems for that, but we've mentioned this in a recent, we were talking recently, Brandon and I it's the smallest, like you could be a percent off in the longterm projection of things.

Like we're talking about a rocket right. Trajectory for like orbit. If you're off a little bit, you're going to miss Mars completely. Yeah. Far away for like three years from now or five years from now. If you're even just 1% off or a tiny little bit off, it's going to put you in a completely other zone. Like you're not even going to be anywhere close to where you want to be if you're just a tiny bit off.

So this is going to help you guys to dial it in and reign it in and just tighten things up, tighten up your systems. Corby was so fanatical about these systems. When he came down to our office, when we were like a year and a half in, I think, and he just ripped our, he ripped our office apart and was like,

what is going on here, guys With this? I didn't tell you to do that. Don't do that. I remember doing a video walkthrough with his office staff one time and she made me go back on the shelf. She was like, what's that stainless steel cleaner. We don't use that. You're not supposed to use that. I'm like, I didn't do it.

Sorry someone brought it up. Yeah. But it really is like that level of detail and like accountability. Like if you are creating a system, you got to use the system. You can't have other random tools floating in once in a while. And people doing stuff, Willy nilly, like people got to know, this is the system. This is how we do it.

You gotta do it this way every time. Yeah, sure. There's other cleaning people out there and you can learn from other people, but guys we're packaging this up. So it's the best of the best. It's what we do. We're giving you exactly. Our internal systems is exactly what we use every single day to scale our business. So I think it's priceless.

I think it's really going to help you guys. I'm so excited that it's finally here. It's going to keep getting better too. So lifetime access, once you guys get in and join the community, we can't wait to see you guys on the inside mean, is there anything else you want to share with them today, Brandon? No. I mean,

this is the end of sort of series of podcasts that we've dripped out over the month in November to get you guys excited. So now, you know, now you know what to expect when you get in there and why it's worth the cost of entry to see it. And I think it will have a large and lasting impact on a lot of people's business.

So I look forward to talking with new students in the Facebook group, late 20, 21 and early 20, 22, it's going to be a wild ride. It's going to be a wild ride. I mean, this is going to be probably many years to come after that too, because we're in it for the long haul guys. We're growing this business for many years into the future until it is $20 million and beyond.

And maybe we'll sell it. Maybe we won't, but we're going to share with you guys, the whole journey, come along with us guys, invest in this course, invest in your business. You won't regret it. Yeah. Let's take it to the next level guys. So, all right. And in the meantime, keep it clean. Keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today to get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to and remember keep it clean.

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