You can gain credibility in a lot of ways. One of those ways is winning awards. Yep, it’s old school and, yep, it still works. When you earn these types of public achievements, people pay attention. And, bonus, you get to use them to GET people to pay attention.

But awards are more than just for show, they truly do demonstrate that you know what you’re doing in business – you’re competent, you’re reliable, and you’re one of the best in your area.

In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons share some of the habits they have that have helped them win Best of the City 4 years straight. They also share some easy ways you can replicate what they do to be the best so that you can do the same in your city.

Tune in now and learn more about what you can do to take your business to the top.


  • What is the Best of the City award?
  • Habit #1: Know your outcome
  • Habit #2: Confidence
  • Habit #3: Eliminate doubt
  • Habit #4: (Listen in to learn…)
  • (Bonus!) Habit #5: Urgency


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Episode 67: 4 Habits That Helped Us Win Best of the City

Brandon Schoen:
Not only universal for the most successful people in the world that do these things. But also these are the same habits that we're infusing into Sandia Green Clean, into our cleaning business. And we want you guys to model after this success we're having. So you can do the same thing and you guys can win best of the city in your market.

Brandon Condrey:
The first one is know exactly what your outcome is.

Brandon Schoen:
The world doesn't reward busy. The world rewards effective. Average people pretend to be busy. Successful people care about results. The second habit is confident knowing not just a 100%, but 111%, without a doubt, that action gets results. The third one,

Brandon Condrey:
Eliminate doubt from your mindset. We have zero problems struggling with what ifs.

Brandon Schoen:
Success is not a theory. It's an equation. And it's the same thing. If you do the work and you keep doing the work and you keep showing up putting in the work consistently, the results come.

Brandon Condrey:
So the last one is don't delay the win act like you want the win right now.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. The only place where you can learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners from around the world to up level your game, take it to the next level and win. I am your host, Brandon Schoen, and I'm joined by my cohost,

Brandon Condrey:
Brandon Condrey that's me!

Brandon Schoen:
That's right! The Profit Cleaners in the house. And today guys, we have some very special, valuable content to share with you all about the four habits we implemented to win best of the city, four years running, we just finished the competition. Again, guys, we just want best of the city here in Albuquerque with the cleaning business. Once again, and we want to fill you guys in on the details. Success leaves clues, and we want to share with those clues what those are. So you guys can replicate that same success in your market. So let's go ahead and dive in.

Brandon Condrey:
Yeah, of course. So you said success leaves clues. And I always liked telling people this, but we get this little medallion when we win best at a city and we leave him on the cars and we updated every year. It's like world war two bombers. When they would take out an enemy, they'd put a little notch on it. So all the cars have these medallions all over the place. So that's our very over clue. Overall there's opportunities when other people are on the defense and now during post pandemic or mid pandemic, whatever we're calling this time of our lives, there is a lot of opportunity and it's no different than the great depression when people cowered and tucked into their shells. A lot of huge companies grew out of the great depression.

Brandon Schoen:
Yeah, absolutely. You guys, there is an opportunity right now whether you know it or not, when everything is slowing down, it has felt like that really like the last year or two, even it's been crazy world out there. And a lot of uncertainty, a lot of fear, a lot of doubt, which is actually encouraging to know that if you're experiencing that challenge well, so are your competitors right? And they're having to solve that same problem. So it's an opportunity because a lot of people are simply putting their head in the sand. Like you said, Brandon, it's like the great depression going in their shell. They're slowing down. They're like, I don't know what to do. I'm just going to do nothing. So it's actually the biggest opportunity I think in our lifetime right now, when it comes to business, we might not ever have such a great opportunity in our lifetime again, because this is a unprecedented stuff going on in the world right now. And it's exciting time to be in business because you really can use it or some amazing momentum, some amazing progress that normally it would be a lot harder to accomplish. But when you have everyone else slowing down, you just step on the gas and go faster and you win. So let's tell them a little bit more about best of the city though. Like when we very first started Brandon, we wanted to get, like you said, the medallion on the car, that was a big part of it. It was like, we wanted to build social proof. We were brand new in the market. Nobody knew who we were. We needed to get some accreditations here. Right?

Brandon Condrey:
Yeah. Social proof. We've talked about that before. That's very important. But if other people are using you and recommending you, then it makes sense for people that don't know you to trust you as well. So best of the city is put on by a local magazine called Albuquerque the magazine. There are all kinds of versions of this in your cities and other cities, reader, polls for newspapers, whatever. But in Albuquerque, in particular, this one, the Albuquerque the magazine, best of the city, they give you these graphics of these medallions whenever you win or are finalist. And then people collectively as a whole and the city business owners have just used them. You see them on billboards, you see them on cars, you'll see them on websites and on promotional material handed out. So we had it from the get-go when we started the business that we needed to win that category so that we could preach that across the board.

Brandon Schoen:
Yeah. And we live in Albuquerque. You guys might have a market you're in, that does something similar. There's like a best of the town or city something that's recognition for that business, that local business that does something great. And so it's like bragging rights to have this medal of honor that goes on our cars. We put on our website. And as Brandon mentioned earlier, it's that social proof, which is like a testimonial almost where if people see that other people approved and other people had a good experience with your brand, you even won something. Well, they're going to be so much more likely now to trust your brand and tone to work with you. And it just removes that doubt. And it removes that. I don't know if I should work with them or not. They just trust you like a lot more automatically. So that's originally how we got in that game. I think right when we started the business, actually, we just missed the cutoff that first year. Right? So we started it in the summer and the competition was in the fall. So we missed it that first year. But the next year round is when we first got into the game. And that was really exciting. And then, yeah, just four years straight. So we're going to give you guys the breakdown on the four habits, the four success habits, not only universal for the most successful people in the world that do these things, but also these are the same habits that we're infusing into Sandia Green Clean into our cleaning business. And we want you guys to model after these clues model, after this success we're having. So you can do the same thing and you guys can win best of the city in your market.

Brandon Condrey:
Yeah, Absolutely. So four habits that made it possible to win four years in a row. So the first one is know exactly what your outcome is. You want to be able to know exactly what you want and to reverse engineer it. So lately entrepreneurship has become a fad. It's cool to play business. I see this a lot on influencers and things like that online. Everyone's a life coach. Everyone's a business coach without actually running a business.

Brandon Schoen:
Yeah and its crazy like entrepreneurship became all sexy and cool. All of a sudden when it's actually a lot of times, it's not glamorous. It's not sexy. It's not cool to be doing the hard work, but that's what it takes to win. And a lot of people glamorize it and lately it's felt like this game or something, but it's not a fad guys. It takes a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of goal setting mindset, work, adaptation to your environment or come challenges. I mean, there's so much that goes into growing a business. So just want to get that out of the way.

Brandon Condrey:
Yeah. So are my goals, really my goals. So if your actions don't back up, what your goals are, they aren't your goals. And you're just staying busy for the sake of being busy. We've talked about this before with other business owners, but your goal shouldn't be to be busy. I mean, it shouldn't be to create a job for yourself where you're in there 8 to 10 hours a day. And you think that you didn't like I did it. It did eight to 10 hours of stuff. That's not what you should be doing.

Brandon Schoen:
Yeah. And I think even just like that, not only just having a business, but setting goals, people set goals all the time, but they don't have intention behind those goals. So they're not actually backing up the actions that get them to those goals. And so what ends up happening is exactly what you said is people are just like, I'm so busy, right? And it's like being busy is not a symbol of success. It's a sign of being disorganized out of whack, on focused ineffective and mentally weak, actually, because you're just spinning your wheels, the business owner, that's working 10, 15 hour days, eight days a week, seven days a week, whatever it is, they're just totally burned out. But they're like, but I'm busy and I'm doing something right. And so we had this written down here, but I think this is so powerful. The world doesn't reward busy, the world rewards effective. And so average people pretend to be busy, successful people care about results. So that's what it's all about guys is pretend all day long to be out there working your tail off and doing all the work yourself, doing, wearing 10 hats and all these carrying all these buckets. But the truth is if you're just doing that to try to look busy, to, to feel important or whatever, that's not going to get you to your goals and you need to be taking the right actions to get to those goals. There's a quote I wanted to share which the truth will set you free. That is Jesus. And if you're just honest with yourself, that quote is so powerful because just tell yourself the truth. Are your goals actually your goals or is it somebody else's goals if somebody else wants you to create that and actually achieve that, or do you really want to achieve that goal? And I think once you're honest with yourself, when you become more transparent with your goals, the truth will set you free. Then you'll be like, no, that's actually not my goal. My goal is this. And so I'm going to start taking action this direction. So I can really achieve that goal.

Brandon Condrey:
Just cause you have the right goal. Doesn't mean that it's going to be super easy. Things are still going to be hard and there's going to be work to do. You're still going to have things to do, but you're making sure that you're doing it in reaction to training, to be effective. And you're trying to get what the goal is, the correct goal.

Brandon Schoen:
Exactly. And it's not going to be easy. Like we said, it's not glamorous and sexy. Like everyone thinks being an entrepreneur is it's hard work. There's going to be challenges. But when you get clear and you get super laser focused on what you want, we're talking about here, like we want to win best of the city. We want to be the best cleaning business in Albuquerque and create the best product. Well then naturally you're already in that state of clarity where you're free of delusion and lies and all the pressure and all the things that you think other people want for you, you get really clear on what you want. And then you're able to just take massive action towards that one goal, which is where we started four years ago, however long ago. Now it's been that we actually started the business. I think it's four years now. We started this business with huge intention, man, huge purpose. And I think that's been with us. One of the success habits we've had this whole time.

Brandon Condrey:
So what's the second habit.

Brandon Schoen:
So the second habit is confidence. So knowing not just a 100%, but 111%, without a doubt, that action gets results. And you have to believe that guys, because if you don't believe it, you won't back up your goals with those actions. But your subconscious is just not going to push you through it. Your subconscious doesn't always know the difference between reality and not reality. So be careful what you tell yourself, right? That's why negative self-talk is so horrible. You got to tell yourself positive stuff. You got to inspire yourself because as soon as you start introducing fear, uncertainty, doubt, it puts you into a really negative state. When you're operating in an aggressive state, you're moving, you're confident. You're moving forward. You believe that action is going to get that result. And there's no room for negative emotions. There's no room for feeling down and feeling like you're lazy or you don't want to do it. It just, you want to do it because you're so driven and you believe that, Hey, if I take this action, I'm going to get the results.

Brandon Condrey:
Yep. I find that a lot of people feel that action eliminates worry. So if you're worried about something, then take action on something. That's going to move you towards your goal. Fear, uncertainty, doubt. Some people will call that foot. You can see that online FUD. So just try not to do it. Brandon and I have both have had businesses in the past. They were a little like side hustles and things like that. Those never worked for me. And a lot of the times it was because I didn't have the confidence that it was going to work enough to ever get me out of my day job. So it didn't, this was the one time when we really sat down and we're like, no, this is going to work. And I quit my day job. I quit the big, high paying sales job to start a cleaning company, which didn't make sense to a lot of people. But here we are.

Brandon Schoen:
Yeah, there you go, man. So let's tell them the third one, Brandon, It's kind of a play on that second one, but eliminate doubt from your mindset.

So we have zero problems struggling with what ifs. What if I build this? And it doesn't work. What if I launch a new cleaning team and it fails or a new cleaning company and it fails. So you just try not to think about those things. If the last one works, if you're convinced that it's going to work, just press. Yeah.

And when you're first starting out, you might not be able to look around and be like, oh, there's undeniable proof. This is going to work. But when we started this, we got our mentor, right? Maybe you guys are looking at us and listening to us and where your mentor right now, where did the undeniable proof that this is working?

Okay. So if it's not currently surrounding you right now, just look at us, look at the people you're surrounding yourself with and just realize that we're just normal dudes, Brandon and I are not super skilled or super gold metal entrepreneurs and crazy better than you or something like that. We're just normal guys. And so when it comes down to you guys is success is not a theory.

It's an equation. And it's the same thing. If you do the work and you keep doing the work and you keep showing up, putting in the work consistently, the results come. And a lot of people quit a little too early. Usually is what happens. They'll put in a little work, they'll do a side hustle and they didn't really see anything happen.

And then they quit too early. Whereas if they kept doing the right thing long enough, they would have seen more results come through. A lot of people just quit too early. That's the same with sports. That's the same with a lot of things in life. Relationships Kind of that coin is that if you're doing the right work, you do it for long enough.

Success will come. But the other side of that is that you're doing the wrong work. And that goes back to that busy thing. So you cleaned a lot of houses today. You helped to cleaners, or you opened a lot of mail or you distracted yourself by researching some thing, whatever it may be, but that's the wrong work. So doing that work is not going to lead to the success part.

So it's doing the right work for long enough to get the results. Yeah. When you cultivate that belief, doubt just disappears out the window because results are going to come no matter what, like I just know if I keep pushing forward. If I keep taking action every day, even if it's just 1, 2, 3 little things you're doing every day, but you're just nonstop.

You're just hacking away at it. Eventually you're going to hack away through that train. That's going to fall over. Hey guys. So how can Profit Cleaners help you three ways? First off, head over to the podcast, or if you're on YouTube, we've got loads of free content. We're republishing the podcast tier as well. Check out the podcast.

That's a great place to start Next. You can grab our 10 X marketing course to help you bring your business up to seven figures, get a bunch of customers. You can check that out at Profit Cleaners dot com slash courses. And then lastly, if you just head to the website in general, Profit Cleaners dot com, there's lots of free tools on there.

All the podcast episodes are on there. And then there's also free masterclass that we run every week that you can still register for. Yeah. Check out the show notes and all sorts of resources. So hopefully that helps you guys. We'll see you guys soon. Take care. It might be today. It might be tomorrow. It might be five years from now.

We're proof in the pudding right here that it's didn't work for us day one. But we worked at it. We kept working at it. We kept putting time in and showing up. And we're four years in now and we're definitely on the road to success. We're not where we want to be yet. It's a journey. But I think no matter what you put in the work,

the results will come a hundred percent of the time. If you just don't quit. So start developing that mindset of tenacity, fortitude, grit, whatever it takes to win, go the extra mile to do whatever it takes and you will win. Right. But that's what it is for us. It's just, we have zero doubt that we can accomplish anything.

If we just put the effort in, so you guys need to cultivate that belief to just believe it and it'll happen. So the last one don't delay the win act like you want the win right now. You want to act so that you're going to get the results. And then mark that down as a w on the score sheet I won. How do you win the day?

Brandon, Shane used to say that to me all the time. He used to come in here when we were literally small and write in this notebook, win the day. And then he'd write a bunch of things below it. Like, this is how I'm going to win the day. Yeah, absolutely. You guys. And it sounds so simple and silly,

but it's like the greatest empires and the greatest things on earth. We're all created by little tiny things. Just like little seeds being planted every single day. And the more I study successful people, I realize they're doing exactly what we're talking about. They're nothing special. They're not a rocket scientist or someone that's super smart that can do this better than you.

It's just, they're disciplined. And they show up and they take action. And it's about doing small wins guys. You might think, oh wait, I got to hit a home run or hit it out of the park every time. No, it's about being in the game, hitting those base hits, right? Just being in the game and you hit that base hit,

you hit that base run. You run a few bases. Eventually you're going to hit that home run, but it takes time sometimes. So the other way to look at this, right? You mark every day down as a win. But if you're not feeling that you actually won, let's say you had a bad day. Something failed, something didn't work.

The question that I like to ask myself in those situations is where's the gift in this failure that you can learn from. And then mark that down as a win. So we tried a new advertising campaign. We wasted a bunch of money, whatever it was, we didn't get any near the amount of conversions. Well, where's the win in that? Well,

we learned that that doesn't work. We learned that that particular strategy isn't the way to do it. So the win in that particular scenario is that we're going to take that off the table for things that we're gonna do in the future for marketing. So that type of thing can be applied to anything. You broke some stuff in a cleaner's house. Where's the wind in that we just learned that we need to change a policy to not pick up lamps or whatever those things are,

the way to get the little wins, all this. Yeah, absolutely. Man. And so guys, it's just putting yourself in a state of winning. I mean, it feels good to win, right? So put yourself in an environment where you can be winning a lot, even if it's just, I got up today and I made my bed,

boom, there's a win right there. Right. And you'd be surprised. That's actually what a lot of successful people do is just get up in the day. And the first thing they do on their day is make their bed. And then they have like a whole morning routine. Brandon and I are actually talking about doing a whole episode about getting in the flow state and getting a routine to be more successful.

We're going to do another episode on that soon, but it feels good to win, right? So when you start winning, you want to just keep winning and you want to do it again and again and again, as much as possible. So if you can't appreciate the win on a day-to-day basis, you're going to have a really hard time in entrepreneurship because it's not always about the big wins.

It's about the little wins. It's about the little things along the way, and they build up and build up and propel you with that momentum to get to the big ones and the whole run. So why would you want to delay the win if you're doing that, you're just simply delaying your own ability to build Bulletproof confidence. And you're doing that with a lack of urgency,

right? So you got to keep attacking, keep being aggressive and just creating wins however possible. Even if it's just like, got to make that phone call today, I got to send that email. I got to do this thing, the next little thing to grow my business. It doesn't have to be big. Just something to build that momentum, a win 1, 2, 3 wins,

whatever it is, keep it small. Don't overwhelm yourself. That goes back to the goal thing. Then we talked about before too. So if you've got a big goal, the best cleaning company in town, the seven figure business, reverse engineer. It we've talked about that before too. So take that goal into a smaller chunk. What do I have to do in the next year to make that happen?

Okay, what do I have to do in the next three months of that year to make that happen? What do I have to do in the next month? What do I have to do tomorrow? So those little wins are the, what do I have to do tomorrow? I have to make that phone call, you know, make the email order.

The thing, like whatever it is, those are the wins that will keep pushing you forward. Absolutely guys, it's just about building those small successes and then they turn into the big ones. I can tell you when we first started, we did not have as many wins in the beginning, but we just kept in hacking away. And it was like,

we got another customer when we got another thing figured out another win, like, but then into the builds on the next one on the next one, until you start having these much bigger wins, but again, it starts with a small one, throw a bonus in their brand and we got one extra one. We said four, we're going to give you guys for success habits on how we won best of the city.

But we got five actually. Sure. Urgency. No that you don't have all the time in the year. Brandon, sometimes you say to me, things like money, like speed. That always makes me nervous. Cause I'm the analytical one. I like to game it out in a spreadsheet and see how it works. But like I can do that for Yeah,

absolutely. That a lot of times that's a huge, huge success habit of really successful people. And this is what we've built into the strategy and growing Sandia Green Clean is you have to attack critical tasks first and still have a life. And you can't just be doing hacking away all the time, but you have to have urgency and not just picking and choosing what's urgent like this.

One's going to be urgent some of the time. And sometimes it's not. That's how most people live their life. And it's like, if you can think, for example, the guy that doesn't pay his mortgage until his house is foreclosed. And then he's like, what the heck, man? It's like, he didn't have urgency the whole time. He wasn't paying his bills.

And then he's going to blame the bank because they foreclosed in his house or the guy that's writing love letters to his ex-girlfriend because she broke up with him. But really he wasn't urgent about the relationship. Cause he wasn't telling her, he loved her the whole time. So it's like, you got to build that urgency into what you're doing. Right. I can relate this back to flying a plane because people know by now that I'm obsessed with that idea,

but there's this concept in learning how to be a pilot where you want to stay ahead of the plane. So you have to anticipate what's going to happen with weather, with procedures, with checklists to stay ahead of it. If you get behind it, you now have a whole bunch of stuff that you have to do like right away. And if everything is urgent,

then nothing is urgent and you're just scrambling. Yeah. A lot of people don't know which things should be urgent, but it's just like, think about it. Everything to a degree can be urgent. You have to obviously pick and choose your battles and stuff, but not being urgent kills all your dreams. Just straight up. If you're going to be lazy,

if you're going to be complacent, if you're going just be like, ah, put it off till tomorrow, you know, get to it later, that kind of attitude. That's going to kill your dreams guys, because it's going to put you in a place you're going to be moving backwards. Right. And, and you really could run out of time.

I think that's the biggest thing is people think they have unlimited time and you see it all the time. People like I see it. Then the people that are older than me than I am, they regret not working as hard earlier in their life where they regret not going to practice as much if maybe they were a pro football player or something like there's those regrets.

And that's one of the biggest things I think most negative things you can have at the end of your life is regret. Knowing that you could've put in more, you could have had more urgency. You could have done more and you didn't and like what a bad way to go out. So I don't know if you've ever had a near death experience. Brandon,

I have. So people that have had near death experiences definitely have this way more. I was working under my car when I was in college. I got home from work one night and I would change my oil in my car and stuff. I had the super low car and I was like a Acura Integra. And it was dropped and everything had racing wheels.

And I was like, oh, I'll just fix this real quick. And I didn't have my normal ramps. So I put up on these jacks that I was borrowing from a neighbor. I had never used them before. And I was under there taking out the oil filter and the whole car. It was like in slow motion. My life flashed before my eyes,

the car tipped over. And it literally felt like the jacks came out from under the car and I would scoot now and it fell on my chest and I caught it and I swear it was like a miracle, man. I don't even know how I got out from under the car. I was just able to lift it enough to squeeze out from under it.

And I'll never forget that day, man. I had like nightmares for weeks. I thought it was going to die on this stuff. But every time I relived that moment, I just realized, man, life is so precious and it could end at any moment and you see it happen all the time. When people pass away, it's never the perfect time.

It's never the right time. So you got to start living your life. Like that time is ticking. Don't operate your life without being urgent or just when it's convenient, right? Every detail in your life, every detail in your business should be attacked with urgency. So be focused, be diligent in the pursuit of your goal of the business of lifestyle that you want as a result of achieving the business goal.

So operate with urgency daily to execute Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, five years, 10 years, 20 years. Yeah. If you attack the day with that urgency, you're going to be in a great spot two, three years from now, whatever it is because you're just constantly taking that deliberate action where there's a lot of people are just going to be like,

oh, I'll get to it later. Whereas you're going to be the one pulling ahead because it's just urgency that attitude, Hey, I don't have time. Like I might not be here that much longer. And you never know. You never know guys. So quit doing that. Write great. Some urgency around it. Find a way to make it super urgent and get it done.

Especially if it's something that's going to move your business forward. Right? Cause sometimes those are the hardest things to do. But once you do them, you're like, man, why was I putting that off so long? That was so easy. And now it made everything so much better. So I think that's it. Yeah. Those are the habits we use in our entrepreneur lives to build Sandia Green Clean.

And we invest with the city for years running that being said, there's a couple of things for you to do here at the, if you Stay long enough, the home cleaning training system course is out on Profit Cleaners dot com. That's the one that everyone's been asking for. So it is available. It is open to you right now, guys. This is the framework.

We always say the riches are in the niches. But once you get the framework to build within that, that niche, that's really the powerful part of growing this business is you can try to figure it out Willy nilly and just skate on your own. Just figure it out. But when you're growing within a system, when you're modeling after success, which is exactly what we did,

guys, we just modeled a mentor that we found up in Denver. You showed us the ropes. He had been in business 20 plus years already figuring this out. And he even told us Brandon, he was like, man, if I was just like you guys, I would have just joined one of these groups and got one of these courses early in the days,

I would have saved so much time and headache. So yeah, that was really cool. If you guys haven't seen the call, we did with Corby, it is on the website. And if you go to Profit Cleaners dot com forward slash cleaning systems, you can check out the live call we did with Corby, dive into the course, the three secrets for growing your cleaning business,

doing way less work, using these systems to automate a lot of the efficiencies and become a lot more efficient. So you can clean more. And actually you don't even have to do the cleaning anymore. If you're tired of cleaning or you want to like grow your team, this is a great way to do it guys. So working smart and not hard,

that's the way to do it. Yeah. So the podcast has always though is still free. So the price of admission for that is to share it with someone, leave a review, leave us a comment. You know, we're on all the major podcast platforms. So leave us a review, let us know what you think. That is always very helpful subscribe.

And if you know someone who thinks they can benefit from the podcast, we've had other people that aren't home cleaners tell us that there's value in it as well. So just tell someone about it. Absolutely guys, if you're getting value out of it, if it helped you grow in any way, change your perspective, just please pay it forward. Right?

Just share it out, leave us a review. That's how we grow the show organically. We're not running a bunch of annoying ads that we could, 10 minutes of ads, like some of these podcasts. So please help us out guys. We're growing our cleaning business alongside you and give it a share. Tell someone, share the wealth guys. It's let's pass it around in the meantime.

Keep it clean. Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to and remember keep it clean.

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