“You help yourself when you help others. The more you help other people succeed, the more you grow, and change and get better — and everyone wins.”- Brandon Schoen

There’s a lot that goes into growing a cleaning business — and a lot that’s overlooked by the majority of business owners, including those who’ve been in the industry for years.

We’ve managed to grow our business quickly and efficiently because we had clear-cut systems to follow from the very beginning, systems that were taught to us by the most successful cleaning business owner we could find, Corby Felcher.

Without his guidance and mentorship, we could never be where we are now. And for that, we’re super grateful.

That’s why we’re ready and willing to give back to other cleaning business owners by sharing what we know through this podcast and our cleaning courses.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about our path to success and why we’re happy to pay it forward to other business owners ready to take their cleaning business to the next level.

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  • Why are the Profit Cleaners selling their secrets to success?
  • What are you going to gain from enrolling in the Cleaning Systems course?
  • What students are already saying about the training course
  • Why supporting the competition in business is actually a smart power move


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Episode 60: Why We Share Our Cleaning Business Secrets

Brandon Schoen:
Drown yourself with really successful people, surround yourself with people that are doing better than you, and they will lift you up to that next level. That's how we do it too. We surround ourselves with people that are better than us.

Brandon Condrey:
Find a way to promote each other. We've told stories before about how we know a couple of competitors in town that offer services that we don't, we play nice with each other. So, I mean, if someone's got a hoarding house or commercial clean, like we know exactly where to refer those customers to, and they'll kick us down. Sometimes things when they're residential, schedule's already full. And when you talk to other business owners that are in your same town, you get insights on the market, the things that are happening locally, that maybe you don't know about. So if you can find a group of like-minded people that you can get together with on a regular basis locally, you'll learn things about your city and your market. At the same time, you can begin together with other cleaning company, business owners that know the industry for sure.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. The only place where you can learn from the top 1% of the business owners around the world, you are in the place to take it to the next level and win.

Thank you for joining us today, everyone. My name is Brandon Shane, your host, and I'm joined by my cohost Brandon Condrey that's right. The two guys that started a cleaning business four years ago, we scaled it to seven figures. Now we're here to share it with you guys, and we're giving you our secret sauce guys. We're giving you,

our systems are giving you everything that we did to scale it to this point. And we're not done yet. We're going to keep going for how many more years. I don't know how many more days it can do this, but it's going to be awhile. And we're going to grow with you guys. So today, guys, we wanted to just continue on this path.

We're getting ready to launch the course, the home cleaning training systems. You guys have been waiting for it. We've been waiting for it. So the day is almost here. Now told you guys a little bit more about it. We've dove into the modules and gone really through everything that's going to be in there. So now you might be wondering, well,

what in the world are you guys doing? Why are you even selling this? And what in the heck, why are you putting this out in the world? Most business owners hate the fact that there's competition. They don't want other people starting cleaning businesses and their own industry, right? So what are we doing? Yeah. What are we doing? The reality of running a service business?

Like this is that it's not like a tech company or an app or a patent where you need to keep everything like super secret. So you don't get scooped by some corporate espionage stuff. So the art philosophy beyond all of it is that we just want to help other business owners do this. And I think part of it is that there's more than enough room for everyone to be successful in this.

We have no plans to conquer the United States by opening Sandia Green, Clean in a major city. That's too much work to do, but we do realize that there's a way to improve this for, I think I, one of the episodes that we use shared a goal and we want to get in revenue $20 million and to do that takes a shockingly low amount of recurring customers.

I think it's like 3,500 recurring customers year over year. We'll get you 20 million bucks. And we operate in a city of a million people in the Metro area. So even if we hit our wildest dreams, you could still have a hundred other cleaning companies in town. They could also do the exact same thing. Yeah. And what we're getting at guys is abundance.

This is what we talk about on a lot of our podcasts. You need to be always cultivating a mindset of abundance where there's more enough, more than enough. There's no scarcity. A lot of times in business. That's the mindset people have just because that's what the masses always think is there's not enough and it's scarce, but really guys, there's more than enough to go around in the world.

We've talked about this in past podcasts where it's competition, even instead of squashing your competition and smashing their building down, you're just building taller. Yep. That's one of my favorite Brandon Schoen quotes. You can be the tallest building in town by knocking everybody else's down, focusing on the negative and destruction, or just don't care about their building, let them do their thing and just make sure that yours is taller.

That's right. So guys, we are all about abundance and we are building our building taller all the time and you guys can build it right alongside us. And we are here to share the journey with you guys. So I think that's a great way to start it out. Brandon, why don't you read one of our recent students that wrote into us,

she emailed us and she just described, she's probably in your position. If you're listening right now, she's looking for different systems out there. She's looking for the best mentors out there. She's purchased a few other cleaning systems and coaching out there, but I thought this was really cool. So why don't you share this with everyone? Yeah. This was a revealing way to think about it.

So here's what she said. And cases is interesting for your research. I've launched in lockdown. So I've had a couple of months to study and prepare before we're allowed to actually go into homes. In that time, I've done speed cleaning for professionals. I got nothing from that. It's quite outdated. And I've done about 70% of the savvy cleaner course.

That's a monthly subscription that I decided to take for two months while it is very comprehensive. The approach is almost the opposite of what you guys are about the approach. There is that customers will try to bleed you for all that you're worth. And you need to be very strict with them. Get contracts, tell them no, do the bare minimum. So they'll be compelled to book you for more comprehensive seasonal packages.

It's an interesting idea, but I was uncomfortable with that mindset. This is not to throw shade, but really to share the part of what I love about what you guys do is that you bring the mindset of abundance that allows you to provide an amazing service for your clients so that they feel you've, over-delivered, it's very generous and integrity for you guys.

And clearly it works. So anyway, yes, count me in, take my money. I'm all about it. So thank you so much for saying that stuff like you clearly got the message on the abundance thing. We're in this part of human evolution where customers expect a lot, like you expect to be able to pull out your phone and get 18 different kinds of cuisines delivered to your door in 30 minutes.

And these are all very customer centric businesses. That's one of the things that like Jeff Bezos said about Amazon, you got to build a customer focused business. So the other course that she mentioned where you're trying to get contracts and tell the customers, no, like you're already shot yourself in the beginning because as soon as you have to enforce one of those contracts,

they try to cancel. You're like, yeah, sure. We'll just charge you the early cancellation fee of a thousand dollars that is going to piss people off so bad. You're just ended up with a bunch of shitty reviews, a bunch of S word reviews about how they charged me a thousand dollars because I didn't want to clean anymore. And I do think trying to over deliver for the customers.

That's how you get word of mouth referrals. That's how you get big cheerleader customers that tell everyone they know about it. And we want to teach you how to do that. You're going to learn how to do that type of thing. Using the cleaning systems course, which is coming out very soon. Yeah, it is coming out soon. And I just want to think Sharn Freeland chooses,

who wrote and told us that. So thank you, Sharon. She's over in Australia, I believe or New Zealand. I don't know which one. I think it's Australia. Australia. So thank you, Sharon. And yeah, I mean, this is Sharon I think is in the earlier stages of growing her company. But this is for anybody. I mean,

if you guys are many, many years into your cleaning business, even this is a system that will help you. These are systems you can integrate and put into your business at any level, anywhere on the journey, just getting started or further down. So I think really what it's all about guys is what Sharon said. There it's abundance, right? We're not about scarcity.

We're not about making our customers mad. We're about going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to win. The cleaning systems course is here. Join us for the official pre-launch on Tuesday, November 23rd. As we sit down with our mentor Corby to talk all about why these systems are the most essential ingredient for starting and growing your cleaning business the right way.

Be sure to listen in and have an opportunity to ask your cleaning business questions live, just go to Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash the call to learn more that's Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash the call. This is just another layer of that guys in our cleaning systems. Like everything we do and our cleaning processes is above and beyond, but it's also very efficient and it's like nothing you've ever seen.

So we talked about early in the days, Brandon, why didn't we want to franchise this? I mean, there's a lot of reasons, but that's also why we're giving you this course guys is because we're not franchising our business. We're not blowing this out to 50 different markets, right? This course, I mean, the core says is a way to spread the word and expand,

but really it's to get everyone on the same page. You're not signing a contract by buying the course. There's no monthly fee to keep doing it. It's just to help you guys get off the ground and franchising. I remember we were six weeks old. The business had been around for six weeks. He got hit up by a company that specializes in creating franchises out of like Philadelphia.

And I was shocked. I was like, you've gotta be joking. Like we're six weeks old. I have no revenue. And he's like, it doesn't matter. Your website's great. So that just made me feel right off the franchise companies that have got to be shady because they're just going and pulling out like some local business that's been around for three weeks and being like,

yeah, you've got success. Let's run it across the country. And then how are they convincing people to buy that when something's six weeks old? So this is definitely a better way to do it. We talked in the beginning about the amount of customers acquired, but there's no need for us to try and compete in every single market. And I don't think we have plans to expand beyond New Mexico,

really? Maybe one of these days who knows? I won't count anything out, but I think this is just a better way to do it, to get everyone on board. And the nice thing is you get a community out of it. We're all going to be in this together. You guys can certainly provide feedback on the stuff that we do and you get to take a hand in controlling your own destiny.

We're happy to make adjustments if we need to, along the way. Huge part of it guys, I don't know if we've mentioned that, but there is a paid mastermind community, Facebook group on the back end of this, that we are very active in Brandon and I are actually less active. Now we had a TRIBE group that was free for everyone.

We've turned our energy away from that and all into the paid group. So anybody who purchases any of our courses, the 10 X course, the home cleaning training systems course, you guys all have that access. And that's where we're spending a lot more of our time. We're providing value, answering your questions, doing more of our live calls and stuff in there.

So it is a community you guys, and to some people, I mean, that's worth more than the course and more of the systems, having that community, having people to bounce ideas off of and other successful top 1% cleaning business owners surrounding yourself with those types of people. Let's face it guys. You're the sum of the five people that you surround yourself with.

So surround yourself with really successful people, surround yourself with people that are doing better than you. And they will lift you up to that next level. That's how we do it too. We surround ourselves with people that are better than us. Yeah. That brings up a good point. We encourage you guys to befriend other local business owners. Even if they're in your industry,

you can always find a way to promote each other. We've told stories before about how we know a couple of competitors in town that offer services that we don't, we play nice with each other. So I mean, if someone's got a hoarding house or commercial clean, like we know exactly where to refer those customers to, and they'll kick us down. And sometimes things when their residential schedule's already full.

And when you talk to other business owners that are in your same town, you get insights on the market, the things that are happening locally, that maybe you don't know about. I've talked about that peer leadership group that I belong to before, but that thing is invaluable. So if you can find a group of like-minded people that you can get together with on a regular basis locally,

you'll learn things about your city and your market, but at the same time, you can be getting together with other cleaning company, business owners. They know the industry for sure. And you can do that on that Facebook group. So whenever you buy a course, you'll automatically be added to that. I just think of it guys, like in your own local count and your own economy,

we were like this in the early days too. We were like, oh no, like cleaning companies doing this. And then we were looking at our competitors. Don't look at them. And if they are competition, don't think of them as competition. You should be focused on your game. And actually when someone else opens a cleaning company in your town,

or you have competition, like get excited, that just proves there's a market. It's a good thing. Right? And like Brandon said, we couldn't even clean every house in Albuquerque. If we tried, there's a million people and we couldn't even handle that amount of, we only need 3000 customers to have a $20 million business. That's incredible. Right? So think abundantly guys,

there's more than enough. Think of ways you could partner up with other cleaning companies, even in your town and help veterans or first responders and provide a charity together. Another level of service, something else that you can do to give back that strengthens all of your businesses. Right? Think abundantly, not in scarcity mindset And season right now. And just saw this ad that had come out from two gubernatorial candidates in Utah state.

And they released this ad that they both paid for where both governors candidates are on the screen talking about how, because they think differently doesn't mean that we all have to hate each other. And I just thought it was really interesting that these two political candidates put this ad out together saying like, look, you're going to vote for one of us. But like,

we just want to let you know that we're all in it for Utah. That's how you can think about it. When you do see another cleaning company opened up in your market, you don't have to think about it as, oh, I'm going to like, I have to go spy on him and follow him around town or let the air out of their tires and get all weird about it.

It's more just what Brandon said, because they opened up, it just goes to show that there are people in your town that are buying cleaning services. So what are they doing that you're not doing well, how can you differentiate yourself against that particular competitor? If you think they're succeeding better than you are so plenty of room in the market for you guys to do this along with lots of competition.

Absolutely. So I think the last note I want to leave you guys on before we finish up this podcast today is just in doing this guys in putting all these systems together, this has actually helped us improve our systems, right? So in order to get organized and make sure we had all our stuff in line, so we can deliver this to you guys.

And these are the systems we're using. It basically forced us to get organized. So this is just another case in point by helping others, it helps you to, right? So the more you help others, the more you grow and change and get better and everyone wins. Right? So think of it that way, guys. That's why we're doing this is we're helping ourselves at the same time,

but you guys are really getting the added benefit and everybody wins. And that's what we're here to do is a win-win add value to the world. If you're getting value out of anything we're doing on these podcasts. As we always ask guys, please share it out. Please subscribe to the podcast, leave us a review, go sign up to the email list on Profit Cleaners.

If you're not already subscribed, we've got a few more days before Thanksgiving. We're getting close. So on the next episode, guys, we are going to officially release the course. So get ready, right? Brandon. Yeah. Get ready to give. Thanks for the gratitude. That's going to come here to the month. I realize we have listeners in lots of different countries that may not do Thanksgiving,

but that's a big deal in the United States. So the course coming out on black Friday, which is a horrendous shopping day in the United States the day after Thanksgiving. But you can do this one from the comfort of your own home, on a computer instead of camping out in front of best buy all long after Thanksgiving. So go to the website, make sure you click the button for the newsletter,

get your email on there. And you'll get that launch email as soon as it goes live. Absolutely You guys. So until the next episode, until we bring the gratitude and Thanksgiving, keep it clean, keep it clean. Thanks for joining us today to get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profitcleaners.com and remember keep it clean.

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