For us, everything begins with our mindsets. In order to be the best in our business, we have to constantly be learning and growing – it’s the only way to have the knowledge we need to improve our systems, our business structure, and the daily habits that support everything we do.

Almost every single one of the top CEOs in the world understand the importance of a healthy mindset, which is why they are avid readers.

It’s also why you, fellow business owner, should be an avid reader!

Today we’re talking about the importance of always learning and how the simple act of reading a little bit every day can dramatically improve your business – and your life.

We’re inviting you to join the Profit Cleaners Book Club in 2022 so that we can all hold each other accountable for reading, learning, and applying our knowledge to our businesses.

Join today by clicking the link:


  • The importance of always reading new books
  • The average person’s book consumption vs. a CEO’s book consumption
  • The best kinds of books to read
  • Our favorite book recommendations
  • Join our book club and start reading Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • The right way to consume more books than ever


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Episode 69: Join the Profit Cleaners Book Club!

Brandon Schoen:
Not only universal for the most successful people in the world that do these things. But also these are the same habits that we're infusing into Sandia Green Clean, into our cleaning business. And we want you guys to model after this success we're having. So you can do the same thing and you guys can win best of the city in your market.

Brandon Condrey:
The first one is know exactly what your outcome is.

Brandon Schoen:
The world doesn't reward busy. The world rewards effective. Average people pretend to be busy. Successful people care about results. The second habit is confident knowing not just a 100%, but 111%, without a doubt, that action gets results. The third one,

Brandon Condrey:
Eliminate doubt from your mindset. We have zero problems struggling with what ifs.

Brandon Schoen:
Success is not a theory. It's an equation. And it's the same thing. If you do the work and you keep doing the work and you keep showing up putting in the work consistently, the results come.

Brandon Condrey:
So the last one is don't delay the win act like you want the win right now.

Brandon Schoen:
You upgrade your mind, guys, you upgrade your thoughts. And when you start creating better thoughts in your mind, everything around you changes, everyone around you feels cause you can treat them better because you can create a better culture. You can think of it more of a mindset of abundance. More success comes to you when you're thinking that way, hopefully you can be reading four or five books a month, like the top CEOs in the world. That's where we all want to be at. Cause we want to be top of the game. Top 1%. This is something we did recently talk about on a podcast creating structure. So you can operate at the speed of excellence. The reason we're doing this book guys is we're going to start the year with the bang. We want everyone to start off, obviously in January with on a great foot, but it starts with your habits. It starts with the structure and your environment. So if you set up the right environment and the straight structure in your life, the right systems, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. You have more freedom and more creative to do that. It's like that level of discipline and creating those structures and those habits so that you can achieve that next level of excellence.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Profit Cleaners. The only place where you can learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners from around the world to next level, your game and take it to the next level and win. I'm your host, Brandon Schoenand I am joined by my cohost Brandon Condrey. That is right. And we just want to welcome you guys to this episode. Thank you for your time today. And we're going to dive in, it's going to be called CEOs, read a book a week and why you should too.

We're going to be talking to all about in this episode, guys, why reading books is going to change your life. It's going to transform your business. So you're going to want to stick around and hear what we're doing to help you guys grow in this area. We're putting together a whole program, but before we do that, Brandon, let's do a little bit of housekeeping.

Let's tell everyone what they need to do to help us out so we can keep growing the show. Yeah, Cleaning podcasts. And we're going to ask you to do some housekeeping. So the usual, if you're getting value out of it, please leave us a review. Wherever you're listening to this podcast, most apps will let you do that these days.

In fact, I just saw a thing this morning that said, Spotify is going to start letting you leave reviews on spied cast. So please do that there. And then otherwise tell someone about us. They don't have to necessarily own a cleaning company, although that is who we specifically talk to. But there is lots of wacky knowledge in the Profit Cleaners for lots of Different business owners.

Yeah, we hear it all the time. Guys. There's pressure washers and carpet cleaners and people in the commercial space. I mean this content can help pretty much anyone in the service business. Obviously a lot of the content is niche down for the Profit Cleaners. If you're doing house cleaning like we are, but a lot of the concepts can go a long way in different businesses.

So especially this episode, actually anybody can benefit from this if you own a business. And that is all about what we're about to get into guys. So without further ado, let's do it. Brandon, you ready? Let's do it. Giddy up, giddy up. So let's talk about this concept. We're going to share a link to this really cool ink article here,

but this concept that most CEOs and executives read four to five books per month. And these are leaders. These are game changers. These are the ones that end up shaking things up, making waves, rebuilding industries, providing jobs, inventing some of the most beloved products, everyday products that we're using on an everyday basis that you might even have in your house.

People that have influenced your life and you may not have known it, but how are they doing that? They're reading books. That's not the only way they're doing it, but obviously this is a huge influence. If they're reading that much, then clearly there is some value in picking up a book. Yeah. I mean, you and I are big on constant improvement.

We've talked about that many times, although we are very smart people, you sometimes are not making this stuff up out of thin air. We're not super-duper geniuses, but there are lots of people that have studied one particular weird thing their entire life. And they wrote a book about it. So you can pick up some knowledge from books like that. Yeah.

And I just want to contrast that with how many books does the average person read per year? So if you say, well, the CEO's are reading four to five a month. That's 52 books a year right around there. But the average person is reading how many? Brandon? Two to three a year. That's crazy. So two to three versus 52.

So like literally what does the math on that? Like, it would take you 10 years to catch up to one year of the CEO reading that Like it's crazy, but I think a little bit more than that. Yeah. I mean, Just look at how much the most successful people in the world. They're short-cutting success by doing 10 or 20 times more of the work they're consuming a lot more knowledge.

People always say like, knowledge is power. It's not even true. Guys. It's applied. Knowledge is power. You have to apply that knowledge, put it into action and make it work. Right? So the average CEO is reading four to five a month. That's a drastic difference. And I think, just look at the results. If the average person is achieving average results,

mediocre results, that's why the inputs are different, right? So different inputs, different outputs, different results. Well, we want to get into with you guys is how can we be putting more valuable knowledge and applying that knowledge and taking more action on the right strategies and to get even more results in your business. A lot of that comes from what we talk about all the time is model success,

right? Model those that have gone before you and done it. And don't reinvent the wheel. Just go pick up a book from the dude that studied it from 50 years and did it better than anyone and pick it up there. Right. So, I mean, we can tell you some recent reads that Brandon and I have done. I think I have an audible membership.

I just get, I'm able to do it more efficiently by listening to it because I can do that while doing yard work or driving my kids to school. So I like scifi a lot. I like history. I mean the most recent one, I think I've read is I'm doing Winston Churchill's second world war. It's this huge anthology of the history of the world war,

how it got started, how it wrapped up steps that were taken along the way that got people in those situations. So it's not a business book, but there are lessons to be learned about diplomacy and warning signs of things. And it's a very interesting read, I think. Yeah. And I think sometimes some people like reading those books, but then they're the,

self-help the knowledge type books that we're talking about too, that are actually learning that you can apply to your business. So yeah, you don't, we're not saying you guys have to only read those types of books. One of my mentor coaches at one point told me a good strategy that you can implement is you can be reading books that are a little bit more light,

something that's maybe like one of the books Brandon's talking about, Winston Churchill or something that is more historical or something that you can read. Some of those types of books, maybe like before you go to bed at night or something that doesn't like weigh you down a whole bunch and it get you thinking a whole bunch. Cause you want to like tame it down for the day and have maybe not some crazy dreams or something.

But on the other side of that, when you wake up in the morning or you're in the middle of your day and you want to be more practical, you have more practical books and you're learning more strategy and you're learning more from someone that did something that you want to replicate those results. So you can balance out what kind of content you're reading. But if you can start being more strategic on what books you're reading and how you're eating throughout the day and how you're consuming that,

we're going to get into that too, with here at the end of the podcast. But we're so excited about reading and consuming books and so much so that I don't know. I think we should just spill the beans to Brandon and tell him that we are coming out with a book club. Yeah, we're going to start a book club. We'll actually go through a book that we recommend.

We'll tell you like this next month, we're going to read this specific book all as a group. And then at the end of the month, we'll have a call. We'll go over the content of that book and how it applies to your cleaning business. So we're going to give you the best business books that we can think of and then tell you what the applied knowledge is for a cleaning company.

Exactly. So the value guys is that we're going to be picking the best of the best business books of all time. The ones that have influenced us the most, or even our coaches that came from our coaches that influenced them the most that we've read and impacted us. And then through the lens of a cleaning business owner or a service business, how you can apply that to your business specifically from that lens.

And we tried to get this book club up like this month guys here, it's December now. And we just had so much going on with just launching the cleaning systems course and everything else that we didn't quite get the book picked out and the show recorded just in time. So what we're going to do a little teaser, spoiler alert. So you guys can anticipate this coming up in January in January,

we're going to officially start this book club for the Profit Cleaners. It's Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club. And you can get signed up and get going, but basically you don't have to sign up just yet because we're going to be giving you guys for free. The very first episode, absolutely free in January. We're going to pick a book. I think we're going to reveal the book on this episode here at the end of the show here,

but it's going to give you guys a taste of what it's going to be like. Cause it's going to be very cool format. It's going to be very interactive. You can be very engaged. I think you guys are going to get more out of this then you've just obviously reading the book on your own, which is sometimes hard to do. Sometimes you just need that accountability,

which is also what this is going to bring because Brandon and I have actually been wanting to do this just ourselves for so long that this is like a way for us to just be accountable to going through these books together. And then we want to share that with you guys because it's so impactful and it's going to help us so much. It's going to help you guys so much.

I think it starts with your mindset. It starts with your inner game, right? A lot of this success stuff is creating the right environment, creating the right mindset. So just little books that you can be implementing, integrating to upgrade your mindset every month is going to be helping you guys tremendously on your journey to whatever is your next goal, right?

So you can get more information about it. Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club. That's correct. Right slash book club. And it's on Patrion. There is a small monthly fee for it, but to show you what we're going to be able to do for you there, we're going to give this first month away free. So the next podcast episode or in the future,

there'll be a podcast episode where you actually get the book club review, or we kind of tell you how it works for you. CEO's think differently as a small business owner, you have to stop thinking like one we're launching the Profit Cleaners book club to help transform the mindsets of cleaning business owners everywhere together. We'll read some of the most important business and mindset books so that you can become the leader.

Your business needs learn more about the Profit Cleaners book club today, by going to Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club that's Profit Cleaners dot com slash book. The book that we're going to read this month. Do you wanna do that? Now? Let's release It out. Let's tell him Brandon, is it going to be atomic habits by James clear? This one also got recommended to me.

Brandon was talking about it recently between he and I. And I think that got on to when maybe one of the Profit Cleaners calls, but this also came up in my firecracker leadership group recently and that's going to be our recommended book for that club. So we're all going to read that and talk about it there too. So when something comes out yet from through different ways,

in such a short period of time, I try to listen to that. So that's going to be the first book this month that we're going to go through together. So pick up a copy. We'll have a link down below and then stay tuned and we'll go over all that review All together. It'll be fun. Yeah. It's going to be really cool guys.

And the reason we want to do that is because again, it's as a new maybe concept, a new product that we're putting out for you guys that it's going to be super affordable. Some of you aren't able to completely purchase one of our courses yet, which is fine. You can work towards that, but this is a very small step you can take that is very achievable,

that everyone should be able to get in into the book club and start upgrading their mindset. Because you upgrade your mind, guys, you upgrade your thoughts, thoughts become things. Okay. And when you start creating better thoughts in your mind, everything around you changes everyone around you feels because you can treat them better because you can create a better culture. You can think of it more,

a mindset of abundance. I mean more success comes to you when you're thinking that way. Right? So yeah, we want to give just out of abundance. We want to give you guys that first episode in anticipation. So keep an eye out for that in January, you'll get that first episode and we'll just show you guys what it's like to be in the book club.

And then if you enjoy that process and enjoy learning that way, and you feel like that'll keep you accountable to reading at least a book a month. Hopefully you can be reading four or five books a month, like the top CEOs in the world. That's where we all want to be at. Cause we want to be top of the game top 1%.

And that's where we're at guys. So this book I thought was awesome too. That was in your group, Brandon. I think that's amazing. It was in my mastermind group too. I'm in a mastermind with ed, my Latin, some other guys. And he was talking about, this is something we did recently talk about on a podcast, but it's one of the things we were talking about was creating structure in your life.

So you're creating structure so you can operate with the speed of excellence. And James clear, the reason we're doing this book guys is we're going to start the year with the bang, right? We want everyone to start off, obviously in January with on a great foot, but it starts with your habits. It starts with the structure and your environment. So if you set up the right environment and the right structure in your life,

the right systems, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. You have more freedom and more creative to do that. And one of the stories I love about this book is James clear. I think it took him like five years to write this book, went on to become a bestseller, sold millions of copies. He made tons of money on it and it was all gravy,

but it took him so long to write it. But he was like, I could have actually written this book in like three days, but it took me so long to do it. And the reason I actually got it done was I put a structure in place. What he actually did was he had his whole entire team take all his social media logins and passwords and change them during the week so that he couldn't log into social media.

He couldn't distract himself. He created a structure on himself where he couldn't distract himself. He eliminated that thing that was robbing him of his time, which at that time with social media and that way, he was able to just like lock himself in a room during the week and get us all his work done. And then on the weekend his team would give him his log-ins back and they would reset his passwords and give them back to him.

It sounds extreme. You're like, that sounds like a crazy person, but it's not. It's like that level of discipline and focus and creating those structures and those habits, those atomic habits. And that's what the book's all about is creating those atomic habits so that you can achieve that next level of excellence and really operate at that speed of excellence, which is what we want for all of you guys.

Yeah. I don't think he's a crazy person. I mean, we recorded the other episode about that structure, but some people struggle with things and then you got to take decisive action to change it. I also think it's worth pointing out that this book was published in 2018. So this isn't something that's on a hype train right now. And we're all hearing about it at the same time.

This has been around for a few years and it's gaining some steam, I think. But yeah, so I'm excited to read it. So get your copy. There's a link down below You get the link. And if you go to the show notes, obviously on this episode, and then if, obviously if you join the book club, that'll be in there too.

So you can just grab it in there. But I want to tell you guys other than getting excited about the book, we're going to be reading. Let's tell them a little bonus, Brandon. Cause some of the time people are like, well, I'm not really good at reading or I don't have time to read or like what is like a quick bonus.

We can tell them on how people can be consuming books a lot faster than they even thought possible. Even while they're doing other things. And they have way more time to do that. Listening to us on a podcast, this may not be of a huge shock to you, but if you're doing a book on tape audible, you can increase the playback speed.

So you change the playback speed. You'll get used to it. It sounds a little bit weird for a minute or two, but you do that 1.5 X, two X. You need to be hearing it. But the concept is you can think faster than people can talk. So when you're reading, you're talking to yourself, but when you're listening to it,

you're thinking a lot faster. So increase the playback speed. Another little bonus tip is that if you are not wanting to get an audible membership or anything like that, not wanting to buy the hard copy, check it out from a library. You can get a paperback from a library. You can reserve a copy. Almost every library. These days is connected online.

So you can go in, reserve it, go pick it up when it's ready. But libraries also offer recorded books, audio books, and you have an app and you just check it out to the library. And then when it's your turn, you get the copy of it digitally for awhile. That's kind of silly because you can make lots of copies of it.

But library has got to be nice with publishers. So one person gets it at a time, just like a regular hard copy book. And you can also do it for free that way to get that knowledge and build yourself some atomic habits. Absolutely. Absolutely. I love that. And I've been doing that for years to just turn it on the turbo speed and yeah,

you got to tame it down sometimes three or five X crazy. You can't really listen to it that fast, but yeah, something that's consumable that you can still gather all the info and knowledge and download it all. And I actually just have an audible membership, which you're pointing out Brandon. Like I think it's like 10 or 15 bucks a month, but every time you pay for that membership,

you're getting a credit in your audible account. It might be through your prime. If you have Amazon prime, you get an automatic credit. I can't remember what it is, but either way, what I'm trying to say is you have a credit sitting there in your account every month and it feels like it's free. Maybe you're paying for it in other ways,

but it's there and it makes it easier to download whatever book you want to read next and listen to. And it's so true. I mean, if you're cleaning a house right now, cause you're still cleaning or if you're driving around town or if you're driving to a meeting, this is the easiest way to just turn on a book and just consume. Instead of listening to music,

I love music. I love, love the music, but sometimes turn off the music and download some knowledge. It just starts shifting your day a little bit. And how you consume even just 20 minutes a day. If you're just consuming that knowledge, like think of it like, you know, if you could just read 10 pages a day, whatever that is and if you're listening to it,

but just start getting in the habit. Couldn't not atomic habit of upgrading your mind every single day with new thoughts, some new words, some new knowledge, new wisdom. And that's what we're getting at guys. So that is the book club it's coming out soon. So get ready for it. We just wanted to get you guys on the same page with where we're going.

Cause you might've heard it in one of the recent episodes, like the book clubs coming out, what's going on, but we're telling you what's going on here guys. And we've got a little late start, but that's why we're giving you the first book club absolutely free. You guys are gonna love it and look for that drop in January. And we're gonna put that out there and then yeah,

start joining the book club guys, like I said, Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club. We want to see you guys all in there. This is also another excellent opportunity for you guys to be in there. One-on-one with Brandon and I answering question. If you have other questions that we can talk about with the book that also relate in some other format,

I mean, this is a great little mastermind we're putting together for you guys. So that'll keep us all accountable. And I think we're all going to grow a lot more in just dive into this new knowledge together. So awesome. I think that's pretty much it. So we already did the housekeeping. You guys noticed subscribe and share the show if you're getting value,

but until next, keep it clean. Thanks for joining us today to get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to and remember keep it clean.

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