Boost your ability to perform and win in this market with these three essential business mindset hacks. Proven effective in setting your focus, these mental habits will get you closer to your goal and help increase your ability to overcome obstacles you’ll face in both business and life.

In this short episode, Brandon reveals 3 of the most essential and simple business mindset hacks you should be applying to your daily routine for a more productive (and enjoyable) day.


  • Start your day by soaking up knowledge and information
  • Strategize your gameplan to avoid common pitfalls that most entrepreneurs make
  • Execute on what you’ve learned and what you need to get done

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Episode 8: Top 3 Simple Business Mindset Hacks To Level Up Your Daily Routine

Brandon Schoen:
People change their lives all the time by taking massive action. And that's what he always says. Like, if you're in a slump or you're depressed or having a hard time, just start taking massive action in whatever it is, you're trying to achieve. Just start doing something right. Even it could be super small or picking up the phone and making a call or whatever it might be.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody Brandon Schoen here. And I want to welcome you back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. Thank you guys so much for being here. We truly appreciate your support, all the community. You guys reaching out, asking questions. Thank you guys so much for your time. Again. I know you guys are running businesses or you got crazy lives out there and you're doing a lot of stuff. So your time is so valuable. So again, thank you for your time and showing up on these podcasts and we hope you guys are getting a lot of value out of these. I want to keep it short today, cause I know you guys are busy. We're always busy running our business and making time for these still somehow. But I wanted to just share with you guys, we're going to start doing these more often, these shorter episodes. I want to just call them business mindset hacks, something like that. So we'll call it that for now business mindset hacks, but guys, one of the most important things in business, as you may have already noticed if you've been in business for any time so far is it's a lot like sports guys, and we're going to get dive into it a little bit more, but essentially we're going to talking about in this episode, just mindset, some hacks you can do to increase your game, increase your ability to perform and win in this market in your market. So guys, it's just so important to be always doubling down on knowledge, doubling down on mindset and things that increase your inner game so that it can reflect in your outer game. So again, guys, we'll keep it short today, but just some house cleaning real quick. And if you haven't subscribed to the podcast, hit that subscribe button right now, leave us a review. It helps so much. We really, really appreciate it and it helps us get the message out farther and deeper and broader and wider to help more people. We're not running a bunch of crazy ads cause we want to help you guys out. So if you could please do that, that would be awesome.

Brandon is actually out today. So that's why I'm making this a quick one for you guys, just to get some mental strategies and games going for you guys to really pick up that momentum with your inner game. So like I said, guys, business is a lot. I like to pass a lot of parallels to sports game. And when I think about, you know, all the sports that I've been going through my whole life I've been in, you know, when I was really young, I did baseball and soccer and then, then I did martial arts and I got my black belt at one point. And then I did wrestling and I did triathlons. I've been a part of, a lot of teams, a lot of different sports going through life. And I just wanted to take this podcast episode to liken that to business and the game of business and how you gotta have a winner's mindset, not only in sports, if you're going to win, but also you can translate that to business and the game of business. Cause guys let's face it. Business is war, war out there. We have things that we have to overcome and challenges and even listen, have crazy customers to deal with or yell at you. And how do you deal with that? How do you deal with the constant pressure and stress and just all that, all that stuff you gotta be constantly upping your game, right?

So I wanted to share with you guys in this episode today, something really cool that one of my mentors taught me at one point, because you might be wondering what do I do on a daily basis? What's a good strategy to continually implement on a daily basis to just keep my head in the game, keep me in track, keep learning stuff, but also keep taking action on stuff like what's the balance. What's a good starting point for that. So I have this written up on my, a board of mine that I've had for years on my wall guys. And I wanted to share it with you because it's really impacted my life in a big way. It's helped me to focus on what's important because sometimes the guys let's face it on a day to day basis, especially if you're running your own business, you've got a million things to do. You've got marketing and customer service and selling and training. And there's so many things right? Operating your business is just a big, old bunch of things that you got to keep doing and keep up with. Right? So it's important to keep your own game and check your own mind and check. So this is something that, again, I wanted to share with you guys because it's just so powerful. And as soon as I think you start implementing in your life, you'll see a big difference and it'll help just focus you and keep you on the right track.

So I want to have here guys, just three steps that you can do daily that will massively change your trajectory and keep you going on the right path to success so you can win guys. So the three things are knowledge, strategy, execution. I'll say it again, guys, knowledge, strategy, execution. Every day, you should be doubling down on knowledge, strategy and execution. And really it's to break that down a little bit more. We live in the information age guys. So there's so much information out there. So when we talk about knowledge, we're talking about actually applied information that's been applied or had gotten results, or if it's coming from like a coach or a mentor, like someone like us, that we've actually gone through stuff and we're teaching you stuff. That's what we consider true knowledge. So every day you should be spending. If you can start your day with some type of knowledge, like I like to read a book, I like to learn something, whether that's through a book, a mentor, pick up a training or course on videos on YouTube, whatever way that you like to consume information and content. But ideally not just information, actual knowledge coming from someone who's had experience, who's had results. Who's got the results that you're looking to achieve. Find those people. If that's us right now, like on these podcasts, plugged into that, we're going to try to get more of these podcasts up for you guys. So you can be consuming more of that and just doubling down on that knowledge. But essentially the guys learning via mentors, training books, whatever it might be, that is the knowledge we're talking about. So spend your day. I have it written down. At one point I was spending three hours on knowledge, three hours on strategy, three hours on execution every day. And we'll break down the other ones a little bit more. But guys, if you can keep that format and that momentum to keep you focused, what you should be working on every day in your business. If you're only doing one thing, if you're running around doing everything or just one thing consistently in your business, that's great, but start trying to implement and add these other areas that will greatly help your personal growth and also just your mindset, right? And it's Green mindset hack.

Like we said, guys, we started out the day with knowledge. Okay. So invest in yourself, read 10 pages of a book. I like to like set a goal for myself, 30 minutes or 20 minutes or 10 pages or 20 pages, whatever you can feasibly do in a morning or whatever you start your day reading is a great way or consuming some type of video or mentor coaching, something like that to fill your brain with knowledge, motivate you, get you inspired for the day. That's a great way to be like, just to fill your cup up. Because especially if you have a business, you've got to pull yourself out to your team. You got to pour yourself out to your staff or your customers. You've got to have a great attitude, right? You people feel that energy from you. They feel that attitude. So fill yourself up, improve yourself, work on yourself, invest in yourself. That should be the first thing you do in your day. Right? Put some knowledge in your brain and get yourself excited and learn something. Right? And really by the end of the day, there's a famous quote by Jim Roan, where he says go to bed at the end of every day, like a wiser man, like you learn something and ask yourself, like, did I learn something today? And if you haven't like work on learning something new tomorrow, but start implementing this in your business, start implementing this in your own life. So that's the first one guy's knowledge.

The next one is strategy. Okay. So that comes down to what does that mean strategy? What kind of a picture I like to think of strategy guys is this is actually a real story. A plane crashed. I forget where this was a story I heard a long time ago, a plane crash in the jungle. Everybody gets out that survived. They take out their machetes and they're hacking away in the jungle. They're trying to find their way out and try to find safety. And one of the guys he looks around, he sees everybody hacking with their machetes and he climbs to the top of one of the trees. And he says, guys, you're all doing this wrong. You're all chopping the wrong direction. The town is that way. Any points in the other direction that they're chopping with their machetes. And that is strategy. Getting up on a tree, looking out, taking a step back from your business, getting out of the weeds for a second and looking up and seeing where you're going. That's all about strategy right there. Okay. And so that's planning, that's tracking, that's sitting down and asking yourself the hard questions and saying like, where are we going with this? What's the plan for this? Look at all the things you're tracking, things like that. So that's your strategy. Okay. So in a nutshell, again, it's planning, tracking those types of things and you gotta be doing this guys. You gotta be seeing where you're going. Otherwise you're literally just blindly chopping and you could be chopping for a long time if you're not going in the right direction. So strategies, key guys.

The next one is execution. Okay. So if you don't have three hours to spend on execution, spend one hour. If you don't have enough, maybe you spend 20 minutes on each of these everyday, just start wherever you can start. But knowledge, strategy, execution. So execution of course is getting stuff done. Take an action, right? Doing, being a doer, not just a dabbler. So completing action items, completing tasks on your board or your journal, whatever you've written down. And the next thing that you got to do that is taking the action and executing. And anytime I hear any big motivational guys or Tony Robbins or any of these people change their lives all the time by taking massive action. And that's what he always says. Like, if you're in a slump or you're depressed or having a hard time, just start taking massive action, whatever it is you're trying to achieve, just start doing something, right. Even it could be super small or picking up the phone and making a call or whatever it might be. But guys, those are essentially just three things I want to leave you with today on this podcast.Just keep it super short and simple. Another mental mindset, hack, business, hack, whatever you want to call it. Guys start preparing your days and your weeks with knowledge, strategy execution, right? And start putting those into your day so that you're filling up your brain. You're filling yourself up. So you can pour out to your business, fill your brain with knowledge, learn something new every day. Then take some time every day to do some strategy. Look at where you're going. Look at your plans, how they're working out track. Is it working? Is it not working strategize on where you can do better? Right? And then finally execute, just execute and do and complete tasks and action items. And so if you do it in that order, guys, it's actually a really good way to do it because you get excited. When you learn something new, you get filled up, do the strategy part, you figure out where you're going, or if everything's working, if it's tracking right. And then you're ready to execute. You're like, okay, well we need to change this. Now I have an action item, right? So it kind of goes on that order guys, knowledge, strategy, execution, start taking those actions in your business. Start implementing that in your daily week when you're figuring out like what I got to do today to keep moving my business forward. And I know some of you guys might be struggling with that now, cause you're still doing all sorts of things in your business. And so just make time for it guys. Like I said, even if it's like one hour in the morning that you can sit down and have some time to yourself, start your day out, reading something, filling yourself up, learning something, strategize over your business, where you're going and then take action. So even if that's the rest of your day, you're taking action all day. That's awesome. Guys, take an action is huge. It's going to get you where you need to go. The more action you can take, the bigger action you can take. The more momentum you're going to get. The more results you're going to get. The more belief you're going to get to keep going guys. So it will drive you forward. Just a nice little framework for you guys, knowledge, strategy, execution, guys. So take it or leave it. But I think it's going to really help you guys. It's helped me tremendously over the last years. And again, it came from a really great business mentor of mine. So I want to share that with you guys and leave that with you this week.

So get out there guys, keep owning what you're doing. Keep getting out there and hustling and working hard. I can promise you. There's definitely a stage in business where you're grinding and out. You're hustling and working so hard and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the more action you take, the more you strategize, the more you fill yourself up, the better you're going to be. And you're going to continue to win in this game of business. So that's all I had to say for you guys today. I appreciate all of you guys. Thank you so much for reaching out. We're getting a lot more people just listening to the Profit Cleaners. It's awesome. So thank you guys. And we just want to keep delivering value for you guys. So head over, leave a review for us, share it out to a friend. If you know, someone could benefit from this and we'll be coming out with more episodes soon guys. So on this next one Brandon will be back with me and we'll be a chime, announced some more new episodes. So keep it clean in the meantime, guys. Thank you guys all for being here and we'll talk to you soon.

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