In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, The Brandons share one of their private coaching calls with cleaning business owner, Belinda Vanderhost. The owner of Busy Beee Cleaning Service, Belinda reached out to get help about improving her overall business – and was kind enough to agree to share the call with other listeners!

In this unique podcast episode you’ll hear Belinda and The Brandons go over all sorts of important business topics, from branding, to managing employees, and the best way to handle clients.

Tune in now and get ready to learn how to take your cleaning business to the next level!


  • Getting to know Belinda Vanderhorst
  • The 10x Course vs. The Cleaning System Course
  • Belinda’s cleaning set-up
  • The importance of branding
  • Ways to manage clients effectively and efficiently
  • Common payroll mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to get great customer reviews
  • The Employee Reward System
  • Why a good uniform can be great branding
  • How to charge clients correctly for your services


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Episode 81: Why Business Reviews Are Gold- And How to Get Them Automatically

Brandon Schoen:
The truth is guys there's information overload on the internet. These days it's like a giant fire hose. And so people don't have time to think even so like, they're literally just looking at the top level, like most reviewed who's the best in 10 seconds, they can make a decision. And first of all, if you're not there and if you don't have those reviews, well, then you've totally get missed. Right?

Brandon Condrey:
But even on the algorithm side from Google, like if you don't have the reviews from an SEO perspective, you're not going to show up. Not just that people don't trust a company that doesn't ever have reviews, you may literally miss being displayed in search results because you don't have any reviews.

Brandon Schoen:
Absolutely. And so it is gold guys. It is literally gold because it's future growth. It's future leads for your business. You don't have to pay for those reviews will be out there for years and years to come. So the hard work pays off and it sticks out there. It's like a log of everything that anyone's ever said about your business.

Brandon Condrey:
And so we've beat you over the head with reviews are important. You need to survive. So let's tell you how we used to do it.

Brandon Schoen:
At the beginning when you're starting out, that's actually a really great part about being smaller is you can trade, like we've talked about the customer experience on the last podcast. Like when you're smaller, you can create these really unique experiences. Like you said, you've got these really great relationships right now. So you can go out of your way. You're already going out of your way, because you're showing up personally, you on the front line and there people trust you. And that's when you have the most unique experiences with these people, you can really create these amazing bonds. The reviews that come out of that will be really high touch and personalized and great. You can write them a card. Even those people would do go so far as make a quick video. And those are powerful. Like Brandon said earlier at another call, he was like, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the video's worth a million, put some video testimonials up of a customer, just being like telling the story of like how much they love their clean. And maybe you did something extra or going up above and beyond to surprise them or spark some type of joy that they're like, I can't believe he did this.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hi Belinda, how are you doing?

Doing Well. Great to see you. Where are you in Australia? Yeah. And in the Southeast in a little 10 coattention Ola. What time is it? 7:00 AM. That's pretty good.

I don't normally often at work by now, so, so good. Very cool. It sounds a little bit about yourself, Belinda, your business, your life. Anything else you want to share with us before we get going 46 getting up there, but couple of years ago, I'll be waiting in an office. I was doing work cover. I don't know if you've what the equivalent to that would be in America.

So many people used to themselves say putting in a claim and it goes through, I guess you've had something similar Workers' compensation is what it's called. Yeah, I did that for four years. And then I went on to another company and was there ever changed coordinator? So I was still in the eighties. We weren't covered, but I just did it for a company and looked after they injured workings.

And I got to be secret than mining and grinding of already on my finger. And I taught going to work sort of thing. And then when worker's comp really became about the money and not about the people I just said, I'm sorry, I just had babies anymore. It goes against what I believe in. So then I started working employment services or people who own same link,

our benefits benefit, which kind of was people of the site, I suppose. And then the pandemics heat and on things here waiting. I think we had it as bad as what you had experienced over there. And when we opened back up again, our boss is, were very keen on us offering and that sounds terrible, but our broken people, today's employers,

I'm dangling all this money in front of them. I had to put their iron stuff off and I'll just sit right with me to try and then go and push someone else. And for someone who was previously employed out of a job, so I left and I didn't know what I was going to do. And I've always been a bit, I say games as exciting.

So I thought I'll give this a go. And I worked for my sister-in-law's company very briefly and saw how badly that was run and how cool the planning standard was. So I decided to go out on my own just for a little while, until I decided what I wanted to do. And here I am nearly two years later with second staff money in the bank,

but great client, a really good team. And I have no procedures. I have nothing. That's not true. You have way more than nothing. That would be the something, but I'm not quite sure what it is. How did your sister-in-law take it when you started another company and are arguably more successful? Oh yep. That sounds about right family drama.

It is what it is. And I haven't taken any or five clients from her as such a couple of them have come to me. And that was it over time because those services, so for, Have you got any employees from her, any staff that's her brother's wife presumably right sisters. It's my husband's brothers and stuff. Sorry, Man. You're really went for it.

I liked it. But it's funny because I bought this business and these businesses have been built and it was extremely successful and I had some huge contracts and shake has just run it into the ground. It's really sad to say. And I tried to talk to her and say, Hey, do you think maybe if you tried this way, or if you think that you might have better results in shades and it was always everyone else's fault and Well you're right here talking to the right people.

So obviously you're not in the same frame of mind about it being everyone else's fault. You're out here trying to take action on your own to improve things. So I think you're already set up for a much better outcome. I'm not saying please makes your podcast. You guys are real and you're authentic. And I allow the way you talk about people, you talk about yourself and you talk about your clients.

I level that stuff. And a lot of your stuff aligns with how I do things already anyway. So I want to expand on that and learn from you guys. Yeah. We're happy to help. So we'll, I think we'll let you steer it. I mean, I read the comments in here. I really love this comment you had where you had 205,000 year to date revenue and 20,000 profit.

Apparently that was my favorite part of the whole thing. It's always great. When the accountant says you have profit and you're like, cool, where is it? Which door is that? That's a cashflow thing. Sure. So where do you want to start bell? You tell us what you want to cover. I guess I love your, they started anything I really want to say,

and I'd not flush it. Stop with the 10 X and then go on to the bigger one. But then I'll use something to again yesterday, refresh my grind that today the full package, which does the training of the staff, the police, all that stuff. My biggest concern obviously is a lock. It's a monthly payment. I get that. And that's great because I certainly don't have 5,000 Australian to I for that straight up.

So I think our converted and the monthly payment still gets that $1,500 a month. Come on, convert it to us. So I'm just trying to, why out my husband had a heart attack when I told him what I was going to do. And he was like, oh no, just hasn't got a business model. I thinks, you know, he said,

oh, why I need to do this? We can work with the money thing. Maybe there's always opportunity for we're recording this. If you maybe let us turn this into a podcast episode someday, then maybe there's a discount we can find in there for you. You never know. But in terms of the 10 X versus the cleaning course, you're already rolling.

You've already got staff. The 10 X is really good for people that need more business. They need more customer eyes on the website. They need to grow quickly. If that isn't a concern for you, or it feels like it's going to be very hard to manage. If you had an instant influx of people because of a marketing effort and it was going to cause a problem,

then I would say, skip that one for now and then do the systems one. So the system is, one is very organized. There's lots of documentation that you get. You get some training videos that you can show new hires or the existing ones to really get everybody on the same page. So that's what it sounds like you're leaning towards based on what I'm hearing,

but you tell me if it's the other way round. No, I think I've implemented a business coach as well, just because I had no idea what I was doing. I put a bull caper, but she doesn't know how to run the business and stuff. So I really like to get all the girls on the same page and explaining it on shore is ways that we can claim faster.

I love the way that you say, when your teams go into a house, they do a choreographed dance. I love that. And I want to learn how to do that. The other issue I've got is I'm leaving change and all that. I've got two girls that leaving Mila said, which is half an hour that way. And my other five leaving Matt Gambia,

which is half an hour the other way. And I'm sort of in the middle. So Amy, if I was to have an office, which I did not kind of school at the moment, like your team's doing and they get there. First thing in the morning for me logistically, that's probably not going to work because to get the girls for Melissa to drive 40 minutes to Mount Gambia or vice versa,

and they can go back. That doesn't work. You know what I mean? You can handle it now, do you meet at some place and switch cars or they drive their own car? So the house, I would love to buy a couple of cars, but I'm not in the position to do that for my men. So they drive their own has a major travel,

probably four or five kilometers is probably exactly what goes into it. And they do a little bit more. So the clients are really close to where the staff is located. Yeah. Especially in that Gambia, they are, we don't have to travel too far where here it's country. So it's regional. See some people here I'm farms and stuff. So there's a little bit of traveling involved.

Sure. In terms of cleaning, how do you have it set up right now? Is it one person per house two? I'm actually changing it to two at the moment. I have been with one fair house, which generally for the bigger house, this is fat-free hours, but it goes, and they like to recommend chain because obviously that's react. Freeman drops down to an hour and a half,

but I would love to have it structured. So when they go in, Kelly's doing the pastoring, he means doing the kitchen and they know where to go. And it's the same thing, the same playing in every house. Does that make sense? Like you got set up. Yeah. All right. So all that seems doable. We run a three person crew.

If you bought the cleaning course, there's a two person set up in there. So it treated as a fallback in the way the systems are though. So the system, the videos, everything is built around three people. So if you can get to three people per team, eventually you'll have the most benefit. I think from an efficiency standpoint, you can certainly run it with two at the beginning,

but there are checklists and things like that. So in terms of organizing it all like that, it would be relatively easy. I think you'd have to work some kinks out, maybe clean your house a couple of times or someone else's house as a Guinea pig while they figure it out. You'll have some reference material to go back to. And we're always here by email,

if you need something. So I think that's doable. Are you running a software? I'm using QuickBooks time. So the girls, their roster is on people's time and I generally will team what needs to be done. I have sat as you implement checklist, but I've just found, I have been spending more time on the tools then actually being able to do that background stuff.

And then I find at night I'm working on a computer and I spent all weekend this weekend. I just built a whole new website, which I've never had before. So I've built it. And I'm really happy with that and had lots of really positive feedback. So I was very proud. What's the website. Let's all be proud together. It's easy,

big planning. It's simple. I did it three weeks With the Zener or how do you spell Busy, busy that didn't work. Why? And they'd be triple a Is for sale. Did you notice that it's only $4,000 us cool. I like it. I like the pink and it matches the uniform. Clearly I tried to change it because things can become quite sane but easily.

But that's how everyone knows us. If you've got a branding attached to it, just ride the pink and just get new shirts every now and then we've run with black for awhile and you can still see everything on that. There's no color that will not show very cool belt. I like it. So when people fill out this form, is it just a email that it goes to,

okay, like in the 10 X course will teach you how to build out like marketing funnels? Because the problem is when you send traffic or people are only especially paid traffic, when there's like cold traffic, warmer traffic, when they come to your website, it's a lot easier to get them to fill out the form and do everything. But you want to build in like a nurture sequence on the backend,

that's going to automated followup type. So you don't have people fall through the cracks and missing, like educating them on your process or why you're better, how you're unique and different. So that I think would be helpful. I know in the beginning, just starting out, this is great. That's how we started out to just a simple form. And then as you get more progress,

you can add on some more efficiencies with the marketing too. So you want to build out customized marketing funnels for one on your website. But also if you're running traffic on say Facebook or Google ads or something else you'll have a specialized landing page. That's just for that traffic. So you can track everything and see your costs and make sure you're monetizing everything the right way.

But yeah, I mean, I would say if you can put your headline above the fold, when your website loads, it's a beautiful picture. If you had a designer add that headline right above the fold. So they don't have to scroll and even like a button, like a call to action button, some type of call to action. So without them even scrolling,

they can just click something and it takes them like to your forum or some action to take. But yeah, just because when you think about people online these days, that there's so many distractions, so it's always like the quickest thing you can get them to do to take a call that action. But yeah, it looks great. I would add pictures.

I haven't looked at your story. Yeah. You have pictures of you. That looks great. I always tell people with your local websites, the more local, like personalized, you can make it feel because a lot of people, well, people don't like about big companies is it's just, the logo is very impersonal. So the more you can put your face on things like talk about the local community stuff you're doing,

that's always really a great way to differentiate yourself and build a lot of value and trust with people. And I want to take some photos of the girls working on their face, but because I'm on the be comfortable with that. But just to show that we're real so that I can say the chops and that will make more people in the community aware of that.

And they can relate it back to, I love this quote you have on the homepage. It says exceptional cleaning starts and ends with our experienced and friendly staff. That's a great place to put pictures of the staff, little headshots. So if it is really it start the sentence with the staff, then let's introduce them to the staff and give them some names.

And maybe a little bio blurb I've been cleaning for five years or 10 years or whatever. It doesn't all have to be with your business, but whatever their experience may work out to be, This is great. Yeah, it's really coming along. And so I think this is a huge, because a lot of times people don't even get to this point and it's a,

you're already a huge step ahead. Just like building that local presence, that website gives you the trust, and then you can connect that to your maps or other social profiles and everything connects. We go over a lot of that in the 10 next course, all the marketing online stuff, but this is awesome. You're doing great so far in Not so concerned about the marketing at the moment I started running just a few ads on Facebook just didn't really know what I was doing,

but I thought I'll have a bit of a dummy round. And I thought eight points in the next two days to do, but he comments. And one of them was straight off the bat with the website. As soon as I, like, I looked at my Facebook profile and I had someone message me through the web page straight away. So you're not cleaning yourself anymore.

Right. You're just managing it now. Yeah. I actually just recently took on two new girls and my plan was on nasty, stepping back. I have to. Yeah. And I need to make sure that everything in the background is running efficiently. So the NGOs feel supported and everything's ready to party for them. The Right. So you're still cleaning right now.

And the idea is you're going to like train them up and then step away Now. So my plan for tomorrow is to read you the roster, moving forward, We're catching you the day before you're going to stop cleaning. That's amazing way to go. We just getting so busy and I've been running two quotes in between jobs. And so then you run a little bit behind or you feel like you're rushing the person for another lot to do that.

I like to spend the time with the customer so that they make sure they're heard. I know exactly what they're looking for. And just to get to know a little bit about them and they're sampling. Oh, great things. You can never go wrong. Knowing your customer like that, you get to know the customer and you went to the house, you talked to him for awhile.

What do you do with those notes? Where do they go? And where does the staff get information about it when it's time to go to that house? Yeah. I genuinely, what I've been doing is I've been making them there and I've been walking them through the house and talking to them and telling them there's a lot of explaining to a very much the same.

So I've just been walking them through. But I would like to have the checklist, which I've started doing some places I've already gone to check this advice, but I'd like to streamline it like you have and have the sign checklist for each house. The checklist that we would get you, if you had the cleaning course is like, this is what you do in the kitchen and the order in which you do it.

And things like that, which is great. But the stuff that you've gotten from the customer is the personalized thing. So like don't clean this family, heirloom whatever, or there's this my mother's ashes, like don't touch it. Cleaners also need to be aware of that. So you have to have a way to convey that one-off information on the bootstraps cheap side of things.

You can always do it with a Google calendar that everyone's plugged into and can view it, but really what you need to do at the level that you're about to start scaling at is you have to get a CRM software of some kind, whatever will work for you, but like, that's your next bottleneck. So you're going to get yourself out of the cleaning,

which is a huge first step. Congratulations. But the next problem you're going to run into is people showing up at the wrong times or missing things that they told you, but you forgot to really, because you're too busy and the way to organize all that as with the software. So I think by and large, all the ones that we use here should be available in Australia,

but I'm not in Australia to test that. So the one that we mentioned a lot on the podcast is Sarah's fusion. They're based here obviously, but there are much bigger versions of it. So service fusion is one Yeah, service fusion. That's the one that we use in house for us, for us, it's about $350 us per month, but it's by headcount.

We have way more people than you do. So yours would be considerably less. There's other ones that get tossed around a lot. One's called housecall pro one's called jobber. So when you get set up with that system, it'll essentially do everything. It will manage the schedule for a recurring job. It can do things like send a text message to the customer when we're on the way those text messages can be really cool.

It can actually include the photo of the people that are coming to the house. Like this is your community. This is your cleaning team. Today. They'll be there in 15 minutes and they can see the headshots that you've put on the website. You run credit cards through it. I don't know how your customers are paying, but you can certainly do it straight through that app.

The cleaners can do it. If you want them to do it like point of sale, they swipe the card. That's your next operational hurdle. But the nice thing is because you're not using one right now, the second you take yourself out of the cleaning. I don't think you have enough work to fill your day. I could be completely wrong, but you will find yourself with some free time.

That would be really well spent on spinning up a software. It's like the operating system of the business that you keep going with into the future. Yeah, not that sounds like it, right? Because we, QuickBooks time they use as their time. Like you fucking poke out. I'm sure you're aware of that. Yeah. You would still keep something like that.

So depending on the app that you go with, it will have a built-in time clock feature where they can they'll have the app installed on their phone and then they can clock in and clock out remotely so that they're not coming to the office. The office doesn't exist. You can keep QuickBooks time. If you like it, it's affordable for you to do both.

You can keep it. Are you running payroll through QuickBooks as well? No, it goes through zero. So, but that links. So I would be more than happy to change that whole thing. The only concern of going away from a solution like that, where payroll is built into the time clock is that now you're going to have to copy data.

So you're going to have to take the hours, work this week and manually enter it into whatever the payroll system is. So if Xero and QuickBooks time are working to keep it, the alternative is run it through the new app, just get one that has payroll built into it. And then they all have some form of an export. So you export a CSV and copy it into there.

You just kind of have to be a little bit more diligent about data entry, mistakes. We're on an integrated system. Now just like you are where there's a, there's actually an iPad time clock in the office and that's linked directly to the payroll system. So it logs it for us. But in the old days you would make a silly mistake, like logging someone in for 75 hours instead of seven.

That is a costly mistake. If you don't catch it. And then at worst, you have to go back to your employee and say, Hey, we overpaid you by a lot. And I need that money back. That's a very devastating conversation to have, depending on your cleaners, personal financials standpoint. So yeah, just be judicious about it. You need to really like write down a wishlist.

Like I wish that the software did this, this, this, this, and this, and then schedule a demo with the sales guy. They'll do it on zoom and you need to make sure they operate in Australia, which has given. But if you go into there with no plan, if you go to the demo, the sales, guy's got a routine,

he's going to go through it and give you the price at the end. And he was like, yeah, it sounds great. And then you start using it and it doesn't do all the things you needed to do. So you need to steer that demo a little bit and tell him like, look, can you show me what the routing map looks like?

Can you show me what scheduling looks like? Show me what the text message looks like when it goes to the customer that says we're on our way. Some of them will do review management. So after the cleans over, it'll shoot them a text and says, Hey, leave us a review. It'll automatically post it to Facebook and Google and all the stuff.

So you just need to be really clear on what you want out of it and think a little bit in the future. So like, if you were double the size, what would you need the software to do and try and get that software. Do you find with the reviews? Do you send that every time you do explain? So you've got your recurring customers once a week or once or not.

Do you always ask her, are you No. So we use a software that does that for us now. So that's called podium and that is actually part of the automation side of it on the backend is it will send it to them once and then not again for 60 days. And so they can also opt out of it. They can just say like,

I don't want to do this at all. Like, it comes from a different number. Like they know it's not us, but it says it's us. It's confusing for them, but it's worked really well. So when we signed up for it, we signed up for it in July of last year. I think. So we haven't been quite a year with that.

And our goal was boost the count of reviews. I don't care what the reading is. I want as many reviews as possible through the system. And we actually just, this week we talked about it this morning. We became the most reviewed cleaning company in the state. So there we have the most reviews of anybody and we did it with that software.

So that software that we used also has a feature called feedback in the software world. It's called net promoter score. So instead of a review, it will send them something like, Hey, on a scale of zero to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend? And so it will log that info in the back. So it will probably check in with them every time,

just a quick check-in. But if they reply back with a zero or like a one, you get like a little notification that like, Hey, this person's pissed off. And so you can call that person and be like, Hey, I noticed you ranked us really low on this feedback thing. Like, did we do something wrong? Like, can we fix it?

It's like a filter for angry customers that you can catch before they do something silly, like leave a negative review or tell their neighbor it was a bad experience. So that's what we use it for. And I guess as you get bigger, your need that I've got really good relationships with all of my clients that put cross. I was in the same tune yesterday we were talking about was reviews and breakages and stuff like that.

So there was a couple of different ones I listened to. And so I've started stepping out of my comfort zone, which is what you guys suggested and asking to do reviews. Like I've always shied away from that. Cause I thought, oh, if they want to do what they do, I don't want to pressure them to do it. But most of them have used the sinus.

And so, so I know where that Mustang, why. Yeah, they'll totally get that. So it's you asking for a very personal favor from them is not going to be met with, I don't do that. If you don't ask, people are much more likely to leave a negative review because they're so upset than they are to leave a positive one.

By and large, you expect that you're going to have positive experiences with most of the businesses you interact with. Otherwise they wouldn't be in business, but when someone really screws up and especially if they do a bad job of resolving, whatever the issue is for you, that's when people go leave one star reviews. So yeah. Ask for reviews, get something like this that asks for reviews on behalf of you,

but make it easy on them. Like give them a little card. This is the link. Or I can text you the link to our Google listing or our Facebook listing to leave us a review there. Yeah. And I would say you can get more to like a podium as you grow. But like in the beginning we didn't have podium. We had another automation thing that we tried at one point podium is by far the best it does take them once they do review,

it takes them off. So they don't keep getting the messages. So that's nice. It recognizes when they do review. But in the beginning when you're starting out, that's actually a really great part about being smaller is you can trade. Like we talked about the customer experience on the last podcast. Like when you're smaller, you can create these really unique experiences.

Like you said, you've got these really great relationships right now. So you can go out of your way. You're already going out of your way because you're showing up personally, it's you on the front line and there people trust you. And that's when you have the most unique experiences with these people, you can really create these amazing bonds. The reviews that come out of that will be really high touch and personalized and great.

You can write them a card, even those people would do go so far as make a quick video. And those are powerful. If you can put those on your website, like video, like Brandon said earlier at another call, and he's like, if a picture's worth a thousand words, a video's worth a million. So put some video testimonials up of a customer,

just being like telling the story of like how much they love their clean. And maybe you did something extra or going above and beyond to surprise them or spark some type of joy that they're like, I can't believe he did this. Like we leave flowers for people. Maybe it's something personalized handwritten card, a video message after the clean, that's just as we're so happy or a customer,

let us know if there's any feedback we can do better. By the way we bought you a coffee or something, just like people wouldn't expect they are going to brag about. And that's also, when you ask for review, it's like, you've already tipped them upfront it's reciprocity. So it comes back and people are more than glad to not just write a review,

but they'll write a glowing review and they'll go out of their way to do whatever they can to help you. But that's a really good thing to focus on right now is building your reviews. We did a lot of organic review pushes in the beginning, just straight up ask people, or we would leave cards out Cards. I like that idea. Then it goes to plays that The other thing we started doing recently,

that's been really well received is the teams when they're there, they write a handwritten, thank you note, like thank you for being a customer. Like we really appreciate it. And then they put their names at the bottom. So everyone knows like team five was a high-risk and so on and so forth. And that seems to resonate well. So like,

you've got to actually have them. If they're comfortable with it, you gotta kinda like finesse it, your employees after all. But you gotta say like, you know, you're really helpful if you left us a review and then inside that card is the printed out. Like here's the website to go to, to do it. If you're going to print out a card with a URL on it,

I would definitely suggest doing one on your website. So like be busy, be And then you on the backend can have it forward to wherever you actually want them to go. But if you tried to type out your Google listing, this huge string of random letters and numbers, someone won't be able to transcribe that into reading it. They will be able to get it into a computer.

So you just set up a URL on your website and then you can make that go wherever you want. You can change that. So like, if you're going to focus on Google, it goes to Google. And then later you're like, well, I really want to focus on Facebook. Then you just change it on the backend of your website without having to reprint all those cards.

And then now it goes to Facebook or wherever Are you just let them choose and say, review us on Facebook or review us on Google click here. And each one points to different ones. And you could set that up in your website and any of the technical stuff. It looks like you already know how to do a lot of this stuff based on your website,

but like anything that you're not sure how to do or go on, go on and just hire a freelancer that can just like code something real quick or put a thing on the back of your website or create a redirect 3 0 1 Dirk link there's Upwork, and then Fiverr, F I V E R is another good one that it's gotten a lot better over the years.

It used to be like really low end work, but there's a lot of really good pros on there. CEOs think differently as a small business owner have to stop thinking like one we're launching the Profit book club to help transform the mindsets that cleaning business owners everywhere together. We'll read some of the most important business and mindset books so that you can become the leader.

Your business needs learn more about the Profit Cleaners book club today, by going to Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club that's Profit Cleaners dot com slash book club So it's like anything you can't do, don't be like intimidated by any of the technology stuff, because we live in a world where everything is like shared economy, shared everything. Everyone can help each other.

So just reach out to people like that, that can help you hook that stuff in the CRM, hook that up, do some demos on that. And I was poking around on Google. There are a few CRMs that are based solely on Australia. So if the ones that we gave you don't work there, there are unique things to Australia that you can also poke around with.

It's just the generic term for it is field management software. That's what you're after you're managing people out in the field doing stuff. Yeah. And it sounds like you have like a lot going, but the systems are like, you want to get to this next phase of growth where you're going to grow and scale a bunch, but you got to have those systems to scale,

right? So putting the calendar system with all the scheduling and all the billing and all the notes and all the stuff that you can put in there on a good CRM software that manages your teams and all that, that's going to be huge putting in the next system, which might be like when Brandon and I started really, it was a huge, huge benefit that we launched with our mentor Corby systems,

which is a lot of the checklists and everything you'll find in the cleaning systems course, but that was after 20 years of him refining and give and tried carpet cleaning at one time and ditch that. And there's just like constantly refining this house, cleaning process down to the choreographed dance, you know, and that's the system. But if you don't have that system and the checklist to the point where someone could walk off the street and do it and follow the checklist and like make it that easy,

that's the true system you need to get to. So the cleaning systems for us will definitely help with that work. We're adding a bunch of content to that right now, actually, because we got a lot of great feedback when we launched it. And so there's still more that's coming on that that's like all sorts of other systems do like behind the scenes of our operational organization,

of the company. And we're adding more service, fusion videos, because people wanted to know like exactly what you're asking. Well, how would I, if I'm using a service fusion, how would I go about scheduling this or doing this? So we're going to have more videos like that. Just like anything. So if you're in there and you're like,

I don't see this, let us know, and we'll add it in there and we'll record something. So, cause it's just a big library. We're constantly building that you'll have lifetime access to. So it's, And then I love that as lifetime access. It's not, you have to renew every year. Yeah. And then there's a great group on the back end.

You can keep asking questions in there. And then we do monthly coaching calls just like this, but it's part of the group. So you can just get in there and ask questions. Live there too. There are some other Australians too. I think we're up to three Australian companies in that group. I think. Well, I know a couple of people on I'm finding these and I'm going to run because I just think it's just your podcasts have taught me so much.

I love that. You love it. And like I said, I mean, so listening to them a second time, cause I listened to them in the car when I'm driving and sometimes I'll be seeing page I'm more rusted and I'll just have finding the background and you always pick up something that you missed the first time, what you see over and over you.

What is the competition landscape looking like locally? Because your town is very small is what it looks like on Google maps. So how far is that service area and how many other people are in the space In Millicent? There is no other cleaning companies. And also that's the town. That's 15 minutes away. My sister noisy or compensation, which really finite process competition Alto.

And then if you go to Mount Gambia, there is a few claiming companies up there. I haven't had had a service from them, but from the feedback I've received from people who had come to Mayo, contacted me. It's not affluent service. And the staff is always changing. The standard of planning is not consistent. They don't pay. But one company I was told by past interviews that I probably get $20 an hour patch.

They don't pay tax and she charges the client $45 an hour. What are the other pieces of feedback we got from one of the Australians was that your labor market is completely different than ours. And I think the minimum wage is much, much higher. So what do you pay people and how does that relate to your pricing for the customers? I pay not goes above you because I think that we provide a much biased into the claiming and my girls nine time that,

sorry, the minimum wage is $27. We're paying, I pay 30. So it's not a huge amount more, but the girls were extremely grateful when I let them know that I was going to and I told them why. I just think they're worth that little bit extra because they're great goals and they're consistent. They read their uniform, you eventual the rock.

So Yes, that's about, that's about 21 us. We've got competitors in town that paid 21. We'll make them drive their own vehicles for that. And they have to pay for their own fuel out of that wage. Is that how yours is set up as well? You have to pay, they pay for your, Yeah. I mean, we are supposed to pay them the kilometers.

I travel between jobs. I goes at the moment, I'm happy that I'm paying them that little bit extra, which covers. But I would like to get into a position where I am paying them those kilometers. So you pay them by the hour during the clean. So like the actual time from beginning to end of a house and then they get a,

like a flat kilometer reimbursement driving to and From they don't, they just get the time. Yeah. Okay. Interesting. You could get to a point, you know, later on if funds allow, like you'll get to the point where you have to start making more expenses for tax reasons, you know, you have to dumb down the profit a bit.

And one of the things that my old boss in the medical sales world used to do is he'd put everything on a credit card that earned points and then him and his wife would take vacations on those points every year. So it could be a perk of the job down the road, eventually where you use a fuel card that you earn points on and everyone's just got a copy of the card and they can gas themselves up.

So that may be like, that's a good way to make the staff love you even more than they already do. But it's just an interesting setup that you have because it's not something that totally foreign to the way that we do things in like a major Metro area. So I'm always curious how those things work And do you know, I would love to do that.

I would have to manage that though, because the girls don't do an excessive amount of kilometers full work. And if I was to fuel their whole time with the price of fuel here at the moment, I'd have to work out. I'd have to refund that somehow. It's just an idea. You can manage it. However you want our office manager, who,

our director of operations, she's integral to the whole system. We fill her tank up whenever she wants it. And she can just, just her car. We don't care that she's not driving miles for the business. That's kind of a, we can't pay you what you worth, you know, at the time. So like let's fill your gas tank instead.

So that's what we could kind of do. So it's just something to keep in your back pocket, I suppose, in the future. Yeah. I love that. And I want to the reward system, I want to implement that, that you guys have got buy-ins. I really want to do that because I think my goals are worth it. I know my girls up here compared to like a lot of them,

they don't have uniforms, you know, I'm strict with like a, has to be the top and it has to be black pants and black shoes, denim, no leggings, no tracksuit pants. I don't care. Send all the pants from came up because you planning, they're going to get trashed, but you know, let's check the pants, leggings of denim app.

Sure. I love it. That's a good branding exercise. You got to stay on top of what it looks like to the customer is important. So I mean good on you for doing that. That's that's the way to do it. I was just going to say, I remember Corby on the early in the days when we were learning the cleaning business,

specifically talking about the uniforms for that reason, but just like a lot of the nuance stuff that isn't really apparent, but it's very small, subtle details that are so important in this business. So everything from the way the teams show up the way their uniforms are tucked in the way the cleaning supplies look in the bucket with the towels folded a certain way and color coded.

If you're doing that system, the cleaning course, like all of that is a marketing presentation. So that even when the client sees that, they're just like, wow, like this is amazing. Like I've never seen a cleaning company like this. And then even to the point where after the clean a big part of just the details is the cleaners will straighten the frames.

If they've dusted on more, straighten the carpets or straightened the chairs and like things that I would have never thought. And yet, if you do the competitor research and hire other companies, you'll notice a lot of them don't do these things, but these are the little details that a client will go around looking at in the house afterwards. And if they see a frame off the carpet off of chairs or something's crooked in the house,

they start looking for other problems, right? It's like a lot of times the initial appearance of things is creates that all that illusion of everything else. And it's like, so yeah, first appearance, isn't just like the details are so important all the way down to the how your website looks, your branding, your marketing, how your people dress. So I think great work on doing that on the uniforms and like that kind of attention to detail is going to be really key to becoming an authority in your market.

And we all go what those trolleys, they're like a square trolley on wheels with a long handle and they're really pink. Then it goes and goes up. I trolley, they've got all their chemicals getting there. They have to have the photos and they need to be either in a basket or a bag workings. It needs to look professional when working with a,

an arm full of flawless and it just looks very disorganized. And then they brought up another bag or basket for the duty costs to going. And I said, don't just try them on the floor. They need to be put into a bag or Boston. How are you handling replenishing of those supplies since everyone's distributed? Do you run things out to them or chemicals and then laundry to bring it back dirty rags and cleaning?

No, I do not want to go. So that's why something listening to you. I'm going to have to expand on at some point and how I coordinate that because it goes in Millicent audit and seeing him every day. So that would entail, I mean, Denmark may driving him to pick them up and laundering them. So that's something it's in my to do list as we expand A rental service for that locally.

Yeah, we do. I know I could do it in that Gambia. We've never used one, but like we've gotten sales pitches from them before, but you know, you rent the microfibers in bulk and then you give it back to them and they launder it and it's part of the service. So you, I haven't seen anything about that way. We're probably very behind.

I do love Australia. I've been to Australia a few times. I remember the first time I went down there. I remember making the comment that like, it feels like it's 10 years ago. Well, good news. You're on the cutting edge. So if the rest of Australia is 10 years behind that, that makes you 20 years in the future to your competition.

I was just going to say, Belinda. I was thinking back when you were saying, you go to the customers' houses, right. At least on the initial cleans and walk the teams through. I know you might not be able to do that forever, but that's a really cool opportunity for you as well. Probably the customers there, maybe they're not,

but that's a really good opportunity to like, we're starting to do like these weekly claim, your weekend. Check-ins where our customer experience person will just like call up a customer or drop in on them. But like, if you're already dropping in on the houses, talk about making it a luxury experience. Like you can call them when you're on the way and say,

Hey, can I pick you up a coffee or some tea or something? Or when you're there, you just like talk to them and create this experience with them. Or like all sorts of ideas there. But that's always when you're actually going in the house and you're showing up like that, at least in the beginning, and maybe sometime in the future or someone else will continue doing that for you.

But those are the kinds of experiences that really bond you with your clients and create that loyalty as well. If you can keep that as you grow some type of a tab on that, that's really critical. I think so. Is that the moment? And this is what, it's something I was going to ask you do quotes or estimates online. Do you have like a set price to see I don't charge by the hour that we're there.

I'm no good with math. I think I heard somewhere along the line that you've worked out on square meters of the house or something. I'm crap with that. I actually have it open. Let me just share it with I'm the same way. That's why Brandon's the spreadsheet ninja over here, numbers out. All right. So that's the rate matrix at the moment is what it's called.

So the square footage on the left, we do it in 300 square foot blocks. And then depending on the type of service you're after the price is different. So initial weekly, biweekly, monthly, and or if you're having a one-off that's way, way higher. So you can do it either way. There's benefit in the flat pricing. It's a consistent amount for the customer to kind of budget off souls.

In reality, if you're cleaning the same customers repeatedly, it's probably going to be roughly the same amount every time is my guests. So what you want to do, if you switched to the flat model pricing, you need to work in an average. So there'll be times when, if they stay with you long enough, it's, it's all the same.

But if they have a bad day, you don't charge them double or whatever. You have to be able to eat that on the payroll side, because it is going to take longer hours to do it. We did this cause Corby did it. We never did the hourly setup. Like we have a minimum charge. So if you have a very small space that you want us to clean,

you know, 500 square feet, we charge you with a thousand square foot because we just don't, it's not worth our time to like drive out there and do it there's cost and getting to you before we even started cleaning. So we have had customers push back on that and say like, I'll just pay the hourly. And we're like, fine. Well,

the minimum is an hour, $120 an hour for the team of three to come out and do it. And then if they finish in half an hour, well, that was the minimum. We have a certain vein of customer that we stick with them, but we do have an advantage compared to you over that because we have a rent, a big city.

So there's essentially unlimited amount of people that we can talk to. You are quite smaller in that regard. So that doesn't mean the sky is not the limit. It's just that you gotta be a little more choosy on how you make those pricing decisions. Cause you might upset a bigger amount of people. So if the hourly thing is working for you, I don't see any reason to change it.

That's really easy for people to work out too. It's also very easy to quote, how much is it? Oh, it's this much. And then the rest of it depends on how long we stay at your house. So it's really up to you. Yeah, because I'll go and do like today, when I'm finished with you, I'm going to go to Matt Gambia.

And like I said, I've got quotes to do. So I always go and do a walkthrough with the customer. I'll walk through their house, get to know them a little bit, get to know their house and know because there's certain things that some people like, they put their little pet peeves on you to get. And the toilet leak that dusting there or around the toilet button,

when stuff builds up there, the things that I like to really hone in and I know am I setting myself up to file as such, by spending more time. But that seems to be the thing that is setting us apart from the others. That way You got to lean into that. Like, if that's the thing that's setting you apart from the competition,

then that's the thing. So you tell me From the top right down to the bottom I started on. So the things that you do, that where he had to explain your hassles and offsite and site, get your time, your weekends back, spend your time with your family. And that's people have commented and said, wow, that's a really good way to sell.

So no, keep that up. I mean that gap in between the toilet, that's an inspection pointing to be looking at sometimes. So we'll have everybody send in photos of that through the day sometimes. So don't go backwards on that. Don't peel back on that. You can get into a situation where if you over customize it to a degree with one customer versus another,

it will be hard if you have a staff change. So if one of the ladies quits or it has to move somewhere else, you drop in someone else. And that was the one that did the bathroom. And she just mentally remembered that you do that. That's why you need the CRM to document everything. But no, I mean, if that's,

what's separating you out, I say, keep that going. And then the hourly is what makes it that way. And then over time, you'll get more data and realize that, well, the average is three hours. So we can just charge you three hours flat going forward And that's what's happening. And you should claim generally will take a little bit longer because you're going to get it to a certain standard.

And that's what I always say to the point. The first plane will always cost a little bit more, but moving forward, the price will go down because we're just being maintaining for you. And I'm very fortunate with the clientele that we've got. They claim people anyway, they're their claim for the plane accounts. We're not going into these horrendous houses and going,

walking in and going, oh my God, this wasn't like, We'll run into some of those someday. Absolutely. Yeah. Belinda also, what you can do is go read all your competition's reviews. We did this in the beginning, or you can hire out their services if you want to go that far. But even just reading the reviews is very telling.

And if you just read the lower three stars and below, that'll tell you a lot of their weaknesses and the opportunities for you. You can read their five star reviews too, and see, well, this is what people love. This is what they're praising them for. So try to do emulate what people are already wanting, do more of that, and then try to find where they're dropping the ball and where they're really missing out.

And that's the opportunity, like you said, if everyone's saying to you, wow, you do this a huge, like we actually deviated from our mentors system too. Like he was like, oh no, we don't touch those things. We don't ever do this. And we started doing that and we started adding job notes and things because that, or like the fact that we in the very,

very beginning we did. In-person estimates in the houses. We Brandon and I, and mostly Brandon would just go into the houses ourselves. And people couldn't believe that we would actually show up because everyone else was doing the virtual or just quoting it automatically, no humans involved in. And so we were trying to do stuff like that all the time. And so I think to a degree,

you can do a lot of that because a lot of the things they're asking for are very small, nuanced little details. If they start asking your teams to get on the ladders and clean stuff and stuff, that's really dangerous. Obviously you can't do that. But I think that is a really great point is you can differentiate yourself a lot by doing that stuff and then seeing what your competitors aren't doing and really fill that need for your customer base.

You can do that review exercise in a different location. If you don't have that much competition, look at these reviews to learn things from then go look at like Perth or Melbourne or whatever's closest and look at five stars. See what they're doing really well. Oh, we could add that. Julie said that your wife said that on one of her podcasts about dying.

I mean, you can look at your own business like cleaning, but go and have a look at other people's websites for different ideas and look at their, I mean, for reviews, yes. You'd go to a planning websites, but I know what Julie said about going and looking at different websites. Yeah. And get inspiration, but also don't focus too much on the competition,

but yeah, notice what they're doing, but also focus on your own. Like you should already be like six months ahead of the competition because you're innovating new ideas and new things that they're not even thinking of because you're noticing they're dropping the ball because they're most recent reviews said they did this wrong or this wrong. And in the very beginning, we actually picked up from our direct competitor,

like 30 or 40 of their customers, right from the get-go because they shifted from doing, I dunno what it was Brandon, but they were just messing around with their systems and changing stuff up for their customers, making them mad basically. And we could see it in the reviews and then slowly solve their customers. Not all of them, but a lot of them started coming over to us.

So It was a big chunk all at once because they switched from three person teams to two person to one person. And so if you were working at home and you were used to it taking an hour and a half, it was suddenly taking four hours and it just was throwing off everybody. Yeah. So like, I think you've got a good thing going with the higher touch,

customization things. So I wouldn't stray away from that. I think you've got a good thing going with meeting your customers in person as well. That kind of helps. Especially when you're new, it puts a face to the name and helps you do it. The pandemic really forced our hand on doing the digital estimates. So we're doing that live in zoom.

So like it's still a walkthrough. Like they take their phone around and turn it around and kind of show us everything and point out anything specific. And then that gives us the opportunity to look in there and say, whoa, man, like this is a room is really bad. Or like thing that we run into sometimes musical instruments. Like if you've got a room with a bunch of guitars on the wall,

like we just make a point to point out to you that like, we're not going to touch those. We'll do everything else for you that frees up your time. But the cleaning of the instruments is on you because violin could cost thousands of dollars or 20 bucks depending on what it looks like. But I have no idea. Like I, I'm not that well-versed.

So we just skip those things that are red flags. Art is another one. So if you get a collector, that's got original paintings of things like this beautiful, like really good looking house, but you can't touch that for you. Cause it's just, our insurance would get mad at us and yada yada, yada, you can always blame stuff on insurance.

So yeah, I mean, I think when you want to switch to the estimates is when you just are frazzled, when we had to do it, it was that I was running the operation side of the business customer service and accounts payable and all the things that keep the doors open and the lights on. But I was losing 30 hours a week to sales,

going to do estimates. And there was just no time leftover to do any of that other stuff. And then it got to the point where I had to sacrifice sales time to catch up on business stuff. And so that was the light bulb. Like, look, we need someone else to do this. And so I wouldn't consider doing the digital stuff until you're,

at that point, when you're either going to hire someone to do it in person like just sales, like you have a commission to person or they can do it online for us. The online thing works because it was just right place, right time with the pandemic to do it. And nobody wanted us to go into their house if they weren't going to have cleaners anyway.

So it was a safety thing. But also the added benefit is that you're driving between these eight quotes tomorrow. So like eight quotes already quotes today. That's going to be a full day for you. That's a lot of driving going in between these places. If it was all on zoom down the road, you could maybe do double that because you just bounce from one zoom call to another,

with five minutes in between instead of 20, depending on how far you're driving from place to place. And I think a lot of the stuff I hear, I mean, you're doing great. I think a lot of the systems like you're talking about, and the crazy thing that we've learned recently too, is like a lot of the systems are in your head,

but you just have to like pull them out or it helps. If you have something to look at, like the system we've built out and we're putting in the course and stuff so that you can model after that and change them to fit exactly how you're doing it. But something to build off of, right. Something, a model. And that's usually the most successful people are modeling that success.

That's what we're doing too. And so You think your sister-in-law's going to listen to the podcast? How do you, one of those people she's never wrong. It's always everybody else's fault. She finds her stuff. Like it's just is a really toxic, unhealthy environment. I'll own it. Even if it's like the point of class has this TSA. Even if it's not necessarily at fault,

I will say, what can we do? And one lady's house, I've not two things over straightaway. I've taken a fight. And I said to her, I'm really sorry. My dusty knocked this over. I've looked at the bottom. I've got where you ordered it from. Here's the order number. I've already ordered it. And it will give them that Way to go.

That type of stuff. No one else is doing that. They're all going to my favorite part. When we were doing the research, we were looking at other people's reviews and the owner of this cleaning company was in the reviews publicly arguing with his customers. They said that they broke something and he was like, nah, that was already broken when we got there.

And like, that is just that's her sister-in-law's attitude that wasn't us, that's you. But if you had done or she did what you just did and just replaced it off the bat, then it turns in from I'm so mad at you. And you're denying my concern too. No way. I can't believe you've already ordered when it's going to be here tomorrow.

Like that's amazing To Me, it speaks miles. He was just thought, wow, well thank you very much. Well, we broke it. We'll fix it. Yep. Oftentimes we report that stuff up front and they just say like, don't worry about it. It's not a big deal. It was a $3 salt shaker. You did it all.

So Belinda, it doesn't want to commend you on that too. Like you got the mindset, you have the extreme ownership mindset of take full responsibility. If your business fails, it's your fault, right? Like you already own that. Like you already doing that. And so that's the best place to be. So if you keep that mindset, I mean,

you're going to be unstoppable because you know, you're not going to let anything stop you, which is exactly what you're talking about when people are blaming other people for everything. But as long as you keep that attitude, you're going to do a great And just very quickly, I know you probably got another coat. I had a lady who was one of my sister-in-law's clients.

That was one of the biggest people to push me, to get away from Heidi and start my own business. I took her on as a client, but she became, she was very demanding. And at the stop I could do the three hours, Mondays and Fridays for her. But as the business grew, I couldn't always be there. So I train someone else to be there.

Anyway, she needs a house cake, but not explaining to people, only people that live in a house, but she wants to have cross awake and crazy and really feel like he's off that side. Hang on, got to stop. So I dropped her as a client professionally through email, but then also being an incident where she just had some news,

local was merging pudding and she had been away and she actually messaged me and said, I did someone drop something. So you drop something on the floor. And I said, well, why did I think, sorry, she didn't say anything. And then she said, oh no, I think this breach has been moved and it's dead to the new full board.

And so I was very skeptical because I didn't know. She thought something had been dropped and the imprint on the floor didn't match the bottom of the fridge. Anyway, I didn't handle that overly. Well, we ended up paying for it through the insurance because I was happy just to pay cash and sort it out and get it done. But she was very difficult about it.

And it took me 12 months, but I actually went back to her two weeks ago. Like I had ended her as a client and everything. I went back to her two weeks back, cause she's not gone back to Hottie. Cause there's, I know, I apologize to him. And I said, I just wanted to apologize for the way, my part in how I handled the situation with the fridge.

I said, I didn't do it very well. It wasn't very professional. And I just wanted to know that, make sure I was being fixed and be just, yeah, just say sorry. And the, I could have done things a whole lot better. That's what I want to know. She didn't know what to say or where to look, but she was.

Wow. Well thank you very much. I really appreciate it. And then I won't seem to everything that's happened with her and her family and the 12 months since I'd seen her last, That's an on the fence customer for me. Like, do you want to take them on, because you've now made, you've got some inroads there after the apology, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want her back as a client.

But I think from a professional standpoint, very good work. And then, yeah, especially recognizing that you need a housekeeper, you need an employee that is your employee that comes here and does exactly what you want all the time. Cause you pay them. But like, unfortunately it's just not a good fit for us. There's always really graceful ways to back out of that.

And I think you did a really fantastic job. So, And then I explained that to, in an email, I said, I'll see, you would be better suited to have. Yeah. But people appreciate that honesty and you being real with them like that. And other people might not tell them that and just try to do the business anyways. But I think that's hugely valuable.

Yeah. The time that was a thousand dollars a month, to me, that was a huge client name, the extra headache that came along with it. So That is the exact mindset. They could be giving you $5,000 a month. But if it's keeping you awake at night or causing multi thousand dollar insurance claims for things that you didn't do, then it's not worth it.

I mean, we've had half a dozen clients over the years accuse us of some version of theft and we always take that very seriously. We're going to go investigate and talk to people and see what we can come up with. We've turned a couple over to insurance every single time they come back, weeks later, a month later, a year later, I'm really sorry.

I found that thing that I thought that you stole under or whatever. And they're always very apologetic, but the fact that we didn't just right away tell them, Nope, that wasn't us like goodbye. And we fire those clients. I mean, we usually tell them, like, we don't have the trust that we need to continue the relationship because you jumped right to,

we stole it when in fact we didn't. So now, you know, best of luck and then they call back and we've taken a couple back every now and then they're very apologetic. But yeah, that kind of attitude is going to go very far for you. What people will tell that they will delay with the vase that got replaced. She's going to tell 10 friends about that story and it'll just keep paying dividends over time.

Yeah. Versus if you didn't help her out, she would tell that story 10 or 20 times more. And it would be a really negative word of mouth versus just going the extra mile like you're doing. And if you just keep doing that, that's like the Goodwill you're building up. People will unexpected, that will re reciprocate just by word of mouth,

telling other people when they can't help it, they can't help, but brag about what you did for them. So that's awesome. Keep doing that too. But today I gave her the wrong day earlier in the week. Cause I was just so busy and I gave her the wrong guy and she misses me. She said, oh, I'm just checking me.

So coming today. And I was like an hour later, I saw the message. And I said, I'm really sorry. I got Wednesday and Thursday. I made stop. I said, if you're happy to make us still come and do a quote, I'm more than happy to, and I'll give you 50% discount off your face plate. If you decide to go with us.

And she was like, yep. See you tomorrow. I'm going to type two coffee tokens. We've today for a local coffee shop. And to say, thank you for giving us a shot, Belinda, you're doing such a great job. It's been such a pleasure talking to you. You're going to own cleaning in that corner of Australia if you don't already.

But you're definitely well on your way. Yeah. Great. Keep it up for sure. And yeah, let us know how we can keep helping you. We can help you with pricing me, jump in the course, let us know. Absolutely Belinda. We're happy to help. And that's what we're here for. So just, we really appreciate all your feedback,

us hearing you is like helping us learn too. So it's like a win-win for everybody. So thanks for your time today and keep on being awesome. You're doing great. All right. Check in with us. You'll get an invite to the Facebook group. So follow up and let us know how it's going. And I'm looking forward to that. Cause the other size for Facebook groups,

not very active, there's not many posts in there. We had to split it up because we were spending so much time answering questions for strangers essentially. So we got it split. So there's one, if you bought a course, you get more direct access to us on the backend and that's where stuff is happening and you should use it. I mean,

not one, there's more posts, but it's like two or three people that are really active in there. I love sharing stuff and learning from people. So yeah. I mean, Good stuff. Good luck on your eight quotes today. And we'll be in touch shortly. That email may come tomorrow. It's the end of our day. We're here, but yeah.

Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate. And it's lovely to see you both face to face. It's awesome. Yeah. Cheers, Belinda, have a good one and hopefully we'll talk again soon. Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember keep it clean.

Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff. Head over to and remember keep it clean.

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