Everything is in a constant state of change. Always. Sometimes you navigate through all of those changes without any problem. And, other times, you just don’t. Either way, it’s still all going to work out.

In this short episode of the Profit Cleaners, Brandon Schoen gives you a quick dose of encouragement so that you can move past any failures or missteps with courage – and speed.

Tune in to discover how to become more proactive and how to keep going time and time again!


  • Words of encouragement for entrepreneurs everywhere
  • Why failure is necessary
  • How to tell if you’re truly successful
  • Keep going so that you don’t lose momentum
  • Taking action when something bad happens
  • The importance of taking full responsibility for your actions
  • Understanding the “aggressive” mindset and how to turn it on


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Episode 84: 11-Minute Mindset Shift: Forgive Fast, Start Again

Brandon Schoen:
Get over the fear, stand strong as a leader, or you're going to go out of business because you're going to lose to people that are actually doing it. And I just want to encourage you guys turn on that aggressive mindset. If anything, lately has been challenging your business. If you've had a challenging customer or something bad happened with customer or a team or anything else like financially and your business, whatever it is, guys, forgive it yourself and start again and keep going and get out there and take action and know that mistakes are part of this game. And it's part of the sport. And the more mistakes you take, and the more times you get knocked on your butt, the faster you're going to get up. And the more you're going to laugh at yourself and say, Hey, I'm better than that. I'm better than that.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. I'm your host, Brandon Schoen. And this is the only place where you can learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners from around the world and guys today doing a little different episode.

And first of all, guys just want to apologize for letting you guys down. We didn't publish something last week. I feel like that's letting you down because my goal is to publish something every week here. But I want to title this podcast, forgive fast and start again. And I want to forgive myself and here I am starting again, guys, I'm giving you some content.

Brandon's not here today. We've had some serious shakeups in our business in the last week or two. So that's been part of it. I've been really sick. I've not ever been this sick. I don't think in my life, in the last two weeks had a crazy fever. This entire time had been thrown up. Just stuff that I don't usually experience.

And when I do get sick, which is very not often, I normally get over it really quick. But anyways, guys, this, the key to all this guys is you've got to forgive yourself when stuff happens. And this is going to be not just personally, but in your business, in all parts of your life, forgive fast and start again.

This is a huge part of the goal and part of the journey of success guys. So, you know, as I said, we've had a lot of shifts going on, but guys, all those shifts are amazing. And I'm going to get into that in here, but go back. Whenever stuff happens, whenever things get shaken up, whenever something goes wrong in your business,

go back, forgive yourself, start again and start taking action. That is how you win the game. And so if you're an entrepreneur guys, especially a new entrepreneur, you need to get after it, stop thinking so much, make mistakes, get knocked down. That's what this is all about. Guys. It's about getting out there, being in the game,

being in the arena like we talked about on very early episode with Alexander, the great be in the arena, marred with the dust and the sweat and all of that. So you can be the one out there at least trying. A lot of new entrepreneurs are thinking too much. There's planets, everything out there. Over-analyzing everything you need to be making mistakes.

Guys. You need to be getting knocked down and you need to have a failure quotient. That's part of the game. Okay? So business is a sport and you should be counting the score all the time, of course, but it shouldn't be fun. It should be competitive. And don't look back and think you missed your time and you're not going to get on their shot.

Sometimes we beat ourselves up as entrepreneurs. We have these high expectations. I know for myself, if I'm honest, I have these crazy idealistic expectations in my mind sometimes. And I beat myself up and I'm very hard on myself, but you got to remember and I got to remind myself, there's another shot. There's always, always, always another opportunity.

There's always, always another solution. There's another level you could get to in the next year, personally, with your business, with your relationships. If you start doing these things, if, and if you start creating structure in your life and you start creating these systems in your business, and you start looking at the expectations of those around you, but remember failure eats itself too.

It's going to be easy to get down. When this stuff happens. When life happens, when you get sick, when business stuff happens and people leave you a nasty review or someone quits on you, it's going to be easy to get down. But when you're running at full speed, can you be down you can't when you switch on that aggressive mindset,

you forgive yourself fast and you start moving forward. Again, you start again fast. You can't be in that state, which is the amazing thing. Only when you're not aggressive is when you have those feelings of doubt and certainty of depression, of fear. Those only appear when you're not being aggressive when you're sitting back or not taking that action, right?

So that stuff goes out the window. As soon as you start taking action, as soon as you get back up on your feet, you get knocked down, you get back on your feet and you start going again. It just all goes right out the window. So becoming successful guys, you know, it's not all about money. It's not all about business and flashy cars and all the stuff you see sometimes on the internet.

It's about a lot more than that. And that's what we teach you guys. It's about fitness. It's about mental game. It's it is financial, but it's also relationships. It's all these things wrapped up in one and you are truly successful when you're successful in all areas of your life. Not just one. In fact, a lot of people are only successful.

Financially are extremely miserable and who wants to have money and no family. There's a quote by Jim Rohn. I think it's, you know, I'd rather have a love affair on tent, on the beach than be alone in a mansion. So think about that guy. As you know, recently, we had some really crazy stuff happened with our leadership team.

We had a really key player in our business. We had to fire. It was an ugly situation. It was hard to do. It's challenging. It was guy. We really liked. We really thought we were going to go far with, but we had to cut ties with guys. Didn't know we had to cut the ties and it's part of rebuilding a better culture so we can move forward.

So we, we got knocked down. Now we're going to get back up and keep going. And so that's what it's all about guys. You know, frankly, I hate when that happens, but you be aggressive when those people come into your business and they show up and they want to get paid, but they don't want to be aggressive. They don't want to be following your culture and treating people like how your culture is going to make that an amazing experience for your customers.

Get them out of there. And that stuff's not gonna fly. You gotta be aggressive about that as well. And so sometimes we find that out the hard way and we let things slide too much. And that's what happened in this situation. But entrepreneurship, especially lately, it's gotten all trendy and popular. Everyone's an entrepreneur these days, but it's become polluted guys.

And if you're not aggressive, you're going to get smoked. You're going to get smoked by the people that are aggressive, that are doing this harder, pushing harder and are doing it the right way that are building things the right way that are working a lot smarter. So again, guys, this is a sport. Just want to encourage you guys like never stopped going.

There's going to be times where you lose momentum. Like I have in the last couple of weeks and I felt horrible. And I'm like, man, well, how am I going to even get out of bed and do this? And I felt bad about it, but you know what? As soon as I start feeling that way, I forgive myself and I say,

what are you doing, man? You're not pulling the momentum you need to do. You need to get up and you need to start again. And that's what I'm doing. And I usually go back to my talked about your win, the day power list. That's what I've learned from one of my mentors, Andy, Andy Frisella, and he has a podcast all about it.

And it's still works for me to this day. It's the simple idea of you start taking action on one thing. And that one wind translates to another wind. And all you need is a few wins for the whole day to make that progress. And that steady progress every day is what's going to help you win the game when the whole day, every day.

And then you win that week. Then you win that month and then you win that year when year after year after year and before, you know, you've won a decade before, you know what, you've won a huge part of your life and you've built a legacy. And so it starts with action guys and anyone who's worth anything tells you the same thing.

Want to hear all the latest news from Profit Cleaners. First, want to make sure you don't miss out on our next courses and some amazing discounts. We'll be sure to follow at Profit Cleaners on Instagram and sign up for our emails on Profit Cleaners dot com. I've been reading books since I was 14 years old success and personal development books. I've been watching all the guys out there that Tony Robbins,

the success guy guru over here. I mean, you name them. I've watched them, I've read their book. They all say something along that pattern, which is take action. It's action. And that's, what's gonna keep you successful and you get knocked down when something bad happens. When someone leaves you a bad review, keep going, forgive yourself,

start again. So there's a book. Think it's by an Admiral. I don't remember the name of the guy, but it's, I think it's called make your bed. It's a real short book. You guys should read it, but it's literally the easiest way you can win your day. Every day is start with a wind start by making your bed.

And if it's not making your bed, do something else, that's a win brush your teeth or go tell someone you love them or change their day for them. Like whatever it is, guys, start day with a win and it will snowball into another one and another one and another one. And you don't need pack your day out with 20,000 wind five.

That's all you need. And that's going to give you the confidence and the momentum to carry on day after day after day. And that's what makes people successful. It's not the people that can do a million things in a day. And if you happen to have something happen and you get sick or something takes you out for a week or two or your business pass to get restructured because you got to fire someone that's okay,

forgive yourself. Start again and keep going and start with action. So I want to leave you guys with that. And also when stuff happens, take responsibility guys. Part of that is for some of us to do, when you do take full responsibility, go read that book, extreme ownership. We've talked about it a lot on the podcast. It's going to change your whole world.

It's going to change your whole game because you're not going to be blaming everybody all the time. You're not going to be reacting, which is what most business owners do is they're constantly reacting. There's the constantly pointing the finger start being proactive. Okay? We have to go all the way back to the source and be proactive on the front end. And the only way you can be more proactive is acknowledge.

That is broken. You gotta be honest with yourself. You gotta be truthful and know thyself, and you've gotta be transparent with yourself, which is hard to do sometimes. But once you not acknowledge, it's broken team. Come over here and look, this is broken. The fact of where you are, is going to be based on how honest you are with yourself.

And if you're going back here, and this is how we're going to tell your team that we're going to go back here, we're going to fix this. And this is how we're going to start again. We're going to forgive ourselves for messing this up. This is broken, and this is how we're going to begin again. Even if it means you got to shut your company down for a day and fix everything,

like whatever it takes, right? So I know business owners that have shut their businesses down for days to do that. We've never done that, but sometimes you take a hit on business or clients because you're restructuring stuff. I know it definitely in the last week we have, because we've been restructuring stuff and we've made some customers mad because we're rebuilding some systems and they didn't get replied back to as quickly as possible or certain things.

But you gotta forgive yourself guys. You know, we had to forgive ourselves and go back to the source of the problem and figure it out, right? So you can't be reacting all the time. You might have this issue, but you got to not just plug it or tweak it, which is the natural tendency is just, oh, I don't have time.

I got to just put a bandaid on that real quick. But instead you got to say, how do I not replicate this again? How do I not have someone in our leadership team leave like this again, we got to hire better. We got to make sure that they fit our culture better. We got to make sure we're attracting the right people.

Right? So treating the symptom. Okay. Not just putting that band-aid on it, but treating the symptom and get above it and say, what in our system produced this disease and say, guys, we have a disease here. We're not just going to treat it with penicillin. We got to go all the way back to the beginning. So you don't have to be reacting all the time and that's going to pay huge dividends.

You're not going to be as stressed out when you're proactive like that. You're going to see things or totally avoid problems and things that will happen if you're not doing so. Yeah. Guys want to leave you with that? Get over the fear, stand strong as a leader, or you're going to go out of business because you're going to lose the people that are actually doing it.

And I just want to encourage you guys turn on that aggressive mindset. If anything, lately has been challenging your business. If you've had challenging customer or something bad happened with a customer or a team or anything else like financially and your business, whatever it is, guys, forgive it yourself and start again and keep going and get out there and take action and know that mistakes are part of this game.

And it's part of the sport. And the more mistakes you take, and the more times you get knocked on your butt, the faster you're going to get up. And the more you're going to laugh at yourself and say, Hey, I'm better than that. I can do better than that. That's not me. And you're going to get back up and you're going to do better the next time.

And the more you start developing that mentality, that's going to seep into your culture. And it's just going to be the same with your team members. And they're going to take ownership for something. They broken a house and something that went wrong. They're going to stand strong as leaders too. And they're not going to make excuses. They're not going to react because they're going to take ownership.

And so that's the culture you want to be building. That's the mindset you want to be creating. And guys, it starts with, again, what I'll leave you with is forgive fast and start again. So I'll leave you with that guys. And it kind of just a short podcast. And just to encourage you guys keep on going, you guys are doing great.

The fact that you guys are in business at all the fact that you're providing jobs. And if you haven't started hiring people to help you clean start doing it. Guys, we talked to people all the time that are cleaning and they've been cleaning for a long time. And they're really good at cleaning, but they're not sure how to make the next step.

Guys start getting really comfortable, being uncomfortable and started hiring people and start building that team around you and start building that culture. And you're going to make some mistakes along the way. Forgive yourself and start again. So I'll leave you guys with that. And it's part of the journey. There's no real destination here. This is a journey and it's a process and it's going to be ongoing and you just got to get used to forgiving yourself and starting again guys.

So I'll leave with that. I wish you guys all the best until next time. Keep it clean. Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profitcleaners.com and remember keep it clean.

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