Hiring the right employees is one of the most important aspects of owning a successful business. Unfortunately, finding the right employees isn’t always easy. When you’re looking for someone who can bring more than just skill and experience to your business, then you need to go above and beyond what the average company does when hiring.

If you want employees who bring passion, drive, and an appreciation for their work that takes your business to the next level, then you need to approach hiring in a totally different way. (And, sometimes, you need to spend money to find them!)

In today’s episode Brandon Schoen is sitting down with their in-house marketing expert, Mitch, who’s diving deep into how he’s helped the Brandons’ local cleaning company grow through an innovative new hiring funnel. This funnel has FIXED the hiring problems the company has been experiencing over the last several months.

That means, this episode is a MUST listen for ALL cleaning business owners.

Tune in now and learn how you can hire the BEST employees available in your market!


  • Running Ads on Facebook: A New Way to Hire People
  • How Facebook Hiring Ads Work
  • Using Videos for Marketing and Hiring
  • How Much Does a Hiring Ad Cost? Is It Worth It?
  • How Much is an Employee Worth to Your Company and Why Is It So Valuable?
  • How to Convert Leads into Your Favorite Customers



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Episode 98: Hire the BEST Employees for Your Business with Special Guest Interview

Brandon Schoen:
Core values are that we're building our company. Like we're starting to really build that. And I think a lot of that's helping with retention. I don't have an exact number on it right now, but I would say it's getting better because I can see that we're running a lot more efficiently. And then the other way to think about that too is that $275 investment to bring in those employees plugs that hole in your boat, which is leaking out all this, that overtime and that inefficiency of overtime took our Profit margins way down to where now we're, we're back at like right around 20% Profit margins, which is where we want to be. And if you can get more efficient, great, but as we're, if you're growing faster, you might have lower Profit margins like we have for a while to grow faster. But that changes your whole business right there. Just that investment of high quality people paying them well, keeping them around. If you trim out that overtime and you're really efficient, again, I mean that's worth its weighting goal. That's prices.

Grow your cleaning business, make more money, have more time. This is the Profit Cleaners podcast with your host Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen.

Brandon Schoen:
Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Cleaners. The only place where you can learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners from around the world, take it to the next level and win. And speaking of winning, we have an amazing guest on the show today. I mean, my definition of winning, definitely. Mitch is an awesome guy.

You guys have not, may maybe met Mitch in person, but you've heard him on the podcast before. We're bringing him back and we're gonna talk today all about the new hiring funnel Mitch built for us and how amazing it's working. And hopefully add some value and help you guys out and show you if you wanna implement this in your business, how you can,

maybe not, it's not the silver bullet to fixing your hiring problem, but I think it's definitely a good experiment you could run in your business. And also we're gonna talk about how valuable are your employees and if you're, actually, we had a conversation today, Mitch and I, and I think it is a fascinating question we should talk about and we talk about lifetime value of your customers all the time.

But let's talk about what's the lifetime value of employees and the return on that investment. So welcome Mitch to the show today. Thanks for Being. Thank you. I'm excited to be here. And yeah, second time that I've been back here. Yeah man and and you're in the, we got Mitch in our courses and our marketing course and Mitch has been a big part of our growth at Sandia,

Green, Clean. So yeah, Mitch, it's exciting times man. We're still working together and it's fun to have you on board cuz you have a wealth of knowledge in this industry and it's just always fun talking to you. So Yeah, I appreciate it. I appreciate bringing on, Yeah, so let's get into it man. So let's tell people kind of like where we were at.

We actually normally we're just running ads for the cleaning customers and and acquiring new customers. Customer acquisition always be growing. But now recently we've had kind of a big challenge in our business. Just like a lot of people in their cleaning business I think are struggling with the hiring issue. There's a small labor pool, maybe it's gonna come back cuz people are gonna actually wanna work again.

But for now we've been figuring it out and running this experiment. So like let's just fill people in on where we've transitioned to with the new funnel and like kind of behind the scenes, like give people a look at what we've been working on, you know? Yeah. So a month or two ago you came to me with this conundrum and a lot of what I do is actually help people hire in addition to running ads to get cleaning customers and whatnot.

Then I've, I've done a lot of that with hiring. It's not just cleaning companies, it's, I've talked to landscape experts, I've talked to, I work with a lot of truck driving companies. Everyone is having a harder time hiring in today's market and we all, we've all just had questions as to why. But the end result is that it's been a challenge.

It was exactly the challenge that you were appro experiencing in your company. So, but like with getting customers for cleaning companies, then we also ran these ads on Facebook. We decided why don't we go to Facebook, we can get exposure to most of the humans in the target market for Sandia, Green, Clean. And we can get these ads in front of people and say hey,

we're looking for work. Cause just not enough people are going to the job boards, not enough people are going to Craigslist. The traditional ways that have always worked in the past aren't necessarily keeping up with demand. And I think you said you guys were down like a partial team, which messed with all your scheduling, right? Yeah, I mean it was screwing up everything because all our efficiencies were off and we normally run our two person teams,

but we had a bunch of two person teams running out there, which means they were running in overtime. Like we had hundreds of hours of overtime. It was bad. And so it was really a problem we needed to fix and I was just really, like you said, like the other platforms we were using, like posting on Craigslist or sometimes like Facebook local groups and job hiring groups,

just anywhere we would normally post were getting less traffic, getting less results or it was just like a lesser quality lead, maybe a combination of everything. I just, we couldn't figure it out. And we tried even indeed, we got quite a few leads on Indeed, but we were just not like we tried their automated booking and like process and it was just a mess and it wasn't working and we just couldn't,

we couldn't figure that one out even though like it was working, but it wasn't like the results weren't there, we weren't actually filling the teams. And so we just had this ongoing problem, which we've never had because we normally have teams and people stick around and, but just as of really the last year or so, it's become more and more difficult.

So I was excited to at least have another avenue to experiment with to fix this part of the business. And like you said, we had team 11 we're struggling with like filling and we had some floaters that were helping us fill, fill some gaps, but just we couldn't get a consistent team on that last team. So we finally filled that team and we finally filled team 12 and just launched team 12.

We're looking at, you know, even buying new, more cars soon, soon for the next teams because car prices are coming down. So, you know, so we're trying to take advantage of all the opportunity as well because you know, I think where there's chaos and disorder and all this craziness going on, there's also opportunity. So we're trying to find the opportunity here.

Yeah, absolutely. The other problem that I thought was funny is like we have to turn off our customer acquisition ads. We can't help anymore customers because like you just said, we're you guys are getting so inefficient just servicing the current customers that you have. So I'll share my screen and just walk through the ad and the funnel real quick for those listening to it.

I, I guess I'll try to kind of explain it along the way, but, And just while you were saying too, like we did have to like throttle the customer intake because we can't even stop it as it is. There's organic leads that like, as you see Mitch, that show up on our general estimate form too just from our other marketing efforts.

But like when you turn on the Facebook ads, it's like pouring gas, like it's like rocket fuel on a fire, just like, it's just even more and it's like if you want to grow and scale a business, it's a great way to do it, but you gotta have the product perfected, you gotta be able to deliver to the service. So you're right.

Like we didn't have the people to deliver the service even though we could like scale up and get the customers like all day long. It was, that was the problem for sure. So we had a hole in our boat, we needed it. So here's an ad. It's really a pretty simple ad and to be honest, this is actually a picture that we also use for getting cleaning customers.

We just, we just recycled, we were doing this kind of fast, we just recycled content that Brandon and his team already had. And so this is one of those ads, but it's, you know, it's a fun picture if you can see it. But then the ad copy is very simple, it just talks about a sign on bonus that you guys were doing and then the pay,

which in your guys' case was 1250 per hour up to 15 plus an hour plus enjoy your weekend and pay the holidays. So, and then a little testimonial from one of their employees. So really a pretty simple, nothing fancy here, but then if they click on the apply now button, then it takes it to a landing page. And before we dive into the landing page too much,

I do wanna make a note on Facebook ads when you're running ads for employment, then Facebook does put a lot of restrictions on you with targeting. They call it a special ad category. And basically all they're doing is they're making, they're forcing us to comply with the equal Opportunities Employment Act where you can't pick your employees based on race, gender, age,

stuff like that. You, you can't push them away for any certain reasons due to those. So it makes you target 18 to 65 plus it makes you target male and female. It makes you, basically makes you target everyone. It doesn't allow you to target that audience to certain people like 20 to 25 or whatever. You just have to target everyone.

I just wanna point out, sorry to interrupt Mitch, I just wanna point out if everyone's anyone's listening to this just so like on the podcast and they can't see what we're talking about, we can just describe it a little bit more too. But we'll give you guys like this will be on YouTube too. We'll put the video in the show notes, we'll put this funnel link in the show notes and we'll give you Mitch's info too cuz you know got Mitch the master here.

So Mitch, take it away. Yeah, that was a little note about the ads. You do have to run out special ad category. A lot of people I was doing hiring ads when they made that transition and like for truck drivers for instance, you have to be 21 to drive a truck to have a class A cdl and we had to start targeting 18 year olds and I was a little worried.

I was like, well this is the end of my business. But it turns out it really didn't make that big of a difference. It's really not that big of a deal. Like when you get in there and you're trying to make this ad and you're like, I can't target a specific age, it's okay, it's fine. Just move forward with it.

So on this landing page also pretty simple, it just says join our cleaning team and then again re reiterates those couple of things. 150 hiring bonus, 1250 an hour, paid holidays and then a little paragraph about Sandia, Green Clean and then a quick, a quick little apply now box. We got our name, our email and our phone number. And we determined,

we determined this was the reason we, because before we had a big old long form, there's 10 or 20 questions to prequalify people, we determined this was the way to go was to not qualify people as much up front to do that on the backside, but to get their info and capture that lead right away, just some simple info. Right? Yeah.

And that is, I'm glad you brought that up actually, cuz that's the traditional way to hire is you, you put it out there with a long application with 10, 20, 30 questions asking for their social security number and their employment verification and all this stuff. And the way I think about it, I compare it to dating, it's like, you haven't even gone on a date with this person.

You're like, you're like asking them out on a blind but then you're asking for their firstborn child, their social security number and their last 10 years of employment history and where they live. Like that's a little creepy. I mean if you think about it, yeah, right now we're just asking and we're like, hey, we think we're cool to work for.

Maybe you'll think we are too. Put your info in here, you can find out if we're cool to work for. I mean that's, and then it's just name, email, phone number. It's pretty simple that that information is public anyway, right? So Yeah, it's like instead of like chasing the cat down, you just set out a little trap and you know,

like I think Felix dentist talks about that and how to get rich in his book. He's like, if you wanna get rich, attract people, like you would attract a cat. You gotta set the, you gotta put the bait out, you gotta put the, here's why we're cool to work with. Come work with us and get people excited instead of chasing them down and making them answer 20 questions about crazy private stuff that,

oh you just lost the lead. Like literally we used look at those form conversions And a lot of people would leave those forms because just don't have time or like something happens in the background and they can't finish filling it out, you know? So Yeah, yeah, whatever it is. Then we scroll down the page, there's just some more information about Sandia,

Green, Clean really well put together. So make sure you do find the link to look at this landing page and then some more benefits and then some testimonials from current employees, video testimonials that you guys have put together. That was a big thing we added that I thought was really cool that we had the teams come in, Brandon recorded it, Brandon Condrey did it back at the office and just had the teams come up after a team meeting and just like asked them some questions and it was kind of like impromptu and just like a lot of people think you have to have like professional production to do all this.

No, we just like pulled out our phones, they're just hanging out at the couch at the office talking. Honestly it was like very genuine. It came off very genuine and what I loved about it was the things they said in those testimonial videos were a lot of the same fundamental concepts of our culture we're trying to build, of our core values that we're trying to build into our company.

So I was like, man, it's like super cool. They're talking about the stuff we want to be our core values in our culture, in the business. And then that's what also is going to attract those similar minded employees. Like other people that that see those are gonna be like, yeah that looks like a fun team to work with. And they feel,

they feel that culture too and that genuine team that we're building. And I think that also is a big concept, right? And like video, video is huge. If you guys can ever used video in your marketing, even for hiring, I mean it's, it's a huge, huge deal. It converts out, converts everything, right? Video is huge.

Yep. Oftentimes it works very well. And one thing to keep in mind as well, all of those things, you also have to have a good offer. You have to have a good culture. You can't be paying these people peanuts and expecting them to get excited about coming to work with you. That that is another thing to think about Brandon and and them at Sandia,

Green Clean, they've created a great place to work and so it will attract more people. If you have a horrible place to work, this still isn't gonna work. Like you need to create a good place to work. Yeah. Like and on some parts of the world like Australia, like you probably pay 25 or $30 an hour to your employees. I,

it's gonna be a lot different everywhere. We're in a much different market. But yeah, like wherever you're at, like find what that rate is and pay your, the most you can find the best people you can and pay 'em, pay 'em the most. That's gonna help. There you go. Then. So after they fill out this form and submit it,

then we actually changed this a couple times but the first thing we did was we had fill out that long form that Brandon was talking about earlier after we at least got their initial information. But then we changed it, we just, Brandon and his team decided, you know that's not helping very much so let's just take them to the step two and let them schedule an interview.

And so they were able to just see right on this calendar, hey here's, here's some spots that are available to do an interview with us. And then at the same time that person also got an automatic text to say, Hey we're so glad you're interested in our position for our cleaning company. I'm gonna give you a call in the next little bit.

And then his, somebody on his team would call these people and follow up with them and say, Hey, I'm glad you're interested in working with us. And then go through that screening process that 20 questions, like those questions still need to get asked eventually, but just not before you go on a date with them. Like tell them about why you're awesome to work with,

get them excited about why they wanna work with you and then you can ask them all those questions. Cause then they're gonna be willing to answer them because they like, they really wanna work with you if you did your job right. Right. Absolutely man, I love that. I think that's a great way to think about it. And yeah, it's like as soon as they would opt in right here,

even if they didn't finish scheduling with Reyna, Reyna immediately would text them back or call 'em. She was actually calling 'em first then texting 'em, which we were not doing before. And it's just simple things like you would never think that's so simple. But that actually upped our conversion rate. We, we did a whole podcast about that and it was just literally that call and that follow up and making it more personalized.

Again, not trying to automate everything. Like sometimes we try to do and we kick ourselves later, but it, it's sometimes that human element is really important and in this situation I think Reyna kind of person personalizing that follow up, texting 'em, Hey I noticed you hadn't scheduled yet. She would send them the, the link on calendar to schedule to that page again or just to the link to schedule and if they hadn't and then you know,

just call 'em and she would, she found certain times of the day that worked better. Like I think she said towards the end of the day worked better because a lot more people would, would answer. So she did her calls then and it just, I don't know if it, it was just a combination of all these things. I don't think there's one silver bullet or one key,

it's just this is an ongoing experiment, you know, but we're just figuring out how to make it work better. And so it's awesome. So yeah, we schedule it right into the, to that step. And then from there it's on the back dashboard that you built out. And we can see all this organized. So the team is, they can actively see,

just like we do with the, the customer leads, they can see very clearly, hey this person we're talking to, this person hasn't replied back, this one's scheduled with us and they're coming in on Friday. This person we rejected, they're not gonna be a good fit. And so it keeps it really organized visually. So that's great for them. They've,

you know, they haven't complained about that at all. They've enjoyed using that system. So great job setting that up Mitch. Yeah And this really was very light on the automation. There was, I think there was one text that went out in addition to the ones that Reno was sending out. But so should we dive into the costs now? You wanna look at the cost of these ads?

Yeah, so let's look at whatever you wanna share man. We can look at costs and I definitely look like some of those numbers were really interesting we talked about and like what is like how much is your team worth and like looking at the value of which each employee or what they create. Cause sometimes you're looking at this as a cost and you're like oh my gosh I have to spend money to get an employee,

a quality employee. But, but it's also an investment because they're generating money into your business. So you have to look at it like that. Yeah. Hey Profit Cleaners, it's that time of year where we express our gratitude for everything you guys do for us. We love our community here at Profit Cleaners. And to show you guys just how much we appreciate you we're making this year's annual Black Friday course sale,

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I would venture to guess as we go through these costs, people might be a little shocked on the front end but then Brandon will explain the numbers inside of the business to explain that this is really a no-brainer investment if you're in a market condition where you can do this for free. Absolutely. Like previous market conditions, like a year ago you guys didn't have to spend this money but now you have to spend the money.

So the point is that although you had to spend this money now, it was still worthwhile. So the ads that we ran cost $1,100 from that $1,100. We got 720 people clicked on the ad and then 56 people filled out the, that short form, the name, email, phone number. So we got 56 leads, 56 people for Reyna to talk to.

And then we just heard back from her and she said that you guys were able to hire four of these leads that came directly through here. There may or may not have been a few more that just saw the ad and then just called directly that then we don't know they came from Facebook but we know that absolutely four came from this. Yeah. And we know that we had a team that wasn't filled.

Team 11, we know now that's filled and we have a whole nother team that's filled. So at least I would say six people give or take it's floater here or there. So yeah. Yeah. So there was a few other people that might have come from referrals or whatever else but we're, we can focus on the four cause we absolutely know that four came from this.

So that's $275 per higher now. So the people listening, I don't know if that sounds high or that sounds low but Brandon, why don't you share it. What we figured out about how much an employee is worth to your company and why it's so, so valuable in the 2 75 per hires. No, no brainer. Yeah, so if you look at it as the investment and you're getting to spend this money in order to acquire,

not in a customer, in this case the customer, the lifetime value of a customer in the cleaning business of over that whole year, it's 3000, maybe $5,000 maybe in over 10 or 20 years. It's a lot more and a lot of people stick with you that long. So it could be huge. But with your teams with that number, even though it sounds high,

you're like $275. But what do we calculate Mitch? It's $1,500 per month per person approximately because each team is generating, we have an average invoice of $214 five houses a day. We're doing about 278,000 per year per team of a three person team. So if you break that down about $1,500 per person per month, right? Which is huge. So you're spending a fraction of that,

like you said you make that up back in a week or two, you make that investment back and you have somebody, you have a system and a person that you've powered in your company to help you deliver your service. And that was $1,500 of the Profit after you've paid that person, after you've factored in all the other costs of the car, the equipment,

the, the supplies, all of that stuff, that's $1,500 a month Profit that will come back to your company as a, the result of having one employee. Do you know your average retention rate? Do you happen to know that off the top of your head? We didn't talk about that before. Retention of employees. Yeah. Yeah, that's a great question man.

I, I know it's been all over the place and I could ask our, our team manager, she's probably got that number but it's gotten more consistent though as of lately and I think we're doing a lot more things in in the business and the company that just are building the team values. Like they do team callouts now and they like, they share like hey you're living the values,

like I saw you do this open honest communication or whatever our, our core values are that we're building in our company. Like we're starting to really build that and I think a lot of that's helping with retention. I don't have an exact number on it right now but I would say it's getting better because I can see that we're running a lot more efficiently.

And then the other way to think about that too is that $275 investment to bring in those employees plugs that hole in your boat which is leaking out all this like that overtime and that inefficiency of overtime took our Profit margins way down to where now we're, we're back at like Brandon just text me back, it's like right around 20% Profit margins, which is where we wanna be and if we can get more efficient,

great but as we're, if you're growing faster you might have lower Profit margins like we have for a while to grow faster. But that changes your whole business right there. Just getting people in the door, that investment of high quality people paying them well keeping them around plugs that hole in your boat and now you're not losing money cuz we were like basically losing money like we were like crazy low Profit margins cuz our whole,

you know, all the revenue was going to payroll cuz of the overtime. So if you trim out that overtime and you're really efficient again, which we just got again cause we have these full teams, I mean that's worth, it's weighing gold that's priceless. So I don't know what to say. I'm excited that it's working. So Yeah and you think about,

I mean the people listening can figure out their own retention rate but if it's three months, that's $4,500, 1500 times three. If it's six months it's 1500 times six $9,000. Those $275 that you turned into 4,500, 6,000, 9,000 however long your retention rate is on average. Like there are gonna be the people that come in and leave within a month.

That's still gonna happen in this case even though you pay 275 to get that person. But you know it's the average retention rate, you're also gonna have that person that stays for five years. That's a good investment. Yeah, absolutely. So like even on the conservative side of that, it's like every person bringing in 1500 a month or call it a thousand a month,

that's 12 to 15 to $20,000 a year that Cleaners bringing in. So is it worth it to invest a few hundred bucks to bring in a really high quality candidate? Yes. And even if he spent more than that, just figuring this game out. Like there was some days where our cost per conversion like for to acquire the lead, right Mitch And that's the other thing we need to talk about.

We had English ads and Spanish ads going on this but at one point we were running 'em in the beginning and it was like creeping up like 20, $30 a lead or way more maybe even at one point. But then we gave it a week, we gave it some time for the algorithm to propagate to get smarter and then brought it way down. It's like five bucks a lead but sometimes it fluctuates too.

But better than nothing, it's better than having a hole in your boat. Yeah and we, we did test some things along the way it would've been cheaper. Like next time we do this it'll probably be a little bit cheaper than the $1,100 to get 56 leads just because we figured it out now. So, and you guys can get the link to the funnel in the,

the description down below. So yeah, so we're gonna put the link to the funnel. You guys can get that for free if you want this funnel. It's like we basically created a template so you can use this funnel and that's in our 10 x marketing course. And Mitch is also in the course, he teaches several modules in there and he teaches the setup of a lot of this stuff and actually all of this stuff,

if you wanna, if you guys wanna build this funnel for your business, Mitch teaches you how to do it, he'll also help you do it. But you can do it however you want. It's up to you guys. But we'll at least if you wanna just see the funnel for free and you want to go check out this video and see what we're talking about as we're walking through this,

if you're listening to the podcast and you wanna see it visually, head over to the website and check out the show notes for the podcast. And you guys can see this but yeah it's pretty cool. I mean I think it's simple too but sometimes like that's at work, sometimes people like wanna complicate marketing and like make it all fancy and have all these bills and whistles and like beautiful images everywhere and it's like,

like I've learned that like time and time again even from like the best copywriters, they'll like have some ugly ad and they'll be like this ad outperforms every ad and it's like ugly and it's like handwritten on a napkin or something and you're like how does that work man? But people open that stuff like that's why the letters that people send you that are handwritten in the mail,

you open those, you don't, people can tell the other ones they don't click on those, they don't. But so it's just small things you do in your marketing. Even simplifying stuff I think is what it comes down to sometimes. So. Yep, yep. I absolutely agree. Yeah. So anyways, anything else we wanna tell people Mitch, like we've actually switched back to convert recruiting more cleaning customers cuz we've filled our teams.

But that's the cool thing about this is you can kind of turn it on and off as, as you need customers or employees. It's like that's the beauty of a funnel, it's you just turn it on or off, right? Yeah. Now we've been able to get back to, he's gotten team number 12 so we've been able to get back to let's get customers to fill that,

fill that, fill that team schedule and then I suppose in another month or two you might be ready to turn back on the hiring ads to get yourself team 13. And you'll have to get these numbers for yourself, understand that these numbers are for San Diego Green Queen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Like they are gonna be different for everyone everywhere. But as soon as you do it once then we know like in this case you guys could know that with pretty good asurity you could probably spend a thousand,

$1,500 to get a team and then you know that that's a good investment but then you can budget for it, you can plan for it, you know what it's gonna be. Yeah, absolutely. And I think a lot of people are having this issue right now. So if, if this is an issue guys, this is a possible solution. Like everything in business and life is an experiment.

So throw some spaghetti at the wall, see if it sticks. And I think this is pretty cool though because it's, I didn't realize, like I didn't think of it that way before. Like we're always like recruiting like customers but it's like we never had to recruit employees but now you kinda have to play the game a little differently. You gotta try a little bit harder.

And this is just, you know, the game has changed a little bit but it's kind of fun figuring it all out. So I'm glad we've been able to work on this together. Yeah and for anyone that's already running their own Facebook ads to get cleaning customers, these are very, very similar to running those types of ads. And so, you know,

you could probably do that too. You'll, you'll be great at that too, which is a good thing. It makes it easy if you're not already running 'em for, for getting customers then it might be a little harder learning curve but it's still, it still can be done. It's available. It's an available option. Yeah and kind of the way I think about all these platforms guys,

like whether you're running ads on Facebook or YouTube or Next door or whatever other local, you know, whatever you're finding your customers on, like leverage those platforms but realize you're just renting space on those places. Like you ultimately want to get those people's emails, you wanna get 'em on your email list, you wanna get those people converted to customers so faster you can get 'em off those platforms and get 'em into your funnel,

into your control. Cuz if you just have a business on Facebook and that's it, you don't have, you're not building your own email list, you're not building your own funnels that bring in these leads and build your email list, like that's where the goal is and you need to build your list and your customers. So this is a great way to get 'em in.

Same with your employees. You gotta have people that deliver a superior quality product from your competition. So leverage this way to do it too. I think it comes down to too, you just gotta meet people where they're at, right Mitch? Like if people change where they're wanting to find jobs, like maybe everyone is hanging out on Facebook or other places,

we just gotta go get in front of those people wherever they're at and things change all the time. Especially in business change fast, you know, so you just gotta gotta keep up, keep up with everything and be constantly innovating or thinking of ways to make things better. That's what we're always doing. So that's what we're bringing to you guys. I think it was a great,

great show today and I dunno if you wanna add anything else Mitch, but I think that's it. I appreciate you having me on and sharing this cuz it is, it is cool how well it worked and you guys were able to get back on track. Yeah, I think one thing too that you said that was really cool was you do this with a lot of trucking companies,

you work with a lot of right and you're like people that, or maybe just tell people about that and how a lot of people, and maybe even in the cleaning business, like gotta know these numbers but if you understand these numbers right, it's just a huge game changer. Yeah, I do work with a lot of trucking companies and we talk about the,

I mean the numbers are different. Instead of an employee being worth 1500 a month, they're worth more than that still. The reality is that you do need to understand these numbers. And the same goes for customer acquisition. I found that time and time again in running my own business, in looking at other people's businesses. Cause I get to look at a lot of businesses throughout running a marketing and helping people with their marketing because if you have to understand the numbers to do the marketing appropriately,

but it's very similar to the numbers you need to understand for acquiring customers. You gotta understand, okay it's gonna take $5 to get a click and then it's gonna take five clicks to get a lead. So it's gonna be $25 per lead in that example. And then out of the leads we're gonna convert one out 10. So it's gonna cost $250 to acquire a customer.

And then you've gotta understand, okay, how, how much is a customer worth? And this is where for cleaning companies especially you guys have got to get them on recurring cleans to get that average customer value up. Cause 50 to acquire customer, like that's probably about what it is. You guys tracked it, we didn't talk about that number cuz we were gonna talk about hiring but gonna be at two,

$300 to get yourself a new customer. So then you need to make more than $250 from that customer. And the way to do that is recurring cleans. So then like, like you, if you keep 'em an average of 10 months, the average clean is $214. That's at least $2,000. If it was only once a month. If it's twice a month,

that's $4,000. And then understand, okay, it's okay. Like it is scary, it's uncomfortable to shell out $250 to get a customer. But understanding those numbers I think brings a lot of peace to understand, okay, it's okay, I'm gonna make thousand on average from this person so that two 50 is covered. And same thing with employees. Understand those numbers,

maybe understanding these numbers might help some of the people on the podcast understand it. I I could pay them a little more. Inflation has is a thing, it is happening. Maybe you're losing people to that, to other cleaning companies or whatever that are paying more. If you have your margins in line, then maybe you'll be able to increase the pay understanding these numbers.

Yeah. And you know, like use that as a selling point and a reason why when you tell your customers, hey we also have to like we've, we've increased our prices recently and that was one of the reasons why was we pay our teams the best and we want to have the best happiest people come in your home when they clean your home and like they deserve the best and so do you like it's a direct reflection,

it comes back to them anyways. So those kind of things people wanna pay more for. It's like you have your favorite restaurant. I heard this analogy the other day and it made a lot of sense to me, but it was like all sorts of businesses, restaurants included, are cutting corners in this one restaurant I heard from a buddy the other day was saying,

my favorite restaurant, they always get it. Him and his wife get this takeout and they went and got it this one night recently. And without telling their customers, they completely changed the quality of their menu. They completely changed the ingredients and they didn't tell anybody and they still were charging the same price. They cut quality in order to keep prices. Whereas most people,

including my buddy would've said, I would've rather paid more and had a the same quality or better, better quality and just paid more. And now you lost me as a customer. So find ways to build that value into your products. Find ways to build, don't lessen the quality on people, add more value and increase your prices and people will pay it and they're willing to pay it and they'd rather pay it.

And same with your employees and it's a trickle down effect, you know, like, so I agree man. I think knowing that number and knowing that lifetime value of not just your, your customers but also your employees and realizing how that all works together and then it makes it much more easy, like a lot easier to invest. You got that piece of mind knowing that this is gonna come back,

this is a return on my investment and you can clearly see that. So I think that really helpful for me and a lot, probably hopefully a lot of other people listening to this. So, but yeah, thanks for shedding light on that, Mitch, I appreciate you having me on and talking about that. That's a fun topic to talk about. It's fun to see the impact.

Yeah, so if you guys, I mean if Mitch, if you wanna tell people, definitely tell people where to find you. Obviously they can find all your training in our course in our 10 x course and get your contact in there too. But tell 'em how to find you, how they can learn more about this stuff if they need help with this in their business.

Yeah, you can email me at mitch m three traffic.com and even if you just have a question, if you just wanna ask a quick question, I'm happy to talk about it and help get people on the right track. So, or if you wanna help setting it up, we we can do that too. But Yeah, I mean I don't even know if Mitch has room on his schedule.

Mitch is a pretty busy guy also. Mitch works with some of the, he's worked with a lot of the top marketers in the world, so I don't even know how I'm so lucky to work with him. But I just think that if you guys get the chance, yeah, reach out to Mitch, pick up the 10 x course. If you haven't,

the funnel templates are in there. Mitch will also help build them out for you. We can help answer any questions. Mitch, reach out to Mitch, he's super knowledgeable on all this stuff and we just wanna help you guys out. So if you're having trouble hiring or getting customers, this is one way to do it. It's not the only way to do it,

but it's a good way to do it. So check it out guys. Reach out to Mitch and until next time, keep it clean. Thanks for joining us today. To get more info, including show notes, updates, trainings, and super cool free stuff, head over to Profit Cleaners dot com and remember, keep it clean.

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