“The world doesn’t reward busy, the world rewards effective.”- Brandon Schoen

The concept of the bucket story has transformed many businesses all throughout the years. In any business, it is important for entrepreneurs to innovate and find ways to work efficiently and effectively to be able to see the bigger picture and for the business to thrive and grow. It doesn’t matter if you work hard, but what matters is that you work smart. Wrong systems and actions could affect your business in many ways, how will you be able to do it right this time?

In this solo episode of the Profit Cleaners, Brandon Schoen will talk about the metaphor of the bucket story, building the system and strategies to expand and grow your business without having to do so much work but still generating more and more profits.

Start thinking outside the box, uplevel your game, and win in the business by listening to this podcast and learning only from the best and experienced!


  • Building Pipelines, Buckets and Big Picture Thinking for Systems
  • Why is it important to work smart, not hard?
  • Laying the foundation of one’s system
  • A Key towards Success: Building an Amazing Pipeline in Your Business
  • Building the Right System: Working Effectively, Not Working Busy
  • How a system creates freedom and structure in the business


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Episode 67: How the Bucket Story Will Transform Your Cleaning Business

Brandon Schoen:
What'd you guys to think about today's culture full of this busy-ness mentality, right? It's cool to be busy. Everyone's always so busy all the time on. I don't have time for that. I'm so busy, right? But being busy just to look busy and play business is not the way to go about it guys. Being busy is not a symbol of success. Just carrying the buckets back and forth. It might look successful to some people, but that's actually not really being efficient. That's not truly successful because you can't scale that, right? There's only one bucket at a time. You can carry up that hill and back you can't carry 10 or 20 at a time unless you start creating other systems. Right? So a lot of times in our culture today in today's age, people think it's cool to be busy guys, but it's a sign of being disorganized, ineffective, and mentally weak. So I love the wording of this guys. And I heard this recently, the world doesn't reward busy, the world rewards effective.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody. What is up? Brandon Schoen in the house guys. I'm doing a solo cast today, and I want to welcome you to the Profit Cleaners podcast. The only place where you can learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners from around the world to up level your game, take it to the next level and win. Thank you guys for being here today. Just have a quick episode for you guys today. I want to share something really impactful, a really cool metaphor that I think is going to help you grow your business and really help you in your life as well. So we don't always do these little shorter podcasts, but I wanted to share this with you guys,

because I think this metaphor, this concept as actually somebody told it to me many, many years ago, I forget which business it was in, but it applies to so many businesses. And just this concept is big picture thinking. It's basically how the bucket story will transform your cleaning business. That's the title of it. So it is the bucket story.

And we're going to go ahead and get into it. But first guys, I want to remind you of some house cleaning some housekeeping. And that is if you are getting any value out of this podcast, you'll notice that we haven't run 10 minutes of ads right before the podcast or anywhere in the show. And that is because guys, we do this out of our hearts.

We do this out of the good of what we're doing in our own business. We want to pay it forward. We want to help you guys to win and share the strategies, the techniques, whatever it is, working, whatever isn't working. We want to share it with you guys. So if you are getting that value, if you're getting a change of perspective,

a new idea, some inspiration, let us know guys, by sharing it out, share it to a friend, share it to someone else that could benefit from this. If you got value from the show, share it and help us out. Leave us a review, subscribe that wonders to help us. And we don't charge you guys for anything else.

For these shows, we're doing absolutely free and we're doing it alongside growing her own cleaning business. So help us out guys pay it forward, pay the fee and share the show. So other than that, guys, I just wanted to dive in. So I want you guys to take a moment wherever you are listening to this podcast. And just try to visualize this with me for a minute.

Okay? So imagine that you live in a village. Okay. So I'm going to tell you a story about building pipelines and buckets and big picture thinking for systems and really what this is all about. Guys is operating at a higher level, working smart, not hard. And so I'm gonna dive into the story. So imagine you live in a village,

imagine that maybe this is a hundred years ago before there's running water and all these things like that. Right? So going back in time a little bit, everyone that you see around you every day is racing to the river to get water, right? And that's what everyone does. They pick up their buckets, they walk to the river and you can only carry so many buckets.

Most people can carry one, maybe two buckets. Maybe if you're really strong, you can carry four or five buckets, but it gets a little crazy. If you start doing that, but everyone's racing to the river to get water and you look around and you see what's going on and you decide you're going to do something different. You're going to work smart and not hard because you've got a better way to do things.

So you see the big picture as you look around, you've seen everyone do the same thing. Everyone's doing it. Everyone's grabbing a bucket, going down to the river, fetching some water, coming back to their house for the day. Now they got water. That's how everyone's been doing it. That's the only way everyone has known to do it up to this point.

Right? But you see the big picture. You see things differently because you're thinking like an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs solve problems, entrepreneurs see things that other people don't see that you see around the corner, around the inflection point, right? To see the opportunity. So what do you do differently? Well, it's not really a competition to get the most water,

but if you did want to get more water and you wanted to get that water more easily, more efficiently, and even maybe you want it to be lazy one day and not have to even go get the water. How could you do that? Right. And so here's the story guys is you start digging a trench, okay? You start digging a hole and that's the first step.

And you look around and you start digging your trench, digging your hole, and people are laughing at you. And they're saying, what are you doing? You're trying to get water. Right. But nobody understands what you're doing. So they kind of look at you in disbelief, kind of make fun of you. Maybe call you some names and make you feel bad.

But you know, you just keep digging, keep digging your trench. Cause you know what you're doing. In fact earlier that year or the year prior, you had been in a different village, a different town, not too far away, that you saw somebody doing it differently. Okay? You saw the system that I'm about to talk to you about that.

You're going to be building here. So you're down in the trench. You're digging the hole. People are laughing at you next, you start laying the pipe and you start laying the foundation of the system. That's going to carry the water from the river to your house. But nobody else knows that you're doing this right. So they're all still looking at you.

Like you're crazy. And you start putting down the pipe, you start putting on the pieces that hold the pipe in place and you anchor those into place. And you cement that together. You strew that together. You glue it together. However you can do it. Right? And now people are looking at you and they're saying, what are you doing?

And the time that you've been building this trench, digging this thing and putting these pipes and we've gotten 10 more buckets of water and you're just still sitting here and you haven't even gotten one bucket of water, right? So they're looking at you scratching their heads and saying, what is this guy doing? Right. And so finally, after months and months of hard work doing this everyday,

you've been digging trenches. You've been getting new pipe, even putting it together, build in one section after the next. And still people are just like, I don't know what he's doing, but we get in our water. We're good. That guy over there he's completely clueless. He doesn't know what he's doing. Right? So finally, after months and months of hard work,

you finish putting down that last piece of pipe and you walk over to the edge of the river and you turn on the faucet. That's all you do. You just turn a little knob and the water starts flowing, abundantly, flowing, right? It doesn't just start trickling. It starts gushing out. It starts gushing out. It starts following your pipeline.

That you've just built basically all the way down, all the way through all the nooks and crannies and the valleys that you dug. And you can see the big picture now starting to come together, right? It's this framework that you were building a system, this pipeline that you were building and everything changes, everything changes. And you look around and everyone's looking at you in awe and in disbelief because they know that you just outsmarted them and they can see what you've been doing this whole time.

And they begin to scratch their heads and say, wow, look at what you just did. You totally are working smart and not hard because you just built this amazing pipeline system. And all you had to do was turn on the faucet and the water started flowing. And so I want you guys to think about that for a sec. And as you're thinking about that,

maybe there's a neighbor in the village that walks by and he was bragging the whole time about how he was 10 times stronger than you. And he was able to carry 10 times more buckets of water than you. And now that guy is scratching his head and saying, wow, I was such a fool because he's like, what an amazing pipeline you just built,

or maybe he's mad at you for building that by applying. And he's not amazed. He's mad at you because he's jealous of your success, right? And so now when you need water for your family, instead of get everyone to grab buckets and do the hard work and truck down to the river and maybe break your back, trying to carry extra buckets on the way back.

Cause you're trying to outdo yourself and you're burning out instead of burning out and breaking your back and feeling like you want to quit. Now everything's changed. Right? And even the days that you don't feel like working, you just go out and you turn on the faucet and you let that water flow. And so meanwhile, everyone else is still going down to the river,

getting their bucket and bringing it back home and repeating that same mundane process. That's hard work. And it might feel like they're getting ahead, but this whole time that they felt like they were doing more than you. And they were looking at you like you're crazy. You were actually building a system. You were actually putting in the hard work and had the big picture,

thinking the visionary, thinking to see out past what everyone else was doing and to see a better way to do this. Maybe the only way that you knew that you were confident in doing this is because you saw another guy's pipeline, another system, another water system in another village, right? So you were like, I know this works. I saw a better model of this working.

So even though nobody believes me and everyone laughed at me, I saw a better system and I was going to implement it. And here I am. So I want you guys to think about today's culture and it's kind of full of this busy-ness mentality, right? It's cool to be busy. Everyone's always so busy all the time. I don't have time for that.

I'm so busy. Right? But being busy just to look busy and play business is not the way to go about it. Guys. Being busy is not a symbol of success. Just carrying the buckets back and forth might look successful to some people, but that's actually not really being efficient. That's not truly successful because you can't scale that, right? There's only one bucket at a time.

You can carry up that hill and back you can't carry 10 or 20 at a time unless you start creating other systems. Right? So a lot of times in our culture today in today's age, people think it's cool to be busy guys, but again, being busy, it's not a symbol of success. It's a sign of being disorganized, ineffective, and mentally weak.

So I love the wording of this guy. Then I heard this recently, the world doesn't reward busy, the world rewards effective. I'm going to say that again. The world doesn't reward busy. The world rewards effective average people pretend to be busy. Successful people care about results. Average people pretend to be busy. Successful people care about results. Think about that for a second guys.

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In fact, in one year we were able to accomplish the growth that our mentor in Denver had in 10 years. So it's definitely a shortcut guys to success model. After that success, everything from finding the perfect clients to learning how to keep your schedule filled. We cover everything you need to 10 extra business and without wasting your time and money. So to learn more about this incredible course,

head over to Profit Cleaners dot com slash courses, that's Profit Cleaners dot com slash courses. The world around us pretends to be busy pretends, not to have time pretends, not to have the ability to think outside the box and to go the extra mile. Cause they're too busy to be effective, right? But the world doesn't reward that, okay? The world truly rewards results and true effectiveness.

And so when you built that pipeline and you walked over and you turned on that faucet, that was effectiveness, that was results. And that is what gets rewarded. A lot of people in business are too arrogant to invest in themselves, to invest in their businesses and to systems or to build the right systems, right. To pay people, to help them build those systems.

And it's mainly because they haven't seen anything like this before, but you have seen this and this is what I'm talking about. Guys. Maybe you saw this, like I said, maybe you saw that pipeline in another village and you said, Hey, I see that that's working. And you know, it worked because you saw it work. And you said,

I saw it working. So you have the confidence to go out and build that system yourself. Cause you saw it working. So all this comes back to guys is in business. You want to be developing this mentality, right? Work smart, not hard. And also you want to be working in a way that you see the big picture and you're actually building a system that gives you your life back.

That gives you your time back. That gives you freedom. That's why you started my business in the first place. Right? So can you see how building a pipeline, even though it's more work in the beginning, even though people think you're crazy for digging a trench and doing everything the opposite of everyone else, can you see how building a pipeline is more effective,

is getting more results in the big picture game. Can you see that? Right. So this is the framework guys that we're teaching here at Profit Cleaners came. We talk a lot about on these podcasts, all sorts of strategies and mindset and different episodes guys, to help you grow your business. But essentially what we're teaching you guys is the framework. Okay?

And we talk about the riches are in the niches. Absolutely. If you're in the cleaning business or in a service based business, you're in a niche. So the riches are in the niches. That's the first thing. Once you find that niche, number two, you want to build the pipeline. You want to build the systems you want to build the customer experience,

right? You're an entrepreneur. That means you are creating experiences for people. How do you making people feel right? How has your pipeline delivering your product and making people feel? Is it making them feel great? Is it easy, awesome experience? You just turn it on and it happens seamlessly and abundantly. So number three is you turn on that faucet and you let abundance flow because you built that system.

You built that pipeline. It's now in place and all you gotta do is turn it on. Let the water flow. And the beauty is guys. Yeah. I mean, at some point we're all a little bit lazy, right? There's those days where you do want to get up and you don't want to go down to the river and get that bucket.

Right. How nice would it be? Imagine for a second, if you could just turn on that faucet. Cause you built the pipeline, you built the system and those days that you're feeling like, man, I just don't want to do it today. I'll just turn on the faucet, turn on the system, right? Maybe someone else turns it on for you because all you gotta do is turn that faucet.

That's what we're talking about guys is building that system, building that pipeline so that you don't have to keep bringing those buckets down the hill and breaking your back and burning out, breaking your ankle, getting your kids to carry more buckets and all that crazy stuff, right? It's time to live your life. It's time to build something of value of lasting value.

That's going to last for a long time and it's going to be impacting lots of people and it's going to be the source of abundance that flows. So I want to just end this podcast today, guys of the story to let you guys know, like start thinking differently, start thinking outside the box and start thinking big picture. What is the system you can be building?

And what are the systems you should be building into your business so that you can turn on that pipeline and let the water flow. Don't be like everyone else that is just being busy and running a cashflow front and doing everything themselves and breaking their backs to try to carry 10 buckets home every single day, don't be that guy. Okay. It might look like that guy is really busy and he's sweating and he's bragging about how much he's doing.

And, but you know what the difference is that guy is going to burn out. And at the end of the day, his back's going to hurt and he can only do that for so long before he completely just gives up a system will truly set you free and systems, create freedom. Guys, car systems create structure. So you can operate within an environment that gives you more structure,

more freedom, more creativity, to grow your business the way you want to grow your business. And that's how it's done guys. That's how the most successful entrepreneurs out there are doing it. They're creating pipelines, they're creating systems and they're building teams around them that compliment their skills so they can focus on what they do best and their teams go out and turn on the faucet forum and the water flows.

And everyone gets their water for the day. Everything gets done and it's efficient and it's effective. And it's beautiful. So I want to encourage you guys to not be like everyone else and not be trying to be busy and trying to do everything yourself. Start thinking big picture, be the other guy, the guy that saw the big picture, the guy that took action when everyone else is laughing at them and wondering why they were digging holes,

building a pipeline wasting time essentially is what they thought. But reality, you're actually pushing past that and you're doing something much greater. So this all gets back to you guys is the systems that we're teaching you guys here at Profit Cleaners, the systems to market your business, to grow your business, to get more sales, because those are systems you can put in place and you can turn on the pipeline and watch the customers roll in.

And then there's systems to nurture those customers and create an amazing experience over deliver. So those people are loyal to your business for years and years and years to come. They're not just easy come easy go. Right? And then there's other systems, guys. We just launched the home cleaning training systems course. That's another system guys that actually we got from our mentor.

We got that pipeline from another village. We saw working in another village and we brought it to our village and we doubled down on it. And we said, this is working. We're going to double down on it. We're going to build that same pipeline here. Cause we saw it work in somewhere else. So all we're saying, guys is take the plans,

take the blueprint for our pipeline and go build your pipeline. Take the systems that we've laid out for you guys. The framework all you have to do is follow the framework, follow this step, dig the trench, lay the pipe, turn on the faucet and let the water flow. So I want to leave you guys with that. I want to leave you guys with the mentality and just the upgrading of your thoughts and how you perceive the world and how you perceive your business.

Start investing in yourself, start investing in your business and start taking strategic action to take the right steps. And we've said this recently on some of our calls, but if you're not getting success, if you're not having success in your business so far, you're not reaching the goals that you want to reach. And you're constantly trying to achieve those goals, but you're not quite hitting them while you're either not taking the right action or you don't have the right system.

So you're taking the wrong action constantly. Or you just haven't been taking the right action with the right system for long enough. So maybe you just need a little more time. Maybe you need to tweak those systems. Maybe there's a leak in your pipeline, right? So maybe there's some things you can change to add more structure at a more efficient pipeline.

Even just the whole system. Maybe you don't have a pipeline at all. Maybe you're still carrying the buckets down to the river to get the water and bring them back. And you feel like you're really busy. You feel like you're working really hard, but you're just not getting anywhere. It's just, you're like, how am I ever going to get enough water to build a swimming pool or whatever you're trying to do with all the water,

right? Or just make it easier on yourself to get water. So I want you guys to start thinking bigger and I want you guys to start thinking, how can I build a system and build a pipeline? And if you want to model success, guys, that's the best way to do it. Model success. Don't reinvent the wheel. Just follow in someone else's footsteps.

That's already done it. So we did. We've created these systems. If you guys want to follow the blueprint and the systems we've outlined in the home cleaning training systems and the 10 X course for marketing your cleaning business, that's a great way to start or just keep listening to the podcast. We're always giving out value to you guys, Sharon, what's working,

what's not working. So hopefully you're starting to see the big picture here. What this all comes back to is systems and getting in the niche, creating the system and turning on the faucet, letting it flow. And I promise you guys, if you start putting in the work, now, if you start building the right systems, now you just consistently keep showing up doing the work.

The results will come and it might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. It might take you a year or two to dig the pipeline and to lay the pipe in the foundation. But once that foundation is built, once that pipe is in place, it is a beautiful thing, guys. That is the beautiful thing about business is the systems that free you.

And that's what we all got into business for is freedom. I think ultimately you want the freedom to do what you want when you want, where you want with whom you want with whomever you want. That is true freedom guys. So let's create businesses that create freedom in our lives that create pipelines that deliver fresh, abundant water to our families, to our communities and what's create the system.

So all we got to do is step outside, turn on that faucet, let the abundance flow. So I want to just leave you guys with that thought. How can you create a system, an abundant system that feeds your business that feeds your life and how can you plug into something that's already working? And if you guys are already doing it awesome,

if you need help with that, we'd love to help you out. Check out the Profit Cleaners courses. We've got the, the Profit Cleaners home cleaning training systems. We've got another one coming out probably next year. If you're just launching one, we're here to help. If you have questions about how to grow your business, reach out to us.

Hello at Profit Cleaners dot com. Jump on our social media pages. We're on Instagram now at Profit Cleaners, you can also find my personal Instagram at Profit Brandon. We're actually getting on Tik TOK. Now we're getting everywhere, guys. We're going to be omnipresent because we want to share this message with the world as far and wide as we can. We want as many of you building your pipelines,

building your systems so that you can bring more abundance and more water back to the community. And you can be that guy that didn't do it like everyone else, and everyone scratched their heads. But at the end of the day, you're going to be the guy that changes the world. And you're going to be the one that changes your village and did the right thing and worked smart and not hard.

And that's the way it's done guys. So I want to leave you with that thought and leave you thinking abundantly and inspire you to think abundantly and how you can build that pipeline. Whatever that pipeline is for you and your business, whatever tweaks you need to make. Now's the time guys. Now's the time to put pedal to the metal full throttle. There's never been a better time in history guys.

Now is the time to double down when everyone else is slowing down, going on the defense, go on the offense, build your pipeline. And I look forward to seeing you guys in the community. I look forward to seeing you guys on the other side, and I wish you guys all the best in building your pipeline. We're here to build it alongside you.

We're here to give you the blueprints. So keep showing up. If you're getting value out of the show, share it out. Guys shared out to a friend, someone that needs to hear this, that doesn't even have to be a cleaning business owner, shared out. Leave us a review, help us out guys, subscribe to the show and we'll see you guys real soon until then keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profitcleaners.com and remember keep it clean.

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